Remember the time I couldn't remember 'memberin'? Remember?
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herve11/23/2017 7:12:31 PM

Remember when Nolan scored those drives against a bored and dis-interested Xavier defense after they had a comfortable lead?

Remember when Ziegler had all those dunks a few games ago?

Remember when Steeves hit an outside shot?

Remember when GW went more than 4 deep?

Remember when GW hit a bunch of '3s they haven't reliably hit all year to hand within 15 points?

Remember when Xavier couldn't hit anything at all and had a bunch of unforced turnovers for 5 minutes making it seemed like GW was in the game?

Remember when we had an offensive scheme?

Remember when we had any points in the paint?

Remember when we had any bench points?

Remember when we had a high percentage shot attempt?


mentzinger11/23/2017 7:26:36 PM

Remember the GW Xavier rivalry?


mentzinger11/23/2017 7:28:19 PM

Watching Jorgensen play for Butler and Longpre for St. Joes. Sigh. 


kaj11/23/2017 7:30:26 PM

thinker11/23/2017 7:38:40 PM

Things are pretty simple for me right now.

I think Nolan is going to be very good.

I think it will be interesting to see what Bolden could do playing along side a good point guard.

Other than that? The intrigue is about next year's 3 recruits so far and 2 transfers eligible 


thinker11/23/2017 7:45:39 PM

Put another way, if this were the NBA I'd be pondering whether to trade my expiring contracts - Yuta, Steeves and Ziegler for prospects and draft picks.


lets go11/23/2017 7:54:11 PM

Did a post criticizing Jair Bolden's game tonight that keeps getting deleted. Spam posts advertising the latest pills are allowed but objective basketball related threads aren't?

"Jair Bolden - NOT a point guard

5-21 (6-22 if you count his basket with 3 seconds left with GW down 21) vs Xavier.

How does Mojo and the coaching staff let this continue? He dribbles for most of the shotclock, ignoring wide open teammates, then jacks up a contested three on almost all of his possessions. Is this Mojo's offense?

Unlike Tyler, Pato and even Yuta, Jair hasn't earned the green light not has he proven he's consistent enough to get it. It also doesn't help that his defense is subpar at his position and he gives up a lot of baskets

I'd prefer to see someone else running the point. Mitola, Mazzulla or even Williams would probably do a better job of facilitating the offense, which would make Bolden a SG, a position he's clearly more comfortable at. 

He clearly has the confidence to take those shots (a good quality) but as the point guard, he's hurting the team with his decision making

Just my thoughts. "


lets go11/23/2017 7:56:03 PM

How does anyone defend a point guard going 5-21 from the field in a 40 minute college game? This is beyond Jimmer levels of chucking.

Aren't point guards supposed know... run the offense? 


ziik the senile old man11/23/2017 7:57:44 PM

It's so obvious it is obvious, Let's Go.

If I can see it, my guess Mojo can. My guess, he has a plan beyond 40 minute games. We shall see,

mike k11/23/2017 7:58:52 PM

Hhmmmm, with those shooting percentages each game, hope it improves if he is paired with a PG


lets go11/23/2017 8:02:23 PM


Mojo did nothing to fix it in game when Jair was like 5-17. What's the point in recruiting a team full of guards if you're not going to play any of them? Adding Williams to the rotation was a good move though


gw alum abroad11/23/2017 8:02:41 PM

Hey, this team has twice as many wins as the 1-27 team. And concessions at the Smith Center have improved (even if parking has not). And X did not need a phone call from Linda Bruno and a cgi display on a TV monitor to get the win. And that woman in the ASU shirt looked mightly pissed to be watching GW instead of being with her family on Thanksgiving. So things have been worse...


cutis11/23/2017 8:06:03 PM

Xavier has always recruited at a much higher level than GW. That being said, Bolden was not effective against their better athletes. He frequently passed across court without ever braking down his man trying to get to the basket. Ziegler makes many mental errors. Too many baskets allowed in lay up drills to the basket. This team needs a 2-3 zone for rebounding and protecting against easy low post baskets. Too many threes taken from NBA range. Toro and Steeves can not play low post defense against better athletes. Losing to Xavier has been a twenty year GW tradition. Wins have been rare , unusual and surprising.


thomas11/23/2017 9:00:38 PM

The announcers mentioned that GW would use a 7 Man Rotation(5 starters along with Bo Zeigler and Justin Williams), so we should probably get used to seeing this for the rest of the season as the schedule gets tougher. Mojo may have come to the realization that the players outside of his top 7 just aren't good enough to play meaningful minutes against quality teams. As for Bolden's green light to shoot the ball, he may not have earned it, but he has it by default!! Other than Yuta and maybe Nolan, who else can consistently create their own shot?

thinker11/23/2017 9:08:51 PM

I'm confident that Bolden is the best pg at this moment on the roster. But he isn't really a pg so what do you do?

Toro is a mid-major 4 playing against major 5s

Steeves is not athletic enough to create shots for himself and absent excellent pg play gets no clean looks.

Yuta  has simply not shot well this year. Maybe Tyler being gone brings too much defensive focus onto him.

Rinse repeat and return to my first post on this thread



lets go11/23/2017 9:11:57 PM

No one which is why Bolden should be creating shots for the others (Steeves, Toro, Bozig). As the point guard, you can't have the other 4 guys just watching you dribbling the ball for the whole shot clock. Your job is to make your teammates better; get them involved. Mojo as the coach needs to institute more ball movement into the system. Jair had twice as many shot attempts as Yuta which shouldn't happen.

Nolan is the perfect example of someone scoring within the system. He doesn't force it and always goes for the high percentage shot. 


gw7311/23/2017 10:27:36 PM

The one bright spot in this miserable season that has us remembering 1-27 is Herve.

Happy Thanksgiving to Herve and his family.

Nice post above, Herve. Right on target. No surprise. I got addicted to this board because of Herve’s fun and smart posts when he launched the board. Best way to read about GW basketball.

Now if GW could rebuild the basketball program to be worthy of Herve.


the mv11/23/2017 10:32:22 PM

Really disappointed with the defense tonight.  This team is scrappy and gets its fair share of blocks, deflections and steals.  However, GW was repeatedly beaten off of the dribble.  If you were to rewatch this game and be on the lookout for it, you would be astonished.  I get that their athletes are better than ours but at some point, as a defender, you have to anticipate where the dribbler is going to go and be in proper position to cut off a driving lane.  If you guess wrong, (you move to your right and the driver goes to his right), you’re sunk.  But, by not guessing at all and remaining flat footed waiting to react to what the ball handler does, you are also sunk, which is exactly what repeatedly happened.  There is a reason why X got almost all of their points in the paint; it’s because we did little to contain their drives.


herve11/23/2017 10:43:25 PM

Our bench played....wait....wait...20 mins. Two starters played 40 mins. This. Is. Not. Sustainable.


herve11/23/2017 10:44:07 PM 

herve11/23/2017 10:48:01 PM

Best part of the Hatchet article:

"This post was updated to reflect the following correction:

The Hatchet incorrectly reported the Colonials made a run in the third quarter, it was in the second half. We regret this error."


herve11/23/2017 10:51:05 PM 

maine colonial11/24/2017 12:18:29 AM

On the bright side, the team was only down six at the under 8 timeout. And TNJ is the real deal. If anybody should have the green light, it’s Terry.  Hopefully we’ll get to see Justin tonight along with Maceo.  

long suffering fan11/24/2017 12:29:58 AM

Wow.  Talk about a tough audience.  Just finished watching the game on Tivo after returning from Thanksgiving dinner and was expecting a different reaction from the board.  I was anticipating a blowout loss, and we hung with the 15th ranked team for over 30 minutes.   Futher, I disagree with Bolden being the reason for our woes...fact is this team only has 3 scorers and Bolden is one of them.   If you want to point a finger at the loss, I can sum it up in 4 words...POINTS IN THE PAINT.  I know at one point we were being outscored 42-14 inside the paint, but the problems go beyond that.  Steeves cannot score or defend against quality competition.   Toro is a decent bench player, not a scoring option, and likewise not a defender.  Our best interior defender, Yuta, is busy chasing around other teams high scoring guards.   Mazulla is not ready yet.  Ziegler?  My goodness.    There is a huge talent gap out there, with help not on the way until next season.  I actually thought Mojo made some excellent defensive adjustments during the course of the game to cut it 6 with under 10.  But when you play 6 or 7 players, you are going to run out of gas...and that is what happened.  I am not saying we don't need a true point guard, but in the end, the biggest difference in the game was NOT Bolden's bad shooting percentage, it was our lack of ability to defend the paint.  And this has been true all season, and this is what we need to fix.   Nothing to be ashamed of tonight.


long suffering fan11/24/2017 12:40:44 AM

Down only 62-56 with under 6 minutes left in the game.   54-16 was the final "Points in the Paint"  What has this board come to when I have to be the voice of reason.


gw6911/24/2017 12:54:29 AM

Great posts LSF!


bigfan11/24/2017 2:58:51 AM

In no particular order:

1) Herve asks all the right questions and is greatly on point. The depths to which we have seemingly at least sunk are not good. Time to start digging out of this hole before it becomes a crater.

We are 0-2 in this tournament, heading possibly for 0-3. We've done that before, but a lot of subsequent good times had blotted out the memory. And one our losses was to a gimme: Rider at home.

2) One thing LSF is right about is points in the paint. They just glide in, past 3 GW "defenders," but basically being waved in like someone in a yellow vest and a pair of orange sticks guiding an aircraft into the gate. This would have been okay, perhaps, if it was just No. 15 Xavier, but it was Rider as well, and to a fair extent, Howard and Hampton, along with Florida State.

On our side, we don't know where the paint is generally, outside of the side of the team bus. No more wings after Mezzie. Big men, since we have the point guards coming.

Our lone semi-traditional big man seems to be a wannabe outside player while we have no inside presence. Arnoldo doesn't pick and roll, he sometimes picks (though he had one hard one that would have put an NFL player to shame) and pretty much hangs outside. Newsflash: he's no Tyler or even Armwood from the 3 point line. He needs to play inside, or somewhere where he can at least hit a shot.

And no one, maybe Juice, seems to want to hit the boards or is in position when we fire up a dumb shot. On every inopportune shot (often Jair), there were 3-4 uncontested blue jerseys from Xavier waiting for the rebound.

3) When he's on, Jair's excessive shooting is obviously less painful. But we need a point guard and without reeducation, it is not him. 22 shots really seems like a lot for a point guard against 3 assists and 3 turnovers. Worse, the dribbling and farting around, and then the desperation shot by Jair or someone. Our ball movement is more bowel movement.

Paulie could knock them down and wasn't shy, but in comparison, he was Mr. Distributor, and would be welcomed here. We would beg, borrow and steal to have the maligned by some Jaren back again.

Need to find someone else. Terry may be able to do it; he seems to have a wise head for a freshman. Even Yuta, becoming our first 6'8 plus point guard since Omar Williams occasionally had the role. Adam Mitola off the bench for sure. Patrick might even be better if we're really hard up. Someone. Anyone. Manager. Cheerleader. Joe with a different haircut.

4) Bench. Last year, Mojo whittled down the rotation during league play. We won a few more games, but lost development and players like Smith, desperately needed now, and Marfo, who was big.

Don't know what to do with Bo against good teams, or mediocre teams, outside of Howard. But maybe someone can show him how to get a rebound or the ball to stick in his hands. Is pine tar illegal in basketball?

Surely, Maceo can play a couple of carefully chosen minutes. Even Javier, perhaps to take a shot. Better yet, Javier needs to be retrained to play down low, much like (the admittedly more athletic) Pellom was.

Maybe we need to do the ML line change before timeouts to give starters a rest. Even the Hatchet noted that we were out of gas at the end.

Speaking of which, at the start of the season and in tournament play, when you are down 17 with two minutes or so to go, put in the subs. Not even Applachian State could win the game at the time. Meanwhile, we're courting injuries, have no chance to win and need to be fresh for today.

5). Speaking of the bench, More Juice Please. He may be due for an unimpressive game or two, but Justin Williams looks good. He hustles. He gets rebounds. He drew a minor foul trying to stop a Xavier player who had sashayed past the other Colonials. He seems to make his foul shots, has a nose for rebounds, can drive and actually can shoot from the outside at times, or at least showed that in Kenner and one of our games.

Juice is strong where others are soft. If he had Zeigler's height, he'd be a terror.

6). Freshmen Terry Nolan at least through last night, seems to be the best Colonial offensively, pretty much by far. He's sneaky quick, doesn't try to overdo it and can be a real difference maker. Like Mike King. Except Mike King dramatically made his foul shots. Terry dramatically misses them.

Has to work on that (may be overexcited nerves) and his outside shooting a bit and like any freshman outside of Pato, his defense. But Terry is on track to be a star if he isn't now. Scores against good teams.

7) Yuta gets some points, but is hardly having the senior year he or we hoped. Part of it is the load we put on him, defensively and offensively. At least Tyler had Yuta as a complementary player. Don't know who Yuta has near his size to help shoulder the burden.

Wish we knew what happened to The Chosen One's 3-point shot. It's always been inconsistent. But it used to be inconsistent and interspersed with some 3 point shooting shows, even seven 3 pointers for Yuta his freshman year and other displays afterward.

In general, we don't use him enough on offense to even get him to the rack when his outside shot isn't working. Or just to utilize Yuta's usually very nice shot at the elbow. Jair can't or won't get the ball to him. Would rather ride Yuta's inconsistencies than Jair's. Yuta is dependable on the FT line. And it's his senior year.

8) Seemed like we had at least 3 chances to cut the score to 3 and either took foolish shots (one Jair shot in the game didn't even come close to the rim) or pissed the ball away. The false hope Herve alluded to.

Was Mojo jawing big time at Toro? Sure seemed like he wasn't saying "way to go! Finish them off," though he might have. Seemed like a mad coach reaming someone out publicly. Much more old school than easygoing brotherly coach.

9) Not optimistic for tonight, but maybe this was learning experience or something.Didn't eat until after the game and when it was my turn to be thankful, mentioned that we only lost by about 20 points. And Tyler was in the NBA.

10) When Long Suffering Fan sees the glass as half full and it is comparatively cheery after a big loss, don't know what to do. Usually think it's bad luck in advance if LSF is optimistic.

But if LSF not upset after a game where we still got beaten like a drum at the end, maybe it will bring a different result and we can hopefully do better. Sort of reverse Mojo, if you will.


gw alum abroad11/24/2017 5:49:28 AM

What LSF said. Zero interior defense, few options on offense and a no one on the bench who can provide the starters a few mins of needed rest is not going to win many games, especiallly against ranked teams. And yet, it was a two possestion game with 6 to go and no where near the blowout the score would indicate.

bobo11/24/2017 7:39:35 AM

I guess I saw a different game than LSF too.  This game was never really in doubt from XU's standpoint.  XU would be up comfortably for most but it's a game of runs and GW did have and 8-0 run to cut it from 14-6 but that was mostly because XU had a streak of missed layups and lazy turnovers.  Did you ever get the impression in the game that GW had a good shot at winning?

The points in the paint differential is striking but most of those XU baskets were by the guards.  As pointed out above, GW couldn't stay in front of Bluett, Goodin and others and that led to easy shots at the rim.  The fact that GW has no help defenders down low makes the problem worse.  I don't think GW will have a real answer for that this season.  

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