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A little bit of schadenfreund
Created: 7/23/2014 11:50:11 AMReplies: 0
7/23/2014 11:50:11 AM - CJS Fan - 149 posts (#126)

I might have gotten the spelling wrong on that German phrase, schadenfreund, wrong.  Apologies.  However, it is apt for this discussion, as it means taking a bit of pleasure in others' misfortunes.  In this case I am talking about our Western neighbors, the Georgetown lads.   I visited a Hoya related website, www.casualhoya.com , and I noted a story that one of their top recruits, Noah Dickerson, of the class of 2015, who committed to GU on May 10th, suddenly de-committed.  He pulled an Eric Copes on them.

This leaves Georgetown with only two commitments for the class of 2015, Marcus Derrickson, a forward, and Jessie Gavin?, a center (sorry, I noted the name from the site article but can't read my own writing).  The Hoyas have three open scholarships for the class of 2015 -- and it's getting late.  They are actively pursuing Ivan Rabb, from Berkley, California but have not snagged him to date.

Contrast this situation with ML's highly successful recruiting efforts.  We have filled up our slots for the class of 2015 and are working on 2016 and beyond.  Darian Bryant coos how much he wants to be at GW while Noah Dickerson walks out on the Hoyas.  Now admittingly, Georgetown recruits candidates a step above our candidates and the competition for them is more intense.  However, they didn't use to walk out on Georgetown and Georgetown some years back would have filled its scholarship position by this time, not be three in the hole. Is this a sign that, as NJ Colonial would say, GW is acsending, GU is descending.

I think this is a subtle clue that the Blue and Gray has lost some of its cache.  I wonder what the Board savants here (MV, Thinker, Free Quebec, Herve, LSF) think of this?  Do tell, please.

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