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Amazing Trail of Academic Fraud at UNC for Athletes
Created: 10/22/2014 1:57:23 PMReplies: 7
10/22/2014 1:57:23 PM - thinker - 2,617 posts (#7)

This story is just crazy. Here's the link. I wonder what the penalty should be.

10/22/2014 2:22:05 PM - Poog - 3,669 posts (#4)

Wow! Takes basket-weaving to a whole new level. And while I've had past issues with the total accuracy of investigative reporting done by that Raleigh paper, the gist of their reporting was close enough. Embarassing to say the least.

10/22/2014 2:25:56 PM - GW Alum Abroad - 2,295 posts (#11)

And their football program sucks the big one! I mean, if you are going to cheat like that at least win some games and get some big box office gates out of the deal (see U$C or Ohio St for reference).

10/22/2014 2:29:07 PM - ziik - 2,564 posts (#8)

Let the U run itself. They all do.

It does show the hypocracy of NCAA entry standards, cause, if you can get in, you can stay in. 

But, it goes on everywhere.

mrs. ziik teached 5th grade. Parents demand grade changes every week "She's never get in college with a 5th grade book report incomplete."  blah, blah, blah. mrs. ziik does not cave to the parents. But if the parents go to the pricipal, the parents get whatever remedy they ask for .

(No wonder they wrote on the girls bathroom walls: "Mrs, Ziik is a whore, a slut, and a prostitute."  The principal wanted punishment for that one. Mrs. Ziik said no, she knew who did it, and those girls deserved credit for improving their spelling. I told her she was right, but, I'd pay if she wanted it.)

I used to teach at a commercial paralegal school. It was easy money at a time when client matters were very slow. The students were guaranteed certificates if they showed up. But, they slept in class, did not study, did not even pay attention to the cheat sheets I gave them to highlight the basics of the courses. They argued about grades incessantly. 

The final straw was when I gave a student a 20 on a test. She got one correct answer, but had not even put her name on her test paper. The admin. told me I needed to bump her to a Cplus. I explained that, if they could find a test paper with her name on it, I'd be happy to do that, but it would be unfair to the poor dope who got the 20 and had not signed her name. They saw no humor in my approach. 

The next course, they were geniuses. All A's. One B for the guy who wore shades and slept all day. The admin told me they thought it was unfair to single him out like that. I explained that I thought it was unfair to sleep in my class, when every class and every teacher was a bore.

School is crazy. You wnat to learn, you can learn at Chipola CC, Indian Wells, or Ouachita Baptist. You don't, and Harvard, MIT and Yale just will be wasted years.

I enjoyed GW, learned a whole lot about the USA and american culture, from classes and peers, and even from football players. 

I think the fotball powers are shortchanging their players by making school a joke. But, so what. Football is a tragic, sick joke itself. DOn't know what will replace it. But something better might.

Maybe those stadiums can be converted to urban farms or low income housing. Heck, make it free housing, for the disabled, and keep all the work-out equipment in place. And, give the inmates some decent unis, including travel blazers, slack, and skirts



10/22/2014 2:35:14 PM - Columbia Heights Colonial - 280 posts (#77)

Not only are these schools making money of student athletes, they're activly looking into giving these kids as little of an education as possible for the benefit of the school. Sadly, I'm sure this is too much of the norm at many universities with big sports programs. 

10/22/2014 3:27:25 PM - Cloverly Colonial - 222 posts (#94)

This is too funny (read: SAD)....


Boxill wrote a book titled: "Front Porch Ethics: The Moral Significance of Sport" and is the Director for the Parr Center for Ethics at UNC

10/22/2014 5:44:51 PM - alum1 - 675 posts (#33)

This is the very defitnition of a culture of corruption and institutional malfeasance.  I wonder if the media will now have the balls to start mentioning UNC in the same sentence as Memphis St, Kentucky, Miami,Gerorgia (Harrick), Michigan (Fisher), etc etc.  This is arguably worse given it was clearly institutional in nature, and not some rogue actor.  Recall that when Minnesota basketaball got hammered for their academic fraud in  1999,  the NCAA  stripped them of all of all postseason awards, going back sothing like 6 years, and vacated all their wins, etc, I think,.  Plus they banend the coach for a looong time and they lost a boatload of scholarships.

Arguably, this is worse given it was imbedded in the cultutre.  Hopefully it gets the treatment from the NCAA it deserves.

10/22/2014 6:52:42 PM - squid - 1,420 posts (#21)

Cloverly, where'd you find that image?

NY Times back at it
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