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Women's Fall Seasons--All
Created: 8/31/2014 6:43:20 AMReplies: 2
8/31/2014 6:43:20 AM - Tuna Can - 1,469 posts (#20)

This could be a most amazing fall sports season.

GW Women's Basketball, Volleyball and Soccer are setting a fast pace for the start of the fall.

What is clear is that there are several athletes who are really working hard to improve. As always, it is a function of strength and speed and just plain hard work. The best part is that success breeds more success as our teams are recruiting better and better athletes which puts the upside for each team at a higher level. 

I am echoing the compliments of PN on this. My father used to tell kids and parents alike, an education is what you make of it. The meaning is that, no matter which school you attend, if you make the most of your opportunity and experience--drawing from the faculty at a school--you can do very well and actually surpass average students at a good school. The same holds with athletics. If you get the right student athletes and put them into an excellent environment, you will produce winners.

Obviously, Nero and his coaches have developed a knack of finding and recruiting very competitive individuals for the GW sports programs. I am amazed at the number of women on our sports teams who have made huge strides and pushed the coaches to put them into the game. We have seen this in men's basketball, but that dedication and improvement is found across a number of our sports teams.

In closing, I would like to remember back to the original Sports "town halls" at GW when Nero first was hired. Beyond the usual noise of folks who just like to hear themselves talk, there were a number of team problems expressed. AMAZINGLY, and to their credit, the AD has addressed most of the issues raised in a remarkable fashion. No bandaids, but real improvements. The Vern has turned into a limited resource to a real advantage. 

What was also notable at those meetings was the absolute lack of respect and undersanding from the GW men's basketball players of what was happening. In the few minutes of highlight video from the trip to Europe, it is clear that there are severral women on the basketball team that have put in amazing work in the off-season. So many members of the team are pressing for minutes that it is amazing. Like the mean, the only way to get enough time is to raise the tempo. 

I second POOG's call for GW Hoops fans to catch a women's sporting event this fall. Because of schollie limitations, you can't blow up any team right away. It is a process. We are, however, starting to see the same season-over-season improvements that we have seen in Men's Basketball with these other teams. Take a break and see a game or two!

8/31/2014 11:04:38 PM - BC - 1,132 posts (#26)

Women's match against W&M cancelled due to lightning.  Evidently it will not be resheduled.  GW was ahead 2-0 at the half when the game was suspended and finally cancelled.  

I look forward to all three teams that Tuna mentioned having good if not excellent seasons.  I also look forward to a POOG review of the BBall team.  The European tour looked to be a great time for the team, though I'm not sure how meaningful the team's 4-0 record was as an indication to the season.

9/1/2014 5:18:44 AM - Tuna Can - 1,469 posts (#20)

OF COURSE, BC. It is only meanigful in the way that I mentioned.... they "looked" good, and in that I mean no more than most of the players looked fitter and faster and working better together than last year in a way that makes no difference with whom they are playing.

There is an advantage, btw, with playing these teams in Europe in that those teams tend to have an older mix of players and to the degree that they can msucle you, they will.  It's a good reminder to the players that they have to establish strong positions in the paint. You don't look at points in these games since your goal is to get everyone some time on the court and to try "stuff" out.

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