By: Free Quebec (6,340 posts) - 10/9/2015 4:57:29 PM

I hate that people only start these threads when they are down, so if you want to talk recuriting in general, plesae use this thread instead of the individual recruits' pages.

I for one am pretty pumped.   This offseason has already landed Jaren Sina, Alex Mitola, Collin Smith, Darnell Rogers, and Kevin Marfo.  And there's more to come!


Funny thing is it wasn't that long ago that some numbskulls on the board were griping about why we couldn't beat out URI for a recruit (I can't even remember who now, but I know even the URI fans on their board considered Marfo the better prospect).

Now, we just left URI in the dust on tihs one.  And it's the second time in two years BC has lost to us for a big man.

But my real favorite part is how balanced we're becoming. 

- We have 3 stud seniors this year (plus Mitola, who was all-Ivy)

- Next year, we'll have 1 stud senior (Cavanaugh).

- Next year we'll 3 juniors to build a winniing team around in Yuta, Sina, and Jourgenson.

- Next year we'll have at least 1 sophmore who has some fans salivating (Roland).

- We have guys on our bench who could emerge (Hart, Swan, Cimino, Goss).

- And now we already have 3 exciting recuits in the fold to be freshman next year in Marfo, Smith, and Rogers.

I don't know if we're going to be a tourney team every year, but with the classes balancing out I think it's a strong bet that we're going to be fielding a very competitive team for the next few years - one that is closer to the team that made like 8 NCAAs and 3 NITs in about 20 years than the one that couldn't even make the A-10 tourney a couple of times at the end of last decade.


Very excited for the future.

By: BM (5,673 posts) - 10/9/2015 5:02:19 PM

I'm assuming we get one of Charles Minlend Jr or Jair Bolden.  Both are 6'4" inside out shooting guards.

By: Bo Knows (705 posts) - 10/9/2015 5:03:07 PM

FQ, it's funny what a couple of commitments can do to everyone's outlook. If somehow we now get Mineland we are going to be special good.

By: Mike K (1,177 posts) - 10/9/2015 5:23:10 PM

Bo, I take it you see Charles Minlend Jr as a better prosepect than Jair Bolden Have you seen both play?  Not questioning you, just curious.

FQ - good idea for this thread

By: BC (1,645 posts) - 10/9/2015 5:26:27 PM

Note that BO seems to be higher on the wings than the F/C.  I concur with those who think a wing would bring the best balance to the team.

By: Rich Maier (17 posts) - 10/9/2015 5:31:19 PM

FQ, great post. Many times in life you have to wait for things to play out. You detail how well we are positioned for the next couple years. Hope we see the results on the court.

By: BM (5,673 posts) - 10/9/2015 11:09:02 PM

I guess Saul Phiri also fits the tall SG mold.  

By: Bo Knows (705 posts) - 10/9/2015 11:20:54 PM

I like Minlend. I've seen him briefly but have talked to others who have seen him play more. To me, we need a wing more than anything but I don't know if ML concurs or where we are with Minlend. If not, there are a few other wings out there and available.

By: The Dude (529 posts) - 10/9/2015 11:59:17 PM

 ML I am sure would be the first to agree that there's been some ups and down with the recent recruiting.   (E.g. Last year we had to ask a guy recruited 5 years ago to Vermont to play 28 minutes a night as the starting 4 for GW because of several recruiting misses in the frontcourt. I believe that was the the difference in being an NCAA tourney caliber team and missing the tourney)

THIS has been a Great week for GW recruiting imo.  That's my response for now. Its time to celebrate that great week.

The sweet only tastes sweet when you acknowledge that the sometimes sour  doesn't taste so sweet.

By: The Other MG (69 posts) - 10/10/2015 12:35:02 AM

Any shot that Collin Smith has the quickness and can develop his game away from the basket to be an oversized 3?  

Does Toro's game overlap at all with Marfo's, thus dissuading him from joining the family?  I will be happy with a "no" answer.

If we could get Toro or Lull, and either Bolden or Minlend (or Phiri), wouldn't it be worth it to use that 5th scholarship?

Bright days ahead, and now, if we can string together 4-5 solid postseason appearances in a row, it could make it a lot easier to attract recruits that Coach values, or even considered a stretch in the past.  Very exciting stuff!

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