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Committment: medium
Weight: 225
Height: 6-8
Position: small forward
School: Jamesville-Dewitt
City: Dewitt
6/21/2011 8:04:25 AM - BM

Skilled SF with handle from outside Syracuse, NY.  Already getting a long of top tier looks as he played with top five recruit DaJuan Coleman.

6/21/2011 9:05:52 AM - Dolphin Michael

Seems like a special player. Recruiting over-reach?

7/11/2011 9:23:49 AM - BM

Same info here from 7/9/2011.

8/5/2011 6:23:07 PM - BM

Says Siena, GW & Cuse recruiting him the hardest (although Cuse hasn't offered yet).

8/17/2011 6:17:17 PM - Florida Colonial

 Not looking good for us, Just got an offer from Wake

8/22/2011 4:56:25 PM - BM

Cuse apparently offered 8/19.  Ciao Tyler.

8/30/2011 10:28:29 AM - BM

Maybe just a courtesy shout-out, but he's still talking GW.  Will visit in October.

“(George Washington head) coach (Mike) Lonerngan used to be at Vermont and they recruited me there. They were one of my first scholarship offers last summer after my sophomore year. They’ve been after me since they got to GW. I just really respected how they recruited me and they’re going to turn that program around.”

8/30/2011 10:46:29 AM - GWAlum2001

Obivously a long least he is visiting.  Maybe he will love the campus and city and realize he can be more of an impact player in the A10 then Big East.

8/30/2011 11:52:47 AM - cagwu

Recent ESPN profile: The rise of Tyler Cavanaugh

By Adam Finkelstein
Tyler Cavanaugh's (Dewitt, N.Y./Jamesville-Dewitt) development as a player has followed a distinctly linear path.
As a sophomore at Jamesville-Dewitt, he proved himself to be a valuable complementary piece to the puzzle, consistently scoring in double figures and landing subsequent offers from the likes of Vermont and Siena.
During his junior season, Cavanaugh began to incorporate new dimensions to his game, handling the ball and shooting the 3 more consistently and so by the time he returned to the Albany City Rocks this spring schools like Fordham, LaSalle, and George Washington had offered.
He was far from the most celebrated prospect on the City Rock's Elite Youth Basketball League roster this year with guys like Ricardo Ledo (Providence/Notre Dame Prep), Zach Auguste (Marlboro, Mass./New Hampton), and high school teammate DaJuan Coleman (Dewitt, N.Y./Jamesville Dewitt), but according to coach Jim Hart, it was Cavanaugh and point guard Olivier Hanlan (Gatineau, Quebec/New Hampton) who were the hardest to take off the floor. Cavanaugh's recruitment grew accordingly as he became one of the most widely pursued mid-major prospects in the Northeast while also pinging the radar of a number of high-majors.
It wasn't until the final stop of the summer in Orlando that Cavanaugh finally got the chance to play a starring role. With Ledo, Auguste, Coleman, and even Hanlan no longer in action, the 6-foot-8 forward asserted himself as the leader of the team and went for 20-plus points virtually every time the City Rocks took the floor.
Once again, his recruitment raised according to the level of his play. Wake Forest became the first high-major school to offer him a scholarship last week, and Syracuse followed suit shortly afterwards. Stanford, Notre Dame, and Boston College could be the next dominoes to fall.
"I don't think any of his recruitment has been off," Hart said about the gradual escalation of interest and offers. "He's progressed at every level."
Hart knows a thing or two about high-major talent. The likes of Coleman and Ledo are just the latest highly touted prospects to come through his City Rocks program, while he's also had guys like BYU's Jimmer Fredette, who exceeded expectations upon reaching the college level.
"There are some guys with higher upsides," Hart said of Cavanaugh, "but I just have a confidence in him that he's a can't-miss guy in terms of getting it done."
While Cavanaugh now has high-major suitors, Hart says he still expects him to consider mid-majors including George Washington, Fairfield, St. Bonaventure, and others.
But no matter where he ends up, his AAU coach expects his game to continue to emerge.
"He competes, has the right mental attitude, doesn't have set-backs," he said. "That's the kind of guy he is, you know what you are going to get."

9/7/2011 12:24:04 PM - BM

This guy thinks Cuse may have to "settle for" Cavanaugh.

9/8/2011 5:30:33 PM - Homeslice

 Pretty positive sounding stuff  for GW on the Cavanaugh front:


9/8/2011 5:57:19 PM - The MV

Truth be told, I thought it was pretty positive sounding for Notre Dame as well.


9/8/2011 6:14:57 PM -

nothing like a mid-major slap.  man, I hope we beat the Cuse.  I cannot stand them.  On another note, if he makes his official visit from upstate NY to Palo Alto in December, Stanford seals the deal.  I read it similar to MV, he says positive stuff about Notre Dame and of course, outright lies about the quality of the football team there.  I think he is a nice kid and tends to say the right thing because he is upbeat and was likely raised well.  I would not read too much into his remarks at this point.

9/8/2011 7:58:26 PM - Homeslice

If it sounds positive from an ND perspective it's because it's written from an ND-specific view. 

The article also says that ND hasn't even offered him a scholarship and just started recruiting him about a month ago. 

9/9/2011 10:36:34 AM - notta hater

what's ND's scholarship position?  If they only have one or two openings, they may not want to offer if they have their eye on some other guys.

9/9/2011 10:51:06 AM - BM

Looks like ND has four slots open next year and two commitments already.  As far as I can tell they are looking for a PG and a PF with Jerami Grant still in the mix.

9/11/2011 1:51:45 PM - yawle 


su story but gw mention

9/16/2011 6:20:58 PM - BM

Cuse just signed bid-time PF Jerami Grant.  Unfortunately he was also being courted by ND, so they may now offer Cavanaugh.

9/16/2011 6:36:02 PM - Tennessee Colonial

Isn' Brey a GW guy? Do alumni send players to their alma maters, even though their the coaches of other teams? Just wondering

9/22/2011 2:15:08 PM - cagwu

Appears to have enjoyed his time in South Bend.  GW still on the docket for a visit along with Wake and Davidson.


9/22/2011 2:45:08 PM - seneca

TC, not when it is against their self-interest.

9/23/2011 8:33:40 PM - Homeslice

 Gotta think things are looking good for potential Cavanaugh to GW- unless another school gets involved

9/25/2011 9:15:09 AM - Dolphin Michael

As much as I thoughty that Cav. was a top notch recruit for every program, he represents a talent mix that we have covered--implying needs.

9/26/2011 2:36:58 PM - Dolphin Michael

Yes, he was gold. That has been, it seems, a glue-less program for decades. Their good players might as well stay in a Residence Inn, for that matter.

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