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He made 7-of-13 field goals to finish at 68.5 percent (122-178) from the floor for the season to set a new GW program record, which was previously held by GW's all-time rebounding leader, Joe Holup, in 1955-56 when he shot 64.7 percent from the field.

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Congrats to David Pellom! I hope he can take advantage of the off season and be as successful at school in other efforts, as well. Mr. Pellom, meet the cover of our next Basketball Press Kit!

We quit

I can excuse a lot, but we just didn't hustle for most of that game. We consistently watched Davidson go after rebounds and loose balls while we watched, we let the weakest team in the a10 outmuscle us over and over, and just folded on our home c


about twenty steps backward today

Shooting: 33% FG, 14% '3, 52% FT. Nice. All against a team which has a proven terrible defense. SBU slaughtered GW on the boards. I'm beginning to think (aside from Smith) our board numbers are a myth and will become very pedesterian by the end of th