By: herve (9,159 posts) - 9/20/2008 9:48:00 AMI've been a real lurker the past 5 weeks due to all sorts of ACTUAL things (good!) going on in my life. I apologize for not responding to questions, but I have been working on three things:

  1. new board "flavors"
  2. season preview article
  3. A10 preview research/article
  4. Smith Center fundraising idea
Just because you don't hear from me doesn't mean I'm not paying attention.

By: Dolphin Michael (2,188 posts) - 9/19/2008 10:53:00 AMMy flavor is "winning season"

By: Reader Non Poster (7 posts) - 9/19/2008 1:37:00 PMNo Reply to the Blue Seat controversy?

By: thinker (2,825 posts) - 9/19/2008 2:39:00 PMThere is no BS controversy.  By all accounts, he broke an agreement with herve and was banned from the board.  Hardly a controversy.  You might want to read more and post less.

By: danjsport (1,195 posts) - 9/19/2008 3:01:00 PMreading non poster is a liar!  I know, cause he posted!

By: Mentzinger (3,646 posts) - 9/19/2008 8:07:00 PMWho is Low?

By: gdubbNBC (109 posts) - 9/20/2008 9:48:00 AMFlavors?! Flavors?!  You're talking about FLAVORS and yet you too fail to address the Crystal Pepsi issue!  Shame Herve. Shame on you.