Grant to Dayton
 3/30/2017 4:07:16 PM      Replies: 8

gw19873/30/2017 12:37:02 PM

Former VCU coach Anthony Grant has agreed to become the new head coach of the Dayton Flyers.


colonialman3/30/2017 12:37:57 PM

Damn, I wanted Grant to come to GW. Guess we didn't act fast enough.

bobo3/30/2017 12:58:48 PM

Nice hire by Dayton.  Dayton graduate and an excellent head coach.  Very good recruiter as well.


Season Team Overall Conference Standing Postseason
VCU Rams (Colonial Athletic Association) (2006–2009)
2006–07 VCU 28–7 16–2 1st NCAA 2nd Round
2007–08 VCU 24–8 15–3 1st NIT 1st Round
2008–09 VCU 24–10 14–4 1st NCAA 1st Round
VCU: 76–25 (.752) 45–9 (.833)  
Alabama Crimson Tide (Southeastern Conference) (2009–2015)
2009–10 Alabama 17–15 6–10 T–4th (West)  
2010–11 Alabama 25–12 12–4 1st (West) NIT Runner–up
2011–12 Alabama 21–12 9–7 5th NCAA 2nd Round
2012–13 Alabama 23–13 12–6 T–2nd NIT Quarterfinals
2013–14 Alabama 13–19 7–11 T–10th  
2014–15 Alabama 18–14 8–10 T–8th NIT 2nd Round*
Alabama: 117–85 (.579) 54–49 (.524)  
Dayton Flyers (Atlantic 10 Conference) (2017–present)
2017–18 Dayton 0-0 0-0    
Dayton: 0–0 (–) 0–0 (–)  
Total: 193–110 (.637)

colonial ny3/30/2017 1:32:26 PM

Great for the conference to have him as a coach. While I always want our A10 opponents to lose to us, it will be better for GW if we have multiple strong programs consistently fighting for NCAA births. It makes our resume look better and A10 teams winning in the NCAA Tournament means more money for the conference and GW. 


nj colonial3/30/2017 3:09:35 PM they hired an alum wh is a proven winner as head coach and is a great recruiter.... hmmm...


ziik3/30/2017 3:16:14 PM

J. Edgar is dead, NJ

long suffering fan3/30/2017 3:39:33 PM

As is Jackie Kennedy, ziik.  But I believe Jay North may still be alive.

nj colonial3/30/2017 4:07:06 PM

Ms. Bouvier was all hoops.... she would have been a great HC!

ziik3/30/2017 4:07:16 PM

Jesus, LSF. I was going to throw her in, too.

I never liked Jay. Thought he was a phoney. I never liked the guy who replaced Lassie's pet boy, either.

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