By: Blow Nose (6/29/2015 9:19:33 AM)

PG - Shawnta
SG - Pionnock
SF - Hall
PF - Brown
C - Dare

Honorable Mentions - Evans, Pops, Holup, and Monroe
Greatest Poster on - Poog

By: Long Suffering Fan (4,106 posts) - 6/29/2015 9:54:32 AM

Problem was Mike Brown was a true center at GW.  At center position, it may be too close to call between Brown and Yinka to call, but I will go with Brown based upon his being a much better offensive player, and his having been at GW for 4 years. I loved Damilo, but we had better shooting guards, including PatTallent and John Holleran (for you old timers); power guard Chris Monroe, and even Dirrk Surles.   I never saw Bob Tallent at GW so I excluded him.  Give me a few more minutes and I am sure I can come up with more

By: Long Suffering Fan (4,106 posts) - 6/29/2015 10:42:47 AM

If we had to nix either Yinka and Brown because they played the same position and now in need of a true "4", then I would have to go with Yegor.

By: BACCAS92 (705 posts) - 6/29/2015 10:56:40 AM


By: Maine Colonial (487 posts) - 6/29/2015 11:35:59 AM

I love Shawnta but I think Red Auerbach should receive serious consideration at guard. He stood 5'9" or 5'10" and must have been one tough SOB on the court. Sounds like he was both a defensive specialist and the team's leading scorer. Plus, he earned a bachelor's and a master's while at GW and then was arguably GW's #1 fan for the rest of his life. 

By: Maine Colonial (487 posts) - 6/29/2015 11:48:51 AM

I love Shawnta but I think Red Auerbach should receive serious consideration at guard. He stood 5'9" or 5'10" and must have been one tough SOB on the court. Sounds like he was both a defensive specialist and the team's leading scorer. Plus, he earned a bachelor's and a master's while at GW and then was arguably GW's #1 fan for the rest of his life. 

By: The Dude (529 posts) - 6/29/2015 3:28:47 PM

Good post, but Holup has got to be in any all time great GW starting 5.

The winningest Colonial Carl Elliott too imo.





Mike Brown


Honorable Mention: The Family Tallent, Yegor, Devlin & Koul

By: Bo Knows (705 posts) - 6/29/2015 3:45:10 PM

13 man team ... wow

Starters ...

PG - Shawnta Rogers

2G - Chris Monroe

3 - Joe Holup

4 - Mike Brown

5 - Yinka Dare

Bench - Elliott, Hall, Koul, Evans, Mescheriakov, Tallent, Surles, Mensah-Bonsu

Who wouldn't love to coach that team?

By: The Dude (529 posts) - 6/29/2015 4:15:36 PM

That team Bo? It would be one tough decision after another, too much talent! Unhappy campers on the depth chart! Is Pops your 13th man!? Calipari last year had it easy compared to the decision that team 13 deep would force on a Coach!

Funny how in the moment we tend to underestimate current and very recent players.  Do Larsen or Garino crack a top 13 in a few years time? Right now, I agree not quite, but they're not far off, KevLar with a giant Senior year I'd say yes, maybe Pato too.  JoeMac with a great Snr year too is at least worth a top 13 consideration imo, even if on this site he's routinely dumped on for some unfathomable reason! Zeek played just 2 years and for only 1 good GW team, but he was so great he deserves some consideration too. 


By: ziik (2,950 posts) - 6/29/2015 4:39:40 PM

LSF shows he is a great and dispassionate judge of GW basketball history and talent with his picks. I have seen tham all, and must say, his choices are damned close to perfection.

I'd add Keith Morris to the discussion. He was Pat Tallent's fellow recruit and backcourt mate, and a great athlete, highly skilled ball handler (one of the best I've seen at the college level), and a top notch defender. And, when Tallent was hurt, Keith stepped in to lead the team in scoring.

I'd also add Mike Tallent and Mike Battle. 

You just cannot have too many Tallents. And, from guys who have played against all 3, I have heard that Mike was the most difficult to defend. I would not know, but, his first year at GW, he was primarily a point man to set up Bob, but he still hit for 17. 

Bob was a brilliant ballplayer. He could get his shot off (Like Pat and Ronnie Nunn), no matter how closely defended he was. No one man could do the job. And, he could score as soon as he crossed hald court. 

Battle is easily forgotten. He was seemingly as slow as molasses. But he could grab every rebound, and score with 3 guys hanging off of him. 



By: Longing for Oscar (1,028 posts) - 6/29/2015 6:55:26 PM

I never saw Joe play but I've seen footage of great players from his era and I think there is no possible way Holup could compete with A10 players of the 80's, 90's or this century.  Still, he may be a top 5 GW guy.  I wish I had seen him play.

By: Cutis (243 posts) - 6/29/2015 7:58:28 PM

Ziik's post is spot on. These guys were the cream of the crop. I like a guy who is old and smart. I love the line that that you could never have enough Tallents. Ziik and I have much in common.

By: Bo Knows (705 posts) - 6/29/2015 9:47:35 PM

Dude, I would play that team like Calipari - 5 at a time. We've got shooters, point guards, big men, rebounders and defenders. The lineup combos are endless. The only thing I would worry about is that there is only one basketball.

By: The Dude (529 posts) - 6/29/2015 11:11:32 PM

Well Bo, Cal has said he thought it was a bad idea and it was being used against him in recruiting so end of that experiment.  In our own hypothetical world where the 13 greatest GW guys are all on the same team I guess you don't have to deal with that, fantasy land.

As for Holup, LFO, you compare guys against the talent of their own era no?   As such Holup to me is the greatest Colonial and at least 2 if all not 3 Tallents belong on this team, even if of course athletes 40-60 years later are typically superior.  Could Holup in a time machine from mid the 50's have been able to compete in the 90's or today? Probably not.  The question posed by this thead though All Time Starting 5 Colonials, All time codes "greatest" careers to me.  Bill Russell was 6'9 215, hard to imagine he'd dominate college and the NBA but he'd have a spot on my All Time starting 5 for either one.

By: ziik (2,950 posts) - 6/29/2015 11:39:54 PM

1) Didn't Coach Reinhardt tell Coach Auerbach about Russell?

2) How did Holup match up against Russell? Do you know, ELJ?

Cutis, I used to be younger, and, I used to know everything. Thanks for the compliment, but I am just adding to LSF's analysis. I will just add this. If they had all been healthy at the same time, John Holloran, Keith Morris and Pat Tallent could have been the best group of guards of all time at GW. I cannot recall if they all were healthy together. And, Holloran might have been the most clutch shooter at GW (the guy to take that last shot, or draw a foul). 

Bottom line, for a school that has struggled in basketball, GW has had some fine players, and some great competitors. And some real battlers (Terry Grefe, Joe Lalli, Bill Knorr)

By: The Dude (529 posts) - 6/30/2015 12:09:33 AM

Question I have for you 50's 60s fans, how'd Reinhart go from 23-3 to 3-21 in a span of just a few years? What was with the wild swings under his tenure/s? Makes the Hobbs era look steady and consistent, I'm guess swings like were more common back in the day, but those are sea changes in fortune and quickly. Sort of similar run at Oregon, really great early, not as great 2nd act.



By: ELJ (2,207 posts) - 6/30/2015 12:38:28 AM

Ziik:  Reinhart did indeed alert Auerbach to Bill Russell.  His quote was something like, "I just saw the greatest college player I've ever seen, in the All-College Tournament [a Christmas tourney] finals when Russell's U. of San Francisco team shut us down cold.  Russell swatted back damn near every shot by Holup and Corky Devlin.  They beat us 73-57 and it coulda been much worse."  (Up to that game, GW had been averaging about 85 points a game.]

In Holup's brief stint with thje Celtics, Russell schooled him at just about every practice.  As excellent as Joe was, Russell was one of the best players ever, along with Chamberlain and Michael Jordan ... and in a few years, LaBron James.

By: The Dude (529 posts) - 6/30/2015 12:52:10 AM

There's your all time top 3, Russell, MJ & Wilt in some order (but that's mine)

Carrying San Francisco to consecutive national titles might have had something to do with it, pretty sure Red (and everyone else) was generally aware of Russell's greatness after that.  Red also drafted Heinsohn and KC Jones in that same draft, the man had quite the eye for talent on his own.  

There must be some alternate universe where Red takes the GW job after graduating and wins a few rings for GW before eventually moving to the Knicks job where he adds 8 more.  Also featured in that alternate universe, GW is viewed as an "elite school and MD just decent."

By: herve (9,159 posts) - 6/30/2015 6:18:49 AM

Great post ELJ! I love that kind of info!

By: ziik (2,950 posts) - 6/30/2015 11:55:42 AM

Dude--The NBA had a regional draft preference in those days--a team got first crack at a regional player. The Celts, I think, got Heinsohn that way. And, KC was on Russell's team. So, great picks, yes. But, also, sort of obvious.

Thanks, ELJ. I knew you knew.

By: ELJ (2,207 posts) - 7/2/2015 3:03:20 AM

The Dude:  Re your question above about how Reinhart's teams fell so far so fast:  Actually, better question is how they went from 15-8 to 23-3 and then 24-6 in the next two seasons after 1952-'53..  Answer is that the 15-8 1952-53 season was our last year in the old, unweildy 15-team Southern Conference, (We did split with Wake and beat Duke at Duke, plus blasting UVA here that year).  But as you likely knew, '53-'54 was the first season of the brand new ACC, as almost all of the best Southern Conference teams bolted to form the new league.  That left GW and West Virginia as the two premier teams in the SC, with Richmond a fairly distant third best.  The rest were bottom-feeders like W&L, VMI, a then-weak VPI, Furman (which did get the nation's leading scorer a couple years later) and some other dogs.

As for the collapse, it was basically a function of graduations and injuries.  And just posibly, Coach Reinhart's age finally caught up with him as well, especially where recruiting was concerned.  .