By: Columbia Heights Colonial (344 posts) - 11/23/2015 1:42:22 PM

The AP poll is out and we're stiting just outisde the top 25 with 85 votes.

By: DCAbloob (306 posts) - 11/23/2015 1:45:34 PM

Three places below the top 25 in AP, seven places below the top 25 in the coaches poll. 

By: GW Alum Abroad (2,456 posts) - 11/23/2015 1:46:18 PM

That School Down the Street with four votes? Am I missing something? 

Cinci now ranked...

By: Timmymr (11/23/2015 1:46:18 PM)

WOAH that is alot more than I expected...That's awesome

By: tk (258 posts) - 11/23/2015 1:48:19 PM

we're gonna have to win barclays to have a shot. 

By: Andrew EC (178 posts) - 11/23/2015 1:55:42 PM

Looks about right.  If GW sweeps this week, they'll probably wind up ranked in the high teens or low 20s by this time next week.

If GW beats G-W and Tennessee but loses to #24 Cincinnati in the finals of the Barclays, I imagine they'll stay about where they are.

If GW beats G-W, loses to Tennessee, and then beats Nebraska in the consolation game, they'll probably drop to the 20-vote range or below.  I use 2-1 Northern Iowa -- a team that was generally ranked above GW in the preseason and just beat #1 UNC -- as a benchmark.  They're only getting 23 votes in this week's poll.

Obviously, if GW loses twice this week, they're off the lists entirely.

Side note to GWAA:  it kills me to say this, but Ge**getown looked pretty damn good in their two losses this week. 

By: NYGW (132 posts) - 11/23/2015 2:06:27 PM

you shouldn't get votes for "looking good in a loss" 


By: BACCAS92 (705 posts) - 11/23/2015 2:17:48 PM

That is bull we are not ranked.  We had the second best win of the season and haven't lost.  That being said.  I would rather play another ranked team for our resume so let Cincinnati get the ranking.  They look very good.  Also, Tenessee is no easy win.  They have been blowing away weaker competition.  I mean killing them. 

By: Timmymr (11/23/2015 2:18:29 PM)

WOAH that is alot more than I expected...That's awesome

By: Tk (258 posts) - 11/23/2015 4:00:45 PM

Northern Iowa fans have to be a lot more pissed than us. Beat #1 and still only get like 12 votes lol 

By: Bigfan (2,829 posts) - 11/23/2015 4:57:35 PM

Not right to us or Northern Iowa.

If you beat Number 1 or Number 6 and have no bad losses, you should be ranked.

Having said that, maybe it is motivation for a team that has looked sluggish since UVA.

Bad things tend to happen to us with hype.

Coach can tape the rankings up on the bulletin board or email or send them by twitter to the team.

Play with a chip on your shoulder to show you deserve it.

By: Hoos30 (11/23/2015 5:46:02 PM)

Your grandkids will be in college before you guys get another ranked team to play you home and home. We (UVa) got thumped down to #12 for losing to you and UNC's drop was no picnic either.

By: BC (1,645 posts) - 11/23/2015 5:57:33 PM

Got you Hoos30, Some of us already have grandkids old enough for college, but not me thank god.

By: BC (1,645 posts) - 11/23/2015 6:00:28 PM

BTW Pomeroy has us all the way up to 52.  Anybody remember what it was before the UVA game?   IIRC, around 74?

By: Poster (5 posts) - 11/23/2015 6:17:14 PM

BC, it was 61 

By: notta hater (2,492 posts) - 11/23/2015 6:21:16 PM

I'd rather have that vote total in late-February when it's tournament time. (drive for show, putt for dough). Hoo, unless things go really badly, UNC and UVA are playing this season out for the seed not for the invitation. Come back to our site often and you can see we check our mail box weekly to see if the envelope is in there.

By: Thomas (1,146 posts) - 11/23/2015 7:16:09 PM

During one of Virginia's games in the tournament that they won last night, the announcers mentioned that Tony Bennett always schedules a home and home with a strong "mid-major." He's done it with Wisconsin Green-Bay and VCU in recent years, in addition to GW this year. Is Tony Bennett going to stop doing this now because they lost and dropped 6 spots in the polls? I hope this loss to GW doesn't cause him to stop scheduling these type of games.

By: Andrew EC (178 posts) - 11/23/2015 9:03:47 PM

I think Tony Bennett, UVA, and UVA's fans are smart enough not to overreact to one stupid week by stupid voters.  UVA will finish the year as a Top 10 team with a strong seed in the NCAAs, and GW will be a "good loss" and better for their RPI than destroying some 320-ranked chump.

By: 2014 Colonial (4 posts) - 11/24/2015 11:22:16 AM

ESPN has us ranked #25 in their Power Rankings this morning.

By: MD-DC (147 posts) - 11/24/2015 11:40:18 AM

Jeff Goodman put us at #15. We were ranked by only 3 of the 10 voters it looked like, but we were in the top 20 for two of them. I guess that was enough to barely keep us in the top 25.

By: Andrew EC (178 posts) - 11/24/2015 11:50:06 AM

All I have to say is:  F Joe Lunardi.  Right in the ear.

By: Timmymr (11/24/2015 4:40:42 PM)

So I checked out our ranking breakdown (for the AP poll). We can ghank Adam Sparks here for a TON of our votes. He ranked us #10. He's a writer for the Tennesseean, which could be an interesting way to raise Tennessee's RPI #HotTake

You can check out the full breakdown here:

By: Timmymr (11/24/2015 4:46:32 PM)

Actually checked Sparks's twitter and he covers Vandy for the Tennessean #coldtake

By: BACCAS92 (705 posts) - 11/24/2015 5:01:32 PM

Whatever, I am not sweating it.  Everybody knows about us nationally that is the important thing for the Tournament selection.  Secondly, Cincinnati is ranked so we get to add a second ranked team that was not on our schedule, which should help RPI.  Get two ranked wins and we shoudl be ok for the NCAA barring a collapse like last year.  Not to rehash but now Barclays has become a must win.  I AM JOKING. 

By: Igor... Not Yegor (291 posts) - 11/25/2015 7:12:09 PM

and Indiana implodes with their 2nd loss in 3 days. If we win 2 this weekend there is no way they are ahead of us in the polls.

By: The Dude (529 posts) - 11/25/2015 7:20:16 PM

Tom Crean's Hoosiers, perennially overrated, overranked, drop consecutive games to unranked teams to finish 6th in Maui.

Lesson to every Coach in America, structure your contract so that its nearly impossible to get canned when the dumpster fire ignites.  Worked well for Hobbs too, bought him at least 2 additional years as well.

By: SHOFAZ+1 (71 posts) - 11/25/2015 8:33:34 PM

wait, so they lost 2 or 3 in a row?

By: SHOFAZ+1 (71 posts) - 11/25/2015 8:33:35 PM

wait, so they lost 2 or 3 in a row?

By: Thomas (1,146 posts) - 11/25/2015 8:51:18 PM

The Dude, I must take you to task on your past comments on Tom Crean...He'll Be Working At ESPN When Indiana Buys Him Out, Not That Junior High Production That Paul Hewitt Was Doing Color For!!! But seriously, I thought he did a great job for CBS' NCAA Tournament studio show a few years ago when IU didn't make the tournament.

About today's game, the poor decision-making, questionable shot selection, lack of effort on defense, etc. was glaring with his team, and his unhinged demeanor on the sideline is almost as good or bad(depending on whether you think a coach constantly having a meltdown on sideline is funny) as Frank Martin!!

Another interesting/troubling story that has come out about IU basketball is the mother of Troy Williams posted the following after Tom Crean brought Troy off the bench for the St.John's because he didn't play good defense against Wake Forest, "I Just Heard Crean Said He Is Not Starting Troy Because He Said Troy Didn't Play Well Yesterday!! Okay It's Time For Troy To Get THE FUCK OUT OF IU!!"

She quickly apologized for those remarks after it surfaced on twitter, but her posting that, and Indiana losing again today to UNLV shows that things could be unraveling quickly for Crean and IU.

Shofaz +1, Indiana lost 2 of 3 games in Maui and finished in 6th place after being one of the favorites to win it. They also brought a LOT of fans to Maui for the tournament. Those fans can't be happy that they travelled to Maui to see their highly ranked team finish 6th.  


By: The Dude (529 posts) - 11/25/2015 9:35:06 PM

Thomas, as always fantastic post.  Crean will most certainly get an ESPN gig, agreed.  His sideline demeanor is indeed an embarrassment to the sport.  Whereas Frank Martin I find legit frightening, Crean always has reminded me more of the jackass boss having tantrums in the accounting office.  Martin is basically Luca Brasi with a major D1 job. 


By: Thegardener (11/25/2015 10:41:47 PM)

you guys are lucky u slipped one by us. You have a good team and we underestimated u guys we will never play u at ur place again there is no point we don't want to risk an upset again 

By: Poster (5 posts) - 11/26/2015 8:50:45 PM

Wichita st., Uconn, Notre Dame and Gonzaga all lose today. 

If we end up winning both at Brooklyn (a very big if) then Cinnci would have lost as well. We could jump like 8 spots in the next poll update. Or, ya know, go back to like 70 after we lose both games this weekend. 




By: Igor... not Yegor (291 posts) - 11/26/2015 8:51:55 PM

above post was me

By: Free Quebec (6,340 posts) - 11/26/2015 8:55:49 PM

There is a lesson in all the top 25 losses that I hope people will remenber when we are no longer undefeated - teams lose. Good teams lose.  Even great teams lose.  Not the end of the world. 

By: Andrew EC (178 posts) - 11/26/2015 10:54:19 PM

With all of the Top 25 losses, it's possible that GW could lose a close game vs. Cincy in the Barclays final and still be ranked next week.  Not that that's going to happen....

By: Igor... Not Yegor (291 posts) - 11/27/2015 11:09:44 AM

And while most of us where sleeping in.. #14 Cal was losing a basketball game this morning. The hits just keep on coming. The waters are parting for us in a Moses-esque fashion. Way too good to be true. The pessimist in me says we lose by 20 to UT and sustain a major injury to one of our bigs.

I'll be there cheering louder than you, hoping to be wrong.

By: The Dude (529 posts) - 11/27/2015 6:28:37 PM

#15 Miami taken down by Northeastern! First top 25 win in 30 years.

Some beat downs for the BCS schools.  Another one begins in about 3 hours in B'klyn.


By: The Dude (529 posts) - 11/28/2015 1:36:24 AM

14th ranked Cal with their pair of 1 and done lottery picks goes down again, this time to A10's Richmond! Man child Terry Allen feasting on the soon to be lottery picks with a 34 and 13!

How sweet it is.  Some other BCS school from Knoxville also lost to a certain A10 squad Friday night.

By: RKelley (152 posts) - 11/28/2015 5:25:03 AM

Wichita State is heavily overrated. Coming into this week, it didn't suprise me that GW wasn't ranked, but in a world with perfect rankings they'd be ahead of Wichita State on both polls.

If GW can win it at Cinci tomorrow, they should jump into the back of the top 20--especially because Wichita is set to slide off the board altogether.


By: RKelley (152 posts) - 11/28/2015 5:29:02 AM

Richmond playing like a Curly Sue per usual. They looked weak against JMU in week 1, and now they look very strong.

By: dmvpiranha (11/29/2015 2:43:37 PM)

so I'm guessing we are going to have roughly the same number of votes as last week in the next AP poll?

By: squid (1,510 posts) - 11/29/2015 4:58:50 PM

When was the last time GW was ranked? 2007?

By: Free Quebec (6,340 posts) - 11/29/2015 5:09:35 PM

We should be about the same - if you thought we were one of the 25 best teams in the country before, you probably still should after cruising against UT and losing in the final moments to Cininnatti.  But I suspect that's not how most voters think about their ballot, so we'll lose a lot of our votes, perhaps more than half.

By: The Dude (529 posts) - 11/29/2015 5:20:40 PM

We didn't cruise vs UT.  We blew almost an entire huge lead, not by cruising but because of sloppy, ugly play.  If we actually won that game convincingly, we'd retain more votes. 

There's a difference between actual cruising and blowing a giant lead.

We've got a very solid RPI of 36 which is about where we should be ranked by voters too.  Had we won the tourney we'd be ranked. 

We've done some nice work in the OOC in Nov. laying down a legit resume to date for our tourney at large bid chances, the only thing that really matters when the dust settles.

By: Class of 13 (58 posts) - 11/29/2015 10:59:03 PM

I would expect us to stay in the top 30. Sure teams like Syracuse and potentially Providence will pass us from behind, but you had #13 Indiana lose twice to unranked teams, #14 Cal losing twice to unranked teams, #15 Miami losing to an unranked team, #17 Notre Dame losing twice to unrnaked teams, #18 UConn losing twice and number 22 LSU losing twice to unranked teams. I have a hard time seeing us get punished too badly for a 5 point loss to #24.

By: Igor... Not Yegor (291 posts) - 11/29/2015 11:22:33 PM

To add to the above post...

Arizon lost, Vandy lost, Gonzaga lost, and Wichita St lost 4 times.

By: Free Quebec (6,340 posts) - 11/29/2015 11:43:51 PM

I didn't mean cruise in the sense of winning by a comfortable double digits.  I meant cruised to a win as in led virtually the entire way and held on while only staying in second gear and not really playing with much intensity for most of the game. 


As a fairly new reader and poster of this esteemed board, its impossible to not detect an air of defeatism among some of the loyal and thoughtful writers. 1) Any highly successful coach will just .... 2) We can't ever land a legit top recruit 3)


Let's Have At It

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