Roster Conversation With Nero
mike k
 8/14/2017 3:35:29 PM      Replies: 8

mike k8/12/2017 3:31:00 PM

On my way into the game today, I saw Nero outside and after exchanging greetings, as I was walking towards the Smitty entrance, I said "we need one more transfer, one more transfer."

He replied "I don't think we have room for one."  

If Sasser, Granger and Mitola are walk ons, we still have one more spot....unless as Bo wrote a day or so ago in another thread, we will be signing someone soon.



notta hater8/12/2017 4:47:18 PM

maybe it's a self-imposed penalty for the conduct on this board.


bigfan8/12/2017 5:00:54 PM

Either he miscounted(understandable given we have numerous sports), we have miscounted, or one of them has a scholarship, or some news. Would be very happy if it is the news.


gwmaven8/13/2017 11:31:08 PM

Had a similar conversation with staff at alumni game and likely will pocket scholarship for a red shirt transfer or a 2018 recruit.  Not likely to get a freshman or another immediately eligible grad transfer for this upcoming season.  Bo and others assuming you are hearing similar.  

the mv8/14/2017 10:41:09 AM

Gwmaven, the only exception to what you are saying is Jack Whitman.  This was the William & Mary transfer who was apparently considering GW, chose Kansas, and has since backed out of his commitment to Kansas.  The first question is whether he is still immediately eligible since he did spend some time with the Kansas team though obviously not during any official practice time.  If he is still eligible to play for another school this season, then he's a one and done which would make total sense for GW. 


gwmaven8/14/2017 1:31:41 PM

@TheMV, yeah I have asked that questions several times here but no response.  I couldn't discuss specific recruits with the team so did not ask about him or anyone by name.  I just said, I know you can't discuss specifics but what is the strategy with the last scholarship, hold for an 18 or look for an immediately eligible transfer.  I was told likely holding for an 18 or a transfer (implying not one that is immediately eligible but one that would look to transfer next year). 

tuna can8/14/2017 1:39:22 PM

While I would look deeply into Notta Hater's theory, having a spot in hand for the end of the fall semester may come into play. 


thomas8/14/2017 2:20:19 PM

The MV brought up an interesting name in Jack Whitman. The 1st semester is about to start(or may have started already at some colleges), what is Whitman planning to do? I'm assuming GW would welcome him with open arms if he still wanted to finish out his college career at GW. 


bigfan8/14/2017 3:35:29 PM

If Jack Whitman has eligibility, he should implore Mojo for a spot on the team, given the chance for lots of playing time this year, located a short train ride from his friends at William and Mary, excellent academics and an amazing record of turning transfers into stars.

If we still want him, be smart of Jack, a graduate of a top school, to do it today, while the opening still exists.


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