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A-10 Tournament Seeding
Created: 3/3/2015 5:58:47 PMReplies: 2
3/3/2015 5:58:47 PM - The Ross-Man! - 289 posts (#82)

Not sure how much people are paying attention to this, but with the tournament starting next week, it seems like there should be some discussion.  As things currerntly stand, we're 8-8 in the conference, tied for 7th with SBU.  I believe that we have the tiebreaker against them due to the head to head vistory.  LaSalle is 9th at 7-9, and UMass and Richmond are tied for 5th at 10-6.  If the season ended today, we'd play SJU in the 7-10 game at 6:30 on Thursday with a possible second agem vs the 2 seed.  SBU's last 2 games are @SLU and home against Fordham, so they seem like a good bet to win 1, if not both of those.  If GW doesn't hold serve with the Bonnies, then we're looking at the 8-9 game at noon on Thursday (probably against LaSalle) with a possible 2nd game vs the 1 seed. 

At this point it doesn't much seem to matter who we play away from home, but I'd rather stay away from LaSalle if at all possible.  SJU has 1 road win in A-10 play, so between that and already beating them the Hawks seem like the best case scenario first game (unless we can somehow play SBU again)

3/3/2015 6:34:36 PM - THE CRIMEDOG - 12 posts (#240)

Question is, is it reasonable to think we can we run the table? I say yes, there's not that much separation in the A10 this year and this GW team is better than our 2007 team that surprisingly ran the table through that A10 tourney. The 07 team had Carl Elliot and not much else.  Granted we somehow went into that tourney a 3 seed, but like that year there isn't a team in the league this year we can't beat on any given day, especially with VCU now Weberless and struggling.   

3/3/2015 6:59:25 PM - GW Vet - 42 posts (#210)

Also, UMass is 10-6, and it is not unreasonable to expect Richmond to beat them. If GW beats George Mason as expected, and UMass loses to Richmond, that pits UMass and GW in a battle for 6th, with the victor of saturdays game taking the the 6th seed.

As for SBU, they have to easy games against SLU and Fordham. So if they win both and UMass beats us, we get 8th. Only way we keep 7th is if UMass beats richmond and we beat both GMU and UMass. 


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