To Mr Nero and whomever else may be responsible
long suffering fan
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long suffering fan5/20/2017 1:19:09 PM

heres to a job well done.  And you have the gall to press me to renew my club membership early or charge me extra?   My response to you is "blow it out your collective asses".   After decades of season tickets, I am seriously considering saying goodbye.   And to the nitwits who continue to blame Lonergan for our current situation, all I can say to you is get a clue.   We are where we are because of incompetent management.  P


gw695/20/2017 1:53:59 PM

Definitely should have kept ML. My hero.


new georgetown fan5/20/2017 1:55:07 PM

I'm out, too. 


old georgetown fan5/20/2017 2:07:42 PM

Im in!!


bcd5/20/2017 2:22:54 PM


you survived the decline of Jarvis, the Penders mess, the languishing of the post-Penders mess, etc....and now you're bailing????  I'm excited about having a young fresh coach - let's see where we can go.  


beltway colonial5/20/2017 2:24:19 PM

Agree with LSF that it is time to move on.  Administration shows no interest in basketball program and its fans. Never thought things could be more depressing tham 1-27 season. 


ziik the tentmaker5/20/2017 2:29:19 PM

It's great to most all of GW's 17 fans getting worked up over this news.


long suffering fan5/20/2017 3:09:56 PM

i realize we say things in May that are different than what we say in October, and I will probably renew, but by limiting my support to ticket purchase only, I will be sending a message that I disapprove of their firing Mike Lonergan and I disapprove of the way thy handled things since the firing, including the decision to go "on the cheap" in selecting a new coach rather than doing a serious search for the best candidate out there.  And this is nothing against Mojo, who seems like a kceenough person and who I wish all the luck in the world, but I ca t help but thinking g a veteran Coach may ha w done a better job of keeping us together a s bringing in more heralded players.  And of course I don't know what exactly went down but I can't shake the feeling that Nero prevailed in a petty power struggle at the cost of flushing the program down the toilet.   Besides,the school is basking I. Their billion dollar fundraiser. I can think of better things to do with my $3,000 than to support this crap


long suffering fan5/20/2017 4:04:34 PM

After Jarvis moved on, we had every reason to be optimistic.   Not only did he leave a loaded team (that received an at large bid the year after he left), but we hired a big name coach in Tommy Penders that I thought was a great move at the time (it was not).   After Penders left, we hired a top assistant at a major winning program, so again I had every reason to be optimistic.  Now, no matter how you spin it, we are being led by a 31 year old 3rd assistant with no prior head coaching experience before his interim year, who has brought in nothing but 2 star recruits so far and was not able to hold on to the players he had.   And all I have gotten from the athletic department is that I better renew now or it is going to get more expensive.  Now, switching up a bit, one of the things that makes this board great is we get to hear about  everything in advance of it happening.  Unfortunately, we frequently have to sift through some fake news, or posts by those with an agenda, but the fact is that one particular poster, who so many of you blasted and referred to him as the ex-coach nailed it.    He was right.  Just because you don't like what someone is saying is no reason to ridicule the information in advance.  Further, the person who has been posting as GW Staff...I fully credit him.   If he truly is on the staff, I don't know how cool it is to come on the board to trash your employer, but now as much as ever I believe that Nero, not Lonergan or anyone else, is the problem, and until Nero is gone, we are stuck.  Can anyone say 20 plus loss season and last place in the conference?


long suffering fan5/20/2017 4:08:16 PM

But to show that I am somewhat objective, I am very happy that our club hockey team is doing well.


ruserious5/20/2017 4:21:19 PM

good god you really think GW Staff is someone on staff ???


the dude5/20/2017 4:35:10 PM

I get why any GW fan would be upset, who isn't?  What I don't get is why you blame the AD and not the man's whose actions triggered all of this. 

Was Nero verbally abusing the players? The Subject of two Title IX investigations? Or was that ML?Geuinely don't understand that.  This viewpoint, pushed by whomever is pushing and perpetuated by a few Board regulars is bizarre.

Was at an alumni event and ML came up, no one there was blaming the AD. Why would they? Why do you? Why do you feed into the ML fan club program arsonist narratives?  If you weren't reading that garbage would anyone say "oh, ML was fired for ridiculously unprofessional behavior which came to light, many players are now transfering, it must be ... THE AD's fault?" What?







long suffering fan5/20/2017 4:41:43 PM

I blame the AD for not keeping it together after te firing.  I blame the AD for putting our program in the hands of a novice coach rather than doing a nationwide talent search.  Could the post Lonergan era turned out any worse?   How do you continue to blame 5 transfers on the prior coach?  Does none of the responsibility go to the current regime?


the mv5/20/2017 4:54:28 PM

LSF, you are a year behind me but am glad you are taking similar action.  Failing to buy tickets only spites fans like us who really enjoy seeing the team play.  And believe me when I say that I take no joy in withholding a contribution from the athletic department.  I understand that it is our athletes and programs that suffer when donations decrease.  I do feel bad about that.  However, to borrow the "no choice"phrase I find utilized here frequently, if the school had no choice but to fire ML while failing to properly communicate with its donors and ticket holders, then I am being left with no choice but to pass on making a contribution.  It is very unfortunate but the reality is that either the school made the wrong decision or it failed to even attempt to explain why it made the correct one.  Five guys have now bailed on this program (and I am convinced that the majority are bailing on the program and not on MoJo personally) but hey, if you enjoy looking at things from the most demented view possible, it is now 11 of 12 ML recruits (which of course it is not).  I would venture to say that at least 4 of the 5 would be returning had the coaching change not been made, making this Dudeism all the more absurd.


the dude5/20/2017 5:04:35 PM

You think a complete outsider, new hire, would be more likely to keep the players than ML's own Staff? I sure didn't. Did anyone here? Don't recall anyone saying that.  I advocated for a new hire, but I thought one of the clear reasons to elevate an assistant was to hold on to the better players. 

Could it have been worse? Yes. The team could easily have won far fewer than 20 games last season.  Yuta could have left.  Toro and Jair.  We could have no new recruits or some local guys that no one else wanted, ala too much of the end of the ML era.  Could it have gone better? Hell yes, far more guys have left than I expected, Collin being the most significant (potentially) departure.

Inept AD's office? GW athletics were doing great across the board.  Then ML happened.  Then they elevated Mojo twice.  If you don't like the Mojo hire, ok. If your qualm is that GW should never have fired ML, you are re-creating reality.  And lets be real, the arsonist is only bitter about ML, and ML, and we all, have only ML to blame for that.  The next HC, well that's on the AD.  I think there was going to be turmoil no matter who the choice was. A lot more offseason departures though than I expected after retaining ML's staff 100%.



danjsport5/20/2017 5:09:18 PM

I personally believe there would not have beeN as many transfers had there not been a coaching change.  But that doesn't make the decision to fire lonergan wrong.  


bigfan5/20/2017 5:18:53 PM


Thought the whole point of Mojo as interim and permanent coach was keeping the team together.

Elliptical  mention of that point in the Kremlin-like announcement and quite a lot of talk about here.

Why else would you hire a 31 year old third assistant, who may be a great coach someday or even in a few years, without looking at anyone else?

And yeah, glad club hockey is doing well. Can' t wait for the puck to drop at Homecoming.

Who care's about school's flagship sport for almost 50 years? Raise Low!


dea5/20/2017 5:19:03 PM

jesus what a bunch of debbie downers. It's May. Check back in October and see where everything's at.


bigfan5/20/2017 5:28:00 PM


Five players leaving early means nothing, except when it does, like before the personnel change.

Move on. Nothing to see here.

Let's talk about our badmitton triumphs on Need a recruit who can power the birdie across the net.

Maybe a topic of this importance needs a new thread.


ruserious5/20/2017 5:33:34 PM

Bigfan, who officially said that the main point of hiring Mojo was "keeping the team together"?? Are you telling me you're actually a grown man? I'd hate to see how you would act if something REALLY catastrophic happened in your life. 


the mv5/20/2017 6:08:28 PM

That was probably said here over 100 times so knock off the"whoever said" crap.  There was nothing wrong with saying it because it was logical.  The same remaining coaches playing a similar style of play would logically result in the same players staying. Familiarity, comfort level, etc.  However, it hasn't exactly turned out that way has it?  Five players (and perhaps counting), each signed to play meaningful minutes for the abusive coach, have been denied this opportunity and have subsequently opted to leave the program.  Yes, I agree that everything ought to be kept in proper perspective.  Yet within the context of a college basketball, this is pretty catastrophic.  

If you don't think so, ask yourself this question..of those seemingly countless number of players who transferred away from Lonergan, how many of them were starters?  Not Paris or Miguel, Anthony or Matt, Skylar or Nick, Darian or even PJ.  Really just Kethan.  Now, compare that to Jaren, Jordan who started about half the games this season, and Collin who started about half the games this season.  That is the equivalent of 2 starters gone in a single season compared to 1 starter gone over the last 3 ML seasons.  Yup, that is significant.


what me worry5/20/2017 6:38:02 PM

Lasan and Pellom.



bigfan5/20/2017 6:40:03 PM

Now you sheltered snowflake ninnies who are even mildly concerned, need to keep this in perspective.

We've only metaphorically burned down the Smith Center. It's actually still standing.

How can you and the others who see this as a less than positive step handle things in life?

We need to keep this like Pinterest. Post cute projects.

Anyone have any 30-minute recipes we can talk about while waiting for the next university press release?

Stop being so hysterical about basketball. How can you handle life?

Sometimes when the team needs a defensive stop during a big game, I dont stamp and shout "DEEEFENSE!. Inod my head a good half inch. Gets the message across without being hysterical.

Why would you drama kings react forcefully to these startling developments in GW basketball?

On, of all places.


gw695/20/2017 6:45:41 PM

Youre right--time to panic!!!  I can barely contain my outrage.

Kill them all.Kill myself.

pkgw5/20/2017 7:00:48 PM

Will buy my season tickets but will not donate until I understand what the long term goal is here.  Just like my other charitable donations, I want to understand what is going on before I send cash.  I am not on either side of the Mile Lonergan debate here but there is definitely not a coherent message coming from the Athletic Department.  It is the signature sport but chaos is present.  We will have a 10 win team for a couple of years until the program can reset itself unfortunately.  Hopefully I will still be around for the rebirth.


new georgetown fan5/20/2017 7:06:32 PM


My issue is not that ML was fired.  Perhaps he should have been fired.  I am also not discouraged that GW will likely have a losing 2017-18 season.  Rather, my issue is with how poorly the situation was handled.  If what is alleged actually transpired, then both ML and PN should be gone -- ML for perpetrating a dysfunctional, boorish, generally unsupportive environment and PN for indulging it.  I also do not think much was done during the season -- playing time, etc. -- to develop Smith and encourage him to stay.  I suspect this is probably true -- perhaps to a lesser extent -- for Marfo, Goss, and Roland, as well.  Without disparaging Mojo, who was placed in a very difficult situation and who appears to be a caring and supportive coach with considerable potential, there is no excuse for not pursuing a more experienced coach who would have been better able and prepared to develop and retain returning members the 2016-17 team.   


Much has been compromised, the least of which is GW's immediate prospect of fielding a competitive team.  Consider the long-run career of a promising young coaching prospect.  Who will hire Mojo after a series of losing seasons at GW (what's Kuester doing these days?)?   More significantly, consider the dreams for the young men, both those who transfer and those who stay, who trusted GW to develop their abilities and who anticipated a productive and gratifying student-athlete experience when they decided to come to GW. 


In the end, all that has transpired leaves the impression that GW does not care much about the basketball program.  In contrast, I do not have this impression about the Georgetown.  Thus -- though it breaks my heart -- I will be spending my money at the Verizon Center, not the Smith Center, next season. 



the mv5/20/2017 8:00:38 PM

Lasan and Pellom transferred after ML's second season.  More importantly, these were not Lonergan recruits, players who were recruited by Hobbs to play a different style of basketball.  Unlike MoJo who was on ML's staff while most if not all of these players transferred.


whatmeworry5/20/2017 8:07:22 PM

Nonsense--Hold the 3rd assistant in any way connected?


rich maier5/20/2017 8:12:20 PM

Bigfan, I like hyperbole too. The GWMBB program over rebound over time. Quite a few of us have been GW fans for 50 years or more so we've seen a lot. Did you experience our 1-win season under Kuester? The program survived and so did fans.


bigfan5/20/2017 8:20:49 PM

Kind off odd that Mojo played for the abusive coach (the one not named Tom Izzo) then after graduation and short professional stint came back to work for the abusive coach of all people given the hundreds of D-1 colleges, for five years.

And didn't say anything about the "abuse."

Any chance in that scenario that it wasn't that off-putting or certainly that clear a firing offense?

Or does Mojo (and the other two assistants) just like to receive and watch "abuse"?

And is "abuse" the only reason a school has a large number of transfers?

Is it a word that may have been slung about just a bit too casually?


gw735/20/2017 8:20:52 PM

Couldn't agree more with folks on this board saying the basketball program is a mess. I'm tired of the ML should have been fired or ML should not have been fired debate. ML is gone. Get over it. What remains right now is a disaster of a basketball program. If the next coming of Isiah and Mo of Dirkk and Yinka are headed our way this summer, I will take this all back.

MoJo seems like a nice enough person, but I believe many of us thought he got the job because he would hold the program together. Whoops! Nobody is saying Roland and Smith are the caliber of Tyler and Larsen. But it sure looks as if Roland and Smith would have been starters next season and now --  one has left and the other seems on the way to leaving. Well, I guess we can forget the "MoJo got the job because he would hold team together" idea. So maybe MoJo got the job because the university wants to save money. I don't know, but what seems more important is that many people on this board believe the university has lost interest in the men's basketball program. 

I couldn't agree more with LSF and others on board about no sign from university where the program is headed. It is not like the Smith Center is over flowing with fans. Looks like university trying to run off the few remaining diehards.  


the dude5/20/2017 10:23:06 PM

why are you putting the words abuse in quotes? What word would you prefer?

Here was how Sports Illustrated characterized it:

Report: Many GW players find coach verbally, emotionally abusive

SI Wire
Thursday July 21st, 2016


George Washington coach Mike Lonergan is described as “verbally and emotionally” abusive in a Washington Post report released Thursday.

Former and current players and staff members spoke to the Post and described a culture in which Lonergan is largely disliked by his players.

Now remind me, what is the great sin Nero committed? Hiring ML? Hiring Mojo?  


gw alum abroad5/20/2017 10:47:17 PM

Don't know if they are sins, BUT:

The 2015 review of ML did not conclude the matter because...

In 2016 further comlaints to the Title IX office languished for so long that some leaker took the email chains to the Washington Post which...

Was stonewalled by the AD as it researched and fact-checked its story to the point that...

The Wasnington Post ran the story with no comment from the University aside from ML himself being the one who openly revealed that the 2015 inquiry had taken place, bringing about...

A post-publication investigation by the AD which has yet to, even in the form of a redacted summary, be released to the GW community but...

Resulted in ML being fired days before practices began while...

Leaving the program in the hands of an assistant closer in age to some players than any tenured faculty memeber who...

Leads the team to a most underwhelming CBI bid (including a boneheaded move that snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in under 0.4 seconds) while...

Getting rewarded with the head coaching job after a national coaching search that involved fewer man hours than are used to proofread the spelling in presidential tweets, followed by...

Five (so far) players jumping ship, without...

The AD once sitting down with fans or donors to explain what the hell is going on.


In the immortal words of Crash Davis "We're dealing with a lot of shit here". Perhaps all PN has done wrong is not be more forthcoming with the (limited) fanbase. But that little flub has kicked up a hornets' nest more fierce than the outcry from the Penders Crap (and that involved covering up a sexual assault in the dorms!).  

I'm a GW fan and willing to sit through the fallout/cleanup (as I was after Penders), but I would much rather go back to the days when I could save my strength for complaints to the poor choice of OOC opponents and the inedible hot dogs at the concessions. 


the dude5/20/2017 11:11:31 PM

As I wrote above, the one legit beef one could have with Nero was the decision of Mojo to be the HC.  I'm optimistic, wouldn't have been my 1st choice.

We are here however because our last Coach was fired after an investigation for verbal abuse of his players. I'm sort of amazed people moan about the guy responsible for that, and blame the AD instead.  

This team had one really good player (Yuta) and one pretty good transfer (Steeves) so while there is no sugarcoating losing some potential, especially Collin Smith, frankly there were only 2 guys, arguably 1 that losing is (not)really worth a tantrum about.  We were in major rebuild mode no matter what.

Even as such, not sure why the AD would be blamed for having to fire the last Head Coach.  That's really what "Bowie" wants you to believe. That's why they are delighing in all of this, its why the are spreading false rumors about Yuta, and its why I wish them good riddance and a hearty thanks, your guy put us here. You can fool a few people here, maybe. Great, hope its worth it.




gw695/20/2017 11:49:02 PM

Not fooled.For the last time--ML was fired for abuse--he got this shit show 

started.Admin should have handled situation better---but ML's 

behavior is the main reason we are where we are.He gets the major credit 

for this mess.After all --ML die- hards keep saying that if he were still here

things would be fine.Hes not here ergo --mess.

The Yuta stuff is particularly egregious. A group? of you are out to kill

a program that's already on life-support. Shameful.




thinker5/21/2017 2:01:32 AM

Much of this discussion seems based on the assumption that ML has not been adjitating the players and the coaches from the outside.

I do not think that is a fair assumption. Much of the turmoil, I believe is a result of ML continuing to adjitate, stir up trouble, etc pursuing his vengeance against GW.


long suffering fan5/21/2017 10:28:39 AM

So, we are all in agreement that (1) Lonergan got fired by cause; and (2) that Nero did a stellar job since the firing in trying minimizing the damage, only to be sabatoged by the evil Lonergan who from a distance still wields a great power over the players who detested him so.   Mojo had a full season to establish a relationship with the the team as a head coach (longer if you count the time he spent holding the clipboard for Lonergan, which obviously qualified him for the head coaching position) yet everyone could not get out of Dodge quickly enough.  Yes, it is all Lonergan's fault.  


bigfan5/21/2017 10:47:16 AM

Maybe it is his spirit that is responsible for the incredibly high rate of players leaving now.

Adam Kilgore can conduct a seance and interview the spirits--without using any names, of course.

Was ML responsible for Jordan leaving because of infighting amongst the coaching staff, as noted in a newspaper article with someone's actual name attached?

Even if you accept this unproven claim that the coach suddenly was "abusive," (which could be applied to most coaches) after decades in the business and former players rallying to his defense, why would one keep the same staff who did nothing while this "abuse" occurred?

Instead of keeping them all and elevating the most junior assistant, why not get a proven coach and do a clean sweep?

At this point, really have to wonder whether they were kept on--even after this season- to inhibit testimony to internal panels and in court?

Is it really hard to see how this mess was manipulated at worst or mishandled at best?


bobo5/21/2017 10:47:56 AM

Thanks, "thinker", for letting the rest of us in on the truth behind the curtain.

Image result for conspiracy theories


alum15/21/2017 11:07:16 AM



ruserious5/21/2017 11:08:24 AM

 Lonergan was not fired for cause and led off campus by security for saying "mean things". You sound like an idiot.


gw695/21/2017 11:09:49 AM

I don't get it.Why do you all care so much?O.K.--You all win.Feel better now.

MV-Bigfan--BOBo---LSF---Everything you say is true!!!


the mv5/21/2017 11:25:18 AM

My interest is in getting to the bottom of this whole story.  This program is plummeting and I sure as hell would like to know if ML HAD to be fired or whether the school reached a decision without considering all the facts (or, did they have all of the facts, which we  may not, and make a hasty or unwarranted decision).  That's significantly more important to me than whether a group of anonymous people agree with me or not.


bigfan5/21/2017 11:42:01 AM

1) Loyalty. That's the crux of it. Same reason am loyal to GW.

 Not willing to throw someone overboard, who turned down millions to stay at GW, without a compelling reason. Especially since it is likely a gray area that would require a few verbal and reeducational lashes at worst, not walking the plank.

Open to real proof, outside of some sensitivities. Always ask anyone, on any side with sincere intentions to publish what they know.

2) From looking into this in ways that go beyond posts here, there is more to this than the official line.

3) This is We are still debating Jarvis game strategy,much less whether ML should still be here.

4)Spent a lot of time, money and energy on supporting GW basketball. Everything is going to hell in handbasket. Why wouldn't you care so much?

long suffering fan5/21/2017 11:55:50 AM

GW 69...The only things I know for certain that are true is (1) that we are not going to be a competitive basketball team next season unless we pull off some miracle, 11th hour transfers from high quality, immediately eligible players;  (2) we hired a very young and inexperienced coach without having done an extensive, nationwide search for the best candidtate available;  (3) at least 5 players that were eligible to play for us next season are not going to do so; (4) that we do not have any high rated recruits joining us for next season at this point in time; (5) in Mike Lonergan's last season with the team, we won the NIT championship and (6) that no player who was verbally abused by Mike Lonergan have publically gone on record whereas several top quality former players have publically gone on record in praise of Mike Lonergan.


gw695/21/2017 12:31:40 PM

Dont agree with all your points--having said that I really do thank all

of you for toning down the bombast and hyperbole and just simply 

and clearly having a rationale discourse  on this subject. I have no doubt,

on ocassion,that I've been over the top.We all want the program to 

succeed and I realize that the three of you are genuinely concerned

about the direction of the program.So am I.We are on the same team.

We all want a winner we can get behind.Lastly,I appreciate (other than

the trolls) all the SINCERE posters on the board.This community has been

and I hope will continue to be a place where all points of view can be aired

--but--trolls must be called out by everyone who cares about GW.

They,obviously,can post all they want,and they will--but they are hurting 

the discourse.the program and my fragile sanity.



the dude5/21/2017 1:38:47 PM

LSF and BF, is there an actual point embedded in all of your posts. I am genuinely interested in knowing.

Is it to just insist that ML was just a little "mean"  and the players were just "snowflakes?" Because for the life of me I can't understand what the point of your posts are.


alum15/21/2017 2:26:11 PM

I made a significant multi-year commitment which I suspended in light of Lonergan's termination. This prompted a call from a major donor close to the program, ostensibly to urge me to reconsider. I told him that I was in no position to judge whether Lonergan's termination was right or wrong, and that I assumed there was some justification. I explained that I made my pledge  based on the trajectory of the program and the University's own commitment to sustain that level of program. I told him that one of the things I found most appalling was the ham-fisted and borderline incompetent communications effort (and I use the term"effort" loosely) in the aftermath of Lonergan's firing. To his credit, he told me he agreed with me, and that he couldn't honestly urge me to pay anything to the school given the circumstances, but he hoped they'd prove to all of us that they were going to fix things and get back in track, and he hoped I'd renew at that time.That discussion happened in early January, and frankly the program, and the communications have only gotten worse in my view. And asking all of you who are season ticket holders (I do not live nearby) to pony up more for the coming year would seem to yet another indication of cluelessnes on behalf of the people in charge.

So, in a nutshell, I'm willing to concede probable cause for the termination last fall.  However, I'm also looking to hold someone accountable for the comedic, pathetic and grossly incompetent handling of the situation since then. And if we can not hold Nero accountable for this mess, just who should be held to account?  


the bottom line5/21/2017 3:32:22 PM

Pulling the wool over the paying fans' eyes doesn't endear checkbooks to come out...

Nor does hiring the wrong coach cause players to fall in line with the propoganda being spewed.  

The bottom line is that the players are showing their discontent by transferring/leaving early, and the alums will show their discontent with their pocketbooks.



the dude5/21/2017 4:02:19 PM

"comedic, pathetic and grossly incompetent" aptly describes the lack of professional conduct from our last HC.  

Whereas, I'm wondering how it applies to the AD.  Please tell.  


the mv5/21/2017 4:04:55 PM

Our choices are to not attend games and/or not financially support the program otherwise.  When fans are receiving a distinct message that the upward trajectory of this program no longer matters, and no communication is offered on things like why a third assistant was hired in the first place or why a national search was not conducted, these are really our best options to "talk back" and really send a message of dissatisfaction.


ziik the bureaucrat5/21/2017 4:08:22 PM

A national search? For an Atlantic coast team?  


rich maier5/21/2017 4:22:20 PM

LSF, do you believe ML should have fired? Whether it's yes nor no would you please give a reason. Perhaps I can learn something from you, Bigfan and MV. Thanks.

MV, I ask you the same question above. Thanks.


long suffering fan5/21/2017 5:07:01 PM

I don't think he should have been fired, Rich.   In nearly every important decision one makes in life, it is a question of doing a costs/benefits analysis, and in our situation the costs were far too high.  Maybe if we ever learn the whole story (remember...we are only hearing one side at this time), it may be that firing Lonergan at any costs was the only option for the school, but at this point, based upon what little I know, the fact that he was verbally abusive to some of the players (obviously others were fiercely loyal to him) and may have said off color things about his boss (the AD) was not nearly the price that we are paying now and will likely be paying indefintely into the future, namely the loss of a committed, dedicated and successful coach and replacement by a novice and long term damage to the program.  Also, FWIW...I am suspect of the so called independent investigation as being nothing more than the university covering its ass to justify a decision that was already made in anticipation of the lawsuit.

Dude...I may ask you the same question...what is your point of constantly attacking Mike Lonergan, but that does not answer your question.  The point of my tirade at this time is that even assuming that ML deserved to be fired, the AD has completely botched the damage control, from the wholesale defections that are now occurring to the hiring of a novice coach who is probably in over his head, to reaching out to the sizable portion of the fanbase (and many former playes) who wanted ML to stay and are now pissed off that he is gone.  Instead, he essentially erased Mike Lonergan from GW history books and pretends he never existed.  At least send the supporters an email telling us that everything is going to be okay (even if we all may know otherwise).   Instead, all I have heard is renew now or else.

Now as for Maurice Joseph...a facinating situation.   I am not paying lip service when I say that I like Mojo, as he seems like a genuinely likable person.  But it is like hiring someone from the stockroom to run the company...the employee would be crazy not to accept the job, but what are the chances on his succeeding? 





porter715/21/2017 5:12:00 PM


Are you seriously asking how the current AD can be called "comedic, pathetic and grossly incompetent"?  You really think he's doing a good right now, and none of the current state of this program is his fault?  How blind can you be?  But, you asked the question, so here is the answer about why his actions have been incompetant.

1.  Potentially abusive coach is allowed to travel on a trip to Japan with the players he was accused of abusing.  This potentially puts currently players in danger of additional abuse.

2.  Investigation ends and ML is fired two weeks before practice starts with no contigency plan.  There is no comment about the future of the program, leaving the program in limbo.

3.  University fails to adequetely address circumstances and reasoning for the firing.  We are still arguing about it to this day.  Even on the "fire ML" side, we have some saying it was because ML was abusive and others saying it was because of his relationship with the rest of the athletic department.  Months later, nobody can still start the true reason for the dismissal. 

4.  After one week of silence, university interviews it's 3 assistants for the position, showing they don't have a clear understanding of the program and did not have a plan in place.  This also place the current coaching staff in direct competition with each other.

5.  GW hired the least senior of the assistants as head coach, having others remain on staff as his subordinates.  This leads to potential resentment and backstabbing by the other assistants.

6.  University has a ceremony honoring the NIT championship team, and whitewashed away the coach.

7.  After a mildly successful season, administration does not undertake a serious search for a new coach.  They do not hire an outside firm, they do not interview other candidates or explore other options.  University makes a quick hire based on their knowledge that MoJo can keep continuity.

8.  In 3 months after the season, 5 players leave the program.  This shows that at a minimum, the program as not on stable footing and the current coach was not abke to keep the current team intact.  3 of the players transferring were potential starters or were guaranteed a large number of minutes.  One player states the termoil in the program as his reason for leaving.

9.  University asks for more money from season ticketholders and donors, ignoring concerns about the trajectory of the program.


There you have it.  9 reasons off the top of my head how the ADs office has been incompetent.   I'm sure there are more I'm forgetting.

I don't really see why people are defending the university right now.  You can think ML needed to go, and still think the University did a bad job coming up with a new plan and executing it.



the dude5/21/2017 5:51:27 PM

Its very simple. You can not behave like that, have it aired publically, and survive as a HC of a College team in 2016.  So your griping about that makes no sense frankly.  What world do you live in LSF, in which you think a Coach can behave like that to the players and surive if it becomes public? The quotes that came to light are assuredly a fraction, not the the totality of what was done and said.  Pick just one, if true, that's probably the end of a HC.  But it was a pattern of behavior and it was at least half a dozen players on record. Current and past, and a former staff member too.

I avoided the subject for months because its so obvious, now I think its worth clarifying so ideally we can move on. I genuinely think 90% of our small fan base gets this, and 10% just like to gripe/live in fantasy land. I'd remind you to take a look once more at the thread when the news broke.  That 90/10 ratio bears out if you do.  Most of the 90% just simply stopped weighing in on the issue. (as to ML being fired, I think a lot more than 10% wanted someone other than Mojo)

So basically, your gripe LSF is that ML is gone, because everything else is wrapped up in that, correct me if I am wrong.  

Porter, to me, nothing else matters much, although a few of your examples I agree with and have said so previously.  All that really matters, is 1. Could ML stay 2.  If no, who should get the job?  

Again, I wanted a proven recruiter, but equating him to a stockboy, well at least we know how you feel about Mojo!  I think Nero believes in Mojo, wanted Mojo, picked Mojo, so I don't really buy into the grossly incompetent hiring narrative.  ML had to go, Nero chose Mojo.  That's the totality of the story as best as I can determine. The ML stuff looks like sour grapes and a little childish frankly. Fantasty land that he could stay.

Mojo as the next Coach:  The decision itself is worthy of analysis, the wisdom open for debate, the motivation and decision making process behind the scenes, I don't think really matters or is fully knowable regardless. I do think as I've said that the internal hire for continuity purposes looks worse with this many transfers.  Still think we had a roster of 1 very good A10 player and 1 pretty good one and that's still the case despite these transfers. I had hoped Collin Smith would one day be, so that's dissapointing. The other departures less so, but taken together will weaken the team next season for sure. (with the exception of Sina, which I view as a possible net plus)

Hope that clarifies my views at least.


the dude5/21/2017 6:03:45 PM

Oh, and Porter, as to lack of communication, something I haven't really spoken to, no doubt, I agree.  I think some things are best not communicated, but GW has always been awful communicating to its very small but rather loyal fan base, and remains so.  Communication has been an "F" ever since I've been a fan, its the one consistent thing about our inconsistent program.


porter715/21/2017 6:11:00 PM

I disagree with your two step logic.  A good idea poorly executed is still a recipe for failure.  I want my administration to have a start and and end point I mind, with a strategy on how to get from point a to point b.  It is clear they had a point a, but no point b and no idea how to get there if they did.

i also disagree on Sina.  I think the CBI showed us that he was the glue of the backcourt, and probably the second most important player on the team after TC (yes, that includes Yuta).


porter715/21/2017 6:12:58 PM

But as a follow-up, though we disagree on a few issues, glad there are some issues we do agree on.


the mv5/21/2017 6:19:36 PM

Rich, here is my answer.  Unless you are in a position where you know for a fact anything and everything ML did wrong, and knew ML's response to these charges including what if anything may have prompted him to make any statements or take any actions which contributed towards his firing, I don't see how anyone could provided an educated reason as to whether his firing should be considered justifiable.  The "why" the school cites and the Kilgore article suggests is that he was verbally abusive towards some of his players.  However, given the fact that the Post published without  knowing ML's version, and that the independent investigation has not even resulted in a release of its findings, there just has not been enough evidence with suitable explanations to suggest whether this firing was hastily determined or if it was more than justified.


the mv5/21/2017 6:23:36 PM

Actually, there was a consensus here that the basketball program, largely through social media efforts, had vastly improved its communication efforts in recent years prior to this past one.  Many people heaped much praise regarding those efforts.  Obviously, this has deteriorated as this past year has largely sounded like crickets.

long suffering fan5/21/2017 6:26:30 PM

No, Dude.  I never tried to justify what ML allegedly said or did.  My gripe was based upon the information that has been released (by one side), the costs of the firing far outweighted the benefit of keeping him, even with his flaws.  But again, my current issue is with the way the school has handled the "post Lonergan" era.  And I make no bones how I feel about Mojo (even though stockroom employee analysis was not the correct one...more like mid-level manager or recent graduate).   The only logical, basketball related reason to have hired Mojo was to keep the team together.   The only other reason to keep Mojo was short term financial, based upon what I would assume is a substantially below market rate contract for A-10 coaches.   But Dude, if he was unable to keep the team together, are you saying that of all the potential candidates out there, many of whom would love to be coaching at the A-10 level, are you suggesting that in terms of recruiting and Xs and Os, Mojo was such a powerful candidate that nobody else even should be interviewed?  Again, nothing against Mojo, who had the opportunity of the lifetime drop into his lap and he would have been insane not to jump all over it, but does his pass the "stink test" to you? 


ziik the bomb thrower5/21/2017 6:35:46 PM

What would motivate GW to hire the (arguably) least qualified of 3?

Any factoids at all are welcome

bigfan5/21/2017 6:48:27 PM

LSF and Porter71 say it very well.

Dude, don't understand a lot of your posts, nor the volume stretching over a long time. But leave you to your own devices.

Get the point of your many, many posts that Lonergan was a bad recruiter. Don't agree with it overall, though some classes could be better--but transfers were brilliant. Hope we are saying that about Armel. There's a reasonable chance we may. But it's your right to post as you would like.

Don't understand if you slam ML's recruiting, how that doesn't reflect on the Head Coach and two assistants, who had that as a large part of their responsibility.

Also don't understand how if the horrors that spectacularly fair and even-sided article chronicled were indeed true on a regular basis, why the assistants wouldn't be honor and decency-bound to report them. Nor why a former player (who has erased that part from his personal history while playing up as a veritable god an ill-tempered coach he actually transferred from) would happily come back to work for him as an asistant coach for five years.

But here's the thing. This is an open forum. You can express your thoughts and we can express our thoughts. There is no limitation on the Internet, so it's not a problem.

Is there a reason why we can't express our thoughts civilly without being attacked or derided or have insults thrown at us by suspiciously recent and changing poster names?

We understand and frankly tolerate your numerous idiosyncracies.

Just be generous in spirit and tolerate the ones of those who disagree with you.

In the end, all of us who are real posters, not shilling for someone, are one big, dysfunctional family. Just as we were before this huge shitstorm rained down on the Smith Center--and continues to crap on the program.

So, we're one small community composed of diverse opinions. Be pretty boring to read the board if everyone agreed with each other and GW all the time. So how about to each his own?

If it really bothers you, there apparently is a block button. One click and the problems of those who don't like others' posts can be solved.




addition to porter71s list5/21/2017 8:33:42 PM

10.  Strategically guaranteed only one year of the head coach's contract, causing a few advantages:

a)  Silence.  MoJo will not even say the words "Mike Lonergan" for fear of getting fired.

b)  Cost effectiveness.  After one or two horrendous seasons, MoJo will be fired without any remaining monies owed.  This will offset the $5 million Lonergan lawsuit, protecting the budget on the cheap.



long suffering fan5/21/2017 8:52:05 PM

What would motivate GW to hire the least qualified (I prefer least experienced) of the three?  There have been some theories that have been mentioned by others, ziik, but the best response I can give is...damned if I know.

One thing I would kinda like to know is where is the Hatchet on all of this.  There are many legitimate questions that are certainly unanswered, and I realize that the staff is students, but things like interviewing any of the players as to why they are leaving or what went on under ML  (a typical Hatchet interview really should go beyond "why did you come to GW" or "what do you like most about DC) or interviewing anyone in the athletic department on their thinking of hiring Mojo over a more experienced coach, or the future of the program, or even (gulp) interview Lonergan.  Actual investigation from the student newspaper would be deeply appreciated.  Remember...democracy dies in darkness.

If anyone from the Hatchet is reading this, I would be very interested in learning why the silence.



mentzinger5/21/2017 8:52:19 PM

I'm still interested in the specifics of why the AD was separated from the team during the NIT season.


mentzinger5/21/2017 8:54:31 PM

But, brilliant post Porter yell


ruserious5/21/2017 9:15:12 PM

The AD was never separated from the team during the NIT season. My god Nero was a GUEST at Lonergan's 50th birthday party along with the whole bball team. Yet another lie from ML.



the dude5/21/2017 9:20:25 PM

Porter, agreed. LSF, do you believe the ML quotes as reported by his players in the WaPo article? Are you saying if you believe those things were said, GW could still have retained ML? In this actual real world that is.  

In contrast I can tell you I rarely believe a word of the propagada written by "Bowie" I know BF thinks he's hearing "the other side" like the lastest post about the 5MM lawsuit and how Mojo has a 1 year contract, and that Yuta is leaving etc etc, but I hope you at least realize its mostly a collection of lies.  Thinker, you seem to suggest its more than that, based on what?

Mojo's deal is absolutely a multi-year deal, its absolutely cheap for an A10 Coach too.  There is no of course, no lawsuit. I'm not anti-ML or pro Nero, I'm anti bullshit and pro truth.  Mostly though, pro GW basketball.  Think you are blaming the wrong guy, just as someone very badly seems to want you to do so.  Think its worth pusing back on logical falsehoods and plain falsehoods.

As for the Hatchet, I don't think the Hatchet has ever been interested in anything approaching interesting journalism, typically very pedestrian reporting.  I wrote for the Hatchet at the end of the Jarvis/early Penders era.  I had a piece about Penders, which questioned how motivated he was, based on his own quotes to me about being burnt out, etc etc, all said on the record, but they refused to run it.  Something like the actual WaPo article would never ever run in the Hatchet. Nor would an interesting piece of journalism exonerating ML, if there was something like that to run. 






gw735/21/2017 10:41:09 PM

How about everyone go back in this thread and read again post from Alum1. 

It is spot on. 


Thank you to Alum1


gw695/21/2017 10:47:23 PM

So you are saying LSF that if things had gone well after the ML firing

that would have been o.k. with you?


the mv5/22/2017 10:10:07 AM

RUSerious, the Post reported that Ed Scott served as the liaison between the men's basketball program and the athletic department.  Bo has indicated here in the past that this role was once conducted by Nero, but that Scott replaced him given the circumstances.  So if this isn't an example of Nero being separated from the team (he was forced to pay his own way when he traveled to away games), I don't know what is.  I have no doubt that Nero was a guest at ML's birthday party, not because Ml wanted him there, but because it would have looked entirely unprofessional not to invite him.  This fact which you have cited several times means nothing in the overall scheme of things.


bobo5/22/2017 10:28:48 AM

The mens basketball program certainly seems like its in a downward spiral right now.  MoJo and Nero don't seem to be the right people for the job to fix the problem.  We're all sick of the infighting, turf battles and political struggles. 

Let's see how the season goes.  If it is as bad as we all seem to expect right now, don't delay making the change we can see coming.  CLEAN HOUSE.   Replace Nero and MoJo and hire a professional search committee to find their replacements.  Committ to the program and rebuild it from the ground up.



ruserious5/22/2017 10:32:10 AM

Ed Scott was there to monitor ML. BoKnows may get the occassional recruit correct, but he knows nothing about this situation.


long suffering fan5/22/2017 1:56:28 PM

In response to GW 69, of course it would have been ok with me if things went well after the firing.  First and foremost, I am a GW basketball fan.  I love nothing more than my being wrong with my dire predictions, and hope that this years team wins 25 games and makes it to the sweet 16.  That doesn't mean that I can't disagree with the ML firing, but I recognize that he is not coming back and want the program to succeed.   The basis for my present anger (rage) is masterfully summed up in Free Quebec's wonderful post in the other thread and that feeling that the present administration is caught up in a combinationn of vindictiveness and incompetence, to the severe detriment of the program, and I agree with the sentiment that cleaning house is the way to go.   If that post about Yuta maybe leaving turns out to be accurate, we may very well be one of the worst teams in the country, yet alone the conference.   Just how far does anyone think that Steeves, Bolden and Toro can take us.


ziiks third cousin twice removed5/22/2017 1:59:39 PM

I think Steeves, Bolden and Toro can be counted on for 20ppg, total, at the moment.

I am hoping they can up that to 35, when the ball is tossed up.

the dude5/22/2017 2:09:06 PM

Why would the Yuta post be true? Every other post from the arsonist has been false.

When you say disagree, what you really mean is GW could retain ML, as even a viable option.  You must be near alone at this point among those who thought ML could be retained. Can you explain why you think this is so?

Its a fantasy, just like believing "information" in the posts of an arsonist.  OJ's post verdict interview tour had more reliable "information."

nj colonial5/22/2017 3:00:02 PM

New GU Fan - you must be a troll.  No true Buff & Blue Colonial would switch their support from GW to GU.  Just the thought makes me feel like throwing-up.  If you truly are a GW fan, make whatever statement you need to make- but make it in Foggy Bottom. 


squid5/22/2017 3:06:51 PM

Just like always, buying my season tickets and donating. 


ziiks third cousin twice removed5/22/2017 3:21:19 PM

Squid also has a nice looking Colonial Hoops site, and looks grand in his BUFF shirt. 


gw695/22/2017 3:29:38 PM

LSF--Just to clarify---you would have been fine with ML getting fired if

things had gone well afterwards?Sorry to be such a pain in the ass,

just trying to understand your point of view.


long suffering fan5/22/2017 4:17:36 PM

What I am trying to say is that I didn't think ML should have been fired, but rmain first and foremost a GW fan.   Once the firing had occurred, if things were handled better, I would have moved on by now.   And to clarify, before Dude jumps all over me, is that I may not be okay to some of the words that were attributed to ML, but I don't believe it was a firing offense, especially given the fairly predicatable reprecussions.   FWIW...whenever I discuss this with non-GW college  basketball fans and say how ML was fired for being verbally abusive to some of the players and disrespecful to the AD, the all laugh.


the dude5/22/2017 4:19:53 PM

So, to clear up the latest fake news.  It was ML who was ordered to have chaperone that season yes? Nero was never separated from the team during the season.  Again, conflating the two guys.



bigfan5/22/2017 4:24:21 PM

Fun fact: Ed Scott found no problem with ML.

And he, the man who intensely monitored GW basketball every day for a long period, is said to have liked ML. Odd given all the charges, including monkey crap flung by new name acolytes, including a newly surfaced one here.

Note that he fled the Athletic Dept. for a position that was being an AD, but hardly the most lucrative one. Lot of turnover, much like the team this year.


wesuck5/22/2017 4:31:40 PM

Where's Maine Colonial been? Haven't heard much from him since he was outed a few months back (no pun intended with the word "outed" - so Nero don't you go crazy claiming I'm a homo-phob, although I think your a sick-ass sexual predator and the only 50+ man on campus boinking young male students!)

LSF, I jumped ship back in Sep. I realized the only reason they waited to fire ML in Sep was to keep everyone together.

The sad thing is it's still not over. When the next announcement is made, the few remaining fans will run out of excuses.

Wake up and smell the coffee Dude and your other 5 aliases. These kids came to play for ML not Nero. Nero must go!


gw05095/22/2017 4:32:16 PM

And yet when I have discussed the issue with GW alums who do not closely follow the team, LSF, they all are glad someone who said such things is not the face of the program anymore.  Bet there are far more of them than people laughing.  Maybe also explains why the school felt they had no choice once the Post story was out there and confirmed again with the second investigation.


the dude5/22/2017 4:33:52 PM

Fake fact actually, not so fun, that needed to be corrected. (see above) AD needed to be separated from team? Ed Scott was hired to monitor Nero not ML?

Ed Scott found no problem wiht ML? Based on what?

the dude5/22/2017 4:41:33 PM

Also, what 0509 said, as I've mentioned previously, as well.



the mv5/22/2017 4:50:51 PM

What are you talking about?  Ed Scott worked for Pat Nero.  Ed accompanied the team to Japan and attended practices and road games during the 2015-16 season.  You don't think under normal circumstances, Nero would have been the one to serve in Ed's role?  That was once his role (among other responsibilities obviously).  Nero went to home games and paid his own way to attend road games.  Ed did not pay his own way to travel with the team.  But you're going to suggest that Nero was not separated from the team?  Seriously?


bigfan5/22/2017 6:58:25 PM

Dude, from the fact that Ed Scott's looking into any Title IX charges or whatever, exonerated Lonergan.

And Scott, who fled GW, was said to like ML after spending all this time " overseeing him.


ruserious5/22/2017 8:24:53 PM

I'm not "suggesting" Nero was not separated from the team. I'm saying straight out 100% Nero was not separated from the team. Seriously.


ruserious5/22/2017 8:26:00 PM

Scott "fled" the team?  Or since ML got kicked to the curb he wasn't needed as a babysitter anymore?


newgwfan5/22/2017 8:42:17 PM

Ed Scott clearly did his job amongst a toxic situation in 2016.  Kept ML and PN seperated enough that the team won the NIT title.  Then parlayed that into a position as a D1 athletic director at Morgan State.  He was hardly kicked to the curb RUSerious.


newgwfan5/22/2017 8:49:53 PM

Or "not needed".  He was a competent member of the athletic department.

gw future5/22/2017 9:17:22 PM

The intersection of RUSerious and the truth is apparently a null set. Sorry but MV has it mostly right. 


alum15/22/2017 10:16:55 PM

Great post Porter (and thank you'73), saved me the time of outlining my own view of the comedy of it all. As for the gross negligence of the communications effort, I'll let the "effort" speak for itself. Really nothing more for me to say. 

Porter, for what it's worth, the booster who was put up to call me to reconsider suspending ny commitment said the decision to let Lonergan go to Japan was basically dereliction of duty and malfeasance in his view - so there's that.  

And to The Dude - we get it - you think everything is Lonergan's fault. I'm willing to concede you on Lonergan, as I said in my post. I have no way of knowing what actually happened, but clearly SOMETHING happened. So I'm basically saying (and maybe listen this time) that everything that has happened from the second Lonergan was fired has been an unmitigated fiasco. And that would be someone's fault. 

You also say that "I think some things are best not communicated."  I must confess in my 30 some odd years in pr and communications I missed this unique strategy. I've always lived by the old axiom that while there are some things you may not be allowed or able to directly address, you sure as hell better have a stakeholder communications effort that rises to the level of the situation you face. I'd say that GW fell short in this case, but that would assume that there was any effort at all. 


gw future5/22/2017 10:48:06 PM

To sum up Alum1's post: while GW basketball burned, Nero fiddled.


another view5/22/2017 11:45:51 PM

- EVERY GW sports team has an associate or assistant AD assigned to it as a liaison/overseer. Ed Scott served that role for men's basketball; Garrett Klassey has that responsibility now. Look at the Staff Directory on the website to see who the liaison is for the other sports.

- There were 3 in-house candidates  when Lonergan was fired right before the season. It was not illogical that one would get the job given the difficulty (and cost) of finding an outsider so shortly before the start of the season.  It was just surprising to fans that it was MoJo.

- Bad timing on hiring a permanent new coach with a lame duck and probably disinterested university President. Expected some kind of national search but PERHAPS feelers went out and the uncertainty of the impact of the incoming LeBlanc administration and limited contract flexibility indicated all those popular names were out of financial reach or disinterested in heading to an uncertain environment. Easier to go with interim guy who did, after all, hold it together and win 20 games. Also likely easier to pull the plug sooner under new regime if it doesn't work out. No idea what Mo is getting paid but I'd guess it's a more reasonable amount to swallow if terminated early.

- Nero bashing that he is intentionally undermining men's basketball or at best is indifferent to its success is nonsense. He has shown himself to be committed to success in every sport at GW. Even if he was Lonergan's mortal enemy, doesn't it make more sense that he would be doubly devoted to success once Lonergan was gone?

- GW's fiscal year ends June 30. School decided to finally raise Club prices but offers a 1 year break in price for a deposit during the current fiscal year. If events have you so pissed that you don't want to donate funds, why does it matter to you that some can save money by making a deposit a couple months before requested in the past? Has nothing to do with season tickets. No requirement to purchase early or give them the FU if your posted anger is matched by your actions spoken with your departing feet.

- Early departing players is most definitely troublesome though Goss has been a fan punching bag and Sina's age and diploma makes his departure not all that surprising (or bothersome to those who consistently ragged on his game). Marfo was Lonergan's prize recruit but fell far short of our expectations. Maybe he would have developed and shown better without the coaching change but that's not the situation. Roland was hot and cold but surely a valued returnee who left. The fact that his AAU coach was "named" in an article claiming coaching staff dysfunction as a reason for his leaving gives neither more or less credibility to the charge. Could be. Might not. Last minute exit of Smith puts a stake in our hearts as he and Toro were going to be the inside complements to Yuta and our guards. Bummer. Why? Mo? GW? Nero? Homesick? Team prospects? Academics? Don't know. Maybe all. Maybe some. Maybe none.

- Few are suggesting that next year is setting up as a banner year given the current state of the roster. Not sure why that translates into the 7 years of fallow everyone is bemoaning. Thought everyone liked MoJo and GW. Why not give him the benefit of the doubt? Maybe we'll suck, maybe we'll surprise. Maybe he can recruit, maybe he can't. But prejudging the results before he has a chance with a permanent tag and a whole off-season to prepare? I realize GW fans are naturally negative but why beat down the school you support? Because GW doesn't hold our hands and explain everything to us? Exactly what year did any of us graduate or start to follow GW when the school was transparent...about anything? Leaves everyone subject to all kinds of speculation to which they won't respond, probably to their detriment, but that's GW. And the dwindling and disaffected fan base is the same motley group it's always been. That's GW too.


the dude5/23/2017 12:13:46 AM

^^^ That's an excellent post, and frankly far closer to the truth (and no, it wasn't me writing it) than Just about anything I've read here.

Well, an example of things best not communicated: What ML's conduct was actually like, the full findings of the investigation, etc etc.  A few people would maybe bitch less on this site about his firing, but we as a Universtiry would much worse off if the investigation's finding were revealed.

As I said, otherwise, I think they stink at communication generally, and still do.  To me, a small matter. I woud like to know where to see televised games, injuries updates when feasible.  I don't feel entitled to know the inner workings of decision making, nor do I have much interest in hearing spin from them, or anyone.

Mostly, I agree with the above post. I don't buy into the BS anti-Nero ramblings or bizarre assorted conspiracies, grievances and vengeance theories.  I do think GW is trying to make the best of a bad situation,  a situation that was yes, 100% the result of ML's conduct, no one else.


gw895/23/2017 12:51:09 AM

Roland was hot and cold?  He was our 3rd or 4th best player.  Another View must be Dude or another employee of Nero's doing his dirty work.

Sina went pro because he had no respect for MoJo or Nero.  His dad is a coach and he came to GW to play for the coach who had recruited him since he was an 11th grader. He saw what GW did to ML and wanted out.  If he was such a bad player why did he start every game and play so many minutes? Why was he all rookie in the Big East?  He knew Nero was a fraud and stood up to him and that is why The AD media machine was instructed to bash Sina on here all season long.  The same phony posters crushed this kid after every game. He would be here as would the other 4 of their coach was still here.

Sina skipped the CBI because he thought it was an embarrassment to participate and knew Nero was just trying to buy that 20th win.  He knew Nero tried to keep the team from playing in the 2016 NIT and now he forces them to play in a phony buy in tourney with losing programs. Players from basketball families don't miss games for a funeral of a grandparent.  He skipped it because he was fed up with the program and MoJo. Tyler was too and that is why he called timeout on his own and cussed out MoJo during the Richmond game. He should have been player of the year and leading GW to the NCAA tournament yet he was losing for a third time to Richmond and then to UIC.  He would have been playing for Syracuse or ND if he knew ML was going to be fired.  The players got sick of reading the fiction about the team being young and inexperienced.  They had three 5th year players and a ton of experience and didn't want excuses but wanted to be coached.  They all knew who ruined the season and program and that is why 5 have left. 

Keep posting lies under new and old phony names. I think most people know the truth by now and are looking forward to hearing players speak out when some reporter finally has the courage to ask questions without the fear of reporting on a touchy subject in today's society.  



the dude5/23/2017 1:04:10 AM

Actually, his post was very good, and nuanced, fair-minded, and interesting.

Whereas, we can all spot YOUR posts a mile away, they all contain the same fake information even though you change the name YOU post under each time YOU troll us.

Jaren Sina, after playing in the first CBI game, also must have arranged for his Grandfather to die the day before the 2nd CBI game as a cover story, right?  



the mv5/23/2017 10:24:55 AM

Arranged for his grandfather to die?  Yeah, I get that this is your heinous attempt at humor or to exaggerate a point.

Herve, time to ban this asshole once and for all.


nj colonial5/23/2017 10:28:04 AM

Instead of attacking each other, if you want to know what the A.D. has been up to and why MoJo was hired, why not ask Patrick Nero directly?  Call him, email him or visit him at Smith Center and ask him what you want to know.  Stop all this stupid infighting and go to the source.  After all, we all agree that we want GW to win.


gw05095/23/2017 10:47:30 AM

Exactly, there are way$$$ to find out this stuff if people really want to know.

ziik the peasant5/23/2017 2:04:26 PM

Heinous?  Heinous? Heinous?





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