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New Hatchet post
Created: 9/2/2014 2:18:10 PMReplies: 2
9/2/2014 2:18:10 PM - GW0811 - 261 posts (#81)


My fav quote: 

“We’d like to play Georgetown, but at this time they are not interested,” Nero said. “They’re no different from when you’re asking someone out on a date, and they don’t want to go on a date with you. I’ll go on that date alone I guess.”



9/2/2014 9:29:00 PM - gonzo - 349 posts (#63)

brilliant. let's take care of our stuff and not feel so inferior all the time. be fun to play them, but there are many other suiters. 

9/2/2014 11:16:03 PM - That Random Guy - 2 posts (#244)

Another season preview:



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