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15-16 recuit story at GW site
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3/31/2015 3:33:21 PM - BC


3/31/2015 3:39:45 PM - ziik

Thanks, BC. Looks like Goss can handle the ball. He has a decent assist average. Roland seems to thrive on pressure. 

3/31/2015 4:27:05 PM - THE DUDE

Anyone else a little underwhelmed looking at the Goss highlight clip? At first glance, does he not look like a lesser version of Cimino?

Roland in contrast looks great on film, slightly concerened about the quality of opponent and his tiny frame, but lot of talent and the dude is a baller. 

3/31/2015 4:38:06 PM - BM

Goss does look under-whelming, but then again, so did KevLar in most of the Montrose clips I saw.  I think it'll be fine when we get a couple of years down the road with this strategy of picking up bigs with the right frame and brain, but lacking strength and taking a year or two to work them into the rotation (a-la Wisconsin).

3/31/2015 4:57:00 PM - Free Quebec

My expectations for Goss are extremely low.   I'll be rooting hard for me to be wrong.


3/31/2015 5:01:15 PM - MG'14

You are comparing Goss now to KevLar when he was about to graduate? There must have been about a 30lb difference between the two at that point in their careers. I too have low expectations for Goss. Very skinny and by playing on the baseball team he may not get the chance to bulk up like we would like him to. Roland I am also hesitant about but more optimistic. Can shoot, loves pressure, but level of compeition was low.

3/31/2015 5:18:45 PM - NewGWFan

Yuta had a slight build but was able to contribute this year.  If he has a certain skill level he will find his way on the floor.  If he doesn't have that skill level we will have to wait for him to bulk up to make a real contribution.

4/1/2015 5:15:21 AM - Tuna Can

Put me in the FQ and BM camp. I thought when he signed that Goss had a chance, but his last season showed that he hadn't reached a breakout point and in clips that I saw, he looked soft and unaggressive. With his size and against that competition, he should have exploded and I don't believe that happened. Of course, with growth at that rate, you can find players having trouble iwht their fast twitch muscles. 

My guess is that he will come in and slot in behind Cimino for time.... which isn't going to get him much time on the court since Cimino needs every minute early on to get his game together. Cimino, in my book is a way faster and aggressive player. As I suggested, this doesn't say much. I don't think that there was ever a feeling around the program that Goss was a 4-year starter. More likely, if we are lucky, he will be able to add to the rotation after MattC leaves the campus.

4/1/2015 6:45:20 AM - CPots

I hold the unpopular opinion that both should be redshirted, next year will be a wasted schollie year as they wont see the floor. In Goss's case he needs to grow his game and physically develop. In Roland's case, it's all about physical development and adjusting to a new level of competition - he is a baller but will have a major adjustment shock in his first year that could place a toll on his confidence if not managed properly.

4/1/2015 6:56:44 AM - herve

By my count, GW has redshirted two players in the last 20 years: Rene Harry and Dokun.

4/1/2015 8:33:53 AM - SHOFAZ+1

both this

Goss is rated the ninth-best recruit in the state of Virginia and 69th-best power forward in the country according to's Class of 2015 rankings.

and this  

The 6-foot-10 forward averaged 13.1 points on 53 percent shooting, 5.7 rebounds, 1.3 blocks, 1.3 assists and 1.0 steals as the Saints went 17-10 overall and 8-2 in IAC play


is enouraging IMO

4/1/2015 9:14:17 AM - Hugh

Jonathan Davis' 17.8 points and 10 rebounds per game as a high school senior were also encouraging.

4/1/2015 12:36:24 PM - Bigfan

6 10 and less than six rebounds a game in high school not something to salivate over.

Don't quite understand why we recruited a big with a similar frame and possibly game as Cimino, who essentially didn't play this year.

But seems like a fine kid from a GW family and hope he starts eating a lot now and can develop in college.

4/1/2015 2:24:08 PM - The Ross-Man!

Goss is also playing baseball when he gets here?  Have we have any other basketball players who also played other sports for GW?

4/1/2015 3:00:33 PM - lowpost

for starters pat tallent played golf, dirkk surles played tennis, and hank bunnell played baseball. and, for what's worth, bob tallent coached baseball.  i think bucky roman played baseball as well.

4/1/2015 3:01:37 PM - tk

don't the two seasons overlap? i don't understand how this is even possible

4/1/2015 3:21:04 PM - Poog

Bob Shanta played baseball & basketball while Jamie Armstrong played volleyball & basketball. 

4/1/2015 3:21:08 PM - ziik

He's a pitcher

4/1/2015 3:23:36 PM - rocket

The overlap isn't too bad if you don't play in a tournament and it's a bad/long winter weatherwize.

4/1/2015 3:45:58 PM - newtman

Goss is next season's Cimino. Goss' stats very similar to Cimino's (13.8, 8.2, 1,6 blocks).

4/1/2015 3:57:20 PM - ziik

I gained 60 pounds my freshman year. Why can't these ballplayers do that? 

4/1/2015 4:20:38 PM - alum1

Ziik  +1!!!!

4/1/2015 4:51:37 PM - Bo Knows

Well ziik do you think a steady diet of beer and wings/pizza is conducive to basketball? :-)

4/1/2015 5:36:40 PM - newtman

Bo Knows how to pack on weight beer and pizza. a bag or two of White Castle hamburgers each day might help too, if it dosn't kill you.

4/1/2015 5:48:27 PM - THE DUDE

Damn, I was hoping I was in the minority of being very underwhelmed studying the Goss tape.  I'm with FW, very low expectations, would love to be wrong.  Yuta, while also severely muscularly deficient btw is an athletic wing, there's no comparison.  Goss and Cimino in contrast are not nearly as athletic.  The notion that these guys are going to drastically transform their bodies, highly doubtful, if you are built like Tayshaun Prince you better have some quick feet and develop your skill set, I'm not holding my breath these guys will look more like Serge Ibaka come Senior year.

4/1/2015 10:46:30 PM - bobo

Both Kopriva and Larsen are noticiably different physically from where they were as freshmen.  Larsen got slimmer and more cut and Kopriva packed on muscle.  Gross would have to put on some weight and add core strenght to be able to compete.  His HS coach said he can run the floor well but needs to improve his motor.  Here's betting ML and the staff will be hammering Gross all season to work hard every second he's on the floor or else he'll get flushed out of the program.

Gross can shoot from distance. ML now has 4 big men that shoot 3s:  Yuta, Cimino, Cavanaugh and Gross (5 if you include McCoy).  Add the wings like Garino and Swann plus the guards and GW will have a bunch of shooters.  So this will be GW's new offense going forward. It's a spread offense with 4 players around the 3 point line looking for open looks.  IF GW can become a high level outside shooting team that will open up the dribble penetration.  ND and others have done well with it so let's see if it works for GW. 

4/1/2015 11:23:08 PM - THE DUDE

Bobo, you are absolutely right that the trend seems to be mirroring the spread offense with 4 shooters spread wide.  Younger John was actually pretty strong, albeit very lean. If you look back, that's how he was described on this board (someone said he was like a future Pittsnoggle) He's made huge strides on top of that, but Kopriva had a bit of strength on day 1 you don't see in Goss or Cimino.  Those guys have frames that appear its going to be very difficult to put on considerable muscle mass.  The 1 man post, 4 spread was run brilliantly by Northern Iowa this season with a lot less talent than we have.  Larsen is not yet a Seth Tuttle, but he's made huge strides as a passer and the offense at times later in the season looked really nice running through him and not getting stuck in the low post. (ND in contrast has guards who can penetrate that create a lot of their looks from 3, they don't run much offense at all through their post)  Kevin showed real progress, the more potent the 3 point shooting around him, the tougher to collapse, the more effective the kick outs become.  My take is that the staff is willing to suffer a little physically to bring in shooters with size.  Contrary to other reports, I'm well aware we need to make some concessions in recruiting! Can't yet have it all.

4/1/2015 11:29:04 PM - THE DUDE

Big props though to our staff, across the board excellent strides in strength, Garino in particular has packed on a lot of strength on a lean frame, Joe is a beast, KevLar has made enormous physical improvements as you noted Bobo.  Just not sure you can do that to the Camby/Tayshaun level of lean frames that Goss and Cimino appear to have.  Goss even more so than Matt C.

4/1/2015 11:42:38 PM - Hugh

For the love of God. Repeat after me:



4/2/2015 12:32:39 AM - thinker

I haven't seen any evidence that anyone really thinks that Goss could contribute anything any time soon.

Bo is insistent that Roland will be able to contribute right away.

Cimino (by my eye) seemed to know where to go on the floor and what to do. He just couldn't hold his ground against most bigmen. Obviously this is fixable with weight/strength training. Who knows how much better that will be next year. It's really dependent on Cimino's desire.

Swann apparently does not really get where he's supposed to go on the floor and what to do when he gets there. Is that fixable? Maybe maybe not. You can't assume it will get better.

Garino, Savage, and JoeMac can shoot some but none really showed last year that they can be consistent shooters at a decent volume in a significant number of games through the season.

Yuta looks like he could be the teams top scorer next year and be a consistent shooter.

Paul showed interesting spark in limited action.

Setting aside the inside guys Kevlar and Tyler and DIII sensation Hart -- That just doesn't look like a really good shooting team.

4/2/2015 12:48:25 AM - THE DUDE

You're right Thinker, the lack of consistent shooting from range last year is going to have to improve.  Its not so much that our current crop is a great shooting team, more so that I believe Bobo and I are reading into the plans via the more recent recruits, Paul, Cimino, Yuta Goss etc (the primary skil of each of these guys)  Last year at nadir of the descent, the collapse onto KevLar''s post game was coming with reckless abandon, no respect for our shooters.  3 different levels of shooters here. Joe has hit 39% and 37% of his 3's the last two years.  Joe is fine. Hit 41 3's last year and a lot of big ones.  Kethan its correctly pointed out has never shot for a good %  for us, and we all know last year he stopped shooting 3's, the very last few games Kethan is what we need, aggressive, willing to take open 3's, stay engaged, Kethan has a nice looking stroke, I think its confidence with him, an aggressive Kethan will suffice. VCU chucks up a lot of 3's not all of their guys at a great % but they keep shooting them.  Garino god bless him has shown zero improvement from 3 and I don't see that changing next year, he's going to have play to his other strengths and keep moving without the ball, slashing, setting screens for others, picking his spots to take it the hole.  PJ Kopriva and even Nick Griffin in tiny minutes hit more 3's than Pato last year, for all of his other contributions, his weak outside shooting is surely a draw back, one we'll live with.

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