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Here's the list of NCAA Transfers
Created: 3/31/2014 1:38:37 PMReplies: 59
3/31/2014 1:38:37 PM - thinker - 2,521 posts (#9)

ESPN Transfer List

3/31/2014 1:42:18 PM - ziik - 2,379 posts (#11)

I like Sean Obi

3/31/2014 2:16:21 PM - BM - 4,541 posts (#3)

Obi looks nice, but he'd have to sit out a year.  Pretty sure we almost got a guard recruit from Rice last season.

My baseline assumption:

Two scholarships now available this year.  We fill one with Jack (or equivalent or equivalent fifth year big) and book the other one unless an unbelievable opportunity comes by.

Three scholarships available 2015-16 if above is true.  We bring in a freshman PG (Justin Robinson, Traci Carter, Elijah Long...), a freshman big (Akintoye Ojo, Colin Goss, foreign big?...) and a freshman "wing" (Charles Thomas IV, Hunter Shelton, aspirationally Terrance Mann...).

3/31/2014 2:28:06 PM - lowpost - 276 posts (#78)

i hope i'm wrong, but all this talk about finding a fifth year transfer who's a big man with immediate eligibility is pretty close to fantasy island.  we are looking for (1) someone who has graduated (2) who wants to keep playing in college rather than seeking pro status here or abroad (3) who is interested in playing for gw.  we got very lucky with mo creek who really had to prove himself after a series of injuries and who felt comfortable coming back to his home town.  i think it's fair to say that no one at gw expected the high level of play that we saw this season.  but, reality here, any 5th year big man who clearly can play at a high level will have a host of offers from schools with basketball pedigrees far in excess of gw.  david pellom, a very good but not great player, got an offer from memphis.  but i am hopeful luck strike twice.

3/31/2014 2:29:58 PM - DEA - 1,418 posts (#21)

You are right lowpost. The hope is to get a DC guy really or somebody who has underachieved at another school. Fifth year players are very valuable commodoties. 

3/31/2014 2:51:43 PM - Bo Knows - 298 posts (#72)

Here are a couple of other kids that might deserve a look: MJ Rhett 6-8 forward averaged almost a double-double at Tennessee State and is graduating and Nolan Cressler a sophomore guard at Cornell.

3/31/2014 2:59:56 PM - ziik - 2,379 posts (#11)

I think GW goes hard for every quality big man it has a shot for as it builds the program. A 5th year player may seem sweet, but this team is going to be reaching for the stars in two years, if everything pans out as we foresee it right now. I'm not fixed on any one guy, and I truly doubt the coaches are either. I think they all are in it for the long run, and an agile big with skills and a 3 year eligibility span could be as fine a fit as we can obtain. A 5th year big like Mr. Armwood is going to be looking for a really, really big payoff for his talents. I'm not sure we're there just yet.

3/31/2014 3:41:01 PM - Bo Knows - 298 posts (#72)

I probably agree ziik BUT ... the only frontcourt player right now we know can produce on a regular basis in the lineup is Larsen. Kopriva has improved but is he ready for major minutes? Don't know. Cimino we all have high hopes for but until he produces at the college level he is still an unknown. McCoy? Who knows? Remember I think the staff thought Paris was gonna be that guy and it didn't work for him here. I think one more stop gap 5th year frontcourt player who can board, protect the rim and finish around the rim is just what this team needs to get back to the NCAAs next year. From there, our recruiting will take over and we won't worry too much about finding anymore one-year guys.

3/31/2014 3:46:05 PM - BGF - 158 posts (#121)

I understand the concept of banking the scholarship, but it would seem to me that our best best at this point is to look for two players graduating from other programs who can help in any way, shape or form. The importance of depth at PG can never be underestimated.  Another big man would be great.  It doesn't matter if they're impact starters...frankly that's not what we want.  We don't want to waste two spots the NCAA lets us fill, and we need to not find ourselves without a recruiting class down the road because we have so many scholarships in one year.

Would love to see us go after a couple of 4-year players from smaller conference schools who can provide 5-10 minutes a game.  We have enough guys to share starter and back-up minutes already.

Depth, depth, depth.


3/31/2014 4:01:20 PM - Bo Knows - 298 posts (#72)

Not just depth but also competition for playing time - makes everyone better. In addition, taking a graduate for one-year leaves us able to recruit that spot for the class of 2015. Our achilles heel this year was lack of depth when injuries struck. We shouldn't find ourselves in that position again.

3/31/2014 4:24:34 PM - BM - 4,541 posts (#3)

You also don't want to mess up the chemistry of the team.  Armwood and Creek not only contributed on the court, but were leaders and brought the team together.  Creek, specifically, was unique in that he integrated into the team despite the short time he had in DC. 

There is always a risk in someone like Jack, stuck for four years in a f-ed up situation like Rutgers, would look at GW as a "what can you do for me" experience and end up spreading bad mojo despite positive on-court contribution.

I'm sure the staff is aware of the pitfalls and won't risk the strong team bond for a one-year fix.

3/31/2014 5:29:40 PM - Bo Knows - 298 posts (#72)

Agreed BM but I am sure the staff will be careful and will consider the chemistry aspect. I just feel we're gonna need one more post for a year unless Cimino is ready to go from day one. Also, we are out of balance with our classes - 1 senior, 5 juniors (including McCoy), 2 sophomores (including White), 5 freshmen so it would be nice to take one 5th year guy and then still come back with a 3 man class of 2015's because the following year (2016) we are going to lose 4 very key players all at once.

3/31/2014 6:17:14 PM - ruge06 - 146 posts (#129)

Does anyone have insights on the jucos that might be available?

3/31/2014 6:17:23 PM - Pops - 239 posts (#92)

One of the names on the mid year list was Jared Hare from uri.  I thought hare was one of the best looking big men in the A10 as a freshman

3/31/2014 6:50:13 PM - Thomas - 701 posts (#35)

Yeah, I thought Jared Hare from Rhode Island was very impressive as a freshman too. Wouldn't he have to sit out 2 years if he transferred within conference to GW. I believe the NCAA put in that rule to prevent guys from transferring within conference. Also, Rhode Island made it seem as if he had a personal issue early this past season and could rejoin the team at some point. Maybe he announced his transfer later in the year and I missed it. I would assume that a lot of high-majors will be after him

4/1/2014 8:07:30 AM - BM - 4,541 posts (#3)


4/1/2014 11:36:50 AM - Poog - 3,515 posts (#5)

Believe the 2 year transfer rule is a conference instituted one adopted by the A-10, not the NCAA. Ask Trey Davis.

4/1/2014 12:14:21 PM - Bigfan - 2,436 posts (#10)

Not a lot of bigs on the list and hard to see bigs who have graduated, though a few in the second semester category.

Interestingly, Shawnta Rogers son is on the list from Delaware, 2nd semester, but think we were , anyway, more interested in his younger brother.

Would really like the brother. And with Shawnta coming back for hall of fame, serves a good reminder of what GW can do.

4/1/2014 7:59:54 PM - Pkgw - 93 posts (#162)

Shawnta was at ncaa game in Raleigh supporting the team.  He had his son with him but not sure if it was the younger one.

4/2/2014 11:08:50 AM - BM - 4,541 posts (#3)

Brice Kofane leaving Provi.  Eligible immediately.  From Cameroon by way of Miller School (VA).  Shot blocker minutes dropped significantly this year.

4/2/2014 11:13:45 AM - DEA - 1,418 posts (#21)

Maurice Watson is transferring from BU. Little guy, light it up scorer. Would look very nice as a sixth man, microwave guy in two years when the seniors make their run. 

4/2/2014 11:21:55 AM - BM - 4,541 posts (#3)

Writeup on Kofane when he signed with PC.  Harvard recruited him.  PC board liked his energy.  KenPom defensive stats from 2012-13 look ggod, but pretty bad offensive numbers.

4/2/2014 11:52:13 AM - Tuna Can - 1,369 posts (#23)

I'm with DEA on Watson. He probably would want to be the big shark in the tank, but he could also be the PG between Joe and Kethan on a three guard if we were to raise the pressure or a second pairing with PJ. With his speed and guys like Yuta and Garino at the 2 and 3, there would be so many ways to combine. That could be scary.

4/2/2014 12:10:16 PM - BM - 4,541 posts (#3)

Article quoting Watson's dad makes it seem like he wants to be big fish in big pond.

4/2/2014 2:37:38 PM - BM - 4,541 posts (#3)

Disappeared again


4/2/2014 3:26:20 PM - Bigfan - 2,436 posts (#10)

Judging by a very quick look at his stats, though wonder why he didn't play much in Big Least tournament, Kofane seems to be a rebounder, which is what we need to replace Zeke.

In limited minutes in a couple of games, he seems to put up Pops'NBA-like rebounding numbers. Also should be reasonably smart since Harvard was recruiting him as BM noted. 

4/2/2014 3:36:08 PM - Steve - 13 posts (#238)

What. He averaged .8 points rebounds per game. What NBA are you watching? 

4/2/2014 5:46:34 PM - herve - 8,253 posts (#1)


“We appreciate our time at BU,” his father, Maurice Watson, Sr., told CoBL. “He had a wonderful career playing in the Patriot League, playing in the America East. But we feel now that he needs to take his basketball ability and play on a bigger stage."

Have liked watching him the last two years and would like him on GW's team, but I think we need a taller player.


4/2/2014 6:30:40 PM - MOCO Observer - 28 posts (#223)

Dad is a known problem. I'd steer clear if I was ML. The fact that the Dad is speaking for the kid tells you all you need to know.

4/2/2014 7:46:20 PM - Thomas - 701 posts (#35)

The quotes from the dad sound like Maurice Watson wants to play at a high-major school, but they haven't had any contact with one. It will be interesting to see where he ends up because the father maybe overestimating his son's abilities.

4/3/2014 1:12:03 AM - Bigfan - 2,436 posts (#10)

Have to say the Dad quotes are ominous.

4/3/2014 6:02:34 AM - Tuna Can - 1,369 posts (#23)

Thomas, this story dovetails well with the Cartagena story. (please don't dump on this post on the morality play portion of the program, that's why I am speaking to Thomas who has watched guys play at differing levels and how they come along with playing time and become effective on the floor). The true basketball skill set on a freshman starting point displayed by both Cartegena and Watson were not that different. Watson got big game major minute experience on the floor which, at any level, is so valuable.

This is why a player will find themselves in the Patriot League and not ridiung the bench at GW which, at the time that Cartagena came to us, was in need of a body and doomed to face very short bursts of pressure cooker ball. For a freshman, this is a real challenge. Watson is able to lure bigtime offers partially because of the opportunity of BU. I also laugh at GWHoops folks who basically flush MC down the ballplayer toilet because he wasn't an effective point guard in his spot play as a freshman when, coming into GW, he wasn't ever a point at Montverde. Lonergan didn't hand the ball to Griffin and say, you play point and yet both were 2's coming to GW. If he had, I would guess that probably, MC's shooting would have been better and Griffin's experience both in the fans' eyes and his shooting percentage would have been worse.

I look at the transfer of Jonathan Davis. He is very happy at AU. He will gedt a chance to show his skills next year on a team that, on that level, has gelled and will be a tough match-up for any foe. I remember seeing him get a couple on-the-court runs in his second year and mentioning to herve that his post up moves weren't half bad and he scored. So many times, a coach will hand the minutes to one player and not the other often for intangible reasons and it isn't that hard to understand that a player may choose to take advantage of the situation and take a 5th year and also end up in a better basketball situation.

Because of the rules, someone has to speak up as an agent and that's partially what the dad is doing. It often is a parent or even a former AAU coach known to be connected with the player. He will get his offers. I watched him take apart Maryland for about 35 minutes and figure that College Park would beckon. 

4/3/2014 10:58:24 AM - Thomas - 701 posts (#35)

Tuna Can, Boston U had another very good guard who was a SR, I believe he had a similar game to Maurice Watson, so I couldn't give you a good description of his game. A big difference between M.Watson and Cartegena is that M.Watson was a top 100 recruit coming out of high school(I learned of that by reading the link that Herve posted). M.Watson and his father appeared to come into college with the mindset that 'Maurice Is Too Good For BU'. I'm guessing they choose BU only because they knew M.Watson could get a lot of shots and minutes right away, and they could showcase him for high-majors. It would be funny if M.Watson ended up at Maryland because Mark Turgeon was impressed with how he took his team apart when Maryland lost at home to BU this past season. I know a situation may have occured like that 2 seasons ago when a Tulane freshman played very well in a win at Alabama, and then after the season that Tulane freshman transferred to Alabama and will play for them this upcoming season.

I wasn't aware that Cartegena played off the ball. A number of posters here indicated that he was the back-up to Kasey Hill(I think that's his name), who was the #1 or #2 point guard coming out of high school last year and is now the back-up point guard at Florida. Tuna Can, I agree with you that Cartegena can be an effective/starting point guard at another school. He got a lot of minutes in a Kenner League game(I know that isn't an accurate way to determine how good a player is, but I'm using it anyway) and showed me that he can be a very good ball-handler, a good passer and was pretty quick. I'm very interested to see where he ends up.

4/3/2014 12:03:17 PM - Boston Colonial - 285 posts (#76)

Watson can play.   I saw him and Chaz Williams on the same day at a triple-header in Boston. There was not much difference quite frankly.  He's a drive to the hoop kid, only shot 33% from three point range.  He'd be nice to have if Joe Mac had to sit out due to his hip. He averaged 30 minutes a game at BU.  I don't think he'd be willing to play less at GW.  He'd probbaly be willing to play a lesser role on a BCS school like Kromah and Pellom.

4/3/2014 12:10:40 PM - GW21 - 57 posts (#196)

This is the guy we need who is available and can come in right away as 5th year senior


4/3/2014 12:34:45 PM - Baby Farts Mgeezacks - 4 posts (#247)

I like Isaiah Morton he is a greart scorer and is a good ball handler. Jerome Fink from NJ is another versitile scorer. Sean Obi is very talented as well but was a high recruit and most likely will transfer into a big school. Solomon Poole another open spot is a incredible player he probably isnt right at GW academically if  had to take a guess. 

4/3/2014 12:39:31 PM - Thomas - 701 posts (#35)

GW21, I commented about him in another thread(Miguel Cartehena To Transfer Per Hatchet Blog), he now has offers from high-majors from the ACC, SEC and Big 12 according to Thinker's link. The majority of these grad students are "transferring up" to the highest level school that offers them a scholarship. I'm not sure that he would turn them down for GW, especially when you consider that he doesn't appear to have any ties to the D.C.area or anyone on the team and coaching staff.

4/3/2014 3:36:54 PM - Bigfan - 2,436 posts (#10)

Thought we could get a rental one-year big, given our well-publicized success with Mo.

But that also highlighted the value of a 5th year player even more than before. Starting to wonder if there is a one-year big for us out there. If there is, ML can find him.

4/3/2014 3:39:49 PM - BM - 4,541 posts (#3)

Now St John's swatter Obekpa transferring.  Would have to sit out a year.

4/3/2014 5:26:27 PM - Shofaz - 72 posts (#181)

I feel GW will get transfer player. Lonergan like transfer player like Mo Creek or Armwood.  My feeling is GW will win many game next year if transfer player come to play.

4/4/2014 9:35:31 AM - MG'14 - 150 posts (#126)

Two years ago Obekpa led the country in blocks with over 4 a game. That was the year that Jeff Withey (Kansas) was dominating in the interior defense as well.

4/4/2014 10:20:42 AM - BM - 4,541 posts (#3)

This list is updated more frequently, but has less player details.

4/4/2014 1:29:47 PM - BM - 4,541 posts (#3)

Alex Kline @TheRecruitScoop

Vanderbilt, Temple, Kansas, Wichita State, Drexel, Villanova, Houston, Butler & others have inquired about Boston U transfer Maurice Watson.

4/4/2014 1:51:00 PM - MOCO Observer - 28 posts (#223)

Let Maurice go elsewhere. Don't need the baggage.

4/4/2014 2:04:01 PM - Mike K - 929 posts (#30)

Reading the quotes from Watson's father...ouch.  Would ruin our chemistry.  Can't imagine reading about his kid not getting enough playing time, didn't come here for this.....

4/4/2014 3:55:39 PM - CT Colonial - 132 posts (#133)

Kansas?  Thought he was a good player, but not that good.

4/4/2014 5:00:04 PM - squid - 1,380 posts (#22)

BABY FARTS MGEEZACK is my new favorite poster name

4/4/2014 7:19:34 PM - BM - 4,541 posts (#3)

Jerry Meyer @jerrymeyer247

Its official. Tyler Lewis transfers from NC State to Butler

4/9/2014 12:32:18 PM - BM - 4,541 posts (#3)

Funny to read all across the hoopesphere that so-and-so is "hoping to move to a school where he can be featured like Mo Creek and GW."

4/9/2014 12:37:07 PM - BM - 4,541 posts (#3)

"...at GW."

BTW, the latest list posted above is now 76 players long.  I believe it went up to around 400 names last season.

4/9/2014 1:33:55 PM - gwhoopsfan - 10 posts (#241)

Have heard rumors that Skyler White is also transferring, any word on that?

4/14/2014 7:21:50 AM - Thomas - 701 posts (#35)

Central Florida power forward/center Eugene McCrory is transferring. He is a local player(played at Paul VI for 1 or 2 years) who has bounced around several high schools and colleges, and only has 1 year left. Bouncing around schools(he was at Seton Hall as a freshman) and having to sit out a year to play just one year will scare off most schools including GW, but he would fill a need for GW because he's a physical, back-to-the-basket post player. GW may have had some interest in him while he was in high school.

4/14/2014 10:09:38 AM - MOCO OBSERVER - 28 posts (#223)

News about his father apparently hasn't reached Nebraska. I would love to see the look on McDermott's face the first time he has to deal with this guy.

4/15/2014 10:37:50 AM - MG'14 - 150 posts (#126)

I would love to get the shot blocker from St. Johns, I think his name is Obekpa. Guy averaged 3 blocks this year and led the nation in blocks last year...not exactly in a push-over conference either. 


Also, what do people know about Nolan Berry from Butler. Guy is 6-10 and transferring

4/17/2014 4:13:20 PM - BM - 4,541 posts (#3)

Now we're talking.  Up to 327 names with a few more coaching moves still to go.

4/24/2014 1:10:31 PM - BM - 4,541 posts (#3)

Georgetown's Moses Ayegba to Nebraska.  We'll get to see if if we draw the Huskers in Hawaii.

4/24/2014 1:19:44 PM - Long Suffering Fan - 3,445 posts (#6)

From what I have seen of Moses both on TV and at the Kenner, I did not think he was very good.

4/24/2014 1:23:13 PM - BM - 4,541 posts (#3)

He was much better at Kenner than on TV.

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