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Created: 11/26/2014 6:04:52 PMReplies: 40
11/26/2014 6:04:52 PM - Pkgw - 134 posts (#134)

Previous board disappeared. 

11/26/2014 6:25:53 PM - Pkgw - 134 posts (#134)

Looks like McCoy dressing for first time this year.  Hope he can give us some productive minutes

11/26/2014 7:36:42 PM - Pkgw - 134 posts (#134)

ugly 1st half

11/26/2014 7:59:35 PM - GW Vet - 1 posts (#248)

very ugly first half. Surprisingly decent turn out for the night before thanksgiving. Though, at times, the long wood fans are being louder than us...

11/26/2014 8:03:08 PM - Tim4 - 774 posts (#34)

Larsen has 0 rebounds and is being dominated by some 6-7 guy. Starting to feel concerned about how he looks thus far this year. 



11/26/2014 8:15:40 PM - Tim4 - 774 posts (#34)

my reverse jinx on Larsen may have worked. 4 PTs 2 boards before the first media timeout

11/26/2014 8:38:51 PM - NYC GW HOOPS - 31 posts (#218)

still think Larsen is concerning

11/26/2014 9:13:16 PM - MG'14 - 210 posts (#96)

Very concerned about our interior D. And how is it possible we have been a terrible FT shooting team for 3-4 years in a row?

11/26/2014 9:13:54 PM - SD DUDE - 5 posts (#244)

Nice win and great to see our freshmen in at the end.

Cimino got a board.

Jorgenson had a nice drive and dished to Darian for a three.

They almost had a steal in the 1-3-1.

Nothing too incredible but encouraging to see our young guys learning how to play together.

11/26/2014 9:17:23 PM - MYSTERY COLONIAL - 139 posts (#131)

A very ugly game.  In which we got 91 points.  Imagine the scoreline if they played their best.  Better to get the rust off in easier games than harder ones.  Still a lot of positives to glean.

11/26/2014 9:27:27 PM - Tim4 - 774 posts (#34)

wasnt too long ago we lost to Longwood, lol. I just wish Kevin was getting 10-12 FGA per game.  

Interior de gonna be an issue all year. But perimeter de is actually better than last year. Healthy Joe Mac + Mo Creek's creaky knees are gone.  Good minutes from Nick and Darian tonight. 

When they are running the flex right it's really pretty. 


11/26/2014 9:27:47 PM - LA Fan - 1,449 posts (#21)

It would be great if tonight's John Kopriva could be in store for us at least a few more times this season.

11/26/2014 9:29:20 PM - Free Quebec - 5,843 posts (#2)

These kinds of games right before thanksgiving are weird.  Very hard for us to get up for it sandwiched between UVA and seton hall on the night before thanksgiving. 


But the team is a work in progress and will be fine and continue to improve.    Nice to see kopriva go off, too. 

11/26/2014 9:37:25 PM - GW0509 - 18 posts (#231)

Some thoughts from the game:

1.  Sitting close enough to the bench, heard ML say a few times after Kethan attempted 3's: "Why is he shooting those? That's terrible"

2. Kethan still looked pretty down when things weren't falling.  Gotta think he's playing with a lot of pressure/trying to make up for lost time last year.

3.  That dunk over Kopriva was nasty.  Glad he could make up for it with a career game.

4. I like Swan.  Wish he played more.

5. I realize it's a pre-Thanksgiving game but pretty sad that the small number of Longwood fans could make so much noise.

11/26/2014 9:52:30 PM - herve - 8,704 posts (#1)
  • For those of you who only saw the final score, do not be deceived, GW looked quite bad, ESPECIALLY the core 4.
  • Larsen got bitch-slapped all over the place by Nwgobo, who made Larsen just look silly and insignificant. I am honestly concered about ALL parts of Larsen's game after tonight's and you should be as well. He has yet to have a solid, full showing this season.
  • Savage was awful. He was a turnover machine. He made terrible decisions and was very selfish. He played lazy defense. GW played MUCH better when he wasn't on the court. And, as already pointed-out, he moped and whined all game.
  • McDonald gave brief flurries of rebounding, but mainly sucked and did NOTHING to run the offense, while barely scoring himself.
  • The free-throw shooting has somehow gotten worse. It appears there is no cure.
  • Kopriva was the only player who hustled all game for GW and shown only because Longwood was: (1) TERRIBLE; (2) had no other forwards aside from Nwgobo.
  • Garino was very sloppy and very unfocused.
  • The bench is mostly non-existent and a liability at this point. Yuta shows all sorts of flashes and Nick can hit the wide-open '3 and....and that's it.
  • Bryant is still quite awkward on offense and clearly thinking about every movement. On defense, he is just pretty darn bad.
  • Scant minutes for Paul J, but he did NOT make the most of them and can't be feeling very good.
  • Scant minutes for Cimino but he played OK and actually tried when he was in there which is more than can be said for Larsen.
  • McCoy actually played in the final minute and was sent down-low rather than the perimeter, but it was the final minute of a blow-out with scrubs on both sides.
  • Again, the boxscore does not show most of this, but trust me, this was not a confidence-builder.
11/26/2014 9:59:53 PM - GDUB Enthusiasm - 142 posts (#128)

Smith Center staff let us sit in the Student section since everyone was away for the holiday. The game was pretty ugly at times.  We got beat inside most of the game by a far interior team. Maybe it was a combination of UVA hangover and playing down to the opponent in a quiet arena the night before Thanksgiving. I was hoping this would be a game where we saw a lot of the freshman after taking a big lead, but unfortunately didn't really get them until the end (with the exception of Yuta who got decent time). A few thoughts:

1. It looked like Kevin held back inside. There were several times where it looked like he could have gone up hard to dunk and didn't.  Maybe he was scared of a foul call, but he's a better player than we saw tonight. The inside game is my biggest concern right now.

2. Despite only going 2-5 from the field, it felt like Yuta did a little bit of everything.  He hit a 3, had some good rebounds, and made a sick block on what looked like a sure basket for Longwood.

3. Nice to see John get player of the game. Being so close down to the court, you could really see his leadership and how much the team likes him.  He got some of the biggest cheers and high-fives from the guys on the bench.

4. Box score said we hit 70% from the line, but it felt lower. As always, gotta work on FTs.

5. I love watching Kethan play, but I agree with GW0509 that he may be trying to make up for lost time last year. He took several unadvised drives to the basket when he should have passed the ball.

In the end, it's a 25 point win despite some ugly stretches. Hopefully they rest up and come out strong in Jersey on Saturday.

11/26/2014 10:29:46 PM - Let's go! - 5 posts (#244)

Savage and Mcdonald really need to work on their passing ability. When the drive is there, rather than forcing it, they need to realize that there'll always be someone wide open. 

Kopriva was MVP tonight.

11/26/2014 10:32:25 PM - Fly on the Wall - 580 posts (#40)

Nice call by BC on winning margin.

After UVA I said I was glad there was a gap before SHU.  Don't recall feeling so bleck after such a large winning margin. Finding positives--didn't always feel like it but we outrebounded them and we had some good passing. At least 3 players hit from 3'

  I don't think the team will be flat on Saturday.

11/26/2014 10:38:27 PM - Long Suffering Fan - 3,625 posts (#6)

The talent differential was so great tonight that there was no way GW was going to be in trouble.  Still, can't feel real good des[ote a 25 point win.  One thing is abundently clear...GW is soft.  Nwogbo with 25 ponts on 10-11 from the field, with 13 rebounds.  Complete domination over Larsen and anyone else on GW who tried to guard him.  There guards blew by our guards on a regular basis.  They shot 45% against us.  I am definitely concerned.  On the subject of Kethan, I have noticed a disturbing pattern of his letting things get into his head, resulting in ill advised shots, turnovers, lazy D and a quick hook.   I had said during the Rutgers game that pound for pound JoeMac is the best rebounder on the team.  Tonight was a good example.  Hard to criticize someone who was not too far off from a triple double (8 points, 10 rebs, 7 assists), but I did not like the way he ran the team tonight, and he is showing he can be beat by quick guards (which he is not one).  Don't know how we are giong to beat Seton Hall on Saturday.

11/26/2014 10:51:29 PM - BM - 5,124 posts (#3)

I'm going to be a bit more positive on this:

a) On a day where the crowd brought no energy and the team was out of sorts, they have the discipline to go back to the basic gameplan and win comfortably.  Consider how many past GW teams would have completely f-Ed this up  

b) I thought Longwood played well.  They had scouted us, went to their A10 caliber big and never got down even while they were fighting against double digit deficits most of the game.  


11/27/2014 12:04:40 AM - bobo - 2,991 posts (#8)

GW's lack of a rim protector was clearly evident vs Longwood tonight.  Nwogbo was aggressive from the start and had a very good night but GW is missing Zeeke's ability to help on D with blocks or "influences" rotating to the low post scorer.  Kopriva is definately stronger than he was as a underclassman but he and Larsen can get muscled down low and that will be a problem all year. 

Very good offensive game from Kopriva.  Griffin also was efficient offensively and McDonald does a lot of things to help a team win.  GW hit 27 FT shots for the night. That alone almost gaurantees a victory.  But Longwood is a terrible defensive team as a whole and GW should dominate in the post against an undersized squad.  Bryant is aggressive and Lonergan loves his grit and hustle but GW needs more production out of Darian for him to get steady minutes as the 3rd man off the bench.  GW is going mostly 7 deep now in the 2nd half of games and will need Bryant and/or Cimino to be more consistent on both sides of the court.

I know Garino had 12 pts on 9 FGAs with 9 boards, 2 asts and 3 steals but still feal he should be more productive and efficient.  Savage could play smarter.  He chose NOT to pick up a rolling ball and allowed a TO. Lonergan gave him greif and Savage looked to fire back saying the ref was wrong in giving Longwood the ball.  Someimes I think shades of Kromah but then Savage goes back in and does something good for GW.

SU is NOT a must win game but GW must win a couple of these road games vs SU, PSU and Charlotte.  Hawaii looks like a much more appealing away game(s) to go to than Jersey but for those in the Garden state, head up and root for GW!


11/27/2014 12:40:10 AM - Long Suffering Fan - 3,625 posts (#6)

JoeMac now averaging a whopping 7.8 rebounds per game,best on the team.  2nd is KevLar at 6.0

11/27/2014 6:02:22 AM - Tuna Can - 1,539 posts (#19)

BM and Bobo mentioned a few bright lights. herve as herve does was down down down. This team could go into a man on D and the Flex on O and regain the advantage any time that it wanted--and did. At the same time, there were errors galore and Longwood's main guy was generatiung points and rebounds no matter what we did. It was a good game. 

At the same time, it was also great to so this Kopriva and while I know that we won't see him every game, it is good to know that he is in there lurking around. Teams will double Kevin and John has to make them pay. I am really starting to appreciate our bench. I know that it was Longwood, but I like the fact that guys are coming in, especially the under appreciated Freshmen like Cimino, and contributing some nice plays.

Two final points, the officiating was perfect for this point in the season. Lopsided, for them and good for our team. We have to get tougher and with the refs allowing all sorts of Longwood handchecking and pushing, we got a bit of a message to move our feet. On the other end, as the broadcast said, "mystery fouls." BUT, that's good--with a win, an ugly win--that's good. 

Can Griffin improve in game situations from just being a catch and shoot guy to a bit more of a scorer.  Last year, against pressure, he was a man on ice. We are starting to see a stronger and more powerful scorer. He had a nice dribble drive and pull up J for a deuce. Very nice. If Nick is able to go by folks that run at him, then we have some points. In that light, I thought we were very impatient in the offensive zone. We didn't allow the offense to actually work. As you keep the Flex going, guys become more and more open. We needed to run the offense and the D into the ground. If we have the patience, we will get to the rim and to the line. 

11/27/2014 7:54:11 AM - Long Suffering Fan - 3,625 posts (#6)

I think we saw different games, Tuna.  On defense, we allowed Longwood to shoot 45% against us at the Smith Center.  The defense was so soft that at times I had to look twice and think "are we playing a 1-3-1?"  No need to repeat what has already been said about Nwogbo and his dominance of Larsen.  Can't complain too much about an offense that scores 90+ points against anyone, but we did it on superior talent as opposed to crisp offensive execution.  Cimino has shown us glimpses of what he can be in a year or so, but I do not see him as a factor right now.  Hardly at the point of being under appreciated.  As the season progresses and he continues to develop his game, I think we will be seeing more and more of him out of necessity (read that front court help).    Nick Griffins issues are not with his ability to score...he can do this.   He needs to really elevate the remainder of his game, especially his defense, to be a significant factor.  Bryant needs to give us more.  Jorgensen needs to give us anything..  For peace of mind, I will tell myself that (1) we did win hy 24;  (2) it was a weird game that we were not that up for, given the timing; and (3) it was only the 3rd game of the season.   If anyone thinks that we played well, all you had to do was look at ML on the bench during the game, both his body language and his tearing into several of his players during the game.  (I don't know how many times he pulled Kethan after a bonehead play).  By far, the best thing to come out of the game was Kopriva, who is maybe showing the world that you cannot ignore him on defense.  

11/27/2014 8:31:00 AM - rocket - 615 posts (#38)

I love this team but the performance didn't improve my Thanksgiving any. I did have a (third) row entirely to myself. If I hadn't caught an H2TB tweet I'd never have guessed Kevin had 16. For a moment in the second half I thought we'd switched to a stratgey of simply stuffing and fouling Nwogbo and forcing him to hit at the line. But it was just a lapse as he continued to abuse us inside before his fourth foul. I think he started out 7-7 before he finally missed something. A textbook for any team with a decent big playing us. Yuta was the first player off the bench against UVa but maybe the ninth GW player in the game last night and that deep into the first half. Did McCoy's appearance with 56 seconds left tell us anything? Maybe just not in shape yet. Except after Kevin's three, this didn't look like a bunch having fun, what with Kethan's pitching a fit on the bench and everything. Frustrating all around. But a quick trip home from Foggy Bottom.

11/27/2014 8:38:55 AM - rocket - 615 posts (#38)

Say, was there a replay  of the foul on Yuta for those watching video? It was right in front of us an looked liked a pretty vicious blind side cheap shot for no apparent reason or advantage. He was seriously wobbly when he got up. Refs didn't hestitate much to leave it as just a foul though.

11/27/2014 8:53:23 AM - Tuna Can - 1,539 posts (#19)

Dude, first off.... I am not saying that we have 20 point guys in the freshman class, I am saying that we have very nice potential

Let me say that I see way more now from Cimino than I had ever seen from Copes other than, for a HS kid, Copes was very big. I joked way back when that I saw Copes use a drop step. Cimino gets off the floor and can shoot. He cuts to the basket when it is available and he has, from what I have observed since we started watching the kid, decent hands. AND, so far, he finishes around the hole.

Griffin had a fairly comprehensive game as a HS'er. Now, if he can find that again with the added skills and strength at the D1 level. I am seeing "glimpses" that he can. I AM CLEARLY picking out good things in a dismall solid win AGAIN as BM pointed out. We didn't eff the game up... we just looked like we could play a whole lot better.... as is testimony to our quality.

Lonergan could have switched out of the 1-3-1 but he stayed in it to work on it. I don't think for a minute that he feared a loss. That's the point. You torture your fans sometimes by working on stuff that just isn't right.

LSF, the key is that the longer you grind out the FLEX deeper into the clock, the more likely you will get points. That's what Lonergan was complaining about in settling for jump shots. Against what folks believe here, I do believe that we need more baseline depth and hope that our coach works through this process to get folks ready rather than planning to go short up front. Ultimately, the results will be better than swinging Garino back and forth from wing to front court in pressure games.

I have figured that we will lose 4 or 5 more games in the next 60 days, easy. With this squad, I think our goal should be (of course) to peak at the last two weeks of the season and chill a bit until then. There have been few GW teams that I feel could shoot as well as this team for its length. If and when we warm up a bit, we will blow up some games; run away; and hide. 

What really warms my heart, however, is the relative trajectory of the program. While we won't ever be herve's OSU or Kentucky, we can approach being a Gonzaga were you know that we have enough talent on the squad to be competitive in almost any match up. I am thinking ahead to next year a bit and thinking that if we add MK (losing JK), we will be a more dangerous team with the continued development of the returning players. 

One last point that may be getting lost on the player development is our ability across the board to put the ball on the floor. While we dont usually recruit point guards, our entire team now is one of the best ball handling teams that I have seen at GW. While this game was hard to watch, there were so many good things sprinkled within the game that was so much better than watching a game 3 or 4 years ago. I will take this pain.

11/27/2014 10:03:56 AM - newtman - 1,252 posts (#25)

Tuna, you are so far off it's amazing. you've lost your objectivity. Larsen had 3 rebounds in 31 minutes and was dominated by Nwogbo. degensively Larsen was AWOL. Yes i am concerned about Larsen. Cimino played 2 minutes in what turned out to be a blowout you can tell a lot from that.  herve being herve gave us an accurate description of the game. LSF too. who's Dude?

11/27/2014 10:33:07 AM - Poog - 3,703 posts (#5)

An indication of a program's growth is widespread fan angst and disaffection in a 25 point win. Remember Fairfield and Longwood from sveral years ago? Hell, several of us remember Bunny Wilson and the University of Baltimore season opener. The value of these performances is to temper unrealistic expectations not to stoke equally misguided pessimism. Coaches always caution us about freshmen adjustments to college ball and we almost always ride the roller coaster between A-10 all rookie team and A-10 all overated sucks team. It's early. So far, not as good as we hoped, not as bad as we feared. What we know is it's not last year's team. But we knew that coming in. Just how different, how better or worse will play out over the season. Anticipated problems and shortcomings have materialized. Certainly not going to relish last night's performance. But not ready to start counting the days until Cavanaugh is eligible to play either.

11/27/2014 10:45:08 AM - Thomas - 924 posts (#31)

I agree with Poog. I didn't see this game at all, but it sounds as if Longwood was completely overmatched and GW didn't need to put forth much of an effort to blow them out. I'm sure The Core 4 realized this early on in the game and some of them may have eased up a bit. Remember these guys won big games last year, played in an NCAA tournament game where the outcome wasn't decided until the final seconds and had just played a road game against one of the better teams in the country. It's probably hard for them to go all out against an overmatched team like Longwood. I expect the Core 4 will come out determined and focused at Seton Hall.

11/27/2014 10:50:27 AM - Free Quebec - 5,843 posts (#2)

What Poog said. 

11/27/2014 11:04:04 AM - newtman - 1,252 posts (#25)

i guess we don't have any complaints about 'our' refs. GW had a 39-19 advantage at the line. 

11/27/2014 11:59:51 AM - GW Alum Abroad - 2,340 posts (#13)

Darn you, Poog. Let me enjoy my angst instead of pointing out that the last time these two teams played not only did GW not win by 25 but that GW did not win. At the same time, comparing this team to the dregs from KH's sunset is a bit like comparing the coffee your parents drank from a Yuban can to a George Howell brewed in a chemex. And the other way to look at it that this game was really a measure of how far Longwood has fallen...

11/27/2014 12:21:58 PM - GW Fan - 477 posts (#47)

Maybe last night's win will serve as a nice reminder to the players that they're not quite as good yet as some of things they're reading in the press. Hopefully this translates to hard work and focus over the next few days heading into the Seton Hall game. There were some bright spots last night like Kopriva looking more confident offensively than ever, and Griffin putting the ball on the floor and getting to the line, JoeMac's rebounding, and Yuta looking comfortable in only his 4th collegiate game. That said, I am concerned about Larsen. With his size and strength he needs to become more imposing in the paint. He ended up with 4 fouls last night but none seemed to come while aggressively challenging longwood's center who was scoring at will. When he's going to give up a foul he should make sure the ball ends up nowhere near the rim and that his opponent remembers the contact. I'm not advocating playing dirty by any means, just being more physical on D. Larsen seems to lose his aggresion when he calls for the ball in transition or half court sets and the ball isn't getting to him early in posessions. If Larsen wants to be one of the best centers in the A-10 he's got to show  that against good competition and can't take possessions off. He should tape the box score with  Nwogbo's line (25 pts (10/11), 13 rebounds) highlighted and tape it to his locker for some motivation and a reminder to keep working hard. 

11/27/2014 12:44:35 PM - Bigfan - 2,562 posts (#11)

It seemed like they were playing a pre-Thansgiving game right after having a big Thanksgiving meal.

First half was totally out of sync, much like the second half of UVA, except against a different caliber team.

John seemed to be the only playing hard all game. Glad to see him being honored for it. Joe, too, as always diving for balls and perhaps Yuta. Nick's shooting, when he gets a shot off, show real potential and he is trying in all areas of his game.

Kevin needs to play fired up like the transformation coming over him last year.

It was like a Hobbs team where the talent and the opponent guaranteed the win, not the style of play and the execution.

If we play like this at Seton Hall, it is a loss. Don't think they are Rutgers. Time to wake up.

The good news: if there was even the smallest glimmer of thought in the darkest recesses of the mind that we could lose Kevin or Pato to the NBA this year, doesn't look like it will happen.


11/27/2014 1:02:59 PM - Pkgw - 134 posts (#134)

part of the issue last night was the 1-3-1 defense.  We were not aggressive or energetic and it cost us.  No armwood in the middle to alter shots really affects the aggressiveness.  I think their center scored over half his points came from great penetration from the guards and then a dish or rebound becauae our bigs came over to help.  Good interior D starts with strong guard defense and we did not get that.  Savage was very soft on D and not moving his feet.  I heard lonergan asking several tumes in one stoppage "do you want to play".  It seems similar to kevlar,  savage needs to be successful on offense early or he disappears.  

11/27/2014 2:10:28 PM - RKelley - 9 posts (#240)

It's early but this team has been playing a little but younger and thinner than expected. Swan and PJ appear to need the typical chunk of time to get acclimated. Yuta's offensive game looks promising for this season and beyond, his rebounding is solid down in the post, but his defense needs to toughen up. Cimino has looked good just about every minute he's played, but he hasn't played almost at all. It's understandable given Larsen's ability and his profile, but Id like to see him grab some minutes at forward and center.

i think the core 4 will be firing on cylinders when they match up with Seton Hall. I would like to see them muster up a power forward that can keep up a bit better throughout the game. Kopriva played well last game, but I still don't think he's a great fit for big minutes there in this offense. Too often, it looks like they're playing with 4 guys when he's out there.

Cimino is clearly talented, but it looks like he's as close you can get to a 5 prototype. So that really leaves Yuta, who certainly has scoring and rebounding ability, but he doesn't have the defense, veteran smarts or range that Armwoof had during his 2 seasons. And it's becoming clearer and clearer how vital that was for this team and how difficult thise skills are to replace.

Overall though, this team has some of the best talent and highest ceiling I've seen at GW or even in the A10 in the past decade. They just need to glue it together. Apologies for the grammar, using my phone to post while I'm at home for TS. Happy thanksgiving! 

11/27/2014 2:49:44 PM - pops - 373 posts (#59)

generally i come down on the side of the optimists, at least with this group and i mostly do here as well.  it was a frustrating, discouraging first half.  we came away with an 11 point lead soley because Longwood shot 1-11 from 3.  we were terrible.  Specifically the Core 4 was terrible.

I thought the 2nd half was much better played.  we both played with more intensity.  they put pressure on by continuing to score inside and by hitting 4 of  8 threes.   To our credit we responded and played well down the stretch.

But this game was about uninspired play by the Core 4.  I think there were nothing but positive signs regarding everyone else.  kopriva, obviously but the freshman and griffin as well.  all of these guys are going to help eventually and i am particularly encouraged with some signs from griffin, who seems like he is trying to expand his game.  it was pretty obvious ML was pleased with what he saw from griffin as well as he made a point to find him on the bench and tell him.

The Core 4 was out of sinc, making mistakes, missing shots.  They all need to step up their games, stop reading their press clippings and dig in.  Its not the recruits who have disappointed it is strictly the play of our core.

11/27/2014 3:12:02 PM - Tuna Can - 1,539 posts (#19)

Newtie, you are projecting into what I am saying.... That's all I can say.I am not always talking about the 40 minutes played. BUT in general. Larsen? what did I say that would cause you such stress? Larsen is a good shooter? Larsen can handle the ball? The fact that Joe is our leading rebounder is a bit shocking. In a way, that just goes to show who we have to rebound as a team and also that Joe is doing much better health-wise. Cimino is having problems because of his understanding of the ML concepts, for the most part, as I understand it. That will come along. And for herve, if he thought for a minute that I wasn't just teasing him, he could text me or call. Newtman, have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I'm back to the kitchen .... babysitting the Turkeys and preparing to grill the lamb for the guests. Seriously, please enjoy your day. And to all, the same.

11/27/2014 6:48:06 PM - Umpleby - 130 posts (#136)

Thanks Tuna!


Raise High! 

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