OK, I will start it..... Next Year
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2/28/2015 11:01:45 PM - Tuna Can

I will be the first to admit that I won't watch this team play games unless I am strapped down and asked.... watch or water board.... I will watch.

OK, if you want me to get the crap out of the way, I will say that I do believe that the coach has "coached" the spirit out of the juniors.

Will that comeb ack? I don't know. Will all of them return? Good question, Tuna.... I don't know either.

Every game that we lose goes the same way.... we come out supremely flat in the second half.

Did I watch? No.... I would rather go food shopping and talk to people. No, I didn't watch and GW is holding true to form.

For those of you who lived in fear of a very short time of ML at GW.... let's just say, "the pressure is off."

This one season has totally toasted his reputation and I think that the shoe is on the other foot. We have to decide just how long that we want to hang with Mike the "EL"

If I am showing little respect to Mike, it is because I think that, at best, he is a flawed coach. A coach can adapt. He can't adapt. At least, that's the track record so far. So what's the point, you ask? Well, I have no fucking idea, other than to add my two cents that this team sucks. I don't have to watch to know what is going to happen. This team will self-distruct. They also will have at least one player who is way underperforming. This is a nightmare scenario.

So, on to next year..... Larsen will again be off the ball after entry and the terror that he can be if "unattended." 7 out of ten games, Yuta and Garino will be defended by guards. That too is a huge opportunity.This fact alone will generate 4 putback points a half for GW. 

If it were up to me, I would also set a "third line" that would include Garino at point forward along with Nick griffin and Roland. I will predict here, that Jordan Roland will have a way better first campaign than anyone here would predict.If we can't get the kid dozens of open looks a game, then we should be fired.

Who do we lose? I think maybe one or even two players who we can't believe. We won't lose our coach .... WHAT A FREAKIN' RELIEF! Now can we all just relax?


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