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Glad Pearl learned his lesson...
Created: 8/29/2014 9:13:47 AMReplies: 6
8/29/2014 9:13:47 AM - BM - 4,884 posts (#3)

...from the firing and show cause ban.  He signed the kid who just got kicked out of Maryland.

8/29/2014 10:00:24 AM - Thomas - 855 posts (#32)

BM, I just saw that and immediately came here to see if I could dig up the originial thread aout Trayvon Reed, but you beat me to it. I know I made jokes about Bruce Pearl sending his henchman to wherever T.Reed was at to get him into an Auburn uniform, but I didn't think it would happen this quickly. T.Reed is going to attend  Elev-8 Academy in Florida for this fall semester, and then he'll join Auburn in December. T.Reed claimed that he was drunk when the incident happened. The Maryland fans are going to be even angrier at Mark Turgeon if T.Reed becomes a great player because the fact that he'll be eligible to play at another school in December probably indicates Maryland overreacted. Here's an article down below


8/29/2014 10:15:27 AM - BM - 4,884 posts (#3)

Pearl also signed three other top 100 players in the first few days after the end of his suspension.  He wants everyone to believe that he didn't recruit/contact these kids prior to the end of his suspension.

8/29/2014 10:33:51 AM - Thomas - 855 posts (#32)

Yeah, Bruce Pearl's show clause ban ended at midnight a few weeks ago and I believe he got one of those recruits in for an on-campus visit at 12:01 after the ban was lifted!! Between that, getting verbals from several top 100 recruits, signing high-profile transfers, getting Trayvon Reed to be eligible to play for him in December after it looked like T.Reed could be in serious legal trouble and already establishing a shady prep school(Elev-8 Academy) for his recruits with low character and/or academic issues, Bruce Pearl isn't wasting any time putting his renegade program together!!! I've got to credit him for being able to pull all of this off in such a short period of time. B.Pearl is one hard-working CROOK!! HA!

This is a funny line in the comment section of the article I posted:  "bruce pearl picks up right where he left off by attempting to win at all costs and putting together the biggest team of low lives available"

8/30/2014 2:30:01 AM - Just Saying - 1 posts (#247)

Remember, before you start jumping down Pearl's throat, that only Bruce Pearl had a show cause penalty. His assistants did not. That means his assistants were not prohibited from recruiting. The likely scenario is that Pearl's assistants recruited many of these players and invited them to meet Coach Pearl as soon as the ban was lifted. In college basketball assistant coaches often do a portion of the recruiting legwork with the head coach being the "closer." So all Pearl had to do was instruct his assistants on who to recruit, what to say and have them invite the recruits to meet him as soon as the penalty was over so he could seal the deal. I'd argue that the penalty might actually have been helpful to Pearl because his assistant coaches could hype up the players about him, tell them how awesome he was and then at 12:01, once the penalty was over he could swoop in and close the deal.

As for Reed don't you see the obvious recruiting pitch? "Trayvon -- you messed up. I messed up. You didn't think anyone would give you a second chance. I didn't think anyone would give me a second chance but Auburn stepped up did. Let Auburn give us both a second chance and we can do great things together." How does that pitch not woo a young player who thinks his top-tier DI playing chances are over? Remember Reed is moving from the Big 10 (or ACC -- not sure what division he thought the team would be in when he was recruited) to a weak SEC team. This is, undoubtedly, a step down for the kid. 

Bruce Pearl may have messed up but he served his time and didn't break any rules in his recruiting these players. This might feel shady to you but the NCAA is a shady business. What Coach Pearl did with Wisconsin Milwaukee and the job he was doing at Tennessee makes clear that he is a legitimate high-level NCAA coach. Tell me Calapari wouldn't do the same thing if not more. 

8/30/2014 7:47:43 AM - Poog - 3,633 posts (#5)

"Just saying" that we don't actually know that Pearl "didn't break any rules in his recruiting of these players" and that the "Must have been done fairly, 'cause it's just like Calipari" defense isn't the most persuasive one to convince anyone here. Kinda like being a coach at Oklahome one day and taking up residence in Bloomington another. No matter. He's at Auburn, not GW. But just as an aside, instructing assistants what to do vis a vis players is eerily reminiscent of what Texas fans once told us about a former coach hired in Foggy Bottom. "Just saying."

8/30/2014 8:41:26 AM - Thomas - 855 posts (#32)

Just Saying   You're right, his assistants were technically the ones who made most of these transactions happen since Bruce Pearl was still restricted by the show clause penalty. But he's the one who instructed his assistants on what to do as Poog pointed. Also, the violation that got B.Pearl the penalty was having 2 recruits at his house for a BBQ. I think we all know that B.Pearl had done a LOT worse than that while at Tennessee, but that's what they busted him for. It's not that bad of a violation when you consider what other programs(SMU Football, Kentucky Basketball, Todd Bozeman) did to get their version of the "death penalty." I understand that recruiting is a shady business, but even someone like John Calipari has got to marvel at how quickly B.Pearl has gotten talent into his program!! Auburn has gone from being an SEC laugingstock to a team that could contend for an NCAA berth overnight.

About Trayvon Reed, the last we heard of his situation, it looked like he could be facing serious legal trouble, now all of a sudden, he's cleared to play in December!! He probably could've played the whole year if it weren't for the academic issue. I've got to ask this of the lawyers on this site, what do you think happened there?? He was scheduled to appear in Prince George's County Court next month. It's as if Bruce Pearl came in and "fixed" everything!!!

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