Senior Early Admission
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Dookas3/2/2006 3:47:00 PM

Does anyone know if we seniors are getting any preferential treatment, like early admission (aside from the bogus 4 women's games admission) for saturday's game?

INTRAINING2/28/2006 2:06:00 PM

for the 1,000th time, something that is eplained in a written agreement that is signed by any individual wishing to become a member of a group is not bogus.

and seniors are not getting in early.

freethrow2/28/2006 2:24:00 PM

actually it was misleading in not eplaining that it wasnt rewarding those who swiped for the 4 women's games, but punishing those who did not by essentially kicking them out of the army for the last 2 games. that was not there in the written agreement.

INTRAINING2/28/2006 2:26:00 PM

freethrow, here is the eact tet:

"As a member of the Colonial Army, you will be epected to attend a minimum of four women's home games during the course of the season. At these games, you will swipe your G-World at the designated location to validate your attendance. Those who do not attend at least four women's home games will not be granted the standard 10 minutes of early access to seating for the final two men's home games."

you can argue it as rewarding or punishing (we didn't write the tet, the previous administration did), but the result is the same thing: go to four women's games.

booyou2/28/2006 3:01:00 PM

Who elected the colonial army leadership, I don't remember voting on this.  Is there anyway to impeach INTRAINING?   Also, since most people are not in the colonial army anymore for all intensive purposes you can stop sending your emails to the people who have been kicked out of the army for the thought crime of not liking womans basketball

INTRAINING2/28/2006 3:05:00 PM

it's always fun when the new screen names come out of the woodwork.

Thumper2/28/2006 3:08:00 PM

booyou has it just right.  who elected the dictator of the colonial army anyway?

INTRAINING2/28/2006 3:12:00 PM

hahaha. actually, there are two co-presidents, a vice president, a chief financial officer, a membership director, and a special events director.

the previous president and the rest of the e-board members from last year (they all graduated) held interviews sometime last spring. then, they selected myself and the five other individuals.

CJS-Fan2/28/2006 3:23:00 PM

Booyou and Thumper:  the correct term for an army dictator is -- Generalissimo!  Get it right.  So, the issue is ... who made Intraining the Generalissimo of the Colonial Army?

Ryan2/28/2006 3:46:00 PM

what a bunch of cry babies. god forbid you should attend a women's game if you want special privaleges. how about forcing all army members to attend every men's game as well, or if they miss 2 games they are out like at most schools...

Colonial Army Captain2/28/2006 3:50:00 PM

I agree.  The Colonial Army is about BASKETBALL SPIRIT, not just men's basketball.  Due to time constraints, I was unable to make it to 4 women's games.  I will pay the price and wait in line with the rest of you.  I will be there Saturday morning around 9 AM, and I'm bringing some tasty beverages.  If anyone wants to join me, feel free.

INTRAINING2/28/2006 3:53:00 PM

just to let everyone know, the smith center has told us that people will not be allowed to camp out on the night before (i know a few people had wanted to). they also said that anyone in line before 7.00 a.m. will be moved from the location.

BJC2/28/2006 3:58:00 PM

When I  went to G DUB there was no Colonial Army and the student section was packed to the rafters at most games.  We got our desired seats (right behind the visitors bench) every time by simply getting to the game earlier than everyone else.

el tigre rapido2/28/2006 4:03:00 PM

As a member of the army who did attend 4 womens games I still find it bogus that there is a limit of games you must attend (either mens or womens) or else face having you privledges that you paid for revoked. Let's no be mistaken here either. The reason people join the Colonial army is to get into games early, not for the t-shirt and not for odd green wristband. If the army is a spirit organization then it should encourage spirit, not enforce rules on attendence and collect membership fees. The system that was in place forfans before the creation of the army, where the most dedicated fans arrived the earliest for basketball games, worked far more efficiently, was far more enjoyable, and ecluded far less gw basketball fans.

INTRAINING2/28/2006 4:17:00 PM

el tigre rapido, the privileges were all laid out in the membership agreement that was signed by every member before he/she joined the group. the privileges that you and every other army member paid for did not include the last two men's games unless you went to a minimum of four women's games. then, we made one women's game count as two (to get more people out for a televised game), and included the viewing party for the men's game at avier.

anyone who isn't getting in early can look in the mirror if they want a reason why. these rules weren't made up as we went along, they were in the membership agreement from day one. blame us (like a lot of you do), but all you had to do was swipe in at four women's home games (out of 13). hell, we didn't even make sure you stayed because it wasn't something we could do. so, if someone couldn't take a few minutes to swipe in and then leave at four women's games (many of which are on weeknights or the weekend), i don't know what to tell them. i know people who don't like women's basketball, but they swiped in at a minimum of four games and now they're being rewarded. it really wasn't that hard. if people weren't aware of it, that's their problem. it was in the membership agreement, on the website, and in numerous e-mails.

if you have issues with rules being enforced, take a look at how student sections are run at other schools.

this conversation is getting more and more like groundhog's day.

Dookas2/28/2006 4:17:00 PM

Duke seniors always get first admission on senior day.

 This goes beyond the Colonial Junta, there are non-members who are just as, if not more dedicated than some Colonial Junta members. Who knows how many people simply walked in one door, swiped, then left through the other 2 mins later.

jst junkie2/28/2006 4:21:00 PM

Eiste malakes

Jst. Junkie2/28/2006 4:21:00 PM

Eiste malakes

INTRAINING2/28/2006 4:21:00 PM

well, if you want the colonial army to adopt all of the cameron crazies' policies, i think the bitching on this board would increase 5,000%.

i agree with you about non-members. unfortunately, the administration put a cap on the number of members we could have. the only advice i can give them is to get to the smith center early. ideally, i'd want everyone to be a colonial army member who wanted to be. we only charge a fee so we can buy t-shirts, make road trips, etc.

and the point you make about swiping just goes to prove how easy it was to get into the last two men's games early.

Thumper2/28/2006 4:22:00 PM

finally, a good idea out of the army, attendance requirements at mens games are a great idea, the pussifaction of the lower section this year has been appaling.  I also have a question for the powers that be (Generalissimo INTRAINING):  I assume that the smith center police can not stop people from standing on the sidewalk as that is public space correct?  In lieu of this I would epect, well actually I ecpect the army to suck all possible fun out of everthing, but I epect that the line could form on the sidewalk and then at 7 move up the ramp or would GW assume control over public sidewalks in which case the line would form at whatever point GW or the Colonial Junta decides to stop bothering people.

Dookas2/28/2006 4:24:00 PM

"hell, we didn't even make sure you stayed because it wasn't something we could do."

Well, maybe if the Colonial Army was a well oiled machine maybe you would have done something about that. I'm sure a rubber stamper wasn't out the of the budget, doesn't take a rocket scientist to think of that, would have really weeded out the bad seeds

Thumper2/28/2006 4:28:00 PM

Generalissimo, at least I dont get my kicks out of kicking people out of school spirit programs for not going to womens games.  Net year i epect a eugenics program to find the perfect fan for the Colonial Junta

GDUB2/28/2006 4:30:00 PM

let me guess

all the guys that are bitchin didnt go to the 4 games

wow really?!? what a suprise

shut up and suck it up

its etremely easy to second guess
you do it with the coaches, players, colonial army, wrgw, girl scout cookie vendors...go do something about it, be constructive...airing your grievances via internet message board reflects pretty poorly upon you

grow some cojones

INTRAINING2/28/2006 4:30:00 PM

thumper, i assume that would be fine with the sidewalk, however i am not a lawyer. i'm sure someone on this board can help you out with that. i apologize for sucking the fun out of your life.

dookas, do you know how many ways there are out of the smith center? i invite you to walk around and count them the net time you're in the building. i'm not just talking about the public doors (mostly on the four corners), i'm including the lower levels (because you don't need a pass to get to all of those points). i'm not a rocket scientist, but i think we checked into this at the beginning of the season. maybe net season we'll lock the doors of the smith center at tip-off, and then you'll be happy.

Dookas2/28/2006 4:33:00 PM

I smell a coup

Dookas2/28/2006 4:38:00 PM

I'll be long gone by net season, but actually I'm not a CA member, I saved the $50 in my pocket and just rely on friends who are to throw a jacket, newspaper, or gum wrapper down on the bench and it all works out just fine usually 4th or 5th row cant complain, and the same will happen for me on saturday. So I'm not complaining at all, just come constructive criticism for you all to improve the 'system' for net season

el tigre rapido2/28/2006 4:38:00 PM

Sorry GDUB, I've been to my four womens games (or the weird equivilencey that was decided on the fly by the army). That doesn't stop me from, as a senior, dreaming of the glory days 2 years ago when the biggest fans got there the earliest and got in first. Senior year does that to you. You realize how ridiculous an organization like the army has become.

P North2/28/2006 4:39:00 PM

Thumper, as usual, is correct 100%.  Let's impeach Frank Dale for the pussification of the Colonial Army.  I didn't come to a school of this namesake in a city that stands for so many just things to deal with a dictatorship when all I want to do is see my favorite sports team play.

Frank Dale, since you kicked most of us out of the Colonial Army, stop sending us emails.  And stop making up rules out of thin air.  You can't keep people off a public street.  If you're following the rules and not coming before 7 a.m. then you won't be able to stop real fans from being there when we want.

The Colonial Army is a disgrace.  I would gladly pay a few hundred for season tickets and not have to deal with this.  A formal proposal is going to be made after this season to the athletic dept. and school that this is done.  First, we won't have to deal with this despotic rule over the entrance and second, I doubt any administrator is going to shun the large support I have for Paying money for Each game rather than deal with this bs.

INTRAINING2/28/2006 4:42:00 PM

dookas, i appreciate it, honestly. i'm not being sarcastic or condescending. it's not a perfect system, don't let anyone fool you into thinking that we believe it is. there will definitely be alterations made at the end of the season. in september, we went with what we thought was the best policy.

wasn't trying to be a jerk, i'm just tired of the topic. i hope that you, dookas, and anyone who wants one gets a good seat on saturday.

GDUB2/28/2006 4:45:00 PM

el tigre

youre looking at a couple minor drawbacks of the organization though and judging them completely on those merits

what the colonial army has done overall to boost attendance, organize fan travel, get t shirts and other unifying elements together, etc greatly overshadows the shortcomings (price, womens game attendance, etc)

INTRAINING2/28/2006 4:45:00 PM

p north, go back and read my previous post about how the smith center made the rule about what time the line can start. it's none of my business. i'm not making anything up.

again, another new screen name. know what's funny, p north? i've talked to administrators already, and while it seems like changes will be made, it's nothing in the ballpark you're speaking of.

danjsport2/28/2006 4:55:00 PM

as a past member of the colonial army and recent graduate I think it's silly to even make people sign a sheet to go to womens basketball games.  I understand the spirit is important, support the women too.  I get it...i really do.  I just don't think it isright to make somebody go to something they don't want to do solely so they can go to a final game.  Shoudl we require them to go to swim meets too?  I know it's all basketball, but it's not the same game.  I think people should su pport the women.  If they like wathcing womens basketball they should go.  But why would you say to somebody "you don't like womens basketball but you have to go so you can go to senior day"  What if somebody refused to sign it---then they can't be a member of the army....i don't like it.  Not one bit.  But if it works....more power to you.

That being said---the work the colonial army has done does not go unnoticed.  They have certainly helped increase the hype of this basketball team from when I came in as a freshman.  So Thank you colonial army...i just don't think you have this one right

P North2/28/2006 5:00:00 PM

Ooooooh... you've talked to adminstrators!!!  You are so much better than everyone else for walking into a non-elected position and abusing the one ounce of power you have.

el tigre rapido2/28/2006 5:00:00 PM

Does anyone besides me remember what a game was like 2 years ago??? Honestly, the attendence wasn't as high, but was more spirited and far louder than the group of non-spirited casual fans that pack the upper student section this year (the students in the upper deck used to pound on the bleachers so hard it would get deafening in the Smith Center) and everyone in the student section did have matching t-shirts. Before each game the cheer team would give out game specific shirts to the students down low in the heart of the student section. They were white crappy shirts with whoever we were playing's logo with a giant red "" over it and they were obnoious and so much fun to wear. Let's not forget that alot of the traditions, like matching t-shirts, are being carried on by the army not created by them.

P North2/28/2006 5:06:00 PM

This mess led by "INTRAINING" et al is sickening.

I nominate Chernak for the Army president.  He KNOWS something about leadership and being a fan.

INTRAINING2/28/2006 5:06:00 PM

p north, i wasn't implying that at all. i was just pointing out that your philosophy for net year isn't going to work out based upon what i've heard. don't try to find something to twist this into something like that because you're wasting everyone's time.

danjsport, i appreciate your post. it was our opinion that attending four women's games (out of 13) wasn't too much to ask, especially when we didn't make people stay for the length of the game, included a women's game that counted as two (for television purposes), and the men's viewing party for the richmond game.

i'd love to support other sports, but the public demand hasn't been there. now, a good debater might say, "but where was the public support for women's basketball?" at the beginning of the year, school officials made it clear that getting a larger turnout at women's games was a high priority. they've never come to us about another sport. plus, with it being another basketball team, i think it makes the connection more logical. i do understand where you're coming from though.

el tigre rapido, we did look into bringing back the individual t-shirt for each game with the opposing team's name on it, but it was far too epensive. the price of membership would have had to have been at least three or four times what it was to be able to afford that. i wish we could have done it, though. i really pushed for it.

Dootie Bubble2/28/2006 5:09:00 PM

When I went to G-Dub the team was pretty good (95-99) and the student section was usually full.  I don't remember any where near this level of bitching and moaning though.  There was a group kind of like the colonial army that had t-shirts and a name (I don't remember what it was) and always sat up front.  They didn't draw the ire of regular students (myself included) though because there weren't any dues and they didn't have control over who sat where, they just sent people to the games early to stake out the good territory.  INTRAINING, the position you're in sounds like it sucks.  You're getting very few "thank yous" and a lot of "go fuck yourselfs" from the student body.  Do you think it's all worth it?  In other words, if you had to be the one taking all the shit again net year would you set the Colonial Army up the same way it is now?

INTRAINING2/28/2006 5:10:00 PM

mr. chernak is the man, by the way, since we're talking about him.

and if you're accusing me of not being a fan, p north, then you're an idiot.

P North2/28/2006 5:15:00 PM

No, I think you're a fan.  But sitting up on your high post feels really good, doesn't it!

INTRAINING2/28/2006 5:17:00 PM

dootie bubble, great question. actually, contrary to what is the belief on this board, we've gotten far more "thank yous" than "go fuck yourselfs." if i had to guess on a ratio, it'd be about 4:1. now, it might not be that way here on this board, but it is in the real world (which includes games, office hours, e-mails, instant messages, etc.).

from my conversations with coach mckeown, women's players, and some of the guys on the men's team, it was worth it. we try to do what is best for the students and the team in general. sometimes these don't go hand-in-hand, and that's when you end up with stuff like this.

now, i'm not saying things will be the same way net year, but if there are changes, it's not because of our not being able to put up with some criticism. for the most part, we take things posted here with a grain of salt. any e-mail we get sent means a lot more than some anonymous posting here. that's why (and you can go back and check my posts when this topic came up in the past), i've always encouraged people to e-mail us (

INTRAINING2/28/2006 5:19:00 PM

p north, i don't have a high post. i have a pass (which only works at certain times), and that's about it. not everyone is going to approve of what we do, and that's fine. but the majority of the people who have talked to me do, and that's all that matters.

we're very open to communication and suggestions, just not when it's from anonymous people. it's very easy to hide behind a screen name, but constructive changes will only come through open dialogue.

SluSignGuy2/28/2006 5:24:00 PM

One problem with the women's game thing is the saving of seats.  At the La Salle game, there were two girls saving about 15 seats (covering 3 rows).  It is one thing to save a seat for you buddy who has a class that runs 'til 7, but something needs to be done about Army fans saving seats.  It is a little ridiculous.

As for attending 4 women's games.  It isn't really that hard.  GW has it easy.  $10 bucks and you get early admission all year to a top ten basketball team?  A lot of other schools have to pay $100 for some Sports Package do similar requirements.

danjsport2/28/2006 5:29:00 PM there anything you can do about seniors getting in this game though.  I just feel like a freshman who had nothing better to do when there was a women's game should not get an advantage over a senior who watched this team grow.....colonial army or not....this should be a game for the seniors.....and i'm already this doesn't benefit me one bit...i'll be watchin on tv no matter who is there

INTRAINING2/28/2006 5:32:00 PM

slusignguy, i agree. unfortunately, i'm at the door most of the time, so i never see this stuff. if it's that bad, though, something definitely needs to be done.

danjsport, let me look into what i can do. unfortunately, i have to leave for olean, new york at 5.30 a.m. tomorrow, and i won't be back until sometime thursday afternoon, but i hear you. it's going to be short notice, but i'll do everything i can.

G Crawf2/28/2006 5:39:00 PM

then you'd better go to sleep early

smperk2/28/2006 6:34:00 PM

I didn't go to 4 women's games because they don't interest me. I went to the Charlotte game, and it was good to see, but not at all anything like seeing the men play.  Maybe I'm spoiled.  Anyways, I knew the policy, and STILL didn't think it was worth it!  Now, I'm getting up at 5 on Saturday to be one of the "non" colonial army members in line.  I just think it's bogus to reprimand army members because they choose to go to one team over another.  Honestly, I'm a grad students who works full-time and it's already tough enough to go to men's games.  Needless to say, my time is limited, and I can ultimately only choose one group to REALLY follow.

BTW, I always liked the idea of the army, and I'll always support it, but this year's group was far lacking last year's.  I know it's unfair to compare, but when you can't get your shi* straight for the A-10 tournament until a week ahead of time, c'mon.  There are other little "things", but I'm sick of being negative right now.  Look forward to seeing you all Saturday bright and early!

sincerely2/28/2006 8:08:00 PM

Id like to just respond to a couple of things on this board.

First of all, as someone who did attend 4 women's home games, I am not out to bitch.

    As a paying member, actually a Colonial Army gold which had to suck it up and pay $50 for a membership because I was unable to go in person when the Colonial Army memberships first when on sale- I do find it unfortunate that the Colonial Army mandates some attendance at women's home games to gain the most important benefit out of the organization: getting in early to the very last games. As a spirit organization it should find other ways to entice people to attend the women's games, rather than make it a neccessity. It should purely promote spirit for GW, and considering the men's team is what is rallying the students, it should allow students to camp out and make it a really incredible supportive atmosphere where the greatest fans get there first and get in first rather than those that merely met a requirement to obtain the best seats.

    MOST IMPORTANTLY, as a senior, who has missed a total of 5 men's home basketball games in 4 years, I feel that this is the senior's last hoorah- it's our last time to celebrate the buff and the blue standing and cheering wildy in the student section. We're the ones that know how to do the double clap, single clap kickoff before announcing our bench, we're the ones who waited in lines to get there early instead of relying on a wrist band the first couple years, we're the ones who watched the era of TJ Thompson, and then Pops, Mike Hall and Omar grow to make a GW team that originally lost into a team that has won all but one game this season. It's the time where we should be honored, where our dedication over four years before we even had a Colonial Army should pay off. Freshmen, sophomores, juniors- they all have the years ahead of them to truly develop that kind of relationship with and dedication to the GW Men's Colonials, and now with the help of the Colonial Army organization. This is the team that Hobbs built...with the overwhelming support of the fans that are now the seniors.

Right now, its the Class of 2006's time to get the best seats in the house- to show everyone at GW what it truly means to be buff and blue and to say goodbye with a tear...and a bang to the Smith Center, the team, and the fans, that they helped build. It's SENIORS NIGHT- make it known!

INTRAINING2/28/2006 8:14:00 PM

smperk, the a-10 trip was easier to figure out last year because there was space on the spirit department's bus. this year, there wasn't. in addition, we had our act together, it was the people we were working with who dropped the ball. regardless, i'm sorry it didn't work out. we spent a lot of time looking into things since we all got back from winter break, but it just never came together.

G Crawf3/1/2006 9:31:00 AM


you're just bad at your job

LEVINATOR3/1/2006 11:01:00 AM

UMMM...when your college team has improved every year for the past 5...and now you're 24-1...don't you think attendance would improve??  Duh.  You don't need an army to rally students around a kick ass basketball team.  you only need them when you suck and can't get anyone to watch them and Dukies.

This is the major point.  Like DB, I went to Gw in the mid 90's.  From 1994-98 to be eact.  WE had something like the Colonial Army, they sat in the front behind our bench and wore the ugly ass T-shirts.  The rest of us would grab a few drinks and then head to the smitty, wait on some line and get good seats to the game.  For the most part, all of the games were filled.  When the baketball team was playing well, our attendance was far better.  If we wanted to grab a few etra drinks, then we'd sit high on the bleachers or on the sides.  BIG deal.  The fact is we didn't need to be motivated.  The play on the court motivated us.   

HOW THE HELL COULD THE COLONIAL ARMY TAKE CREDIT for increased attendance Intraining?  All it seems to me is that you guys created some money making scheme to ATTEMPT to increase school spirit during a time when the basketball team was doing poorly.   It seems that the CA only causes red tape.  Creates rules that everyone must follow, or face epulsion.  As well, most often groups like the CA are created for the wrong reasons.  special treatment for some, hile the majority take it up the ***.    Why do i fel this way?  $$$$  thats why.    

What's lost in all of this bullshit is the mere fact that paying 50 dollars to join some army for SCHOOL SPIRIT is flat out retarded.  If we can't fill up the arena when our team is performing well then we as a school and alumni are piss poor.  Bottomline.  You don't pay for spirirt.  It's not something bought or sold.  thus,   No need to force anyone to attend women's games, in order to get in early for senior day.  If the Gw students are blind enough to only appreciate men's sports, that is their hipocracy and their right.  Although I'm assuming many of these posters are young boyz, who don't know of the rich tradition our women have built under Joe.  i guess a quick chat wth poog or ELJ may help these boyz see the light. 

More importantly, if we must have the CA, why cant you get new freakin shirts.  Seriously...the ones that you wear are so ugly, especially on TV.  It's embarressing.  Once they get washed they become this bizarre color that represents neither buff or blue.  Spend your time and energy on getting new shirts and looking good.  Seriously, who the hell wants to wear those shirts and our yellow foam hats?    That's why we get ridiculed all over the country.  We are #7/6 in the nation but don't look or act the part.   

Intraining--you have taken a lot of abuse on this thread and I don't think its justified.  It's not your fault that the CA was created and all you can do is try to make it better.  But sometimes---things correct itself.  The men were dismal from 200-2003.  That being said, since 2004- we have really turned it around.  The need for a standing army is nul and void.  Let's put you on as reservists and save the front row seats for people who know how to dress with style. 

Is it really that hard to wear a blue t-shirt that has a buff GW on it.  Really...seriously...anyone.  Is it really that hard?  All i heard at Fordham were guys and gals in their 20's, 30's and 40's laughing at the the CA because of their "pucky" looking shirts.  It's just not becoming.  and that needs to change. 


JZ3/1/2006 11:57:00 AM

I've gone to GW games for FOUR years, including one horrible sub-.500 year.  I've had to sit through some of the best basketball Foggy Bottom has ever seen, back-to-back wins over Maryland, the longest winning streak in school history, the best start in school history, and I almost went to four women's basketball games.  DID YOU KNOW THEY ACTUALLY LET WOMEN PLAY BASKETBALL NOW?  RIDICULOUS!!  Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know that I require special treatment as compensation for all of my difficulties.  In lieu of cash donations, I will accept early admission into the Senior Day game and courtside seats.  Thank you.

nj colonial3/1/2006 12:15:00 PM

As an alum and season ticket-holder... the view from across the court is that the Buff shirts and foam Colonial hats look pretty cool!

ELJ3/1/2006 1:11:00 PM

NJ Colonial has it right ... and booyoo, your complaint would look more credible if you were better with your spelling and terminology (e.g., it's "for all intents and purposes", not "for all intensive purposes" ). Just a bit of helpful advice; I've no position on the issue one way or the other, as an alumnus of 51 years.

INTRAINING3/1/2006 1:16:00 PM

levinator, i never attributed increased attendance to the colonial army. i'm not sure where you got that from. as for the shirts, we wanted to make blue ones this year, but the school wanted to stay with the 'vegas gold' look.

g crawf, you're brilliant. you're great at using logical eamples to back up your points. surprising, especially since it's coming from an english major.

Bahama Colonial3/1/2006 1:23:00 PM

This has been a freakin riot reading all of you whine about waiting a line in order to get seats at a home game. Back before the Army(which by the way I think is mad cool) we had to sleep outside The Smith in line to register for classes starting at 1in the am, and prey to the Gods for a low number  in the dreaded dorm lottery both of which were senior slanted.. Then along came the dial in registrations and online eventually and you've gone soft complaining about having to sacrifice a few hrs at few a womens B-Ball game to jump to the front of the line.Before you had to sacrifice 3yrs before you could jump to the front of any line. Be thankful  GW is one the last schools where students still can get in by simply lining up to a top ten Div-1 game without sacrificing a limb or the left reproductive gland. And in closing GOOOO COLONIALS!!!!!

G Crawf3/1/2006 2:40:00 PM


Cool, dude.  You've looked me up and found out my major!  Sweet, I guess I'm not hiding behind a screen name anymore.  And you proved that you are so indifferent toward criticism... by doing eternal research on who is criticizing you.

Well, I see you will have a degree partly in Sport, Event, & Hospitality Management...

So how, then, did you manage to fuck up the management of so many sporting events this badly!!??

Or is that a course for seniors?

PM3/1/2006 3:16:00 PM

Everyone needs to rela.  Can't we all just get along and ENJOY THIS SEASON?!?!

G Crawf3/1/2006 4:02:00 PM

I am having as much fun as anyone.  I appreciate your message, PM.  I'll rela.  My friends and I just feel the C Army leaders are assassins of all things great about sports.  I was ready to let it rest until Frank Dale began doing background checks on people on this board and making it personal; that's all.  Good leaders handle criticism with maturity and are responsible enough to not bring personal lives into topics which have nothing to do with it.  Will I stoop to his smug level in this venue? absolutely.  But I'm not in a position of "leadership" as he fancies himself.

This can end, unless Frank Dale gets my social security number, birth certificate and transcript too.

INTRAINING3/1/2006 8:34:00 PM

way to jump to a conclusion, g crawf. for the record, i know people who know you, i didn't have to look anything up. it's not too hard to figure out who you are. i have much better things to do with my time (like apparently ruin people's lives, take the fun out of basketball, take pleasure in thinking i'm better than anyone) than to go around trying to figure out who people are on this board. frankly, it's not that important to me. don't give yourself the credit of thinking that.

making it personal? i never dropped your name here, bud. keep the hypocritical statements coming.

GW Senior3/1/2006 11:23:00 PM

Everyone needs to lighten up on INTRAINING and realize the fact that it was NOT HARD to go to the games.  Ill be the first to admit, I went to two legit womens games (Tennessee and the last one) and swiped in for the other one and bolted.  It was not hard to commit to.  Besides, theyre a borderline top 25 team, why DON'T you want to support your school?  Or are you all just a bunch of fairweather fans?  Besides, the line is not the worst part.  If you can handle getting up early Sat you should not have a problem getting into the game with a good seat (9 am should suffice, I get up for 8ams every day... its not that bad).  And you all know that everyone will throw theyre godam jackets over the first 6 rows like every other game, so just find a friend.  While Im on that note.  Why isn't anyone complaining about people who save half a row for friends who show up at gametime?  A few seats, I can understand.  I draw my line at 3.  If you have more then that at senior day I am taking your seat if I want it.  That is bullshit.  Why don't you people complain about something that is actually crap that you didn't mess up yourselves?

Underrated A-103/2/2006 6:02:00 AM

As a member of the Colonial Army, I was pissed about the women’s games. As a former high school woman basketball player, I was still pissed about the women’s games. In the end though, the Colonial Army changed its policy. To get people to go to the Smith Center Center during the avier game, they said that any member who brought 2 non-members got a swipe. So, if you came with 4 of your non-member friends, you got 2 women’s swipes. And free pizza. So, for all intensive purposes you could have gone to the Smith Center Center, swiped in, grabbed free pizza, and left. I don't know how you can bash on a system that you can abuse so badly.

I understand the policy itself is ridiculous to some, but if it was really that important to you to stay in the Colonial Army line you would have sucked up the cold weather, gone to the Smith Center and just swiped in a few times. If you think all of the the CA members that are getting in early really stayed for those women's games you're very wrong.

Also, while I agree that there are a ton of girls that know nothing about basketball and go to games, and sit in great seats (yes, literally sit instead of stand during the games) don't think that there aren't guys who are just as bad. The guy net to me at the La Salle game didn't even know the fight song let alone who was playing for us.

GW Senior3/2/2006 7:16:00 AM

Underrated, I know eactly what you mean.  At a lesser game (Im actually blanking on what game it was, but an easy win none the less) I saw girls actually sitting down facing OPPOSITE the court talking to people  for almost the entire game.  These games are meant for fans, not to be seen as socially cool.  That is my absolute biggest pet peeve!!!!

freethrow3/2/2006 7:36:00 AM is great that those who attended the womens games recieve perks like earlier admission. but those who did not should not be punished by being kicked out of the army.

Colonial Army Captain3/2/2006 7:54:00 AM

I have no problem with the policy of requiring attendance at women's games.  I think it's hilarious that people who are getting "kicked out" haven't complained until they had to wait in line or maybe even not sit in the lower bowl during the LaSalle game.  You have to accept responsibility for your own actions or lack of actions.

I was an undergrad from 1998-2002.  I remember getting to Smithy at 3 AM before the avier game and being 40th in line!  Yes, the people first in line began lining up at 9 PM the night before.  Camping used to be a time-honored tradition, but with the advent of the CA, it went away.  Now, it's back.  I'm very ecited about it, even at my "advanced age".

Bashing the CA and its eecutive board, particularly In Training is pointless and quite rude.  The CA has done all it can to promote school spirit and attendance.  If you have a problem with the way things are run or the policies set by the AD's office (like limiting CA membership), talk to the administration yourself.  The CA is working with what is set forth by the school, NOT the other way around.  While even I admit that better things can be done, this forum is about GW Hoops and is about discussion, not attacks on things that cannot change right now.

Bottom line:  What's done is done.  Camp out, get up early, booze it up, and let's rock Smithy one last time!  This has been an awesome season.  Why ruin it with squabbling now?

crossover3/2/2006 8:27:00 AM

I haven't posted anything before because I have enjoyed reading what others have had to say. But this has gone on too long. Please reread the first question that dookas asked. It wasn't about the colonial army or women's games or anything like that. It is about the seniors. This is the seniors day. We should all get in just a little bit earlier. Anyone that can make that happen I urge you to. This day goes way beyond colonial army and 4 women's games. It's 4 years of dedication. Four years of seeing the ups and downs of a growing team. I think the colonial army is as stupid as the net person. I think most juniors and seniors who knew colonial life before it will agree. But let's just drop it now and focus on what we should be focusing on. Senior players and fans should get preferential treatment. Give us first dibs on the student section and allow us to lead our seniors, our team, to victory. I went to 4 women's games so I'll be there. But I don't want to look up and see kids I use to stand net to and scream loud with in the upper section. I want him or her with me one last time. Do it right guys. Give us this day.

Dookas3/2/2006 8:42:00 AM

Amen, brother

Thanks for understanding my point

Colonial Army Captain3/2/2006 8:52:00 AM

Here's my compromise.  I'm getting to the arena ass crack early Saturday.  If you can show me proof you're a senior, I will let 10 of you in behind me if you're there prior to 10:30 AM.  Otherwise, get your "dedicated" ass in line and show your spirit and fan-dom that way. 

Letting the seniors in early creates the same problem as those that you raise about the CA.  You have about 50-80 die hards who haven't missed a game in their 4 years, and another 100 bandwagon fans, who don't know the Mike Hall head-pounds or the "OOOOOOO" or do more than 4 "Aww, G-Dubs" after 2 made FT's.  (Yes, it's 4, not 5, not 6, not 3).  You complain that you've shown your dedication for 4 years.  I've been waiting 8 years for this fucking season.  I witnessed the high of GW-avier 1999 (Shawnta's 3), then I suffered through all of Penders' tenure, THEN I had to watch Hobbs rebuild.  That's twice as long as you guys.  I'll be damned if a bunch of bandwagon d-bags are going to mi in with the die-hards and ruin the lower bowl on Senior Day.

You're seniors.  You have valid ID's.  Brown bag some booze, sit on the curb, get wasted with me, and we'll have a grand old time at Smithy.

crossover3/2/2006 9:07:00 AM

8 long have you been in fuckin college? Time to move on, don't you think. Glad you're here captain. That was a real classy reply. I'll be waiting out there early getting drunk but not because of you but because I'm a fan. What a child ..."I've been a fan twice as long as you"....what the crap, who cares? I hate the bandwagon kids just as much as you (honestly I don't think the seniors make up the majority of the bandwagon. I think it's freshman and sophs) but it's senior day. We should get priority over anyone. Anyone that disagrees are just bitter because they didn't have it before or haven't had it yet. You seem to be a good eample of that....It is just the right thing to do.

Colonial Army Captain3/2/2006 9:34:00 AM

Cross, I was in school for 4 years, graduated, now I'm back part time doing an MBA.  What's it to you?  I'm still in the area, I know the game, I'm loud, I'm obnoious, I go to every game, I'm there early, and I love the team.  I'm not lording my age and tenure over anyone.  I'm just saying there are plenty of people on this board who are just as dedicated ass you are who have been doing it longer than you.  The main point here is that if the seniors get special dispensation Saturday (as you guys are requesting), the same problems that you guys complain about via the CA will be there.  It's just the bandwagon seniors who will be ruining it for everyone.  I made my offer.  If you want to find me, you can take me up on it.  We can even do a shot.

I think Saturday is the day when the true Smith Psychos return.  The biggest die hards (with a few eceptions) will be down front, and the rest of the peeps will be up top.  I can't wait.

Levinator3/2/2006 10:55:00 AM


"brown bag some booze"-  Now youre talking.  Sometimes when you get all liquored up, standing on line really doesn't matter as much. perhaps that policy should be added to the Army for net year.  Show us ID and take a cup...kegs are lined up on the right. 

 As for alums like me...i aint standing anywhere.  Give me some booze and show me the door or else my alumni financial support stops at the net letter SJT sends me.  I best not be waiting on senior day.  Gold seats here i come.


crossover3/2/2006 3:47:00 PM

I'll be there early. I hope net year that someone changes this rule on senior day because it's wrong that some seniors may get denied a seat because some freshman girl wants to impress her boyfriend. This is the seniors last game and while I think it great capt. that you can still come to games most of us aren't that lucky. Freshman, sophs, juniors, and grads (some), all can say, "see you net year." But we can't (most of us). This is our goodbye and thanks. So, I'll see you on Saturday bright and early. And I'll be in that lower section cheering loudly and dancing for my pita pit. My only hope is that people look at this than more than just a game but a dedication to the senior players and fans. And that they respect "senior day."

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