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BM12/18/2015 10:49:53 AM

Originally a 2016 I think.  Same school as Kodye Pugh.  Speedy combo guard with defensive ability.  Of course, UVA looking too.

[F150Bflinn's avatar]Brian Flinn@F150Bflinn
George Washington is the latest to offer 2017 Blair Academy G Matt Turner. Stock continues to rise.


Verbal Commits


BM12/18/2015 10:52:58 AM


BM12/18/2015 11:45:06 AM


BM12/18/2015 12:34:49 PM

Maybe I'm wrong, but it looks like we're concentrating on wings for 2017.

Bo Knows12/18/2015 1:20:16 PM

I don't think you are wrong BM. I would say the priority looks like this:

1 scholarship - Wing

2 scholarships - Wing then another post (theory being it will be a post that left opening the spot)

3 scholarships - Wing, post and then another wing/guard (or best available player) (theory being it will be at least one post who left and perhaps the other would be a wing or post).

All depends on who stays and goes. Given that like 40% of kids transfer you can bet we will have at least 2 and maybe even 3 scholarships total for 2017. That is completely independent of any knowledge of anyone's situation or anything any coach has said - that is just playing history and the law of averages across college basketball.

BC12/18/2015 2:21:17 PM

Can we really afford to have another Matt on the team?   It's like climbing the Matt erhorn, what's the Matt er with us?

dmvpiranha7/20/2016 10:15:51 AM

He is another player that is no longer considering us according to VC whether it's true or not who knows. Was offered by St. Louis and Duquesne yesterday.

thinker7/20/2016 10:26:15 AM

Or he is another player that we are no longer considering. Either side can lose interest in the other.

BM8/7/2016 11:10:37 PM

PatLawless_'s avatar

Pat Lawless  @PatLawless_

Matt Turner, a class of 2017 Guard from Blair Academy (NJ)/NY Lightning, is on an unofficial visit to George Washington.


BACCAS928/7/2016 11:59:39 PM

I read this to mean we are not confident we will get Gaines or Walker.  Interesting because we made Gaines' final list. 

BACCAS928/8/2016 12:06:46 AM

I read this to mean we are not confident we will get Gaines or Walker.  Interesting because we made Gaines' final list. 11:04:48 AM

I take this as something you get to post about!!

thinker8/8/2016 1:12:38 PM

According to the first post above, we offered Turner last December. I think it's pretty hard to link that to what we think our chances are with Gaines or anyone else. The prudent recruiting plan is always to have multiple options at multiple levels. I think we also have enough depth on the team to not have to absolutely recruit only x position or y position for 2017.

So if Turner committed and then Gaines wanted to commit as well, I'm sure we'd be OK with that.

I continue to feel like Longpre is our most likely signee at this point.

Also don't forget that at this moment we have 10 guys PLUS Darnell (to me until he is deemed qualified and is on the roster then it's not 100% sure) who would still be on scholarship in 2017. With those guys you might have a kind of sorta notional depth chart of Sina/Rogers, Steeves/Roland/Bolden, Yuta/Williams, Toro/Smith, and Marfo/Goss.

That doesn't scream of we're sunk if we don't get x. y. or z recruit. 

NewGWFan8/8/2016 1:27:52 PM


You're forgetting to account for the 3 transfers because the coach is emotionally abusive to factor in for.

GW698/8/2016 1:55:47 PM


The Dude8/8/2016 2:18:17 PM

GW remains a great place to come and play.  I mean that with ever fiber, I liked it so much I picked it 3x for school, and I still play hoops with guys at GW half of my age. (not very well these days, I have Al Roma foot speed in my late 30s!)  

Mr Tuner and all recruits I would hope are still enticed to come to Foggy Bottom regardless of a certain story in a certain newspaper.

The Dude8/8/2016 2:19:11 PM

Mr Turner, damn auto correct! apologies to the young Mr TURNER!

thinker8/8/2016 2:39:40 PM


It is my sincerest hope that if ML remains at GW that he will become a bit less intense and that may result in less transfers going forward.

NewGWFan8/8/2016 3:18:05 PM

I was joking.  Sarcasm didn't come through.  I derailed your thoughtful post.  

I think your right though, the groundwork has been laid.  A legitimate question though, can we develolp a bench.  ML needs to be able to go 8 deep or more.

The Dude8/8/2016 3:58:51 PM

I have a full paragraph to respond to NewGWFan's post, but if you read this board regularly you've read it already.  

thinker8/8/2016 7:39:13 PM


It's hard to construct a scenario where this wouldn't be ML's deepest team at GW. Absent injuries or crazy occurences:

I believe that Sina, Yuta, Steeves, Cavanaugh, Hart and Roland have shown here or elsewhere that they can play significant roles. It doesn't seem that anyone would dispute at this moment that Marfo will be able to be a significant contributor right away. That's already 7 players we can be pretty confident about being able to be in the regular rotation.

Then you would just have to imagine that we are likely to get something substantial for at least 2 out of Toro, Smith, Bolden, Rogers, Williams, and Goss. Then we'd have a rotation of at least 9 guys -- And I think we will get something out of more than 2 of those guys.

If this is ML's best recruiting class -- beating the class of Kevlar, Savage, JoeMac and Garino -- then I'd expect a lot out of the other freshmen.

NewGWFan8/8/2016 9:50:12 PM


I was recently reviewing a thread on the site after GW beat UVA and one of my observations at the time was that we finally had a bench.  This was after a great PJ game and contribution from Mitola and some minutes from Hart.  I think part of is due to the nature to have high hopes for unknown commodities.

I'm a bit more hesitant on our depth until we can prove it.  It's been my main criticism of ML teams at GW.  I think the core of Yuta, Cav, Sina, Steeves, Marfo will be the starters. I think there are some redundancy between Hart and Roland so I have reluctance to say both will have spot in rotation at the moment where they make significant contribution.   You may very well be right, but it just seems like every year the bench players have a tough time finding a way to contribute on a nightly basis.  Maybe that was due to the Joe, Kev, Pato core being so counted on and in entrenched roles.  With their absense the staff may be more likely to give bench extended looks or there's just more opportunities that previously weren't available.

dmvpiranha10/12/2016 9:07:49 PM

Santa Clara (10/12)

Bigfan10/13/2016 1:34:03 AM

Nice that we just lost a recruit who actually visited ,to basketball power Santa Clara.

Doesn' t portend well,unless we get some good news on a good recruit.

Yinka dont Stinka10/13/2016 6:28:17 PM

There is no reason to think that a single recruit will sign with GW until a permanent head coach is named.

byronamina6/12/2017 2:49:36 PM

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