New Head Coach Candidates for GW
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bobo12/8/2010 11:45:19 AM

For agrument's sake, let's say GW lets Hobbs go after this season.  Who would you think are the best replacement candidates to be the new Head Coach for GW Basketball?

1.  Mike Jarvis - Forida Atlantic.  Has some history with the program

2  Bob Mckillop - Davison.  Consistent winner in the Southern Conf.  21 years at Davison

3.  Fran McCaffery - Siena.  McCaffery's taken Siena to 3 straight NCAA appearances and somehow got both UNC Greensboro and Lehigh to The Dance as well.  McCaffery may be holding out for a BCS offer but I'm sure the nights get cold up in Albany waiting for that big break.

4.  Rick Byrd - Belmont.  Byrd's Belmont Bruins went to 3 straight NCAA trips and almost knocked off Duke in 2008 (71-70) and have been competitive in the off years.  Similar to McKillop, Byrd's been at the school a long time (24 years) and may be content to live out his basketball existence in Music City. 

5.  Todd Bozeman - Morgan State.  Became a HC at Cal before he turned 30.  Won at the highest levels and fucked up royaly as well.  Bozeman paid a long sentence for his transgressions and has turned a wreched Morgan State progam into a MEAC winner with 3 straight post season trips and 50 wins in the last 2 years.  Brother of GW's women coach Mike Bozeman and also played college ball at URI under HC Claude English.  Current GW Associate HC, Roland Houston, also played at URI under Claude English.

 6.  Joe Dooley.  Assistant coach at Kansas.  GW graduate and former player and team captain.  Like Bozeman, Dooley became a D1 head coach at a young age (29) and had a 4 year run as HC for East Carolina.   Started off strong but faded and was let go.  Dooley's been a recruiting maven for UNM and KU since then and was a finalist for the Holy Cross spot last year.

7.  James "Bruiser" Flint - Drexel.  Keeping with the theme of coaches who got a young start, Flint took over from Calipari at UMASS when he was 31 and went to the NCAA Tourney his first 2 years.  Not so great after that but always had a winning record in the A10, including a 11-5 record his last season.  Been generally a consistent winner at Drexel (only 1 losing season out of 10) and has a nice recruiting class comming in next year.

Any othe candidates?  Any preferances?

bobo12/8/2010 12:30:42 PM

Brad Brownell just got the head spot at Clemson. 

I was thinking of Jeff Jones too as I thought he did a pretty good job at UVA before going to AU but......not realy.

I doubt if Blaine Taylor would leave ODU for GWU but a good coach.

My preference would be for Bozeman to join his brother at GWU and keep his URI fellow Alumni colleague, Roland Houston, on as the Associate HC and his nephew as well. 

gw79512/8/2010 12:33:05 PM

Scratch out McKillop, he's never leaving Davidson.  Never. 

Hatchet Man12/8/2010 12:39:02 PM

I would prefer Bozeman or Lonergan at Vermont.

BTW, McCaffrey is at Iowa now.  So he's a no-go.

herve12/8/2010 12:41:36 PM

Former Player, Current Fan12/8/2010 12:45:25 PM

 I like Bozeman....Brothers coaching Men's and Women's basketball at one school.  Has it ever been done?  could be good publicity.

I could live with Jeff Jones also.

Dolphin Michael12/8/2010 12:47:14 PM

Here's a return to another oddball approach. Bring Joe back as men's coach. He has GW buff and blu running through his veins. He also had the best body English than any coach that I have seen. I think he made some shots from the sideline on just influence.

NJ Colonial12/8/2010 1:09:51 PM

Joe Dooley would at least fight to push GW to the top. 

Bring Mike Brey home - offer him anything - put President Knapp and Trsutee Chairman Ramsey on a plane to South Bend!

bobo12/8/2010 1:15:02 PM

How about make everyone associated with GW Basketball happy and let Hobbs, Kvancz and Perno go at the end of the season?

Bring Mike Jarvis back as the new AD and have him help choose the new head coach.  Obviously Jarvis doesn't have AD experience but he's smart, has good contacts, loves sports (played both baseball and basketball at NU) and would be a constant advocate for GWU.  Mary Jo Warner could stay on to bring some AD experience and help Jarvis make the transition. Maybe Jarvis still wants to be a HC but he's around 64 and has to figure there won't likely be any big colleges asking him to take over their programs.

Jarvis as AD the Bozeman brothers as the basketball coaches.  Sounds good to me.

newtman12/8/2010 1:23:25 PM

DM, like your idea of offering to Joe.

say NO to Dooley. watched that guy play 4 years that was too much.  he's still pulling the same crap as he did when he played.  Dooley is the poster child for bad behavior.

dang12/8/2010 1:25:51 PM

Can't imagine Joe would leave Northwestern when location (for his son) was such a substantial part of him going there. 

VB12/8/2010 1:37:35 PM

Bring Al Skinner back to the A-10?

NJ Colonial12/8/2010 1:40:26 PM

Bobo may be on to something, Jarvis would enjoy restoring GW to glory.  Hey, what ever happened to Mike O'Reilly? 

Tommy Amaker12/8/2010 1:40:39 PM

Bring in Amaker from Harvard!

gw79512/8/2010 1:42:33 PM

How about Billy Kennedy at Murray State?  Has been pretty solid wherever he's been, especially Murray State.  Did you see how well they did last year?

The MV12/8/2010 1:45:41 PM

This thread is certainly entertaining.  Al Skinner?  Sure, that's what we need.  Mike Brey?  GW had it's chance, flat out blew it, and Mike isn't about to leave Notre Dame to coach at GW.  That notion is absolutely hysterical.  Jarvis as AD to select the next coach?  Well, he gave an instrumental testimonial on behalf of one of his players ten years ago, a point guard named Karl Hobbs.  Let's fire Hobbs, hire Jarvis as AD, and then watch Jarvis rehire Hobbs.  I can't think of a better scenario that so many of you would deserve.

Tommy Amaker12/8/2010 1:52:35 PM


VB12/8/2010 1:56:19 PM

MV--What is wrong with Al Skinner?  You act as though hiring a former URI coach who moved on to a bigger program where he enjoyed moderate success before wearing out his welcome is not a blueprint for a successful GW head coach.

bobo12/8/2010 1:58:48 PM

Nothing wrong with Jarvis endorsing Hobbs 10 years ago as I sure he could atest to Hobbs hard work and drive.  But Jarvis is also a rational man and can see (as we all have seen) that Hobbs had his shot at GW.  Time to move on.

I forgot about Tommy Amaker.  Excellent choice as he's done a great job building up the program at Harvard.  He's got a top recruiting class comming in next year making it 3 straight.

The Rabbi12/8/2010 2:12:39 PM

I'd love Tommy Amaker but I don't think he'd leave Harvard for us. (Is it really an upgrade? Is it sad that we have to ask ourselves that?) How about another former Seton Hall coach, Louis Orr? He took the Pirates to 2 NCAAs in 3 years and pretty much recruited this past year's team that was supposed to be their best in a decade. Since then he's been at Bowling Green and he turned them from a below .500 team to first in the MAC and an NIT birth. That being said, they aren't looking so good recently.

DEA12/8/2010 2:16:57 PM

 I think Bozeman is probably the most realistic option for a good hire...his brother is well liked by the school and he's done a good job wherever he's coached with the exception of the Cal incident

Free Quebec12/8/2010 2:41:07 PM

In Hobbs' first year, I vaguely recall him being extremely disrespectful to the women's team. I'm sure someone else will recall the details.

If we hired Bozeman, at least we know that wouldn't happen again.


The MV12/8/2010 2:46:53 PM

VB, Skinner would be an uninspired choice to say the least.  A .500 record in conference games while at BC and 4 games under .500 in conference games while at URI.  I don't see him as a great motivator.  If a change is made, I'd rather have a more aggressive, enthusiastic coach.


MSC12/8/2010 2:48:51 PM

FQ- I believe you are referring to KH throwing a baskeball at the direction of a female hoops player running the track above practice.

LA Fan12/8/2010 3:04:46 PM

Mike Brey, Tommy Amaker?  These guys aren't going to come to GW at this point.  People used to say that we are not Duke.  Well right now, we are not even a top tier A-10 team.  I would liken the GW job to a coach accepting a job at Duquesne or LaSalle.  Would Tommy Amaker do that, or would he wait for something bigger and better? 

It's sad to think this way because we still have some good memories of GW basketball.  But I think the college basketball world at-large has forgotten about us.  When is the last time GW played on national TV (ESPN 2 included)?  When is the last time GW made the NCAA tournament, or won a game against a BCS school?  When is the last time any analyst on the national scene even thought about GW basketball?  The answer to all of those questions is years ago.

This is why we need a regime change for GW basketball.  The admin needs to know that the alumni and supporters want a change.  The program has been run into the ground.  I think it will take a call from Chernak or even SJT (who is still involved with GW) to phone an old friend like Jarvis to make something happen for the program again.  It's time for the admin to call in some favors.  I'm not sure Knapp can do it, John's Hopkins wasn't exactly a big basketball school.

bobo12/8/2010 3:20:50 PM

Tommy Amaker may have better offers than GW and maybe he won't.  Ussually when the bigger BCS programs are looking to hire a coach from a smaller school (Harvard) they want an up-and-commer.  A lot of these programs would see Amaker as a retread and ask the question: If Amaker couldn't succeed at Michigan, why would he win here?  He apparantly was considered for the BC job but they went elsewhere.  Sometimes these small conference coaches hold out for the dream job when they are winning but discover the perfect job offer isn't there when their program hits the enevitable bump in the road.

As I said above, I'd like Jarvis as a AD but I think HC is more of a young man's job...especially for a program that has to build itself back up. 

Alumnus12/8/2010 3:52:40 PM

If Jarvis wants out at FAU, I'd hire him as an athletic consultant for 2-3 years.  Have him involved with hiring the new coach and maybe the new AD, then use him as a PR guy for the duration.  I don't see him as doing the AD gruntwork, which means you've got to bring in a couple of strong assistant ADs and I don't think the King Lear thing works for coaches.  Plus, how successful would his recruiting be if it's pretty clear he's not in for the long haul as coach?  If you decide to let Hobbs go after this season and there's no clear replacement, you could do worse than Jarvis as a fill-in, but I wouldn't see him as the prime candidate.  

herve12/8/2010 3:58:05 PM 

herve12/8/2010 3:59:50 PM 

ChrisW12/8/2010 4:18:50 PM

"Great points BlueSeats. The truly good coaches seem to help build people, rather than players, and also recruit people rather than just players... I would love to be in the background on one of Hobbs' visits because I'm certain he says all the right things for both the kid and the parents."

What a douche, um, sorry Herve, I didn't see ya there.

cagwuk12/8/2010 4:21:17 PM

If the UConn mafia are retained, would they consider making an offer to Dave Leitao?  Would Dave be okay being his friend's replacement?

notta hater12/8/2010 5:15:29 PM

this post cracks me up.  What about John Thompson or Bobby Knight?

BM12/8/2010 5:50:07 PM

Good lists.  I like the Bozeman Idea and Lonegran or Blaine Taylor could work as well.  I don't want any retreads who have failed to win at the BCS level (Skinner, Amaker, Jeff Jones) and a double emphatic no to Dooley.

Mentzinger12/8/2010 8:07:34 PM

Again, if you know his history, you know that Bozeman is not an option at GW. Jarvis is more likely than that. And, as everyone knows, Dooley is the fittest candidate, combining winning midmajor head coaching experience, a GW degree and a championship ring.

After that, there's (in order of my pref)

Donnie Jones, Central Fla.

Gary Waters, Cleveland St.

Keith Dambrot, Akron

Luis Orr, Bowling Green

Mitch Buonoguoro, Siena

Mike Lonergan, Vermont

Steve Pikiell, Stony Brook

Tom Moore, Quinnipiac

Randy Monroe, UMBC

Jeff Jones, American

Jeff Bzdelik, Wake Forest

Matt Doherty, SMU

Tim Jankovich, Illinois State

Brian Ellerbe, Michigan (asst)

I started a thread of this nature 2 seasons ago that drew 120 replies and the anger of many. Good thing no one listened. ...  woulda missed out on the CBI last season

jerseyGWfan12/8/2010 10:26:21 PM

Some of the ideas here are ridiculous.  Bzdelik from Wake to come here?  How did Waters work out at Rutgers?  He is a midwest guy.  I think that Jarvis would be a disastrous hire because he felt that he had outgrown GW and I think that trying to recapture the magic would be impossible either as a Head Coach and especially as an AD.   Bozeman would be a good hire in my opinion but at this point, nothing makes me think that his brother would be guaranteed to still be here down the line for the women's team.  The jury is still very very much out on that.  I think that Hobbs cares a whole lot more than anyone realizes but his bunker mentality of me against the world and his stubbornness to change anything about his approach have been his undoing.  New energy and a new voice is needed for sure.  I would agree with the sentiment for someone who is young, up-and-coming from a smaller school.  If the program wants to be serious, it needs someone who is not learning on the job.

bobo12/8/2010 10:45:58 PM

OK, JerseyFan smart guy, show us your list of possible replacement coaches for Hobbs.  Just be sure that none of them are ridiculous. 

Mentzinger12/8/2010 11:33:13 PM

Not that I'd want him here, but I doubt Bzdelik is long for Wake.

george the hippo hunter12/9/2010 2:02:14 AM

Linda Bruno for AD!

bobo12/17/2010 2:41:16 PM

Very big win for Bruiser Flint and Drexel @ Louiville earlier in the week.  Bruiser's bruisers are now 7-1 for the year.  Drexel plays in front of a half filled 2,300 seat non-refurbished gym in Phily at a school at a school with less basketball traditon and about 1/3 the total school endowment.  Maybe a return to the A10 for B Flint?

Tommy Amaker's Crimson are 7-2 for the year after crushing Boston University.  Harvard plays in a 2,100 facility built in 1924 and partically refurbished ($2m) in 1996.  Tommy may be waiting for a BCS job, but I'm sure many of those schools would be concerned about his time at Michigan.  No doubt Amaker would appreciate the opportunity to offer athletic scholarships to recruits. 

Todd Bozeman's Morgan St has taken a step back so far this year at 3-4.  More difficult OOC shedule as the played their first 5 games on the road and still have Lou, SU and Baylor comming up.  Likely though, Bozeman will have his team prepared for conf play do very well in the MEAC.

Blue seater...12/17/2010 4:05:24 PM

The threads say..."GW needs to hire a new coach, someone fresh, experienced, and better than Hobbs". When

will we realize...the expectations surpass what GW really is...not a school known for its athletics! Hobbs

resurrected what Jarvis,Penders and Joe(WBB) never did...put GW on the map!. Yes that was a few years

ago but prior to Hobbs, we were ok with being ok. The league has changed, other schools have found

ways to get talented kids into school and utilize their skills. Hobbs started out doing that...that avenue was

cut short and now you see what GW really is. An over-priced, mediocre athletic(basketball) school. Better yet

let's join Bowling Green, Davidson, Old Dominion, American and Harvards' conference and see how we

fair with Hobbs. I think we would do well.

A new coach may bring a few wins but we'll be back to firing the "new" coach as soon as things don't pan out

LA Fan12/17/2010 5:19:31 PM

Jarvis put GW on the map, not Hobbs.  When Jarvis was the head coach he was doing half-time commentary on nationally televised games.  He beat the #1 ranked team in the country with Clinton in the stands.  He got GW to the sweet 16 and played a decent game against Michigan.  Jarvis is the coach that I will always associate with GW having a real program.  Hobbs had a good couple of years where he really scored with some under the radar recruits.  Those days are long gone.  Copes is coming, but that is because his uncle is on the coaching staff.

As for Flint, Drexel has an RPI of 23 and just beat Louisville.  Flint is making in-roads with Philly recruiting.  GW's RPI is 300 and whatever.  Would Flint jump ship to come to GW?  What's the catch?

Tim412/17/2010 5:37:33 PM

Far too many of these posts focus on mid-major head coaches when I think its much more likely we end up with someone who was previously an assistant.


bobo12/17/2010 5:43:27 PM

I have a hard time believing for their next coaching hire, GW would again go for an assistant coach  - especially one without any previous D1 head coaching experience.  Maybe a Joe Dooley as he was previously the hc of E Carolia, but not another unproven BCS assistant.

bobo12/27/2010 11:17:46 PM

Rick Byrd continues to impress at Belmont, now 9-3 with a last second 1 pt loss at Tenn. 

Bozeman's Morgan State Bears are 4-6 after consecutive road losses to SYR and LOU.

Harvard's Crimson is 7-3 after a loss @ UCON.



bobo12/27/2010 11:31:40 PM

2 more:

Mike Lonergan, Vermont is not 8-3 with wins vs RPI Top 100 Quinnipiac, Siena and Iona. 

Mike Jarvis's Florida Atlantic is 7-6 but have a RPI rank of 95.  GW is ranked 260.

seneca12/28/2010 10:11:12 AM

Of course bobo can't even live under the terms of his own proposal. What a surprise. And people don't think this is personal hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

bobo12/28/2010 10:17:54 AM

I'm keeping tabs on these potential candidates throughout the season.  If Seneca cares not to look, that would be fine with me and everyone else on this board. 

Mentzinger12/28/2010 10:57:11 AM

1) Joe Dooley, Kansas

2) Donnie Jones, Central Fla.

bobo12/28/2010 11:20:26 AM

In July 2010, Dooley was ranked first in the Top 25 High-Major Assistants by

Joe Dooley hasn't been a head coach in 11 years.  Is there a reason behind that long wait?  Have other programs been reluctant to offer Dooley the HC position for some reason?  Is Dooley just holding out for the perfect job? 

I can't see why Jonnie Jones would leave his brand new 10,000 seat UCF Arena stadium and the money the athletic programs gets from their football success (playing UGA in the Liberty bowl on Jan 1) for GW. 

BM12/28/2010 11:57:21 AM

Some people are just better asssistants than head coaches.  Maybe Dooley realized that after his stint at ECU.  Maybe KH should also figure that out.

newtman12/28/2010 12:21:56 PM

NO WAY JOE DOOLEY! he was a disgrace as a player and has continued his bad behavior at Kansas.

GW Alum Abroad12/28/2010 12:25:38 PM

Newtman-- huh? What about his time at GW was "a disgrace" and what during his tenure at KU has been "a disgrace"? I am not endorsing Dooley, but I wonder why the venom.

BM12/28/2010 1:55:10 PM

He walked off the court in the middle of the game.  The fact that Gimelstob's was an asshat doesn't make it OK.  You don't leave your teammates like that.

GW Alum Abroad12/28/2010 2:04:44 PM

I still think Dooley was right about GG, and for years "F*^& you Gerry! I'm transferring" was a part of the student lexicon used to express displeasure with the Administration. And since then, what has he done wrong?

seneca12/28/2010 2:06:18 PM

GW Alum Abroad - did you really expect that this board wouldn't hate on Joe Dooley? 

The facts of GWHoops - most people hated on Jarvis, Penders and Hobbs. They will hate on the next coach when things don't go exactly as planned, write it down. They probably hate their mothers and wives. But in reality we have the most miserable collection of SOBs as fans ever asembled. Ask any longtime fan of another school in the A-10 which school's fans are regarded as the assholes of the A-10. You will get one clear and unmistakeable answer: GW. And some here will continue to wonder why (BTW, I'm no Joe Dooley supporter).

Mentzinger12/28/2010 2:09:44 PM

BM and newtman, how bout a little forgiveness? I mean cripes, after all thet's gone on with GW coaches you want to pillory Dooley for something he did as a teenager. Think working in a blue chip program may have taught him some things more recently?

newtman12/28/2010 2:22:09 PM

mentz, here's another classic Dooley moment yellin a two-word expletive at NV star player. glad to see he's matured. we can do better than Dooley.

bobo12/28/2010 2:52:08 PM

So Joe Dooley had brief words with a Nevada player 5 years ago and appologized for it afterwards.  It looks like UNCW offered him the top spot this off season.

herve12/28/2010 3:07:25 PM

"The facts of GWHoops - most people hated on Jarvis, Penders and Hobbs. They will hate on the next coach when things don't go exactly as planned, write it down. They probably hate their mothers and wives. But in reality we have the most miserable collection of SOBs as fans ever asembled. Ask any longtime fan of another school in the A-10 which school's fans are regarded as the assholes of the A-10. You will get one clear and unmistakeable answer: GW."


newtman12/28/2010 3:10:52 PM

seneca, i've never liked dooley.  but i did like Walt S, Harold Rhynes, bob tallent, pat tallent, mike tallent, len baltimore, mike zagardo, les anderson, haviland harper, ralph barnett, bill knorr, jon conrad, keith morris, glen sitney....that's just some from 30+ years ago.  ever seen any of those former GW players actually play? 

hating Mothers and wives. you really are an asshole.

Poog12/28/2010 3:28:32 PM

Not sure how many times Harold Rhynes has been mentioned on this site, but it certainly isn't many. As for Jon Conrad, not sure he's ever been mentioned as somebody's favorite. But one you omitted in that wonderful walk down Colonial memory lane was Mike Battle. Those battles against the Cinicnnati Bearcats and Derrick Dickey were highlights of the early 70's.

Mentzinger12/28/2010 3:41:46 PM

newtman, we can do better than a GW grad who's familiar with the program, the school, the  benefits and limitations; who has a winning record as a head coach of a mid-Atlantic midmajor; and whose recruiting and bench work has earned him a national championship ring?

I'm not saying we would even get him if we offered. But he should be at the very top of the list.

But you've got someone better. So, do tell.

Free Quebec12/28/2010 4:03:26 PM

Mentz, I have no opinion about Dooley, but I wonder whether we wouldn't be better off with someone like a Lonergan who has shown he can be consistently solid even without primo talent.

newtman12/28/2010 4:03:30 PM

poog, didnt say Jon Conrad was one of my favorites just that i liked him. Mike Battle absolutely these were names spontaneous response to seneca's post that we don't like anyone. i liked Rhynes our 6'3" forward he could jump.

mentz, NO i dont have anyone better but lots of quallified names have been mentioned. sorry dooley is not the type of person, based on past performance, that i think should represent GW.

bobo12/30/2010 11:17:49 PM

Just in case the top level recruits that Sidney Lowe has recently brought in at NC State, the Wolfpack nation eyes possible coaching replacements:

Possible basketball coaching candidates

Tiny by TVP on Dec 20, 2010 2:06 PM EST

Category 1:  Big Names
Coaches who are already well-established at other big programs.  I don’t think these guys are realistic options, but I am including them for the sake of completeness in case Yow decides to break the bank and they are interested for some reason.
OMG Rick Barnes!, Texas
Mike Anderson, Missouri
Jay Wright, Villanova
Jamie Dixon, Pittsburgh
Brad Stevens, Butler
Mike Montgomery, Cal
Bo Ryan, Wisconsin
Tubby Smith, Minnesota
Sean Miller, Arizona
Category 2:  BCS level coaches we may have a shot at
Recently both Wake and UVA have hired away the head coaches of other BCS programs, so it can be done.  The guys on this list are either (1) successful coaches at BCS programs that arguably are not as good a job as NCSU (2) recent hires at those types of BCS programs, or (3) guys who may be interested for some other reason
Frank Martin, Kansas State
Scott Drew, Baylor
Mark Turgeon, Texas A&M
Keno Davis, Providence
Mark Fox, Georgia
Darrin Horn, South Carolina
Bruce Pearl, Tennessee
Category 3:  Mid-major head coaches
Gregg Marshall, Wichita State (aka The People’s Champion)
Donnie Jones, Central Florida
Chris Mooney, Richmond
Blaine Taylor, Old Dominion
Randy Bennett, St. Mary’s
Category 4:  Other
I doubt we hire someone who is not currently a head coach, but a top assistant at a big program is at least a possibility.  Stanford just hired Johnny Dawkins.  Dare I say it…Chris Collins?  Could he be to State what Vic Bubas was to Duke?

gw79512/30/2010 11:57:01 PM

I don't think those guys from category 3 would wanna take a lateral/backwards step to go to GW. 

DEA12/31/2010 12:50:58 AM

 There's not a coach on that list that would come to GWU...NCState is one of the premier basketball programs in America playing in the ACC...don't see the comparison 

bobo12/31/2010 12:57:03 AM

This is NC State's list, not GW's.  Just interesting that NC State fans would still be looking for a replacement for Sidney Lowe after he brought in their best recruiting class in years. 

Bigfan12/31/2010 2:27:50 AM

The good tihng is Seneca Seats' rant about GW fans being a-holes was totally ignored.

I'll be there today, among very few as always, and I don't even have a financial interest in the athletic departmet.

seneca12/31/2010 8:51:44 AM

Maybe ignored but an unfortunate reality nonetheless.

newtman12/31/2010 9:18:30 AM

GW fans are assholes.  Seneca is a GW fan. therefore, Seneca is an ..........

The MV12/31/2010 11:03:20 AM

Just to remain consistent, I heard a promo this morning on the radio for the Redskin-Giant game this Sunday where the announcer says, "let's help send Tom Coughlin to the unemployment line."  I don't like the Giants and don't like Coughlin, but thought that this was classless nevertheless.  (And coming from the Redskins who bear more responsibility for unemployment via their own firings than any other professional sports team, this is extremely laughable.)

I'm ready to put this issue to bed by simply pointing out that the speculation of Hobbs replacements has been going on for a number of years now yet last time I checked, KH was still coaching the team.  So have your fun throwing out names left and right with the knowledge that this little exercise has gotten you nowhere in your quest to send Karl Hobbs to the unemployment line.


notta hater12/31/2010 11:10:58 AM

DEA, regardless of NC State's pedigree, the fact is if it does look for a new coach, it will only be able to hire one from that list.  The others in category 3 and 4 might move for many reasons, including the open hostility by the boosters and administration once they start to look anywhere - even for BCS schools.  Sometimes once the process starts you have to leave - period.

bobo1/4/2011 12:29:41 PM

How about Tom Herrion of Marshall? The Thundering Herd are now 10-3 with a win over SBU.  Herrion is new at Marshall but was a top assistant under Jamie Dixon at Pitt and for 7 years under Guillen at UVA and Prov.  He was also a HC at College of Charleston going 80-38 in 4 years.

Gary Waters is now 15-1 for Cleveland ST in the Horizon League.  Waters of course coached previously at Rutgers and Kent State - one stop being more succesful than the other.

Ed Cooley's Fairfield Stags narrowly avoided a blow out loss @ Florida and have won 9 in a row (10-3 overall).  FU went 23-11 last year and Cooley has never had a losing record in league play.  The recent Ben Jobe winner (top minority coach in the nation) was previously under Al Skinner at BC. 

Jason1/4/2011 1:21:55 PM

 Really?? Really? Just because you're 10-3 at Marshall and you beat St. Bonaventure of all teams all of a sudden you should become coach? It's one thing to say some of these other guys but are we just going to take anybody to get rid of Karl now?

bobo1/4/2011 1:27:48 PM

Prior to comming to GW, Karl Hobbs had zero head coaching experience.  Nothing.  Herrion has just 1 year at Marshal but 4 winning years as the head coach at Charleston and was a top assistant coach under Jamie Dixon and Pete Gullen.  Herrion also has a good reputation as a recruiter. 

bobo1/4/2011 1:42:48 PM

Tom Herrion is also the brother of Bill Herrion.  Bill Herrion was an assistant for GW under Mike Jarvis.  He left to be HC at Drexel (eventually replaced by Bruiser Flint) and then to ECU where Herrion replaced ex GW player, Joe Dooley.

Small world. 

bobo1/17/2011 1:16:13 PM

Anyone who was at the Smith Center on Saturday had to leave duly impressed with the job Tommy Amaker is doing at Harvard.  His team is fundamentally sound and well disciplined.  The ex Duke star continues to bring in talent and some smart basketball program will be fortunate to make him their next head coach.

Matt Brady in in his 3rd year at GMU and now has them at 15-3 overall and 5-1 in the CAA.  Brady went 70-53 at Marist and that program's hasn't done so well after his departure.

Bruiser Flint, on the other hand, has slowed down in league play and is 3-3 in the CAA.

 Todd Bozeman has survived a brutally hard OOC and is comfortably 8-7 overall and 4-0 in the MEAC.  

DEA1/17/2011 1:41:08 PM

 You've got to be kidding me...I'm sure we should talk about firing a coach who is 10-7 and undefeated in the A10 for a coach who is 8-7 at Morgan State!! I swear it's something personal about Hobbs for you..


Btw there's no way we get Amaker..When he leaves which will be in a couple years I think, he will have ACC and Big East schools throwing way more money at him then we can and he knows it. 

bobo1/17/2011 1:49:50 PM

Why so hostile, DEA?

Todd Bozeman's Head coaching record

Season Team Overall Conference Standing Postseason
California (Pac-10) (1993–1996)
1992–1993* California 11–2* 8–1* 2nd NCAA Sweet 16
1993–1994 California 22–8 13–5 T–2nd NCAA 1st Round
1994–1995 California 13–14** 5–13** T–8th  
1995–1996 California 17–11** 11–7** 4th NCAA 1st Round**
California: 63–35& 37–26&  
Morgan State (Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference) (2006–2008)
2006–2007 Morgan State 13–18 10–8 3rd  
2007–2008 Morgan State 22–11 14–2 1st NIT 1st Round
2008–2009 Morgan State 23–12 13–3 1st NCAA 1st Round
2009–2010 Morgan State 27–10 15–1 1st NCAA 1st Round
MSU: 85–51 52–14  
Total: 145–85  

      National Champion         Conference Regular Season Champion         Conference Tournament Champion
      Conference Regular Season & Conference Tournament Champion       Conference Division Champion

Dolphin Michael1/17/2011 1:55:51 PM

Hey DEA, how's the collar feeling?

I sometimes think that folks post stuff just to watch you get worked up and respond.

I don't know... I am just guessing.

That bobo, he's a sly one.

newtman1/17/2011 2:04:32 PM

DEA why so hostile? sounds like you have something personal with Hobbs always taking his side. do you?

DEA1/17/2011 2:14:47 PM

 Maybe I do...or maybe it's just annoying to see some posters on this board only come out when we lose. I like Bozeman as a coach but his team is very,very mediocre this year. There's no way that Hobbs will be fired for a coach with a worse record in a worse conference.

How about you wait until we lose an A10 game before you start this stupid list up again? 

GW261/17/2011 2:25:14 PM

I agree with DEA- there's no chance Hobbs is getting canned after this year especially with the way the team is playing now and with what's coming in next year. I don't know why this issue is getting brought up only after losses.  Bozeman's done a great job where's he at and will get another big-time job soon but not here. I don't follow the women's team but it doesn't look as if his brother's doing that great of a job now either.

The MV1/17/2011 2:36:14 PM

DEA, please forgive Bobo for this one.  As it turns out, he now will have far more free time in the coming weeks than he anticipated.  That said, he might be posting quite a bit next Sunday between 6:30pm and 10:00pm since he will literally have nothing to do.

Grad1/17/2011 3:50:49 PM

How can anyone seriously think that GW would ever have Todd Bozeman's name on a list of Hobb's replacements?  No chance he would ever be considered and take a look at how well his brother has done with our women's program.

Oldish1/17/2011 4:35:48 PM

 I vote we put in Donyell Marshall.

bobo1/17/2011 6:01:31 PM

I don't care much about the women's program or if Todd Bozeman's brother is a good basketball coach.  Nor do I care if Karl Hobbs' siblings are good at coaching basketball.  One thing has absolutely no relation to the other.  

If Tommy Amaker's brother/sister/cousin/uncle was the worst basketball coach in the nation, I'd still hire him on the spot for what he's been able to do at Harvard. 

DEA1/17/2011 7:25:01 PM

 If GWU had a bad season next year then so would a lot of us...setting aside the ridiculousness of this list for a minute, as I said before, why would he come here? He can wait a couple of years and get a good BCS job somewhere. Or he can stay in his high paying job with good team, little pressure and oh yeah his kids get a Harvard education. 

bobo1/17/2011 10:31:21 PM

Amaker may get a better offer than GW but that's not clear yet.  So far no BCS has offered him a HC position and many may be leary of hiring a guy that got fired from his last BCS spot.  One bad year at Harvard and a lot of the interest may dry up as well.  Sometimes it's better to take the offer in hand than wait for the dream job.

DEA1/17/2011 10:59:51 PM

 You don't know that he's had no offers. 

bobo1/17/2011 11:07:41 PM

True.  But the only BCS job that he was reported to be under consideration was the BC job.  Reportedly Amaker interviewed with them but they went elsewhere.  It's possible that dozens of BCS programs secretly offered Amaker their HC position but he turned them all down to stay at Harvard.

Mentzinger1/17/2011 11:09:36 PM

Amaker's a chintzy, greedy dork who couldve built a perfectly good program at Seton Hall until he got all mercenary. He did nothing at Michigan, and at Harvard he's been accused of -- surprise! -- subverting university academic standards in order to land recruits. I think that was the deal with Max Kenyi, if I recall correctly. Perfect fit!

DEA1/17/2011 11:15:37 PM

 I agree with Bobo that he is a very good coach. I think he's planning on laying low for a while until teams see what he's done with that Harvard team..they will be good while he's there. There's really no advantage for him to jump to a GW team whose players don't fit his coaching style at all. 

Poog1/17/2011 11:26:37 PM

Wonder what it means to subvert university academic standards at Harvard -- recruit students that didn't get into their HS Senior Honor Society?

The MV1/18/2011 9:39:25 AM

Please, let's not ignore GW26's question:  why is this topic only being brought up after GW losses?  This thread went silent for 13 days while GW was compiling a 3-0 A10 record.  But it really is a good thing that we don't have any fairweather fans here.

thinker1/18/2011 11:11:39 AM

I agree with Mentz.

I think that Harvard has made a bargain with the devil.  Amaker had NCAA violations right out of the box at Harvard.  When schools decide to really push the envelope to win, it rarely turns out well.  Ask St. Bonaventure or Binghamton or Indiana or UMASS etc.

bobo1/27/2011 12:56:05 AM

Old friend, Mike Jarvis, is now 15-6 (7-0 in conf play) for Florida Atlantic.  It's always bright and sunny in Florida.

Dave Paulsen is 15-7 (7-0 in conf play) for Bucknell.  That makes Paulsen 298 -167 lifetime as a head coach at 4 different schools.

Mike Lonergan continues to win ball games going 15-5 (6-2) so far this year.

Of course I still like Todd Bozeman and Tommy Amaker the most as possible replacements.


Mentzinger1/27/2011 7:13:00 AM

I'm warming to Matt Brady, who did wonders with a Marist team that went 1-27 after he left. Now he has James Madison contending for the Colonial, just down the street in central Virginia.

Dolphin Michael1/27/2011 11:16:08 AM

I'm thinking that Marsha Brady might also be a good hire.


Jan Brady1/27/2011 3:53:31 PM

Well, all day long at school I hear how great Marcia is at this or how wonderful Marcia did that! Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!

herve1/27/2011 4:08:14 PM

JP1/27/2011 4:55:07 PM

Go buy Brey.  Give him whatever he wants.  He's done great things at Notre Dame.  That win over #2 Pitt the other night showed he's got the right stuff.  I know it's completely unrealistic, but that's who I want.  

bobo2/7/2011 6:30:40 PM

Mike Lonergan's Vermont Catamounts have won it's last 7 in a row and is now 19-5 (10-2).

Rick Byrd @ Belmont is once again kicking the Atlantic Sun's ass:  22-4 (14-1).

Bruiser Flint is on a 3 game winning streak bringing Drexel to 16-7 (8-5). 

Cleveland State's Gary Waters is the top dog of the Horizon (Butler's conf) at 21-4 (10-3).

Tommy Amaker lost to Princeton last week but is still 16-4 (4-1) in the Ivy.

Ed Cooley's Fairfield Stags are still the kings of the MAAC hill at 18-5 (11-2).

Some guy named Mike Jarvis is now 18-7 (10-1) is running away with the Sun Belt regular season standings.  He's looking better and better every day.


BM2/7/2011 7:39:36 PM

I did a bit of digging on Lonergan.  His career Won/Lost record versus BCS+Ranked teams is currently 2-15, with one of the wins being truly impressive.  For reference, Jarvis at BU vs the same group of opponents was 6-15 with quite a few impressive wins, but less of a "BCS advantage" at the time.

logic2/7/2011 8:12:39 PM

dave dickerson

Dootie Bubble2/7/2011 8:25:49 PM

My list:

1. Coach K

2. Dean Smith

3. Red Auerbach's ghost

4. John Wooden's ghost

5. Greg Popovich

6. Phil Jackson

7. James Naismith's ghost

8. A genie that grants three wishes without forbidding wishing for more wishes

9. Chris Rock

10. Bob Knight

CSH2/7/2011 8:48:17 PM

Come on, DB, that's stupid. Take the genie, then he can get a bunch of those other guys as assistants.

DEA2/8/2011 10:51:59 PM

 Still no shot to get Amaker unless you want to throw a mil at him which isn't happening. Seriously, why the hell would he leave? Bozeman isn't happening with his brother in far bigger trouble then Hobbs. Nothing about Lonergan is very impressive as BM said..any more?

bobo2/8/2011 11:08:41 PM

Please don't tell me you now think Karl Hobbs is irreplaceable at GW, DEA.  There's no real way to respond to such a bizarre mindset.  And I don't care if Todd Bozeman's brother is the worst basketball coach in the history of the game, it has nothing to do what Todd Bozeman can do.  To equate the two is just a failure of reason and logic. 

DEA2/8/2011 11:19:01 PM

 Did I say that? Because I don't think that. It sounds like you're pissy because the suggestions that you keep bringing up are either non-sensical or unrealistic. I'm sure a coach would want to come to GW out of any school in the country when his brother is likely to be fired. 

Dootie Bubble2/9/2011 6:56:04 AM

There reaches a point when a random assistant off of some random team's bench has just as good a chance of winning a ballgame as our current head coach.  I am sure there are coaches whose name most of us do not know out there with good credentials who would love Hobbs job at less salary than he is making.  The proposition is something of a crapshoot but at some point the odds are better shooting craps than sticking with the status quo.

new coach2/9/2011 7:37:36 AM

how bout wojo off of dukes bench.  He was a great guard in college, knows the game very well and can coach a fast team that GW wants to be.  LEt him go recruit guards an GW will win.  As everyone knows, good guards in college basketball wins games.

herve2/9/2011 8:11:10 AM

Danny Manning 

Monument2/9/2011 9:37:20 AM

Are any former GW players currently assistant coaches for other schools?

herve2/9/2011 9:47:09 AM

or possibly any assistants for the Chicago Bulls...

bobo2/9/2011 9:58:16 AM

Joe Dooley would have to be one of the top choices at GW.  For an current ast coach like him, keeping Houston wouldn't be a problem since he doesn't have a current staff to bring over and it's unlikely anyone else from the Jayhawks would be moving to DC. 

BM2/9/2011 10:45:56 AM

Lonergan was on the Sports Junkies this morning.  Funny dude.  Funny funny like Pikiell, nota crazy funny like Martelli.  Said he has only interviewed for one job while at Vermont (Seton Hall last year), but has been offered 5-6 jobs on the phone, but he's "too stupid to take 'em".  Was clearly putting his name out there... second lowest salary in the America East, school has no budget for fancy gear etc.

The MV2/9/2011 11:40:33 AM

I can't imagine how JP's post alluded me.."Go Buy Brey.  Give him whatever he wants."  That is so funny on so many levels.

I am morally opposed to this thread but sometimes, the temptation is too great.  How come the name, Gerry Gimelstob hasn't resurfaced?  It was reported that he returned to the Smith Center for the first time (at the Harvard game) since he had been fired.  Think he wasn't sniffing around for a job?  Come on everyone, let's start a movement to bring Gerry back.

Dolphin Michael2/9/2011 1:33:25 PM

BM--Gotta be on the top of the list. I know a couple of guys who played for him and they really liked him. Great game coach. He knows how to handle the shooters. Very underappreciated talent... like bullpen coaches.

BM2/9/2011 2:03:20 PM

DM, Agreed, but also see my concern about his W/L vs BCS teams a bit higher in this thread.  Certainly not a fatal flaw by itself.

Mentzinger2/9/2011 2:28:51 PM

Lonergan is a nonstarter with me, which means a contract likely is imminent.

From Seth Davis' story for how midmajors like us can't afford anyone good:

• When you hear fans exhorting their favorite school to fire their coach, consider that Auburn's first-year coach Tony Barbee is making $1.6 million per year. That's the going rate right now. So you can complain about the guy you have all you want, but if you want to get rid of him, you have to ask whom you're going to replace him with. Not a lot of great (or affordable) choices out there.

Read more:

GWAlum20012/9/2011 2:55:21 PM

Love to have Lonergan, but I think he may be looking at a bigger step up then GW.  Winner at multiple levels, looks like he is a good game coach, maybe actually able to recruit in the DC area with his local ties and has some personality.  Find a way to keep Houston and Copes and bring him in...pipe dream obviously

seneca2/9/2011 3:05:41 PM

This thread reminds me of fantasy baseball. Just like you can never have too many closers with a good WHIP, you can never have too many candidates for an as yet unopen GW basketball coaching position.


herve2/9/2011 4:20:08 PM 

DEA2/9/2011 4:34:41 PM

 Impressive that Dooley that is number 1....if there was a coaching change made down the road at some point i'm not sure how anybody could have a problem with him. 

newtman2/9/2011 4:40:09 PM

Joe Dooley? i put him in the Gimmelstob category of jerkoffs. the rest of you want someone who behaves that way fine. for those who don't like the way Hobbs acts how can you go with Dooley? say NO to Joe.

newtman2/9/2011 5:05:13 PM

i dont know Joe but if i did i'm sure he'd speak highly of me too.

Bigfan2/10/2011 4:55:06 AM

Tony Barbee, Derek Kellogg, Bruiser Flint? How many ex Umass. players/coaches are out there?

Wouldn't think Calipari would be a great role model for anyone, except executives at Enron.

bobo2/11/2011 12:40:29 PM

Joe Dooley is #1 on FoxSpots' top assistant head coach list but here are some others that intreague:

9. Mike Dunlap – St. Johns
The former Associate Head Coach for two Pac-10 schools, Arizona and most recently Oregon, Dunlap is considered by many as one of the greatest coaching minds in the game today. Dunlap also spent 2 years as an assistant with the Denver Nuggets and guided Division II Metropolitan State College to two NCAA Division II national championships.   I like the previousl head coaching experience and time in the NBA. 

4. Steve Robinson - North Carolina
Robinson works directly with the Tar Heel perimeter players, helping mentor Cousy Award-winning point guards Raymond Felton and Ty Lawson. During his tenure, he has seen the Tarheels win two NCAA National Championship titles and six combined ACC regular season and tournament championships. Prior to arriving at UNC, Robinson was head coach at the University of Tulsa and at Florida State University where he led both teams to the NCAA Tournament.  Robinson did a great job as HC of Tulsa but not so good at FSU.

15. Patrick Sandle – Pittsburgh
During the last seven seasons, Sandle has helped guide the Pittsburgh basketball program to its most successful run in to school history. Pitt has gone to seven straight NCAA tournaments, including two Sweet Sixteen’s and an Elite Eight apperance in 2009. During that time, the Panthers have captured a Big East regular season and tournament championship, as well as reaching the schools first ever No. 1 national ranking and amassing a 188-54 record in the process.  Biggest probalem is probably his lack of head coaching experience as I think GW would be reluctant to go down that road again.

24. Steve Massiello – Louisville
Considered by his peers as one of the best recruiters in the game today, Massiello is entering his 6th season on Rick Pitinos staff. Massiello played an integral role in Louisville landing several top 10 recruting classes during his time on staff, as well as reaching back to back Elite Eights in 2008 and 09.  Tireless worker and good recruiter for Pitino.


bobo4/25/2011 5:24:20 PM

Dusting off this list again before I thought we would have to.

There's been a good deal of talk about Longern going to GMU so the timiing of Hobbs' dismissal might be to jump at the VT coach while he's still available and beat Mason to the punch.

Joe Dooley can recruit with the best of them and most likely can retain the incomming freshman with the retention of Roland H as an ast coach.  I'd put him #1 on my wish list.  I still think Todd Bozeman is a fantastic coach that would excell in the A10 and take hard looks at Mike Jarvis and Matt Brady.   If there was any chance of enticing Tommy Amaker to DC, we would all agree to go there first - even though he declined interest from the dead end Miami position.


DZ4/25/2011 9:04:31 PM

Mike Lonergan's Biography 
      Mike Lonergan confirmed his status as one of the top coaches in the nation when he led the University of Vermont to the 2010 America East Conference championship and the NCAA Tournament.

      The achievement – Lonergan’s first at the Division I level – punctuated his fifth year rebuilding the Catamount program he took over in 2005. UVM’s 25-10 record last year included a 12-4, second-place finish in the America East. It was his fourth straight winning season and second school-record-tying 25-win campaign. The Cats’ 12 road victories ranked second nationally.

      Lonergan led Vermont to a 77-71 win at Big East foe Rutgers and to victories in 11 of its final 13 games. His team’s 78-69 win over Binghamton was his 100th at UVM. He recorded his 350th career victory earlier in a 77-67 defeat of Fairfield. The Cats earned the America East’s automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament with victories over UMBC, New Hampshire and Boston University, the latter live on ESPN2.

      The season culminated in the NCAA West Regional with a loss to top-seeded Syracuse in Buffalo, N.Y. CBS carried the contest live.

      Lonergan, entering his 22nd year as a college basketball coach, has amassed a 103-59 (.636) record in five years at Vermont. His club’s 56-24 (.700) conference mark represents the most wins of any America East coach over that time period. He has guided UVM to three postseason appearances and two league regular-season titles. His winning percentage is highest in school history.      Marqus Blakely, who Lonergan recruited in 2006 and coached for four years, blossomed into the 2010 America East Tournament Most Outstanding Player.      

Lonergan, in 17 years as a college head coach, has enjoyed 14 winning seasons, 13 NCAA Tournament victories, 12 postseason appearances, 11 regular-season conference titles, 11 years of 20 or more victories, 10 NCAA Tournament qualifications and five conference tournament championships. The pinnacle of his career came when he led Catholic University to the 2001 NCAA Division III National Championship.

      Lonergan enters the 2009-10 season with a career record of 354-147 (.707). He’s averaging more than 20 wins and less than nine losses per season.  VT went 23-9 (13-3) last season under Longeran. 

BM4/25/2011 9:21:25 PM

Lonergan looks good in this comparison

BM4/25/2011 9:39:22 PM

A few more names

SDF4/25/2011 10:02:00 PM

 Hey, does anyone know more about the other guy referenced in the WaPo article, UW Huskies assistant coach Raphael Chillious? I think Romar's style is extremely recruit and audience-friendly, and that guy probably is already familiar with West Coast recruiting as well as the DC area.

BM4/25/2011 10:05:42 PM

Doing a lot of reading on Lonergan and getting a bit more comfortable that he's a very good candidate.  Besides the stats linked above and various posts on AE boards, found this blog post with some good info, esp in the comments section below.

BM4/25/2011 10:08:45 PM

I believe Chilious was the previous coach for South Kent (Herm, Cheyanne, many other BCS players).  He got some scrutiny during the Diploma Factory scare (60 minutes???) and came out relatively clean.

Mentzinger4/25/2011 10:24:40 PM

BM, youre killing me.

The MV4/25/2011 10:28:50 PM

Let the Mike Lonergan era begin.  Bobo and company: you must be thrilled.

GW264/25/2011 10:42:51 PM

Problem is Randy Levine and Brian Cashman don't have the best of relationship. I really hope Levine is running the show because if he is, I'd expect there to be a big name in here. Not more America East nonsense.

Say goodbye to the "GW recruits athletes" slogan we've earned in the A10.

bobo4/26/2011 12:14:42 AM

If Todd Bozeman changed his name to Todd Jackson, would everyone be more willing to give him a shot as the new men's basketball coach at GW?

I don't know if anyone can consistently talk high level talent to going to VT, so the knock on Mike Longeran's recruiting ability is premature.   

 How about Tom Herrion of Marshall? The Thundering Herd went 22-12 (9-7) at Herrion's first year at Marshall.  Herrion is new at Marshall but was a top assistant under Jamie Dixon at Pitt and for 7 years under Guillen at UVA and Prov.  He was also a HC at College of Charleston going 80-38 in 4 years.

Matt Brady in in his 3rd year at GM went 21-12 (10-8) in Harrisonburg this year.  Brady went 70-53 at Marist and that program's hasn't done so well after his departure.

Tommy Amaker got bounced from Michigan and had to recreate his career at Harvard and has done an outstanding job.  Jeff Capel has recently been fired from Oklahoma.  GW would be a good spot for him to again prove he can succeed as a head basketball coach at a non-BCS school

BM4/26/2011 12:22:52 AM

I'm not wed to Lonergan, but just as a reference, the America East Coaches of the Year listed below including some names you may recognize.

Year Name, Team
2010-11 Mike Lonergan, Vermont
2009-10 Steve Pikiell, Stony Brook
2008-09 Kevin Broadus, Binghamton
2007-08 Randy Monroe, UMBC
2006-07 Mike Lonergan, Vermont
2005-06 Larry Harrison, Hartford
2004-05 Ron Everhart, Northeastern
2003-04 Dennis Wolff, Boston University
2002-03 Dennis Wolff, Boston University
2001-02 Tom Brennan, Vermont
2000-01 Jay Wright, Hofstra
1999-00 Jay Wright, Hofstra
1998-99 Bill Herrion, Drexel
1997-98 Mike Brey, Delaware/
Tom Brennan Vermont
1996-97 Dennis Wolff, Boston University
1995-96 Bill Herrion, Drexel
1994-95 Bill Herrion, Drexel
1993-94 Rudy Keeling, Maine
1992-93 Bill Herrion, Drexel
1991-92 Steve Steinwedel, Delaware
1990-91 Tom Brennan, Vermont
1989-90 Mike Jarvis, Boston University
1988-89 Mike Deane, Siena
1987-88 Skip Chappelle, Maine
1986-87 Karl Fogel, Northeastern
1985-86 Jim Calhoun, Northeastern
1984-85 John Griffi n, Siena
1983-84 Nick Macarchuk, Canisius
1982-83 Gary Friel, New Hampshire

LA Fan4/26/2011 12:23:34 AM

I have to say, why Longeran?  There are better coaching candidates out there.  I have to say the name Joe Dooley again.  People here don't like him and I get that he comes with baggage.  But consider two things:

1. Joe Dooley is a GW graduate

2. Joe Dooley is widely regarded to be one of the best, if not the best, recruiter in the DC and Philly areas.  He has brought the best players in the country to Kansas.  Can he bring some of those Philly and DC players to GW?  I will bet on Randy Levine asking that question.  Levine wants to build a winning team.  He needs top flight players to do it.  There is no better recruiter in the area than Joe Dooley.  Dooley will coach GW.  He's there if we want him.  So why again do we go after the head coach of Vermont?


Poog4/26/2011 12:35:49 AM

Other than Patrick Nero's presence, I wonder why GW is a better fit for Lonergan than GMU? Is the A-10 really all that better a conference than the CAA, especially given the A-10's reconstitution with likely defects in the near future? Are Ramsey/Levine/Nero/Knapp actually going to come up with more guaranteed salary at GW than GMU can raise? Is GW really a better basketball situation with its 5,000 seat upgraded facility whose seats you can see as opposed to GMU's ugly color scheme 10,000 seat arena whose seats you can't see because there are usually butts sitting in them?  For all I know this was the plan all along but it's just not clear why Larranaga's departure doesn't change the equation from Lonergan's perspective.  And maybe Lonergan isn't in the picture at all. But someone needs to be, and sooner rather than later.

SDF4/26/2011 12:41:18 AM

 LA Fan,

If Copes doesn't qualify (as rumored), there's at least part of your answer. No offense to Dooley, but the schools he's worked at are not exactly academic powerhouses, so I'm not sure how he would work under any academic constraints. Also, to be honest, we went the assistant route last time, where we knew we were getting a recruiter and were hoping we would get a coach, and that turned out to be somewhat of a mixed bag of joy and frustration. I would rather have an Xs and Os coach with good asst. recruiters than the other way around...

LA Fan4/26/2011 12:49:03 AM

SDF, I agree that GW could use nothing more than a Brad Stevens or Chris Mooney.  These are young guys who are really smart game coaches and know the x's and o's of college basketball.  They study the game and know how to run plays on both ends of the floor.  If GW found a guy like that I would be elated.  I'm just not sure who that is, or how you go about finding that coach.  It seems like luck more than anything else.

bobo4/26/2011 1:52:12 AM

Raphael Chillious vs Joe Dooley.

Both highly regarded recruiters for BCS schools.  Both coached NBA level talent.

Dooley has been a head coach for a college in the past, going 57-52 for East Carolina.  Chillous is younger and has no HC experience for a college progam but was very successful for South Kent (CT) prep school. 

Dooley played at GW, Chillious coached at Nottinham Academy (Colora, MD).

As both are currently astistant coaches, they both wouldn't be brining over all their current ast coaches with them, freeing them up to keep Roland and/or other current GW ast coaches if they choose.  Keeping Houston is a no-brainer if they can convince Copes' uncle to stay at Foggy Bottom. 

Free Quebec4/26/2011 3:23:29 AM

Really Poog?  Is a league that averages 3 bids a year better than one that rarely gets more than the conference champ?   I get that they've had two great runs in the tourney in the last five years, but I suspect most coaches would consider the A-10 a step above given the number of bids and the way the computer ratings come out nearly every year.

I love you, Poog. But I have to respond when I see something that smacks of self-hating GW/A-10 fandom.

Poog4/26/2011 6:14:50 AM

No self-loathing, FQ. I'm just not convinced that a league with what I perceive as a tenuous hold in the future on key members like Dayton, Xavier, Temple, and UMass is demonstrably better than the more stable and growing CAA. Most would agree that the A-10 and its far-flung membership in big cities is somewhat unwieldy. And even that footprint is diminished by the fact that we're not the major power in those locations save for one-trick pony Dayton and arguably Temple. I'm far less impressed with the CAA's 2 great runs than I am concerned about the lack of same from the leading teams out of the A-10. But my post was about Lonergan's perception of the situations at GW and GMU. GW will never draw as many fans as GMU by virtue of our respective facilities. Seems to me that the GMU community has demonstrated its "love" of the Patriots under Larranaga while even in our best years, we were pulling in about 3,000 paying customers to go  along with the 2,000 students gaining entrance to games by virute of their tuition payments. This is admittedly a whole new ballgame at GW with regard to reachouts to fans and alumni supporters and the like but is the GW community really a sleeping rabid sports base waiting to be tapped for financial support and merchandise purchases? Maybe it is, but beyond his relationship with Nero and the sales pitch from the evaluation committee about the future ahead, I just don't quite see why what I would presume to be a lower salary at GW is automatically more attractive than the job at GMU. GW has a lot to sell and a "feel" that might be far more attractive than GMU to someone with his feet on the ground and stints at Catholic and Vermont. I just don't think that the A-10 has the panache in and of itself to make us a no-brainer winner over a school in the CAA.

bobo4/26/2011 9:38:35 AM

If and when the now decades long awaited big break up of the Big East, A-10, Conf USA and other schools does happen, I'm sure there would be changes in the CAA as well.  The better CAA programs (VCU, ODU, GMU) would likely be jumping ship to join new leagues. 

Right now, the A10 is better than the CAA.  Deeper and more successful.  2 of CAA's top coaches (Tom Pecora and Ron Everhart) have bolted from the CAA to the A10 recently.  VCU and ODU are the only CAA programs that have had consistent success under multiple coaches.  Maybe GMU will replicate these programs success...maybe they won't.  We shall see. 

Draft Bobby4/26/2011 10:01:50 AM

You all are missing the obvious choice... Bobby Knight! He's had decades of success with no NCAA violations. Want to get attention and recruits to GW? Draft Coach Knight.


herve4/26/2011 10:02:32 AM

 Yeah! The fishing is great in the Potomac....or maybe the Anacostia!

Poog4/26/2011 10:07:21 AM

He'd love to reunite with John Feinstein, too

DEA4/26/2011 11:25:30 AM

 Bobo I agree with you on who you list for the first two choices. 

coach4/26/2011 1:00:55 PM

Let's not forget Steve Pikiell, current Head Coach at Stony Brook and former GW asst. coach when the Colonials won.

VB4/26/2011 2:53:29 PM

Just to throw another name out there... how about someone like Keno Davis?  He was Coach of the Year at Drake before taking the Providence job (which is a tough place for any coach to win at these days).  I think he probably deserved at least another year at Providence.  (Though might be too much like Hobbs in that similar high-tempo offense, not as much defense.)

bobo4/26/2011 2:59:31 PM

Pikiell? You don't fire a coach and then replace him as head coach with one of his former assistants.  Especially when a better coach in the same conference is available (Longeran). 

seneca4/26/2011 3:38:27 PM

Well Bobo Pikilell is 3-2 vs. Lonergan the last 2 years. So I'm not sure who the better coach is lately.

seneca4/26/2011 3:39:03 PM

That should be Pikiell

Big Shots4/26/2011 3:46:45 PM

Pikiell is now listed as a candidate for George Mason. Maybe they are smarter than we are ...


RandyPants4/26/2011 4:00:12 PM

 Joe McKeown

BM4/26/2011 4:01:47 PM

Lonergan is the better coach.  You chose to look at two years for a reason.  Last year Lonergan was 2-1 and over three years he is 4-3.  Over the last three years Lonergan is 38-10 (0.79) in the AE vs 29-19 (0.60) for Pikiell.

There's an argument to be made for Pikiell, but it's not his head to head record against Lonergan.

NJ Colonial4/26/2011 4:02:10 PM

Didn't Stony Brook struggle this year?

eric114/27/2011 12:25:27 AM

Dave Paulson could be a name to watch.  Did a nice job getting Bucknell into the tournament. 

Would satisfy administration's goal to create an impression that their prorgram cares about the academic integrity of the institution.

bobo4/27/2011 2:20:51 AM

Lonergan vs Pikiell:

I know Stony Brook was a sad sack program prior to Pikiell comming but Lonergan's teams finished above SBU 5 of the last 6 seasons.

It would seem that Ramsey and Levine are looking for a winner to take over the program.  Nero Knows them both well, so I would trust his judgement.   

Pikiell vs. Lonergan4/28/2011 10:01:06 PM

BTW, Stony Brook drubbed Vermont in the America East semifinals, 69-47 this year and SBU won at Vermont last year.

Bacon Egg & Cheese4/28/2011 10:13:21 PM

Oooooo   -1 for Lonergan

bobo5/3/2011 11:31:44 AM

So far the only name we've heard as an actual candidate, other than in random internet blog postings, is Lonergan.  No word from any of the insiders if anyone else has gotten an interview.  All of the following names would seem to warrant consideration and possible interviews if interested:

Matt Brady

Todd Bozeman

Raphael Chillious

Joe Dooley

Dave Paulson

Steve Pikiell

Tom Herrion

Jeff Capel

The MV5/3/2011 11:48:21 AM

Sad to see The Washington Post reduced to a "random internet blog posting."

Signs Point To Lonergan5/3/2011 11:51:31 AM

 Another connection that points to Lonergan is that he is close buddies with Brian Cashman.  Cashman was a classmate with Lonergan at Catholic University and they remain close friends.  Lonergan and his wife were at the Yankees game this weekend with Cashman, Levine, and Nero.

DEA5/3/2011 11:58:47 AM

 If it were him why wouldn't he be hired by now? He's already interviewed. He knows knows the details. I don't buy the argument that he's deciding whether he wants to go or not because he would have said he wwas withdrawing if he didn't. 

The MV5/3/2011 12:10:41 PM

My guess is that they felt they would interview Dooley, or perhaps even others, as a courtesy and perhaps Joe and/or others couldn't make it to DC until this week.  If that Yankee game story is true, well, let's just say that it's a done deal and leave it at that.

Mike K5/3/2011 12:27:02 PM

I agree with MV 100%...if the Yankee game did occur, it would seem like the job is wrapped up

seneca5/3/2011 2:37:38 PM

The job is and has been wrapped up for a long time why won't anyone listen?

Bacon Egg & Cheese5/3/2011 2:49:42 PM

Yes, master Seneca. I don't know, master Seneca.

Salz7/18/2015 10:12:53 PM

*NEW FAN ALERT* haha. So this thread just popped up. As a Binghamton graduate, I remember Longeran very well after he replaced the legendary Tom Brennan at Vermont. He picked up where Brennan left off and did very well there. I'm assuming nearly everyone likes Longeran here, right? The turn around speaks for itself, I would think. 

ziik7/18/2015 10:19:37 PM

Thanks, Salz

You gave those of us with generalized anxiety disorder a reason to panic. 

Now,I will go back to worrying about whether mrs ziik will return from her cousin's house. I shun to think of the alternative.

The Dude7/18/2015 11:06:03 PM

Haha same reaction Ziik.  I was expecting to read "ML to ____"

I guess in a sense there's your answer Salz.

The other quesion answered in this thread, whether the A10 was actually superior to the CAA.  Good grief.

bobo7/19/2015 2:09:35 AM

Joe Dooley now 44-24 in 2 seasons at Florida Gulf Coast.  1 trip to NIT and 1 to CIT. 

Salz7/19/2015 10:11:37 PM

Haha my bad. I didn't think about how it would come across that way. I won't bump this thread again.

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