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BM8/1/2013 1:43:27 PM

AAU:  Takeover

Alex Kline @TheRecruitScoop

2014 St. John's College (DC) SF Darian Bryant is expected to visit George Washington today

Verbal Commits

BC8/2/2013 10:44:29 PM

When did ST John's Colledge move from Annapolis?

CJSFan8/3/2013 4:01:58 AM

BC:  I think the post is referring to St. John's College High School, a Catholic private prep school located in Washington, D.C. -- as in Gonzaga's main rival.  It is a military type school with a good academic reputation.

BTW, I went to the Verbal Commits link and while he did visit GW, he has not verbally committed to GW and his tweets do nothing more than mention his official visit to GW.  A lot of schools have made scholarship offers to him but no powerhouse and GW is not listed as having made an offer.

BM8/22/2013 1:48:42 PM

Marcus Helton@MarcusHelton 27m

St. John's (DC) 2014 WG Darian Bryant RT @SavageD21 Just got off the phone.. ready to make this commitment 🎓🎓🎓

BM8/22/2013 2:17:17 PM

FYI, he visited Towson after GW.

“Bryant (6-4) is a glue guy for St. John’s, a big-bodied wing who knows how to use his weight and finish at the rim. He showed some surprising explosiveness for a kid of his size. He rebounds the ball, makes good passes, and can hit the occasional mid-range jumper. He can continue to develop into a low Division I prospect.”– 12/2/12


Darien Bryant | 6-5 | Team Takeover Orange (DC) | 2014
Bryant shot 6-of-7 from the free throw line and totaled 15 in Team Takeover’s second round win over the Baltimore Supreme’s. Over the first two days of the tournament, Bryant’s play was a key to Takeover getting to the Sweet 16.

Florida Colonial8/22/2013 7:07:13 PM



Dmv high school basketball news:2014 Darian Bryant is commiting to George Washington

Long Suffering Fan8/22/2013 7:24:39 PM

 another walk on?

BM8/22/2013 7:29:09 PM

I'm with Blank.  Welcome Darian!

herve8/22/2013 7:30:09 PM

 Bull Part II. That's going to be one rugged, physical backcourt!

BM8/22/2013 7:35:27 PM

Fourth Team Takeover player to commit to GW.

BM8/22/2013 7:45:08 PM


of St John's




.  He's #4.

Florida Colonial8/22/2013 8:06:48 PM

 Profile Video from DMV elite

ziik8/22/2013 8:10:56 PM

Nice to see us take local and sustainable seriously. We can always spice it up with internationals, and returning transfers.  

LA Fan8/22/2013 8:27:48 PM

 Just keep going global and local.  

NewGWFan8/22/2013 8:31:13 PM

 This kid looks thick.  That's a good thing.

BM8/22/2013 8:36:46 PM

Looking at some of the Youtube video, he's a poor man's bonzie colson (without the 7-foot wingspan).  Played the post for most of the clips.  The O'Connell game (WCAC final) is a good one to watch.

Florida Colonial8/22/2013 8:44:43 PM

 From what I've heard and the video seems to confirm that he has been working to transition to a SG/SF role. 

BM8/22/2013 9:12:26 PM

Official Tweet...

Darian Bryant ‏@SavageD214m

Committed to George Washington University!!!

Free Quebec8/22/2013 10:16:38 PM

Wow, that is a big kid for someone still in HS.  If we can get any shot blocking to replace Armwood,we are going to be a bad ass defensive team for a while to come.  JoeMac, Bull, Kethan, and "Jelly" will be as tough, physical a backcourt as you will see - not to mention sticky Garino locking down the opposing best player.  Opposing guards are not going to like playing us.

Thomas8/23/2013 5:39:34 AM

St.John's will have one of their best teams in several years this year and may start the year ranked #1 in the D.C. area. I'd expect that they will be in a number of high profile local and national games, in addition to the great teams they will face in the WCAC, so Darian Bryant will be getting a lot of coverage this year. Also more GW fans will be able to watch him play in person since his high school is close to GW.

BM8/23/2013 7:32:19 AM

Thomas, would've hated to see him "blow up" in front of national TV crowds and wish that he'd committed earlier.

CSNWashington article

Free Quebec8/23/2013 7:57:38 AM


The second coming of Carl Elliot?


That clip aside, watching the clips, he reminded me a bit of Reggie Evans from St. Louis, or, less optimisticlly, Isiaih Fillmore of Xavier (via Towson).



wax daddy8/23/2013 9:12:29 AM

Welcome to GW Darian!

Thomas8/23/2013 9:28:32 AM

BM, it's going to be interesting to see whether Darian Bryant does "blow up" and emerge as the leader/best player for a loaded St.John squad. Some of the tweets about Darian Bryant signing with GW mentioned that St.John's now has 4 seniors who have committed to colleges and they have a 5th senior who will almost certainly sign with a mid-major or high major at some point. St.John's also has some highly touted underclassmen as well.

Darian Bryant is almost in a similar situation to Kethan Savage during his SR year at Episcopal because K.Savage played with a fellow senior who came into the year with a lot more hype than him, but K.Savage ended up being the standout player for Episcopal. If D.Bryant does end up as the leading scorer and/or receives the most postseason accolades for St.John's this year, it will just be more evidence of Mike Lonergan and his staff's great ability to identify talented players who may overlooked by a lot of schools.

The MV8/23/2013 9:51:56 AM

Looks like he could be Kevin Larsen's younger brother.  Seems like a great young man.  Welcome to GW Darian.

BM8/23/2013 9:53:27 AM


I know we have been linked with Tay Holston and, to a lesser extent, Darian Anderson too.  Their problem last season was the lack of a true post player.  Don't know if they added a big for next season or if Bryant will have to play out of position again.

Thomas8/23/2013 10:31:28 AM

BM, Darian Anderson is the 5th senior I was talking about. What was GW's interest level in him? D.Anderson played very well as a freshman and sophomore at St.John's and looked to be on track for a lots of college offers, he may have regressed a bit last year as a JR. Allante Holston transferred from St.John's after last season, is GW still recruiting him? I know there was a 'recruits' thread on Holston a little while back(and maybe one for D.Anderson too), but forgot the what was said about his recruitment

DEA8/23/2013 10:34:16 AM

Can we stop saying every player is the "2nd coming of Carl Elliott"? No offense FQ as you are certainly not the only one who's said it but it seems like every other player we get is compared to Carl. I don't know much about this signing but he seems like a nice player. Wish we could pick up a big guy though.

Poog8/23/2013 11:54:40 AM

His girth alone is reminiscent of Elliott. Nothing wrong with drawing that comparison as a point of reference. Just hope people remember how much Carl was maligned by so many during his first two years.

Free Quebec8/23/2013 12:07:24 PM

 DEA, I'm guessing you didn't click on the link.

No, he is obviously not the second coming of Carl Elliot.   He's not even a PG.  click on the link and you will understand my joke. 

Long Suffering Fan8/23/2013 12:43:15 PM

I don't see the similarity.  With Carl's half court buzzer beater, he was closer to the sideline.  Darian's half court shot is from the center of the court.

Florida Colonial8/23/2013 1:24:37 PM



Darian Bryant might just be a lot better get for GW than everyone thinks/He is better every time I see him & has added great shooting 2 game

bobo8/23/2013 1:26:07 PM

Maybe I'm missing something on Bryant but I think this is a head scratcher at this point.  SG that doesn't shoot that well. Report says that he can "hit the occational mid-range jumper".  Darian "Jelly" Bryant doesn't look fast or particularly athletic either.  He is big and strong.  The video showed him working out hard and trying to improve his quickness and speed as well as his ball handling and outside shooting.  Says he's a hard worker.  Maybe he improves all those aspects of his game and he becomes a much better player than he is right now.  

But since GW has Bull for next year anyways, why Bryant?  Any thoughts from those that know?

BM8/23/2013 1:53:37 PM

David Dickerson@HoopKidz 43m

Congrats to St. John's HS(DC) SF Darian Bryant '14 on GWU commitment. Dad, Artie should be proud for work they put in together # QualityKid

The MV8/23/2013 2:00:36 PM

Somewhat reminiscent (build) of an old Mike Lonergan favorite...Chester "cheese" Wood.


SJC alum8/23/2013 2:01:45 PM

Darian is a tremendous outside shooter who has been working hard to tighten up his body.  He will be a good player in the A10 just like his sister Dominique was at SJU!

newtman8/23/2013 2:14:06 PM

Darian, welcome to GW. good luck on the court and with your studies.

BM8/23/2013 2:19:36 PM

bobo, based on nothing, I would say that Bull, playing on a prep team with all American bigs, got his points driving to the basket from the outside.  I don't think he had much of an outside game.  Bryant seems to be more of a spot-up shooter from all ranges.  Haven't seen enough of them on D to make a comparison there.

BM8/23/2013 2:20:18 PM

"Good" Dwayne Smith?

ziik8/23/2013 2:28:12 PM

And, he may still be growing. His good size may become great size. 

Thomas8/23/2013 2:31:44 PM

bobo, it could be a situation in which Mike Lonergan sees great potential in a guy who is overlooked by everyone else. The recruit info you posted about Darian Bryant doesn't look very favorable about his prospects(not ranked at all and not given a grade) and the list of schools who offered him(Jacksonville, Quinnipiac, Loyola-MD, Radford, Rider,Towson) is a bit underwhelming, but I would trust the judgement of M.Lonergan and his staff for identifying under-the-radar guys like D.Bryant. I don't think a lot of us would be surprised at all if he ended up having a big SR year on this loaded St.John's squad and have the 'Big Boys' wondering how they missed out on a player like D.Bryant.

BM8/23/2013 6:27:43 PM


JAE8/23/2013 6:50:35 PM

"I just fell in love with GW when I visited. I love the school, the atmosphere. it's just a great fit for me."

Long Suffering Fan8/23/2013 9:38:02 PM

 the first unnamed poster was me.

Free Quebec8/23/2013 11:42:01 PM

LSF, doesn't Bryant remind you of Isiaih Philmore?  He is/was kind of an undersized inside guy.  Physical enough to score around the basket against a lot of D1 competition, but not tall enough for the big boys - or most of the A-10 - to offer him,.

I believe he went to Towson, but after doing well there transferred to Xavier, where he was a solid player for them last year.  I don't think he's great, and frankly, he's slighly below what we are used to seeing at X, but he's a solid role player there who definitely contributes and occasionally has big games for them.

From the clips I saw, Bryant looks like Philmore, but with more of an outside shot and (hopefully a better handle).  I don't know if he's quite as tough around the basket (espeically on the offensive glass where Philmore cleans up), but he certainly looks like a tough, physical player and Iliked his body control around the baket on some of those clips.

If his jumper and agility improve, we could have a Dwayne Evans on our hands, but even if not, I would gladly settle for an Isiaih Philmore off the bench.

Tuna Can8/24/2013 9:56:53 AM

 I like the Dwayne Smith comparison--with a bit of Carl Elliott's passing--Thomas is right that this is a glue guy who can also get you double digits. Like Dwayne, you can't leave him open. In 2 to 3 years, like Dwayne, he will give you 6 to 8 points in the paint. He will in 2 to 3 years be a Lonergan 3 who scores; drives people nuts with backcuts and brings people into the game with nice assists.

I never really saw a bad Smith, but only one who didn't completely get the way that the offense would find him points and as the senior season wore on that gap of understanding just seemed to go away. He toiled hard for us even as the Freshmen took their lumps.

herve's point is well-taken in that somewhere in their 5, we will grind one of their guards down and murder them going to the rim--don't forget to add in JoeMac in that he is truly way stronger than folks give him credit. In high school he would sometimes guard the 5. Of course, herve's real point was on D but it will work at both ends. 

Look for us to play smaller starting a bit next year but bigger focus in 14/16--Lonergan with speed stuff up with 3-guard and a guy like Garino or even Swan filling in at 4. (toss McCoy in there as well) -- the good mechanics and effort will play a role in making this work. It also makes it clear why we have the player mix coming in. Griffin and Cartagena are classic outside snipers who have to really develop as ball handlers to get on the floor. Joe can slide to 2 in the flex. With this season, we also have Creek to play that 3rd guard who will be catching the ball in scoring positions and either dropping a 2 or finding Larsen, Garino, or Armwood for an even better option. 

To paraphrase Donald Rumsfeld, you coach the team that you have and last year, that's what Lonergan and the staff did. We also are starting to see player development that is needed to take that next step. The players are evolving and the team tactics will evolve as well (IMHO)

ziik8/24/2013 10:12:11 AM

 I think you're old enough, Tuna. Jelly looks like, and plays like, another local product at GW--Garland Pinkston, recently discussed on this very site.

He doesn't seem to have much quickness, but he seems like he can make the shot, grab the rebound, and throw the pass that keeps the team moving.

ML seems to be building a team that's greater than the sum of its parts.

The MV8/24/2013 11:45:27 AM

The comparison that FQ made was to Dwayne Evans, not Dwayne Smith.  Evans is listed I believe at 6' 6" and Philmore might be right around there or perhaps an inch or two bigger.  Evans is an absolute beast, a rare breed as far as I'm concerned.  Very capable of knocking down shots as well as pounding it down low.  Darian was first mentioned as being 6' 5" and then the Post write-up said 6' 3".  This is my chief concern.  Many a 6' 4"ish high school player dominated in high school by being among the biggest players in their leagues.  The video shows Darian hitting some outside shots but to be candid, these didn't look like pure shots (see Griffin, Nick) and were more like line drives that went in.  If Darian's game is predacated on finding ways to score down low, I'd be very nervous (see Alexander, Xavier).  The bigger guys at the college level make it extremely difficult to succeed this way.

That all said, I am not about to start pigeonholing any played based on 5 minutes of video.  Here's to hoping that Darian has a productive, improved and healthy senior season.


Tuna Can8/24/2013 12:54:18 PM

 The Comparison made by Tuna was made by Tuna--the allusion of his potential value was also made to me in private by a local coach. I understand that some people watch but don't see. The dangerous scorers can set up loads of 5 to 10 foot shots. GW is loading up with guys like that and those are the shots that make Lonergan's offense trouble for other teams. Those shots will get you consistent scores or send you to the line or both. They also compliment and open up 3-point shooters. One must learn to project an athlete a couple of years down the road to know their impact -- also you have to see the method to the madness in Lonergan's signings.This "concerned" and do or die stuff is without too much basis for a coach that is showing an ability to get into really good local programs and earn credibility with their coaches and get guys. There are a number of reasonable comments here--in herve we should trust

CPots8/24/2013 10:24:12 PM

At this point, it's tough to believe Bryant is anything but a project.  The strong work ethic should make him a solid role player down the line.

With the last two available scholarships lets hope Lonergan is swinging for the fences with some bigs.

formerly boston pops8/25/2013 7:43:17 AM

gotta agree with you cpots.  and if we can't land them, keep them for the following year. 

you gotta love the Post.  they made the article more about Towson's player than ours and suddenly Bryant is 6'3" where he appears everywhere else as 6'4" or 6'5.  even if bryant really is only 6'3 when else does the Post ever try to get something right about GW.

what i liked about bryant is he seems good at using his body to create space for his shot which he then shoots as a fadeaway.

BM8/29/2013 8:11:11 AM

GW Fan11/5/2013 9:30:53 PM

 Darian Bryant getting a little pre-season cred from DMVElite 



BM11/13/2013 4:36:52 PM

As noted elsewhere, was at GW/Maine game.  This from a couple of weeks ago...

Corey Pegram@CoreyPegram 29 Oct

Takeaway from yesterday at St. John's (DC). Darian Bryant will have a productive career at George Washington. Skilled, strong and smart

Mike K11/13/2013 10:16:18 PM

Marcus Helton@MarcusHelton 1h

St. Johns (DC) 2014's Tre Campbell, James Palmer, Mike Morsell, Darian Anderson, Darian Bryant, James Mitchell signing LOIs Thursday at 3pm

BM11/14/2013 4:43:19 PM

 It's official.

Omar Comin'11/14/2013 4:59:21 PM

 Where do I get that jacket?

Mike K11/14/2013 4:59:39 PM

Welcome Darian

here's another, he is on the far right

CJS Fan11/14/2013 6:50:33 PM

Good God, Mike K.   When you wrote the phrase "he's on the far right" in your post,  I did not know you were referring to a lineup.  At first I thought you meant he was a devotee of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity or even voted for Cuccinelli.

FredD11/14/2013 7:26:02 PM

 Wow!  3 guys from respected programs. 2 local. Being from private schools MAY help with the adjustment to GW as a whole. Really makes me wonder what happens when lose Zeke's ferocity and ability to play big. One scholie left right? Looks like a fine class

GOAT11/17/2013 10:55:41 PM

A lot of post on here are questioning DB's game and why GW picked him up. DB has an awesome game and will dominate. No, he is no Kobe Bryant or Kevin Garnet coming out of high school but who is? Those type players dont come very often. Darian plays a very controlled and coachable game, with no doubt he could take over a game a light up the score board up; however, he is a team player and is coachable (meaning most of the time he sticks with the play and shares the ball). Darian understands the game and the floor, of course there is a list of others that may seem to better or more atheletic; however, are they coachable and do they understand the game and the floor? Do they understand the importance of rotating the ball and the consequences of it, no they dont, most of those players care about self and would come down and jack a shot up with 25 seconds remaining on the shot clock. GW made a smart move by picking up DB, coachable kid and coach right and developed correctly he will prosper deep into his basketball career. Bobo; Strength, speed and quickness can be developed; ball playing skill and understanding the game on the college level is too late to develop generally speaking. DB will shine just watch. Lastly, check the age on some of these kids... there is a little secret nowaday called redshirting or holding kids back a grade or even two grades!!!!!!! so by the time they are seniors in high school they will more than likely be smarter, bigger, stronger and faster than there peers. Darian is 17 and is at the grade appropriate level, 12th, check some of the competition.... 19 years olds and even 20 years olds... Most of the time here is how that plays out... those kids that are intentionally held back early on in high school,.... get to the college level and dont make it because they are now facing 24 year olds that are much bigger stronger and faster than they are; however, they looked good in high school when they were 19-20 years old playing against 16 and 17 year olds... watch DB prosper

BM11/17/2013 11:58:03 PM

Considering ML's recruiting track record at GW, I have no reason to doubt that Darian will develop into something nice.  It has taken/will take a couple of years for some of the other recruits to come on to their own.  I guess it's a fan's god-given right to demand the instant starter, but not the reality. At least not at our current level.

GOAT11/18/2013 1:18:47 AM

The biggest issue that I have witnessed from ballers in the DMV are injuries... Players fail to let their bodies rest/recover during the off season and fail to hit the weight room/pool to recondition their bodies. They play all year, which will eat your body up and make you more injury  prone... I 'm not saying that DB will be an instant success story but I think he is in an excellent program and school that will bring him along accordingly. Although he is very coachable and a solid player I would like to see him open up offensively a little more his senior year, sometimes we witness some good atheletes become robots (over coached)... he has the talent and court smarts to take advantage of his opponent when needed. He has developed a potential explosive offense, I hope he expoits that this year. He has a really quiet game... meaning he is the type of player that will drop 20 pts on you and you dont realize it. 20 quiet points as they say. Im curious to see how GW will exploit his talent this year, he has the talent and size to play SG or SF.

BM11/20/2013 6:08:08 PM

DunkDog rankings

Saint John’s (Washington, D.C.)

The Cadets are very well coached, and they have a good blend of role players and standouts. Miami signee James Palmer and Georgetown pledge Tre Campbell are among the standouts, and George Washington pledge Darian Bryant should be included on that list as well. Bryant may ultimately be the MVP of this team, as his versatility, toughness, and skill make for consistent production. Add sophomore newcomer Anthony Cowan to that group, as well, while division one pledges Darian Anderson and Mike Morsell are also quality role-playing pieces. Sophomore Jeff Dowtin and freshman Stephon Fisher will also see the floor, and freshman point guard Emmanuel Hilton is a stock to invest in now. This team is deep and experienced and should be one of the tougher outs in the WCAC.

BM12/12/2013 7:42:39 PM

Big game vs #1 Paul VI tipping off.  Apparently many college coaches (incl from GW) in the stands.  Follow local hoops guys on twitter for updates (@brandoncparker, @Edgar_Walker, @Josh_Stirn, @MarcusHelton)

BM12/13/2013 9:49:39 AM

Paul VI won handily using their size advantage.  Unfortunately it looks like Darian (#4) will be playing post again this year at 6'4" as there is only one other serviceable big on the roster.  Highlights here and here.  Also look for GW targets Evan Taylor (#10) and Tyler Scanlon (#22) on PVI.

PS - Found this St Joihn's preview.

cagwu12/14/2013 6:06:18 PM

Video from the Post with two brief clips of Darian playing through contact:

CPots12/14/2013 6:40:44 PM

Any predictions on his All Met prospects?

CPots12/15/2013 4:23:17 PM

Any predictions on his All-Met prospects?

CPotsz12/15/2013 4:23:40 PM

Any predictions on his All-Met prospects?

thinker12/15/2013 5:56:18 PM

The WAPOST has put up it's pre-season All-Met and he is listed "on the Bubble" after the first and second teams.

BM12/16/2013 11:22:19 AM

Unlikely to make All-Met as he's playing on a team loaded with guards and is forced to play the post.

BM12/17/2013 9:37:32 AM

Highlights of game vs Potomac + interview

BM12/19/2013 9:29:20 AM

Great WaPo Video:  St John's Quartet Hopes to Lead Cadets to WCAC Title

BM12/19/2013 9:29:41 AM

BM12/19/2013 9:29:56 AM


BM1/13/2014 12:41:35 PM


2014 6’4″ SG Darian Bryant (St. John’s College-DC)- Very strong off guard with ability to compete in the paint rebounds. Can finish through contact off the drive or knock down the deep ball. Does not need the ball to be effective. (George Washington commit)

BM1/24/2014 9:53:17 AM

Scores 9 in rout of Dematha.  Video including Darian interview and highlights from the WaPo.

BM1/26/2014 7:34:08 PM

Went down the street to watch O'Connell host Darian Bryant and St John's.  The game turned into a double overtime thriller and a win for the visiting team.  I saw coach Turner there as well at Turgeon (watching over UMD recruit Melo Trimble). Morgan Wooten was also there as his son miraculously avoided getting T-ed up despite his worse than usual sideline antics.  Great up and down game with no team leading by more than six the whole game.   

SJC plays without a true big with Jelly or another tallish guy manning the paint.  He was matched up against OC's big front line most of the game so it was somewhat hard to see what he can do on D as a guard.  I had Darian for 15 points but I think the announcer said 14 as I walked out.  His shot is very very smooth and I especially liked his mid range jumpers. Soft release at the top of his elevation mostly catching net.  I didn't catch a miss in the first half, but he missed a bunny and badly air balled a three among other misses in the second half.  Overall, I had him 7-11 (1-2), but I'm sure I'm being generous.

Despite playing in the paint and gathering a couple of misses, I don't see him as an instinctive rebounder.  Too flat-footed and following the ball with his eyes instead of his feet.  Set a few nice picks and took a KEY charge in OT to foul out Trimble (which killed OC's offense).  The revelation to me was his passing.  I had him with seven assists.  Drive and dishes, nice passes to the open shooter from the free throw line and cross court passes showing great court vision.  Oddly enough, I see a lot of parallels between his game and Larsen.  No idea what he'd look like as a true guard on the perimeter, but he might have problems keeping up with the faster guards in the A10.

Only regret was that it was a last minute thing and I wasn't sporting any GW gear to show him some Colonial support.

Tuna Can1/26/2014 8:02:34 PM

Nice Report, BM.


BM1/26/2014 8:36:07 PM

Thanks Tuna.  Maybe one of the many, many GW faithful based in NJ can visit one of Paul Jorgensen's games (schedule).

Adclub1/26/2014 8:45:00 PM

It may or may not be premature, but Darians speed is a concern for me. Is he a natural 3? Seems like that would be ideal if he's just not quick enough to be a guard in college. I'm kinda hoping he grows another two inches, sounds like he's used to playing down low which could be a great boost for adaptation to the college game. 

Umpleby1/26/2014 11:06:24 PM

thanks for the report BM. 


i know there are counflict report on his height. I beleive some list him as 6'3 and some as 6'5.

Free Quebec1/26/2014 11:26:56 PM

Lonergan clearly likes high IQ guys who can shoot and pass, and who are physical enough to set screens and play through contact.  I wouldn't worry too much about what position he traditionally fits. If he's a good player, he will succeed here. 


I really like what I've read of the three recruits so once you throw in a big man (I'm assuming we will get a grad transfer because it's such a no-brained landing spot), this class will be really good.  And if the Japanese kid signs, wow. 

bobo1/26/2014 11:30:28 PM

BM: If GW fails to sign a PF (or at least a PF that is ready to play), could Bryant give some minutes at the 4 spot next to a C like Larsen?  Maybe GW can sign a competent big man but maybe not. As of right now, I think it would be Kopriva starting and they'd need someone off the bench.  Maybe Swan as a stretch 4 like Mikic is or Byrant.  Or maybe the recruited walk-on or recruited non-scholarship transfer but I'm not holding out much hope for that.

thinker1/26/2014 11:49:16 PM

Somewhere there is discussion that Swan is still growing and alreafy at 6'8" = I think he and Kopriva play the 4 if we don't recruit anyone else. Getting Cimino and Watanabe both might make this recruiting class stunningly exciting.

Poog1/27/2014 12:25:31 AM

What are the realistic expectations for Ryan McCoy the transfer from Manhattan 

Mike K1/27/2014 7:04:02 AM

i tried posting a tweet from Marcus Helton where he speaks well of Bryant's play and jump shot.

BM1/27/2014 9:08:57 AM

Bobo, I highly doubt Darian can play PF effectively at a college level.  He's just not as lengthy and bouncy as other undersize PF's we've recuited (Bonzie Colson, Kris Jenkins...).  Someone close to the program mentioned that they will use him as a post-up two and I can see that happenning.  He may have to go on the Larsen diet to lose a few pounds (he is solid) to gain some speed.

I think with our record and the promise of a starting spot, we will be able to sign a good-to-go big soon.

Not sure if there are any big expectations from McCoy.  I'm sure word would've leaked out if he was a star in practice.

Video of the game.

BM1/27/2014 9:18:33 AM

Just watched the video.  You can see a lot of his points, dishes and the charge he took to foul out Trimble (White #10).  On the other players, we missed on a graet one in James Palmer (Red 12).  Tall slasher with range going to Miami.  Two O'Connell bigs have potential:  Oumar Barry (#13) is a 2015 and has UMD watching him.  Lewis DJonkam (#5), a 2016, would have to grow a bit (height and maturity), but I think he had potential too.

BM1/29/2014 10:46:12 AM

Scores 10 (his average) in win over Gonzaga.  ML in the stands.

BM1/29/2014 10:46:35 AM

Scores 10 (his average) in win over Gonzaga.  ML in the stands.


BM1/29/2014 10:47:19 AM

Scores 10 (his average) in win over Gonzaga.  ML in the stands.


GooColonialsGo1/29/2014 9:37:28 PM

Saw him at the game tonight against La Salle. He picked a great night to come see him future team!

GooColonialsGo1/29/2014 9:38:11 PM

Was at the game tonight against La Salle. He picked a great night to come see his future team!

Mystery Colonial1/29/2014 9:51:37 PM

Was also at the VCU game. He's picking good times to check us out!

Mike K1/30/2014 12:50:17 PM

anyone know if he was sitting with Clint Robinson?

BM1/30/2014 1:13:29 PM

Robinson was sitting with parents.  Darian has been to about half of our home games, similar to Griffin last season.

BM1/30/2014 1:13:49 PM

Robinson was sitting with parents.  Darian has been to about half of our home games, similar to Griffin last season.



BM1/31/2014 9:13:36 AM

8 points in last second revenge win over Paul VI.

BM2/11/2014 1:25:23 PM

St John's/Darian scores here.



G-Dubber2/11/2014 2:12:39 PM

Was at the Fordham game with friends

BM2/16/2014 7:41:51 PM

Has big game as St John's finishes the regular season at the top of the WCAC standings

BM2/17/2014 8:13:18 AM

Video from the game.  FYI, they added video to the WaPo article as well.



BM2/20/2014 12:22:34 PM

Scored ten in upset blowout by Dematha.

BM2/21/2014 10:33:59 AM

More video from the Dematha game where you can see him get manhandled playing the post against a couple of real bigs.

GWAlum20012/21/2014 10:53:05 AM

#50 on DeMatha reminds me of Big Deli.  Bryant is definitely not going to be expected to bang with the big boys as much as the next level, I hope that playing inside in high school a lot helps his rebounding.  As we know, ML expects his guards to board.  He will learn from JoeMac too, who is probably the best rebounding guard I can remember at GW. 

Thomas2/21/2014 11:03:59 AM

#50 on Dematha, who Darian Bryant was battling for a lot of that game, is Brock Ruble and he's actually an offensive linemen who has signed to play football for Florida State. #25 is sophomore Joe Hampton, who may project as a high-major player, but with a few more seasons like this, GW may able to convince a guy J.Hampton to sign with them over the Big Boys.

BM2/21/2014 11:09:11 AM

Been hoping to see GW mention in connection with Hampton, but considering DC Assault connection, I'm not holding my breath.

BM2/22/2014 2:51:09 PM

All-WCAC Second Team.

Omar Comin'2/22/2014 3:05:01 PM

Must be nice this year to be a GW recruit able to talk smack to a Georgetown-commit teammate about picking the better program.

Thomas2/22/2014 11:04:51 PM

I saw Darian Bryant play today as St.John's was upset by McNamara in the 1st round of the WCAC playoffs. He may have led SJC in scoring this afternoon. What I liked about him is he hit a 3-pointer and looks like he has a pretty good jump shot, he appears to be a very good defender and also had about 3 blocks(including a couple against McNamara's taller post players). I don't think he'll have a problem switching to shooting guard or small forward at GW. Despite being eliminated from the WCAC playoffs, I'm assuming St.John's will play in the Alhambra tournament because they won the WCAC regular season title and the recently formed DCSAA(it began last year), a postseason tournament that includes only D.C. schools. Only public, private and charter schools within D.C. are allowed to participate. Last year, the WCAC didn't allow their D.C. based teams to play in it, I don't know what the decision this year will be.

BM2/23/2014 10:19:53 AM


Josh Stirn @Josh_Stirn
McNamara jumped out to a seven point lead but GW commit Darian Bryant just nailed a corner three to tie the game at 48.

Corey Pegram @CoreyPegram
St. John's press is helping them stay in this. And the steady play of George Washington commit Darian Bryant. Smart player on both ends

Mike K2/23/2014 10:28:05 AM

Hits a 3, steady play, "smart player on both ends," sounds like an ML recruit!

Thomas2/23/2014 12:03:27 PM

I saw in the Washington Post's review of the St.John's-McNamara game, that St.John's will be participating in the DCSAA postseason tournament(along with the Alhambra tournament), so Darian Bryant still has several games left to play.

BM3/6/2014 12:18:53 PM

Alhambra schedule

GooColonialsGo3/6/2014 6:04:31 PM

I've seen Darian Bryant at the Smith Center for a number of home games in 2014, including the last two against St. Joes and Mason. Nice to see a commit out there cheering the current team on. Excited to have him in the mix next year. 

BM3/10/2014 9:01:12 AM

Will be playing in the Crab Ball Classic on March 21 at Dematha.  Maybe it's a replacement for the Cap Classic?  UA sponsored tournament between the best of DC and Baltimore areas.

BM3/16/2014 9:40:29 AM

Lost in Alhambra Classic to O'Connell:

For St. John’s (28-6), the WCAC regular-season champion, Darian Bryant was a force in the paint all evening, scoring 23 points with nine rebounds. James Palmer, who is headed to the University of Miami, scored 19 points and Michael Morsell scored 13.

Mike K3/16/2014 11:53:20 AM

Darian, looking forward to seeing you join this squad next year.  ML sure knows what he is doing.

BM3/28/2014 11:18:49 AM

Playing in the prelim game to the Capital Classic.

BM4/23/2014 11:37:11 AM

Second Team All-WCAC.

BM4/23/2015 10:00:57 AM


Long Suffering Fan4/23/2015 10:03:01 AM

Sounds about right.

BM4/23/2015 10:04:09 AM

Article with quotes

Pontificators:  Activate!

Poog4/23/2015 10:25:46 AM

Interesting that the article talks about Darian having an uncomfortable relationship with Lonergan but then the details are about disconnect on the positions he was asked to play. Easy to draw conflicting conclusions about what that might mean or what the reporter misconstrued or left unsaid. Whatever. Good luck to Darian as a Blue Hen. Found him to be a humble and gracious kid in my few encounters with him.

Free Quebec4/23/2015 10:29:59 AM

Wow.  That quote is kind of delusional.   He thinks he could even be a point guard at this level?   He could rarely ever dribble it inside the 3 point line without turning it over. 

 Maybe a year of practice in the right system will change things, but I doubt Deleware gives him a look at the 1 (and wouldn't be surprised if they, too, use him as more of a 3 or undersized 4 because he really has to improve his handle and shooting to be a 2 even for Delaware).  But I hope he finds the right fit and thrives there. Good luck.

"I felt like I was playing out of position and couldn't really develop my game the way I needed to," Bryant said. "I was playing the three [wing guard or small forward] and even the four [forward], where I feel I'm more of a two [shooting guard], even a one [point guard]. I just wasn't comfortable."

thinker4/23/2015 10:51:16 AM

A Maryland HS coach that I really trust had said from early on that he thought Darian would be a good college player and that he was A-10 level. I'm not blaming anybody but I don't think they ever found the right role for Darian.

Bigfan4/23/2015 10:57:40 AM

I doubt the reporter misconstrued his comments about his relationship with Lonergan. They were pretty clear. He may not have elaborated. While I do feel ML made a strategic mistake in not playing Swan or Cimino,basically any significant time at all, even in blowouts, he was more than fair to Darian. At one point, Darian was essentially first off the bench and didn't take advantage of the opportunity.

   Personally, believe Darian wasn't a guard at all. Not quick enough. Let's charitably say good things didn't happen when he was playing guard. He has a big body that he can use and maybe would have developed as a small forward. But frankly, he played center in high school and would have been best trying to be a Charles Barkley-type undersized power forward, though, alas without the same leaping ability.

  Anyway, any thought of point guard, would shall we say gently, take a lot and a lot of work and ball handling. Would recommend not driving anywhere inside the paint.

But he seemed like a good kid from a rigorous school, carried himself well, and Delaware could be a good fit, so wish Darian the best.

GWAlum20014/23/2015 11:00:47 AM

I think Darian had the talents to be a good glue/6th man in coming years for GW.  Strong kid, does a lot of things but nothing exceptional.   think he could be a starting 2 at a lower level but his shot was not consistent enough at this point to do that at the A10 level.  Nice kid, and parents were always active at game and seemed supportive.  Good luck Darian.

Mentzinger4/23/2015 11:36:40 AM

Good luck Jelly

Willie4/23/2015 12:45:32 PM

Darian was not an A-10 player. He is a better fit at Delaware. Best of luck to the young man.

Mike K4/23/2015 1:04:27 PM

best of luck to you Darian, in basketball and in life.

GW Fan4/23/2015 1:42:49 PM

Best of Luck to Darian at Delaware.  I really thought he would have been able to contribute at GW with his size at the guard spot from what I saw at Kenner.  I think the coaches saw this too as they were high on Jelly prior to the start of the season.  In my opinion I think the combination of some early season missed dunks and hard falls (I think one in particular kept him out of a game or two), combined with limited minutes that resulted from getting yanked sometimes very quickly upon entering games really affected his confidence.  The game never seemed to slow back down for him and he seemed to press a little the remainder of the season. This isn't meant to be a knock on ML, as his primary goal is to put a team on the floor that will win games, but who's to say how Pato, Joe or KevLar's games would have developed had they not had the luxury of big minutes as freshmen (27, 28 & 24 mpg respectively), while playing through their mistakes.  

tk4/23/2015 1:55:56 PM

should do well in the CAA

thinker4/23/2015 8:02:45 PM

Darian - I have to play the 1 to get to the next level (more or less)

Savage - I have to play the 1 to get to the next level.

Darian - Team Takeover

Savage - Team Takeover

Delaware assistant coach from Team Takeover.

Victor Oladiipo - Team Takeover and player who had to play a lot of the 1 to make it to the next level.

I think that's where this line of reasoning came from.

THE DUDE4/23/2015 10:07:31 PM

GW actual 4 year starter Point Guard Joe Mac - Team Takover.  How does that play into things?

thinker4/23/2015 10:20:44 PM

I don't know that it does play into it. But Darian and Savage both saying the exact same thing at about the exact same time and both being very involved in Takeover - that looks like the connection. And Takeover really couldn't say the same thing to Joe because he's already playing PG.

THE DUDE4/23/2015 10:24:20 PM

Savage came to GW with Joe when it seemed clear Joe would be the point, he stayed 3 years with Joe as the point.  Darian came to GW with Joe as the point.  You'd agree that if Takeover wanted these guys all starting at the point steering them all to GW in the first place would seem like an odd decision?

What are you suggesting is the meaning behind the connection?

THE DUDE4/23/2015 11:25:47 PM

Not quite sure what to make of Darian, although I have now worked in with him 3 times in 11 days on the Lat Machine.  That Dude has some mighty strong lats.

Free Quebec4/24/2015 12:32:23 AM

The thing is, it's true. For them to make the NBA they would have to become point guards.  Maybe even to play at a high level in Europe, they would have to be PGs because they aren't that big for 2 guards at a high level and neither shoots it well enough as of now to be a 2 anyway.  So it's true, to get to the next level they have to be 1s. 

So it really comes down to what you are looking for out of college ball - are you looking for a coach who will put you in position to play to your stregnths both to give your team the best chance to win and to show off your strengths to scouts, or are you clinging to the fantasy that the NBA will fall in love with you if only you can showcase your point guard skills?   

I have no idea if the AAU program was in their ear about this, but I do know that no AAU coach gains influence by disabusing players of the notion that the AAU guys know best what they need to be superstars.

thinker4/24/2015 12:39:53 AM

These AAU guys are often one step up from being street hustlers. You're trying to apply your very systematic analysis to a situation that in this case is less organized. The AAU teams don't have policy and procedures manuels. I wasn't exposing some conspiracy just that it makes sense that someone from Takeover was almost certainly whispering in both guys ears. The main meaning of that is that this probably was the real reason they transfered. Why would Takeover be mucking about with GW players? Don't know. Maybe they're pissed at GW for some reason. Or maybe some guy was just being a big talker and a big dick.

Free Quebec4/24/2015 12:45:46 AM

or also, Thinker, given that some huge percentage of players transfer these days, it could be the parents and players themselves looking for something better without anyone needing to push them or handle them - because like I said, it is actually true that to keep their NBA dream alive, they would somehow have to become elite college point guard (or in Darian's case, just more of a ball handling and shooting guard, even a 2) 

THE DUDE4/24/2015 12:51:34 AM

To a certain extent that's true, at least it increases their chances at playing at higher levels.  This is happening at every level at every position.  It would behoove kids to have point guard handle long before they transfer in college.  In Kethan's case, I thought we had put the issue to rest when it was established he was transfering to play with a 5'11 McDonald's All American pure point guard from NC st.

Speaking generally don't we run the risk here of stereotyping when we say "AAU players" AAU player means basically  every American born  college bound hoopster and scores more that don't play in college.  "AAU guy" gets thrown around a lot here.  Jordan Roland and Mitola are also AAU kids.

With regard to Team Takeover, that team has been pretty darn good to GW! Its the team that produced Mo Creek, Lasan, Joe McDonald, Savage and yes Bryant and Griffin.  Colin Goss is also Team Takeover. 

Nemanjamental4/24/2015 7:05:12 AM

I never had much of a problem with Bryant. Hopefully Delaware works out better for him. 

Buff4/24/2015 9:08:03 AM

Free Quebec, Thinker, you do realize that Sina's dad is an AAU coach, right?

Yes, there are AAU coaches that are self serving.

I think it is ludicrous that folks on the board think AAU coaches are whispering in Darian/Kethan's ear.  Every last GW Team Takeover kid are/were ALL model student athletes.  ML never had any off the court issues with them.  I don't know how much you know about TTO but kids that play in their program are not thugs.  They all have strong family support which would never let anyone give them advice that is not in their best interest.  

In most cases, the high school coach is also still involved when kids are considering transferring.  Again, if someone is transferring IN, they never consulted with their AAU coach.  



Rich Maier4/24/2015 9:51:01 AM

Thinker, I don't understand why GW recruits players from Team Takeover if AAU guys are one step up from being hustlers. Buff noted that Sina's father is an AAU coach. Perhaps GW offered the Sina something extra like take Mitola we'll give you Sina. Sounds like a plausible AAU story. That is if Mr. Sina is one of those AAU coaches one step from street hustlers. This is why I'm not in favor of painting all AAU coaches with the same brush. Just like The Dude said.

Free Quebec4/24/2015 10:48:51 AM

I don't think Thinker intended to paint all AAU guys with a  broad brush. Just talking about some of them.

Maybe you can nitpick his use of the word "often", but I think he meant it like "more often than you'd like," rather than "most of the time," which is i think how you took it.  At least that's how I read it. 


thinker4/24/2015 10:56:11 AM

Obviously all AAU teams are not the same and all AAU coaches are not the same and all kids are not the same and all parents are not the same. Takeover is not in the category of DC Assault (or whatever it's called now).. But AAU teams are generally formed by some guy or two who have to raise their own money and are involved in the team for some very different reasons. Many of them are involved because of some personal ambition that really doesn't have much to do with teaching kids how to play basketball. Many are involved because the position it allows them to occupy in their community. Have you ever had any contact or dealings with Keith Stevens? I won't say anything more but if you had seen him in action you'd understand more clearly what I'm talking about. But there are also some very good and noble guys in AAU - maybe Coach Sina is one of those guys. My friend who is a HS and AAU coach, I think is a truly honest and honorable guy who wants to teach basketball. He's also had his best players and once even a whole team basically stolen from him by some guys that were getting funded by Under Armour. I just think that is the way things are sometimes even though it doesn't fit well into the narrative that a lot of people want to hear..

Rich Maier4/24/2015 11:12:59 AM

FQ, you're entitled to your opinion. I'm just going with what Thinker said. If he wants to clarify his post, great.

Rich Maier4/24/2015 11:21:40 AM

Thinker, i should have posted my thoughts before i stepped away.So is it in your opinion are the AAU guys 'often' bad dudes or 'sometimes'? 

thinker4/24/2015 1:49:30 PM


I have no earthly idea even how many AAU teams there are. I would suspect that the vast majority of AAU teams are mostly reasonably honest. For the purposes of this board and other schools generally the dishonesty is lots more likely on teams that have DI level kids and especially on teams that have high major kids. There isn't really any opportunity for corruption if you don't have high end recruitable players. Probably most AAU teams don't have high end recruits.

Now if we're talking about AAU teams that have lots of high end players you're going to have shady guys involved - "Often."

THE DUDE4/24/2015 1:55:40 PM

AAU = "really good young basketball player.  Team Takeover means "really good local young bballl player" 

Team Takeover has been quite good to GW, Mo Creek, Lasan, Joe Mac, Kethan, where would the ML program be without landing so many TT guys?  I'm just not sure I get the critique you are making about them. 

The GW TT alums reads like a list of model student athletes.  Joe was Ivy bound, Kethan a consistent all-academic student, Lasan and Creek graduated on time, excellent guys.  Goss is TT. 

Takeover guys have transfered to GW, they've transfered from GW, and above all they signed out of HS with TT.  More GW players from TT than any other school. If you ask me, lets keep the talent train coming, just with more Creeks/Kethan/Joe Mac/Lasans types, fewer Griffin/Bryants.  Beejay Anya would have looked quite nice in Buff and Blue.


thinker4/24/2015 2:26:07 PM

I'm not sure what point you're making. Takeover is not a monolith - it's a bunch of guys who fancy themselves basketball impresarios.

I haven't said anything about the players that come from there. You can be a good kid and a good player and still be on an AAU team that has some shady stuff going on.

And all the guys we've gotten from Takeover - except Creek who was diminished by injury - were not on the top level team at Takeover that has multiple teams. None of those guys were particularly heavily recruited. I understand people say Savage had an offer from VCU but at the same time Mason didn't think he was good enough to play there. So Takeover isn't going to care that much about lower level players because you can't ever get very much for them in the first place. Still you could speculate that GW took Griffin and Bryant as a favor to Takeover. Or you could speculate that GW had a number of Takeover kids and didn't give sufficient "return" for Takeovers liking. Or you could speculate that ML and Keith Stevens had some type of "agreement" that come renegotiation time they weren't able to agree on terms.

To be clear I have no idea if any of these things happened - I'm just using the situation to give examples of how the AAU games work. And I believe that Takeover is in the category of AAU teams that runs things that way. 

Long Suffering Fan4/24/2015 2:52:34 PM

For a lawyer and a cynic, I will acknolwedge that I can be very naive, so please enlighten me, Thinkier, as I really don't know much about AAU basketball?.  Specifically, what is in it for the AAU coaches to suggest that someone like Savage or Bryant are better off at the point so they should transfer from GW?  For that matter, what is in it for the AAU coach to direct their higher quality players to a BCS school rather than GW?   Do they envision becoming the player's  agent if they become a professional after leaving college?  Are there things going on under the table between the school and the coach?   Or is it just an ego thing?   After you answer these questions, I probably will have a bunch more.

THE DUDE4/24/2015 3:09:08 PM

I'm not making any monolithic statement, we're actually asking you to clarify your own.  You seem to continue to say that by being a DC Assault guy or Team Takeover guy means something, I believe we're not quite clear what is that you mean by that.  I don't see any discernible pattern, except that TT has been huge to our recent success.

GWStag4/24/2015 3:29:17 PM

Thinker- Savage NEVER had an offer from VCU.  Not even close.

thinker4/24/2015 3:35:20 PM


I wasn't saying that Takeover had some secret plan to wreck GW. Just Bryant and Savage both said the same thing and that's kind of a Takeover thing to say. And Bryantwent to a school that has a Takeover guys as an assistant. Otherwise I don't think we should care that much that these guys left.

It is a seamy cesspool. What can a AAU coach hope to get?

1) Direct cash payment 

2) Sponsorship from a shoe company

3) A job as a coach in college

4) A job for a family member of the player or some other person either at the college or in the private sector paid for by a booster

5) This has been eliminated but teams used to pay some of these programs to play a pre-season game with a team from their senior division

6) On the mid-level lots of school gear and tickets to all the home games

7) Being invited to participate or coach in something like the Kenner League

8) I think this has been eliminated too but schools used to pay AAU coaches to participate in their summer camps

9) It's definitely also an ego thing and a prominent place in the community

10) You give cash to the AAU coach to pay for a trip for him and the player to take an unofficial visit. The coach can get seriously wined and dined in that situation.

There is no way to test this out but people in the AAU scene would be skeptical that there were many ESPN Top 100 kids who didn't get something improper in their recruitment. That's the main reason why GW can't get these kinds of kids -- we don't pay 

Buff4/24/2015 4:02:13 PM

Yeah Savage did receive an have an offer from VCU but who really cares.?  And George Mason, did he dodge a train wreck or what?

All the schools that passed on Savage is a distant memory, because he is headed to BUTLER!  So haters keep on hating.

Thinker, all the GW TTO players (except maybe Bryant, don't know) played for Keith Stevens on the "A" team.  So you need to go back and do a fact check on that.

Any business where there is alot of money at stake there is going to be corruption.  College basketball is no different.   I consider ML one of the good guys and the fact that you imply that ML and Stevens had agreements is offensive.  ML does not need Stevens to sell his program.  ML's record and the school reputation are good enough selling points, that he does not have to compromise his integrity.

The AAU street hustlers prey on kids that don't have the strong family support, so whatever the coach says is gospel.  They really have no other advocates to help them get to college.

Several of the TTO blue chipers have gone on to big name programs.  I can not think of one that Stevens could have "used" for his own benefit.  Just the players I know something about, Victor O., Jerami Grant., James Robinson, BeeJay Anya, Mo Creek, Darion Atkins all went to power conferences.  Do you think Stevens brokered a deal??  Obviously you don't know their families cause they would never let someone hustle their kids. 

Everyone of TTO players have received free educations, even the low value ones like Savage, McDonald, Kromah.  Like any program, very few players are going to the "league" but they (TT)O)  have a good number playing overseas making a great living (Creek. Lasan).  Does Stevens sway what agent they select?  I don't it. These are intelligent adults with great family support.

And lastly, the nonsense about AAU coaches whispering in Bryant/Savage's ears about positions.  PG position may have had a role in their decision, but an extremely small role, so why are we still talking about it.  It doesn't really matter the reason, they have moved on, so should we.


THE DUDE4/24/2015 4:18:48 PM

It seemed implausible to me that 1st team all Mets Joe Mac (back to back 1st team All Met) and Kethan Savage were not even playing on their own top level AAU team, and I recall Joe Mac and Kethan played with BeeJay Anya and other beast moders for sure, thanks for clarifying Buff. I'm pretty sure like you said Buff, that was the case for every GW TT alum. I too find it hard to believe that the prominent Savage family or Harvey freakin Grant are going to let some shady roller steer their kids wrong.  

Buff's diagnosis seems very compelling and persuasive to me.

If the actually very shady Curtis Malone had such a huge cash cow on his hands in DC Assault, you wonder why he'd turn back to running a huge drug trafficking ring. 

Bigfan4/24/2015 5:07:39 PM

Agree with parts of both here. Team Takeover has been good to GW, maybe not with their very top level kids. And the ones we have had, including Kethan and Darian, if he is one, are basically good young men. They may be a little overmambitious with their basketball goals, but that is their decision. Kethan's is really odd. Darian, not so much.

   Thinker has posted a lot of insight into this shady world. Glad to see what he has to say. Think it is important.

Didn't those organizations offer, and perhaps still do, books about their players or "scouting services" for hundreds of dollars each? Remember reading something about that, at least.

What hampered Gary Williams and probably got him out coaching was his expressed lack of desire to "play ball" (my quotes) with these AAU teams.

Nigel Johnson, who went to a school he never even visited as freshman, is a good example of the AAU influence if what we are to believe is correct.


thinker4/24/2015 5:25:40 PM


I understood the GW players weren't on the top team Takeover. If that's not the case then obviously I mispoke.

I'm glad that you're so 100% confident that Takeover and Stevens are pure as the driven snow. I'm happy that you're comfortable that Stevens had no input on the recruitment of all of those top end players. That's great that apparently each one of those players sat down with their parents and a bible and tried to figure out which school had the more highly rated mechanical engineering program.

Just as I can't absolutely prove that's how Takeover operates, you can't absolutely prove that Takeover doesn't steer players to schools and find some way to get compensated for that.

And I guess you've just misremembered that 2 Takeover kids Creek and Stanford Robinson went to Indiana recruited by who you ask? Kenny Johnson assistant coach of Indiana (recently departed) and former coach of Takeover. Nothing wrong with that I guess. Except that Indiana hired him so they could get Takeover kids. That's the payment Indiana made.And you can go ahead and convince yourself that's not shady. But you won't convince me. Because that kind of thing happens all the time.


And Dude, no one says that running an AAU team is a cash cow that could make Curtis Malone rich. 

THE DUDE4/24/2015 5:42:54 PM

The insinuation that AAU coaches may be steering kids for compensation as it relates to GW is a claim you might want to tread a bit more carefully about. 

I welcome all insights into the AAU world, I just now wonder how much you actually know about Team Takeover if you didn't know Lasan, Joe Mac, Kethan etc were playing for their top level team.  

You seem to be painting the entire AAU world with a bit of a broad brush here, as opposed to actual information about a team that's been exceptionally important and beneficial to us. 


Buff4/24/2015 6:06:29 PM


Mo Creek was at Indiana way before Kenny Johnson went there.

Did you forget that Kenny was also on the PVI coaching staff when Stan was a player there?  

You are saying Kenny got the job as an assistant because of Stan?  Stan is a great player but not that great where he can help someone get a job at Indiana.  If anything Kenny helped Stan.  Again, Stan is not one of those "disadvantaged"  youth, I am sure his parents had to feel ok with the decision .  You know people get jobs all the time because of their connections.  I see nothing at all with Kenny getting a job because his connection to TTO.  He will have an inside track to those TTO kids but at the end of the day it comes down to a family influenced decision.  

All I am saying is that AAU coaches have a much less of an influence with strong family support in a nutshell.




Indiana is a great school so 

thinker4/24/2015 6:07:23 PM

I'm not an insiuator. Thanks for warning me to tread lightly though.

Anyone who has been on this board for a long time and has read these kinds of things from me about AAU knows that I've never wavered from my belief the we don't pay for players. That's one of the big reasons why we can't get top end players in the first place. And I'd be fine if we did pay sometimes if that meant a better team. But at this point we don't. But LOTS of places do and LOTS of top kids need to get some type of inducement to sign. And most of the AAU teams that have the highest level players are part of that discussion whether they get something or the players family gets something or the school has to take another kid in order to get the first kid.

Coach K lamented in the last couple of weeks that he never talks to HS coaches anymore about a recruit. They're just not involved much. You have to talk to a "manager" or "advisor" or AAU coach.

That's the landscape of college basketball today.

thinker4/24/2015 6:20:55 PM

And as far as worrying about GW's relationship with Takeover, I think that ship has already sailed. I am perfectly willing to be shown that I am wrong about this but I don't see a single recruit that we're looking at for 2016 who is on Takeover.And there are only two local kids - a pg Ako Adams from Arlington and Shawnta's son from Baltimore.

The future my friends is in Upstate NY. Anyone want to guess what AAU team our new assistant coach used to coach for?

THE DUDE4/24/2015 6:38:33 PM

Yes, we get that connections are used by guys to move up in the world in every walk of life. Its quite clear whether its AAU or a power program like Montverde this holds for hoops.

Paying for players and other forms of quid pro quo you were alleging, is quite a different matter.  I was being charitable man, as everyone by now knows I welcome a free exchange of ideas including yours, I just think you should clarify a bit what you are suggesting. We have two 2015 recruits, one, CG is Team Takeover! Lets see if that train stops rolling. 

The idea we're getting the low level TT guys just doesn't hold.  I know you frown on "research" which is an odd way of belittling "cited substantiated facts" but if you look at say the 2012 TT class or the 09 TT class, after the NBA guy in each class we ended up with quite a bit of the cream.  Even a great AAU team like TT typically only has a few BCS bound guys per class, your characterization would suggest otherwise:

Barrington Alston 2012 Towson
Jerami Grant 2012 Syracuse
Patrick Holloway 2012 George Mason
Joe McDonald 2012 George Washington
Arnand Adala Moto 2012 Wake Forest
James Robinson 2012 Pittsburgh
Kethan Savage 2012 George Washington
Jonathan Tshibuy 2012 LIU-Brooklyn
Tillman Dunbar 2012 Navy
Coleman Johnson 2012 Fairfield
Justin Alston 2012 Fairfield
Zach Eleano 2012 American
Greg Graves 2012



Blake Price 2009 Elizabeth City
Brendan Bals 2009 Vermont
Chris Braswell 2009 Charlotte
David Golladay 2009 Mount St. Mary's
Delonte Boyd 2009 Johnson C. Smith
Dewayne Jackson 2009 Morgan State
Erick Greene 2009 Virginia Tech
Keith Thomas-Stevens 2009 Bowie State
Lasan Kromah 2009 George Washington
Maurice Creek 2009 Indiana
Raven Barber 2009 Mount St. Mary's
Raphiael Putney 2009 Umass

thinker4/24/2015 7:55:54 PM

I'm not a prosecutor Dude, so I don't have all the damning documents on PDFs to satisfy you. I never accused anybogy specifically of paying cash for a player but it happens. I know of a $50,000 payment to a player's mother but won't go further here. So let me explain it to you a different way.

College recruiting is a cesspool. Many if not most of the top recruits are affiliated with an AAU team.Those AAU teams have a great deal variety in terms of how they run their business - from crooked crooked to squeaky clean and everything in between.. Some kids are more influenced by their AAU team than others. Most AAU teams play a significant role in the recruitment of most of their top players. A lot of those AAU teams expect and are looking for some type of inducement to get their player to commit. There certainly has to be a wider variety of inducements than I have listed off the top of my head. One very popular inducement is to hire the AAU as a college assistant coach and then bring along some of his players. Sometimes that coach retains connections to his old team well into the future. In some sense helping out an alum of sorts is a type of inducement and we never know how that coach returns the favor.

So some inducements are a serious violation, some fit into a grey area and some are clearly accepted.

So hiring Kevin Sutton because he coached at Montrose Christian anc Montverde Academy and then him bringing Pato and Kevlar from Montrose is accepted. But GW really gave an inducement to Sutton. GW probably wanted Sutton anyway and in any event is not against the rules. I don't have any problem with or in hiring Coach Carm to recruit at his old AAU team Albany City Rocks. But would he have gotten the job if he didn't have that connection?

Some one is always trying to cash in on their relationship with kids and teams. There are a variety of ways to cash in. And to get the top players you quite often have to offer some type of inducement..

thinker4/24/2015 8:01:22 PM

I hit return before I finished. Virtually all schools are trying to gain the advantage in a system filled with lots of unscrupulous people. Because GW won't do the more out there type of things to recruit they're at a disadvantage.But plenty of schools have lesser standards for recruiting than does GW.

THE DUDE4/24/2015 8:32:57 PM

I think you'll find broad agreement that there's some serious shady dealings in some of the college recruiting.  Its one of the reasons I recommened to anyone interested the 30 for 30, Sole Man on Sonny Vaccaro.

It sounds like you have a broad understanding of AAU and in certain cases some inside information.  I'm not sure they typically apply to GW/TT.  Lets take 3 TT cases:

1.Bryant said it came to down to GW and Delaware.

2. Kethan had GW and some vague offer to maybe walk on to VCU. 

3.  Joe had Princeton vs GW. 

Three TT guys with very little leverage, even presuming (falsely I'd suggest in these case that it was AAU handlers who had control over these kids and not young adults making decisions in conjunction with their families)  If you know Kethan for instance a little bit, you know he has a very highly regarded and close knit family. 

Setting that aside, there's just no leverage here for the AAU handler, this isn't the recruiting of Andrew Wiggins with the nation's 10 biggest richest programs all throwing their hat in the ring.   This is kids from good families with some slim good programs options and very little leverage to offer a shady character.  I think suggesting otherwise in the case of GW/TT is perhaps misleading.   Shady figures looking to truly cash in on the nefarious underbelly, all of the marbles are on the truly elite Chris Webbers and Derrick Roses of the world, they aren't riding onto the backs of Darian Bryants.

thinker4/24/2015 9:18:55 PM

But Dude, I never said GW gave Takeover anything for those guys. All of those players aren't good enough to command much if any inducement and there's very little besides GW gear and game tickets that they're willing to give anyway.Mostly only top 100 type players command any significant inducement. Lesser recruits may get steered in different directions but for little if no inducement.

And Bryant didn't really seem to fit at GW. And Savage was perpetually unhappy.So it doesn't matter that much. Savage is a good player and it would have been nice to have him on the team but we'll adjust and move on. But when Bryant said almost the exact same thing as Savage and you see that Bryant went to a team with a Takeover guy as an assistant - I saw the fingerprints of Takeover on that. Were they trying to screw GW? I don't know? I just looks to me as if Takeover was involved with both players when they were deciding to transfer.

THE DUDE4/24/2015 9:38:46 PM

 (I'm not sure two guys issuing somewhat similar I'm transfering reasons who played for the same AAU all that is that revealing) but that aside, Your last post seems reasonable and I essentially agree with that, which is why I asked that you to clarify what your prior post was alleging:

"Still you could speculate that GW took Griffin and Bryant as a favor to Takeover. Or you could speculate that GW had a number of Takeover kids and didn't give sufficient "return" for Takeovers liking. Or you could speculate that ML and Keith Stevens had some type of "agreement" that come renegotiation time they weren't able to agree on terms."

Honestly, I have a very different take, I'm thrilled with the TT/GW relationship, its brought us Creek, Kromah, Joe Mac, and Kethan, in the end it was the most important connective tissue in the ML era thus far.  Our next incoming class is 50% TT, I don't yet see any fraying in the relationship at all.

THE DUDE4/24/2015 9:42:49 PM

Bo must be sloshing back Martinis at coaching convention lobby to be sitting out this thread!

thinker4/24/2015 9:53:05 PM

I get the sense we're mostly done with Takeover. I don't know if Goss will ever be a significant contributor.


THE DUDE4/24/2015 9:59:20 PM

I too have equally slim Goss optimism, would be thrilled to be wrong about that.

CT Colonial4/24/2015 10:10:04 PM

Why is everyone so negative regarding Goss? Has anyone here seen him play?  I haven't seen him play, so I'm just curious.  I don't think ML would've given a scholarship so early to a kid who didn't have the potential to be a significant contributor.

THE DUDE4/24/2015 10:18:46 PM

Think Cimino, just a much less heralded version of Cimino.  Would be overly pumped to hear why that assessment is wrong.

THE DUDE4/24/2015 11:05:55 PM

Now, Thinker, if you were to build a case around Tom Penders, DC Assault, Attila Cosby/Val Brown and a certain drug kingpin former DC Assault showrunner, currently incarcerated for the next 110 months for narco trafficking, that one I'd listen closely to with little to no skepticism.

thinker4/24/2015 11:28:08 PM

CT Colonial, I think ML took a chance on Goss signing him early hoping that he would really explode onto the scene his senior year. He actually regressed in his senior year and didn't even start for his HS team. I don't think anyone is expecting much from him. But still I think that's a perfectly fine risk to take. A school like GW has to to try to get players early before everyone else sees that they're good. I think to some degree that's what we did with Roland too. He wasn't being recruited by any higher level schools than GW so he decided to take the bird in hand and not have to worry that he wouldn't play well his senior year and miss out. It seems likely that our efforts will pay off with Roland as people on this board that have seen him play say that he'll be a good player at GW and contribute his freshman year. Anyway you can't play more than 9 or 10 players so you don't really lose anything if the13th player isn't very good. The way college basketball works is if Goss really can't cut it then he'll transfer out.

Sorry Dude, I know nothing about those earlier times.

THE DUDE4/24/2015 11:42:29 PM

A little more compelling case on paper with that collection of DC Assault/Penders era upstanding gentlemen! Someone shot up Guthridge after the South Florida game.

As for local recruiting Thinker, did you omit Kodye Pugh?

Roland looks like a contributor for sure, Goss looks like a lesser Cimino.  Goss looks passive whereas Matt plays with more energy and confidence.  They're just both built too much like Cross country runners, Matt Johnson work your magic!

Bo Knows4/25/2015 12:08:45 AM

Dude lol. I'm not a martini guy but ok. Actually I'm enjoying the back and forth here on the legend of AAU. So little time and so much misinformation here. I have to pick my spots :-). 

THE DUDE4/25/2015 12:18:20 AM

Perhaps you're more of a Whiskey man? Bud heavy? 

I'm amazed you stayed mum Bo! Amazed!  The back room dealings! the wild rampant speculation! People impugning your boy Tom Crean's program!



GWStag4/25/2015 12:27:26 AM

Thinker- Savage NEVER had an offer from VCU.  Not even close.

Free Quebec4/25/2015 8:02:16 AM

My info on Goss reflects the opinion of one person - a neighbor of mine who coaches a team in his league.  He said Goss got hurt at the beginning of this season and it affected his play.   Thinker is correct that he lost his starting job, but that was only for a game or two and then he got it back.   He had a couple of really bad games and struggled to regain his flow, and his teammates didn't want to feed him in the post, but he actually closed the year well.  The coach told me he looked like a huge steal after his junior year, a big guy who can step out and hit threes, but this year after the hand injury he isn't sure if it was the injury or something else that held him back.    Again, take with a grain of salt because that is the opinion of one guy who is privy to probably very minimal info himself. 

CPots4/25/2015 8:44:49 AM

I'm not too concerned with him, if he can't contribute (I'd love to see him and Roland [if Mitola doesn't sit out and plays this year] redshirt), he can always play baseball full time... I expect him to be a spot contributor / role player his entire career...

thinker4/25/2015 11:19:16 AM

I said we weren't recruiting any 2016 Takeover guys. Kodye Pugh reclassified to 2017 I believe.

THE DUDE4/25/2015 12:02:30 PM

2017 reclassification yeah.  As for Goss:

Goss ranked in the top three of the D.C. Metro area's Interstate Athletic Conference in scoring, rebounding and blocks to lead St. Stephen's/St. Agnes School to the IAC regular-season title. The 6-foot-10 forward averaged 13.1 points on 53 percent shooting, 5.7 rebounds, 1.3 blocks, 1.3 assists and 1.0 steals as the Saints went 17-10 overall and 8-2 in IAC play. His senior campaign was highlighted by a season-high 24 points and nine rebounds in SSSA's regular-season finale victory over St. Albans.

Gw fan '644/25/2015 12:40:28 PM

latest accomplishments on Goss


THE DUDE4/25/2015 1:06:21 PM

First team All State, not bad for "a non starter"    =)

Bigfan4/26/2015 12:04:03 AM

St. Albans is always dangerous. Got to watch out for the brass buttons in their blazers.

Of course, Joe went to Landon, hardly a basketball hotbed,and he can play.

THE DUDE4/26/2015 12:14:44 AM

That's right, also 1st team all state, also Team Takeover similarities.  Its a bit absurd to write off Goss before he sets foot on campus, basically because he looks on film like a lesser Cimino and Matt didn't play as a Frosh.  I'm as guilty as anyone about that, but its just my honest assessment.  Lets hope the naysayers among us are dead wrong in the end on both guys.


Poog4/26/2015 1:47:39 AM

Can't believe folks are ripping incoming players, most of them sight unseen in person. Why bother complaining about Lonergan's evaluation and use of players during their freshman year when we can belittle their talents and abilities before they arrive on campus? Don't have to project Final Four appearances for GW but at least give these guys the benefit of the doubt that they will develop and work out over the course of their time in Foggy Bottom. They're ours til they're not. Much rather think and hope positive than not. If it doesn't work out, then school and player will move on, none the harm to us. What I do know is that I'm no longer dashing to my car after a game to avoid an unpleasant environment. Kind of like it that way. Back-back post-season appearances aren't bad either. It's a PROGRAM in an ongoing process.

THE DUDE4/26/2015 2:37:34 AM

I take it as a sign of fan base with newfound expectations.  A couple of years ago people were giddy about the prospect of Jonathan Davis, someone actually said Miguel Cartagena was a "poor man's Shawnta" people here sang the praises for years of Travis King (that one still puzzles me, I played with Travis and he barely stood out in GW pickup games) and just about everyone thought Copes was destined to be a program altering dynamo, turned out the guy was mostly a non entity for Mason, even in the much weaker CAA.

If you notice in contrast as the wins were piling up last year and the program in full turnaround mode, with FOUR proven top tier A10 Sophomores in full bloom, a few people on this board correctly pointed out that Darian Bryant had no position, lacked handle, poor shooting; said that Cimino was severely strength deficient and would come in not at all ready to produce....but lets face it most people remain giddy about every newcomer and have the rose tinted glasses.  Today we got the Jaren Sina has tremendous speed line.  I for one would prefer a more honest dialogue, I applaud those that in the past accurately nailed guys ,as both good and bad, well in advance.   You can detect quite a bit if you study film and do a little research.

Wax Daddy4/26/2015 4:48:22 AM

george Mason was in a10 all four years of copes and Travis was a beast in pickup

CPots4/26/2015 7:28:31 AM

+1 The Dude, I prefer to keep it real... 

pops4/26/2015 8:51:55 AM

so let me get this straight, unless you point out the flaws in a player's game, name all the players you'd rather have instead, say you schooled a player in pickup games, you're not keeping it real.

And I'm not at all sure what point you are attempting by citing the Copes and cartegena situations in the same breath, and i don't remeber anyone being giddy over jonathan davis.  as with any new recruit it is natural to be hopeful. but we were all aware his HS experience was against weak competition.  In Cartegena's case he was a last minute desperation signing out of need.  It was not such a terrible gamble and it was not so outragious to hope that some of his success against fairly strong competition in HS would translate to some success on a very limited basis at this level.  it didn't work out fine, it was a long shot anyway.  When people say they hoped for a poor man's shawnta, its just that, a hope.  its also a recognition that shawnta was a huge success against all odds.

As to Copes, it wasn't just rose colored glasses at gw who thought he would be a star, copes was highly regarded throughout basketball.  I'm not sure why copes didn't do more at Mason but I've seen him play and i would still take him at gw.  his minimal impact may be more of a statement of the training and coaching skills of the bigman coach who went to Mason with him and to the head coach who ran them into the ground.

We are all entitled to our opinions and if you feel it necessary to focus on a player's weaknesses that's fine.  But don't ridicule me if i choose to look past those weaknesses. 

I don't know the real story behind bryant leaving and no one here has claimed they do either.  I do think whether he was told to go or decided on his own, it was a premature decision. it's true, bad things happened when he had the ball but i think that was because he was trying to do more than he should.  He had started to improve before his injury and that set him back but given time and patience he could have been an extremely valuable player here, much like dwayne smith.  for those who remember smith's freshman year, he was terrible.

Mike K4/26/2015 9:32:18 AM

Maybe Travis didn't stand out in pick up games because he was playing down to the competion to ensure a competitive game and not a blow out. Dude, did you previously post under another board name, are you new to the board, or were you a lurker who only recently started posting? just wondering.

Free Quebec4/26/2015 9:53:26 AM

Wax Daddy, mason has only been in the A10 the last two years. 

Long Suffering Fan4/26/2015 10:24:23 AM

Dude...Travis was a significant role player on the post Pop/Hall/Omar NCAA team.  He suffered a major injury and never regained his form while at GW.  I think labeling him as a recruiting failure is unfair.

Rich Maier4/26/2015 10:49:28 AM

Playing it safe today I agree Poog.  Let's not criticize or over hype guys before they play for GW because we really don't know how they will perform in ML's system. 

thinker4/26/2015 1:52:24 PM

I spent a lot of time sitting with Pops at games. He is unfailingly optimistic and positive - both qualities that are in short supply on the board and in the world generally..He is smart and has a good basketball eye. I wish I could be more of a fan like him. I agree with him that he shouldn't be criticized for that..

THE DUDE4/26/2015 2:34:25 PM

As FQ notes, Eric Copes and Mason were in fact in the CAA for 2 years and the guy was a complete non impact player.  (Long time reader, relatively new commenter since you ask, it was this actual issue that compelled me to break the seal, too much tearing into really good current players, too rosey a forecast for every prospective recruit)

Look, as Cpots said, you can either keep it real, or you can write things that mislead people.   Most of us are huge optimists, you can keep it real and be an optimist, you'll find no bigger one here than me I think that's clear by now.

An example, Copes was in fact a very highly regarded recruit who generated much excitement at the time, but if you looked beneath the cover the signs of his college mediocrity were already apparant.  Most 6'7 guys man child who can't shoot can often dominate HS players but may struggle in college, here's a scouting report from the height of his HS recruiting days (if someone pointed this out at the time some on the board would have gone in to full outrage mode:


Copes offense is limited especially with his back to the basket. He does have a strong drop-step move, but other than that he struggles to score outside of 5-feet. His footwork is mechanical and he needs to do a better job of keeping the ball high so that smaller defenders can't get at it. In addition, it would beneficial (at his size) for him to add a consistent jump shot at the elbow to keep defenses honest.

THE DUDE4/26/2015 2:41:33 PM

If you "can't score outside of 5 feet" at 6'7, how's that going to translate in college?  - (That was written at a time when many pinned their future GW hopes on Eric Copes and were devastated how things played out.  Would have been an easier pill to swallow with a full picture of his ability. ) 



thinker4/26/2015 3:04:37 PM

Copes was a huge talent done in by injuries, bad coaching, bad coachability, a team full of wing players that wanted to jack up a shot on most possesions, and drugs. Most teams in America would have taken him. Could Hobbs have been the forceful father figure that could have gotten more out of him? Who knows. But how it ultimately turned out doesn't prove that the excitement and optimism wasn't warranted.

THE DUDE4/26/2015 3:52:22 PM

Copes its true, a very highly regarded HS player with some already apparant (and I believe college level fatal) flaws,  just an example of how a discussion involving a fully fleshed out scouting report on him (which was widely available) would have been illuminating to GW fans.

Each guy is a different case, each one is an example where full information and honesty would have been enlightening.    Most people reading here I can assure you are looking for real information, not just sanitized, 1 sided glowing forecasts of every potential recruit. 

The bizarre flip side is that some people here absolutely shred actual GW guys like Joe Mac, Kethan and KevLar, who have been absolutely warrior beasts for GW and immensely important in the program turnaround.  In the case of Joe and Kethan, a pair of 1st team All met Guards in a basketball hotbed, playing for one of the nation's elite AAU teams.  Travis King around whom a lot of the hopes of program was hinged was the 11th best PG in the uber basketball weak state of CT and ranked outside the top 100 at the PG position nationally.  (Fantastically nice guy btw,  just not destined in my view to a great GW player, injury or no injury, too stocky, not quick enough)


ziik4/26/2015 3:59:11 PM

Ct is the home of basketball greats like Bugsy Santini, Pauly Carboni, Chipper Bliss, and Chet the Jet Zawacki, Dude. Don't tell me you have not heard of them. 

THE DUDE4/26/2015 4:23:11 PM

Haha no! Not a one Ziik, they sound like boxers from the 30's or extras on The Sopranos.

ziik4/26/2015 4:38:55 PM

That's ok, Dude. You had to be there.

One of them was a 2 time all state player. But, could not qualify for college academically. It's hard to believe these days, but back then, some colleges took that stuff seriously. 

Ct used to have great high school ball in the New Haven and Bridgeport areas, going back to the 60's. It may still.  

THE DUDE4/26/2015 4:50:03 PM

DC alone has produced more NBA guys, NJ 4x as many.  Its a pretty light state for hoops talent, almost all of the CT guys are in fact from the New Haven Bridgeport areas Ziik. (or Hartford, home of Camby and Rick Mahorn)

CT did however produce Matt The Dark Knight Harvey and GW's best late 2000's pick up player.

pops4/26/2015 6:17:20 PM

one of the things I actually like about the A10 is that its not just a factory for the NBA,  players who come into the conference actually still get a chance to develop and grow over a college career. For the most part they aren't looking at college as a 1 or 2yr stop off on the way to riches and fame.   Athletes still need their teammates to succeed and only achieve success by working together as a team.  The long and short of it is i like the niche the A10 occupies.

The perspective you bring to watching GW basketball makes all the difference.  If you continually compare every GW recruit, every starter and team member to top 100 recruits in stronger conferences and to the revolving door at the Dukes and Kentucky's of the world then you will feel a lot of dissapointment and frustration.  But if you use the A10 itself as your yardstick and how various skilled players might fit amongst those players already on the team, you will find more surprises, more success stories.  I want us to go deep into the ncaa just as much as the next guy but I don't expect it to happen often.

THE DUDE4/26/2015 6:40:15 PM

That's all true Pops, except that no one is comparing GW recruits to Duke/UK.  We all know the standard is good or not good for GW players. 

Really good GW players like Lasan and Kethan actually fit right at home in the Big East (Pato and Kevin and the entire 2006 starting 5 could too) and not good for GW players end up at places like UMBC (Travis) Delaware (Darian) and some awful Juco (Miguel C)

This isn't about being Duke and UK, its about having guys to replace KL, Joe Mac, Pato so we can stay a strong GW team, and if you whiff on recruits (lets hope that's not true for our unproven Cimino/SwanGoss types) you start dancing closer and closer to the sun.  The clock is ticking on most of our starters all graduating, someone is going to have to play Center after Kevin.  Cimino or Goss... or the 2016 C recruit.


thinker4/26/2015 6:41:15 PM

This list doesn't matter since it's very unlikely that GW will ever get a HS Top 100 kid. Apparently we can get those guys when they decide to transfer from the original school though.

I'm not saying the we SHOULD recruit less in the DMV, but I think we ARE recruiting less in the DMV.

And I just can't believe that our relationship with Takeover is intact, particularly after 3 Takeover kids transfered out this year. That leaves us with JoeMac and Goss as the only DC kids on the roster. I don't consider Kevlar a DC kid. And we are left without an assistant coach that has any particular ties to the DMV HS or AAU teams like Sutton and Strickland did. Obviously ML himself can get out there and recruit.

And Carm seems pretty focused on Albany City Rocks which is good because they have a ton of good players. Hobbs ultimately decided it was mostly impossible for him to recruit for GW in the DMV. I never knew why he felt that way. Maybe ML is geting to a similar place..

SHOFAZ+14/26/2015 6:47:25 PM

Thinker and guys who understand recruiting better,

Do coaches Turner and Joseph bring a lot to the table when it comes to recruiting? Seems like we lost coaches Sutton and Strickland and added coach Carm who is a good recruiter in the Northeast, but are we at a net loss vs where we were 2 years ago (before S and S left)? 

Also, don't teams usually have 4 asst coaches? Is there a chance ML hires one more before next season starts? I remember us having another coach in the Zeek and Creek season but he lasted only one year. What was his deal?

Sorry for a barrage of questions but I'm curious about all these things



thinker4/26/2015 7:03:21 PM

Teams get 3 assistants.

The guy that was here for a year was really a temp given how late in the year Strickland left the team.

Sutton was and will continue to be a great recruiter. Nobody really thought that GW would be able to hold on to him very long.

I don't know how ML divvies up the recruiting assignments. I don't know what they do. I don't think I've ever seen there names in the media associated with a recruit. But that doen't necessarily mean anything

THE DUDE4/27/2015 2:11:12 AM

What that State by State recruting shows is 0-100 per year, but you can assume 100-300 (more our terrain) are very similar state to state.  (Its not like VA and MD produce a ton of top 100 guys but no one ranked 100-300.)  Just a lot of talent in the DMV for us to mine.  Joe and Kethan were top 50 guards, Cimino a top 25 center, Swan a top 50 F, all 4 were top 150, one day we're going to see some guys in the 70-100 range too, I wouldn't write even write off our chance at that type of guy.  Top 15 yes, top 100, not impossible VCU has been landing and we can one day too.

You know me, I'd like to see more International Recruits, and Upsate NY seems very wise too, that area is beginning to produce more and more good talent.   DMV talent, always really good, has just made even more huge strides in recent years though, some of it is finding its way back to us, and I suspect that should continue.  Why wouldn't it?

THE DUDE4/27/2015 2:11:53 AM


pops4/27/2015 5:55:46 AM

one thing thats been apparent to me is Lonergan and company have been tireless in pursuit of recruits.  They seem to be constantly out there.  Every time i turn around one or another of this group is visiting with someone's family or watching some sort of game.  Even during season ML would make an off-handed remark of going to watch such and such game.  I know social media has a lot to do with our awareness of such things but it seems like we are one of the schools being mentioned an awful lot on the recruiting scene.   I feel like we are far more proactive than we had been and than most programs.  Irrespective of the relationships with AAU programs, i think this is to ML's credit.

I do not believe simply because someone transfers to a lower program, he was necessarily a mistake at the higher level.  by that measure every BCS transfer we get was a mistake in judgement by that coaching staff.  I watched Travis play too and he was nowhere near the player after his comeback than he was before his injury.  Both Armwood and Cavanaugh were successful on their teams before transferring. 


THE DUDE4/27/2015 6:30:16 PM

Each case can be a bit different.  In the cases of Travis, MC and DB, when you leave GW for a place like a lowly Juco or a UMBC its a reflection of what type of player they were perceived to be when the transfer occurred.  On the converse, you have Kethan going to Butler and the Big East, Pellom going to Memphis, and Lasan going to UCONN and being a key contributor on the NCAA Title Champs.

Isaiah was a very ballyhooed recruit for Nova, and in two years at Nova he scored 2 pts a game as a Frosh, 2 points a game  again as a Soph.  It wasn't until he came to GW that he actually found success.  As for TC, I see that as a lateral move program wise, he's leaving an awful Wake ACC team for a top tier A10 team, same with the Swede at BC, more lateral program move if we sign him. 

THE DUDE4/27/2015 9:28:29 PM

DC Assault and Coach K/Gary Williams:

Three of 10 recruited scholarship players on the Duke roster in 2010–11 were from D.C. Assault. “I think everyone was shocked,” says Blue Devils coach Mike Krzyzewski of Malone’s drug-dealing career. “How would you know that? I feel bad for the family. He’s been a great father to Nolan.” But some weren’t shocked. When he was coach at Maryland, Gary Williams refused to deal with Malone, telling his assistants that he wasn’t going to deal with a drug dealer. “I know what he is.”

THE DUDE4/27/2015 9:59:56 PM

the next line paragraph in that article...

To get access to Malone’s players, a college would often have to hire Assault coaches, and this just extended Malone’s power and reach. Nearly a dozen Assault coaches have joined college staffs in the last decade. Mark Turgeon, who replaced Williams with the Terps in 2011, immediately hired Hill from Kansas State. Turgeon declined to comment to SI, but this gave Maryland, Under Armour’s flagship Division I basketball program, access to Under Armour’s top AAU program. “You can call it dirty business,” says longtime Maryland high school coach Bob Wagner, “or you can call it capitalism.”

Free Quebec4/27/2015 11:28:51 PM

Dude, Maryland wanted zeek badly.  I'm not sure what point you are trying to make, but zeek was a big time coup for GW and ML, with BCS suitors aplenty. 

thinker4/27/2015 11:41:47 PM

Armwood I believe was a starter (maybe) and a team captain as a sophmore.Jay Wright really wanted him to stay. He was very successful at Villanova - it's just that they were'nt looking for him to score in their heavy guard scoring lineup. He left because he wanted a more prominent role - particularly on offense.

Bigfan4/28/2015 1:01:41 AM

Interesting that the great,squeaky-clean Coach K was stunned, shocked that such athing was possible. Meanwhile, Gary Williams refused to traffic in it, so to speak.

Interesting quotes. Sound right, anyway.  Where are they from?

THE DUDE4/28/2015 1:07:43 AM

Zeke had 2 points and 2 boards per game as a Frosh, 2 points and 3 boards as a Soph.  Very limited #'s.  Yes keen observers noticed the talent/upside was still there, I'm merely noting we're talking about a guy who at the midpoint of his college career had averaged 2 pts and 2 boards, there wasn't really a strong point to be made, I was merely running through each of the GW transfers.  If Zeke looked at the time like the GW Zeke he would become, you can bet if he's transfering out of Nova a national title contender 1 seed program to a then 13-17 A10 team.

I find it much more interesting Gary W had the moral fortitude to not recruit players from a well known major drug trafficker while Coach K was more than delighted to and then pretended afterwards no one knew at the time.  I guess Coach K thought nothing unusual of a guy coaching 10-17 year olds kids to drive a 100k cars and pick up 10k bar tabs, paid for entirely in cash.

THE DUDE4/28/2015 1:10:02 AM

*you can bet he's not that is

BTW, those are quotes about SI, a pretty gutsy article to pen, that makes it clear that Gary W had a moral compass and Coach K is a lying hypocrite phony moralist

THE DUDE4/28/2015 1:38:34 AM

Stunned and shocked BigFan!! Missed your post BF as I was penning my own at the same time.  They are from a great SI article on America's most infamous AAU Coach/Narco Drug trafficker.  Seriously someone should make a movie on this guy's life, fascinating:





THE DUDE4/28/2015 1:40:29 AM

So incredibly fitting.....

"had been arrested as he left Malone’s house with $20,000 in cash and nearly a kilo of cocaine in a -detergent box, which was inside a black Under Armour bag."

The MV4/28/2015 10:06:41 AM

FYI, Zeke started 8 games as a sophomore at Villanova and while he was not a team captain, he was scheduled to become one as a junior (had he stayed).

Dude, I'm not sure I really get the point about transfers either.  Some want to be bigger fish in smaller ponds while others are more than willing to sacrifice stats and playing time in order to play for a championship contender.  Some transfer due to personal circumstances which have little or nothing to do with their game.

Rodney Hood played 33 minutes a game at Mississippi State where he averaged 10 points and 5 rebounds a game.  Nothing earth shattering about these stats yet he winds up at Duke.  Four McGlynn was the American East Rookie of the Year at Vermont and ends up transfering to Towson.  Not exactly an upward move.

Plenty of examples to go around to fit all shapes and sizes.  Not convinced that a broad paintstroke fits here.

Buff and Blue Bandit11/15/2016 11:05:22 PM

Former GW player Darian Bryant is finding success at the University of Delaware. Before being sidelined tonight with a strained muscle in his back, Bryant was averaging 29 minutes per game and 10.5 points per game.

LuvDaGame11/16/2016 9:22:41 AM

Good to hear B&BB! Thanks for sharing.

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