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BM10/20/2016 12:31:39 PM

[KevinMcNamara33's avatar]Kevin McNamara@KevinMcNamara33
Justin Mazzulla of Hendricken/ @thebabc visiting George Washington this weekend

KH was after his brother for a while.

ESPN article


Verbal Commits

BC10/20/2016 1:02:23 PM

I'm glad to see BM back in harness this year.  Missed your input.  Now if Poog would come back and share his wisdom with us - especially about the women! 

Thomas10/20/2016 1:14:14 PM

Great News!!  We actually have a name to the 'New Recruits' section now. I didn't think we would see a new recruit for GW until March and this would be yet another guy that ML recruited early on, committing to a BCS school. It's good to know that the staff is still on the recruiting trail despite the uncertainty of the head coaching position.

I haven't clicked on any of the links because I wanted to take a guess about who his brother is, did his brother play at West Virginia?? The Mazzulla name sounds familiar.

BC10/20/2016 1:20:54 PM

Look at BM's first link.  Yes his brother player for ugh Higgins. 1:22:01 PM

Unless you were born yesterday, you know there is no way he is coming to GW without knowing who the coach will be unless he has no other real offers that are even close to comparable. And if that's the case then wow. I'd be shocked if GW would even let Mojo sign anyone (and handcuff a future coach) unless the interim tag is removed.

dmvpiranha10/20/2016 2:12:23 PM

Plays on the same team as Preston Santos (he is class of 2019)

thinker10/20/2016 9:32:08 PM

This is excellent news. It wasn't clear to me that anyone had visited since the changeover. I was starting to wonder how actively MoJo and crew were recruiting.

I think it's definitely possible to recruit as an interim, though obviously it's harder.

1) Someone really wants to come to GW.

2) MoJo can say "Yes I'm the interim, but if you come I'll become the permanent coach." 9:36:47 PM

Mazzula would be a fool to sign here not knowing who the coach is going to be. If he is signing in November then GW isn't getting him unless he is getting some really bad advice. Maybe in April if the dust has settled.

thinker10/21/2016 12:23:06 AM

Any recruit could certainly have a signed agreement that he would be immediately released if MoJo is not retained. It isn't as big of a deal as one might think. Hurley at Rhode Island is heavily courted to leave every offseason; Shaka was as well. The writing was very much on the wall for Hewitt and he still recruited. There's always a possibility that the coach that recruits you won't be there when you arrive - even more so if the main recruiter was an assistant.

Bo Knows10/21/2016 9:11:13 AM

With all due respect Thinker, poster has it mostly right. First of all, I don't think you can sign a LOI that has a release clause in case your preferred coach is not the coach. That is the issue we hear all the time when coaches leave - that such a clause should exist. The LOI is between the athlete and the institution.

Second, what kid is going to commit to a school now only to know there is a huge possibility that he might have to scramble in April to find another spot after most scholarships are spoken for?

Third, I don't know a high school coach or an AAU coach who would advise a player to do such a thing. It would be malpractice frankly (if such a thing exists for coaches lol) for the reason stated above in #2.

The only exception to the above would be if the kid just wants to come to GW under any circumstances. I'd find that hard to believe but there are rare circumstances where because of family connections or other reasons, the kid just wants a certain school and the chance to play there. At a Duke or North Carolina maybe that happens. I find it hard to believe that this kid has such ties to/interest in GW. It might be a GW first (or at least not in a long time) if that were the case. But I suppose anything is possible.

The Dude10/21/2016 9:31:54 AM

Just tell him the coach will be Mike Lonnergeran. 

thinker10/21/2016 9:45:59 AM

A school can agree to something like that if it wants to - it doesn't matter whether there is a clause in the LOI or not. High end prospects who are one and done or two and done often sign "grant in aid" agreements which bind the school to the player but not the player to the school. If you really want a player and the player really wants an assurance in order to commit, there's a way to accomplish that.

Is it more difficult to get recruits with an interim? Of course. Is it impossible or even improbable? No.

Bo Knows10/21/2016 10:02:31 AM

Not sure of your point Thinker on one and done's. Scholarships are one-year renewable. Student can leave at any time to go pro.

As for LOI sure there could be a verbal but kids have been burned by that before and how does it help him to be released in April when there are going to be far fewer options especially as the one year immediate transfers come on-line?

If I'm him, I wait until April if I really want to be at GW with Mojo.

thinker10/21/2016 11:28:16 AM

Bo, at one point GW and it's coach could do no wrong and the word of the day was ALWAYS let's wait and see how things play out. Benefit of the doubt and all that.. Now they can do no right. Rush to the conclusion that the sky will most definitely fall. As GW's number one fan (apparently) you are now telling a recruit on this board to not sign with GW - in so many words. That's particularly surprising given how often you've spoken of recruits and families reading this board and our need to temper our remarks here. Oh how the worm has turned. 

Bo Knows10/21/2016 12:33:29 PM

I am not telling him not to sign and just because he visits doesn't mean he was going to sign now. Don't get it twisted. I was just agreeing with poster's point for the kid's sake. He should sign with GW in April if he wants to come here once he knows what is going to happen. I would think the fact that we are looking out for HIS best interests here would be well-received by him and his parents rather than just rushing to get him signed in what could turn out to put him in a bad spot late in the game. Nothing wrong with him visiting. My point was solely on the LOI in November. 


The MV10/21/2016 12:57:54 PM

Thinker, while your idea is very sensible, it begs the question why every early signee wouldn't do this if it were permissable.  Trey Davis certainly could have used such an agreement.

thinker10/21/2016 1:31:24 PM


Every player should try to do this. Most schools won't agree to this with most kids. A fair number of the top players do it. Who knows how many others do it since it wouldn't be in any schools' interest to publicize that they'll give that deal.

Trey Davis didn't sign the year before, in fact he committed after the season was over at the end of March/early April. He committed AFTER GW knew it would be firing Hobbs but was waiting for Nero to start so he could do the deed.

I don't know if Davis signed something at that moment or not. Apparently GW convinced him to come to summer school to try things out which he did for a couple of days at least. That apparently locked in the scholarship somehow forcing him to have to transfer. A transfer within the A-10 to UMASS required sitting out 2 years - but UMASS couldn't pay for both years. So Davis had to go to prep school for a year that his parents had to pay for. And at the A-10 administrative level GW did not request a waiver of the 2 year rule.

I can't think of GW ever screwing a kid as badly as that.

Nick Weatherspoon did what Bo proposes. He gave a silent verbal in the Fall and when the seaon blew up, he went to Memphis instead. I forget if that was the 2006-2007 season or the one after that,

Still Here10/21/2016 1:41:49 PM

Do people really not know that if the coach leaves all recruits are able to sign elsewhere? Do people not remember Erik Copes? De-committed affter hobbs was released. Also GW will likely get our coach situation sorted out in the fall, leaving recruits ample time to decide what they want to do. You do not need a clause or anything. Recruits are able to de-commit if there is a coaching change, that is a fact.

Still Here10/21/2016 1:42:22 PM

whoops, sorted out in the spring I meant. 

Bo Knows10/21/2016 4:23:42 PM

People should not so definitively comment upon things they do not know or deal with ...

BC10/21/2016 5:25:30 PM

Though some universities are decent enough to let recuits out of a LOI if the coach is gone.  Not always.   

BC10/21/2016 5:30:13 PM


bobo10/21/2016 5:57:52 PM

Still Here, if the player signs a LOI, he is committed, regardless of the coach staying or leaving.  The recruit can VERBAL to the program, and then is not officially committed and can change his mind if the coach leaves/fired/not retained with no restrictions.

So from Thinker's suggestion above, I guess prospective GW recruits should probably just give a verbal committment to GW if they want to attend but not sign a LOI.

thinker10/21/2016 6:33:11 PM

Generally the precedent is if a coach leaves, the school will release the player from their committment. But they don't have to. School can make a side agreement to do so however. 

2twotoed10/21/2016 7:41:15 PM

Nobody will commit until a coach is hired. Kid today will go where the Coach and his system are the best fit and have the chance to play. I played at GW and have 3 sons who were scholarship athletes in different sports in college. I would discourage my sons from GW until the situation is finalized. 

Bo Knows10/21/2016 7:57:01 PM

But Thinker who would sign knowing that's a likelihood? In most cases, when there is a release, it involves a coach being fired or leaving which the athlete could not necessarily plan on happening. In this case, we have an interim coach until further notice. So the athlete is aware of the situation. 

But that begs the real question. Why would you take yourself off the market for 5 months only to have to scramble later for fewer opportunities? You will have far more opportunities if you keep yourself in play and if things work out at GW, you can always sign in April. A quiet verbal I could see but never a NLI.

The more I think about this, I can think of no reason to sign now (November) unless you have no other options or in the very rare case, you want to come to GW regardless of the coach. 

GW050910/26/2016 7:27:56 PM

Committed to GW!!!


Jeff Goodman ‏@GoodmanESPN  3m3 minutes ago

Justin Mazzulla, brother of former West Virginia guard Joe Mazzulla, has committed to George Washington, sources told ESPN. Athletic PG.

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GW081110/26/2016 7:28:18 PM

committed to GW per Jeff Goodman 

Hatchet Man10/26/2016 7:31:00 PM

Uh, WOW!

GYPH10/26/2016 7:38:57 PM

"Third, I don't know a high school coach or an AAU coach who would advise a player to do such a thing. It would be malpractice frankly (if such a thing exists for coaches lol) for the reason stated above in #2."

Hope he's got Mike Lonergan's lawyers. 

Thomas10/26/2016 7:56:25 PM

UNBELIEVABLE!!! I didn't think this staff would be able to get any recruit to even visit due to the uncertaintly of the coaching position beyond this season, but now they've gotten Justin Mazzulla to committ. He's fully aware of the coaching situation so I'm assuming he'll sign his LOI next month. What an excellent job by Mojo and the staff to be able to get recruits under this adverse situation!!  

Florida Colonial10/26/2016 8:19:34 PM

Jordan Divens ‏@HSHoopsElite  May 20

EYBL APG Leaders: 1 @Q_Green1 10.2 2 @TheTraeYoung 7.2 3 Justin Mazzulla 6.1 4 @TremontWaters 5 5 @next1howard 4.9 8:26:21 PM

GYPH - Hilarious. BO doesnt KNOWS shit. Lonergan is not the coach is a major selling point. 8:29:25 PM

Bo Knows =wrong again as usual.

BM10/26/2016 8:49:02 PM

Another article from WVU point of view. 

6'4", high IQ, lead guard with great pedigree averaging 10 & 7 (assists) in HS I still something we can work with. 

Maine Colonial10/26/2016 8:59:07 PM

Sounds like a good kid and you have to love his Rhode Island accent: LINK

Guy10/26/2016 10:19:53 PM

Wow a recruit, very cool.  As usual, bo don't know shit


The Dude10/26/2016 10:27:21 PM

3 star recruit, awesome!  Way to go staff.   Ditto what Thomas said!!

Justin Mazzulla


6-2 | Class of 2017

Scout Grade

  • 75

The Dude10/26/2016 10:31:38 PM

From his HS FB page:

RI Basketball Gatorade Player of the Year, State Tournament MVP and two time All-Stater, Justin Mazzulla '17 has verbally committed to play for George Washington! Join us in congratulating him on this well deserved honor. Great job Justin...we're so proud of you!

Won an AAU title for BABC (same AAU program as Marfo)

Danjsport10/26/2016 10:48:20 PM

great news!  Welcome, Justin!

The Dude10/26/2016 11:44:42 PM

Big Bro was truly great for West Va, pivotal on that Final Four run.  

So today we signed a guy who had BCS offers/interest.  Time to put to bed the notion it will be impossible to recruit in our current situation.

The 2017 class is already better on paper than the 2015 class.

The Other MG10/27/2016 12:01:56 AM

If Marfo had anything to do with this, it is a very good sign.  Like FC said, I'm very surprised but very happy about this.  A good reflection on the school and the people who are still here.  Congratulations, Mojo and staff.  I hope this is another step in pulling this team even closer together.

gwfan10/27/2016 12:20:29 AM

Welcome Justin!

“I started to get a feel for GW and the campus and the city were just right for me,” Mazzulla said. “The campus is wonderful. They have everything there, even one of the best hospitals around.”

Mazzulla, who says he’d like to study exercise science, said he’s looking forward to the challenge of playing in a competitive league like the Atlantic 10  LINK

thinker10/27/2016 12:49:21 AM

MoJo recruiting a good player right now was impossible if you assume that everyone and everything related to GW athletics now is incompetent and dysfunctional. I never thought that.

BUT if Nero and others AREN'T so incompetent.then maybe one could theorize that MoJo MIGHT actually be a good choice and MAYBE could be successful at GW. To do that though one would have to set aside the hard feelings that arose over the recent difficulties with the program.

If you are a believer in the exceptionalism of ML as a coach then it should be a lot easier to say that MoJo has a decent chance of success. Afterall he was coached and trained and mentored by that very same ML.

This is a truly exciting development for MoJo and GW. 

Thomas10/27/2016 12:59:57 AM

Looking at what The Dude and The Other MG wrote, it's possible that Justin Mazzulla is friends with Marfo and that helped convinced him to come to GW. Also, his quotes that gwfan posted shows me that he is a rare recruit who is committed to the school and not just the coaches. That's an even better sign for Mojo and the staff that they sold Mazzulla on what GW has to offer on and off the court. After reading those quotes from Mazzulla, I fully expect him to sign an LOI next month.

BACCAS9210/27/2016 1:15:29 AM

Man will be a hero on campus.  Welcome. Like Geoege Washington has come back himself! 

thinker10/27/2016 1:18:43 AM

BTW, Maine Colonial I LOVE LOVE LOVE the accent too. I worked for a Rhode Island Senator for several years and it really takes me back to that time in my life.

The Dude10/27/2016 1:44:53 AM

Thomas, agreed and agreed. Had the same reactions reading his quotes about picking GW as a school.

Absolutely pumped about this signing.  He remains me a lot of his older bro, one of the great warriors and winners of the last decade in the sport.

Mazzullas grew up the sons of a coach, Dan Mazzulla, who played Division II basketball at Bryant College and professionally for five years in Chile.  Joe is Coaching now.  All 3, excellent students and floor generals.

Mike K10/27/2016 7:02:25 AM

Congrats Justin. Best of luck on and off the court.  You will be known as the first recruit of the MoJo era!!! 7:45:11 AM

Bo Knows--why so quiet?

BM10/27/2016 8:04:14 AM

If I remember correctly, KH and his dad had some sort of connection (played with/against each other?) which was behind our early recruitment of his brother.

Maine Colonial10/27/2016 8:25:31 AM

What if we have a coach who is a great coach and a great person? Maybe that's what we need to take the program to the next level and maybe MoJo is the guy who can do it or maybe he won't be and we'll need to find someone else.

But what I like reading is that MoJo told Justin he may not be the permanent coach and the kid understands that and will be signing on anyway. What that says to me is that GW the school is becoming a huge draw in and of itself with all the new buildings, the dramatically more impressive campus and a good academic reputation.

On another note, Justin will be about the same size as his brother Joe and maybe slightly taller. It looks like he has a nice stroke and hopefully he turns out to be a better freethrow shooter and scorer than his brother: STATS 

I better watch out what I say about Joe because he just moved to the Portland, Maine area to be a new assistant coach for the Maine Red Claws, the Celtics' D League team: LINK

BACCAS9210/27/2016 8:51:15 AM

Bo Knows10/27/2016 9:18:38 AM

I'm glad Justin signed but we will see if he sticks if Mojo isn't the coach. Every AAU coach I spoke to last night about it had the same reaction - WTF? But it's good for GW so I won't complain.

But here is what I wrote in its entirety:

With all due respect Thinker, poster has it mostly right. First of all, I don't think you can sign a LOI that has a release clause in case your preferred coach is not the coach. That is the issue we hear all the time when coaches leave - that such a clause should exist. The LOI is between the athlete and the institution. 

Second, what kid is going to commit to a school now only to know there is a huge possibility that he might have to scramble in April to find another spot after most scholarships are spoken for?

Third, I don't know a high school coach or an AAU coach who would advise a player to do such a thing. It would be malpractice frankly (if such a thing exists for coaches lol) for the reason stated above in #2.

The only exception to the above would be if the kid just wants to come to GW under any circumstances. I'd find that hard to believe but there are rare circumstances where because of family connections or other reasons, the kid just wants a certain school and the chance to play there. At a Duke or North Carolina maybe that happens. I find it hard to believe that this kid has such ties to/interest in GW. It might be a GW first (or at least not in a long time) if that were the case. But I suppose anything is possible.


BACCAS9210/27/2016 9:22:28 AM

Let's just enjoy it guys and get two more guys like him.  I think playing with Marfo and the school were probably inducements. 9:36:34 AM

Every AAU coach you spoke to last night???????  lol you can't make this stuff up folks.

BACCAS9210/27/2016 9:59:20 AM

From an article:

GW's Joseph took over when head coach Mike Lonergan was fired last month. Mazzulla said he’s hoping Joseph is hired full-time but was told by GW officials that the school will honor his scholarship no matter who the coach is for the 2017-18 season. 10:10:21 AM

Umm don't they have to honor it? 10:32:56 AM

Still;Bo Knows it's time to to admit your insider know it all 

crap has been absolutely worthless for quite some time.

Please take a break from the board,after all;ANYTHING is


The MV10/27/2016 11:47:03 AM

Fantastic news.  Hard to believe that Marfo didn't have some influence. The hopeful domino efect is that Marfo stays next year regardless of who the coach is, which in turn signals others to stay in order to continue playing with Marfo.  The best solution would be for MoJo to win a lot of games and receive a new four year deal, thereby creating stability among the players and the program.  This is a great first step.

Bo Knows10/27/2016 1:38:33 PM

Poster - Like I would take advice from a guy who isn't even smart enough to come up with a screen name. 

Tuna Can10/27/2016 7:50:40 PM

For the past several months, we have seen so many people rely on their contrived nattatives as to why things are happening or what should happen. The site is filled with people making long explanations as to why someone did or said this or that--mostly unsubstantiated and wildly inaccurate. Here we go again.

Isn't it possible that a kid sees GWU and meets his teammates and finds the site that he really likes? This is a team, the players that he would be joining that came off an NIT win and sports a couple of the top players in the nation and these guys are scholar athletes. For the right person who is competitive, this is a good fit.

Can we assome that the player may have made a decision just like any other student heading off to college? It may also say alot about our freshman class of which I am sure he knows about and our new coach.

To be understated, this is pretty good news.

Still Here10/27/2016 8:10:24 PM

Why are the posters so mad at Bo? People can have insider info and be wrong. It doesn't mean he doesn't know an "insider", it just means his insider was wrong. Even major reporters eventually get things wrong, it comes with the nature of making educated guesses based on insider info. I for one love hearing insight from anyone who may know people closer to the game than I. 

1 8:26:30 PM

Bo Knows asks why people are mad that Bo bullshited them for years. (Still Here = Bo.)  Bo ain't no insider, just a serial liar with an unfortunate addiction to this site. His info isn't wrong, its made up, pure fiction just like his fake ML buddy persona. Pure FICTION

Welcome Justin! You have chosen wisely.

Bo Knows10/27/2016 8:35:12 PM

Still Here  ... don't be fooled largely just one poster mad at me who goes by many names here including the cowardly Poster moniker. No reasonable person takes him seriously.

Bo Knows10/27/2016 8:39:22 PM

Recent picture of Poster ...

Image result for multiple screen names

Me10/27/2016 9:31:13 PM

Bo, virtually the entire board has voiced their displeasure with you. One after another after another,  time to give it a rest

bobo10/27/2016 11:44:55 PM

Me: even though your screen name is "me" you don't speak for me. You speak for yourself.  Bo: keep posting when ever you want.

The only thing I think we should all agree on is that anybody that posts under the screen name "poster" is too afraid or stupid to pick an actual screen name that the rest of us can follow and respond to and should just grow a pair and pick and actual fucking name.  Thank you.

Still Here10/28/2016 12:15:54 AM

Agreed. I'll take content and opinions over "you were wrong" and "i told you so". I feel like there are more than enough people on here (with handles) that can just decide to be cool to eachother then whatever posters say won't matter. 

buffandblue_210/28/2016 12:39:33 AM

GW amazingly signed a new talented player and bo wants to make this thread all about him, well it ain't about you little bo blue.

Welcome Justin Mazzulla!

class of 1310/28/2016 6:56:43 AM

I'll always remember when his brother put up 17 on Wall and Bledsoe in the elite 8. He had averaged 2.2 ppg the whole season, had just been thrust into the starting role due to injury a game prior, but when the moment was big he played big. Very exciting to welcome the Mazzulla family to the GW family.

FredD10/28/2016 7:20:41 AM

Between posters with names that would do "the know nothings" proud and people driving by good news like Joe Mc and Joe Mz to shit on each other. What is going on? It's so morally bankrupt that some of you have the need  to prove yourself right no matter what it does to the only place we used to be able talk GW Hoops and which beer or whiskey best. So our national nondialouge fucks the place too. Great just Great. Hope yer happy bc your are ruining something that was fun for me.

BC10/28/2016 6:33:42 PM

FredD, it's a product of the anonymous  internet, all those people who are little shits can be an unknown troll and vent their spleens at anybody and everybody.   Mostly directed at "Poster".

FredD10/28/2016 8:37:18 PM

Thx class of 13. I'm not typically a fly by NCAA Wva backer but that was a great run. Who were their big men? My recollection was they were great

Class of 1310/28/2016 10:27:07 PM

Kevin Jones was their power forward of note and they had a turkish dude Klicla who was a lefty brute, but the star of that team was DaSean Butler who was a gritty wing who unfortunately tore his ACL in the final four. It was the only moment that ever made a human out of Huggins in my recollection.

ziik10/28/2016 10:31:53 PM

GW's Pat Tallent made Huggs look human plenty of times. For 30 points or more.

The Dude10/29/2016 1:25:24 AM

Truly awesome run by that 2010 West Va team with Mazzulla as floor general when Truck Bryant went down. Loaded with guys from NYC and NJ.

Two years earlier they pulled a stunning NCAA upset of Duke. Star of that game?? .......Also, Joe Mazzulla.

bobo10/29/2016 8:35:10 AM

But let's slow our roll on comparing Justin to Joe.  Justin's HS coach says itis completely unfair to Justin to compare him to his older brother, and that's true.  Joe was a much higher level recruit coming out of HS than his younger brother so don't set unreasonable expectatons on Justin because of anything Joe did years ago.

BC10/29/2016 10:13:58 AM

Hope springs  eternal at GW.

The Dude10/29/2016 4:35:03 PM

3 star recruit with offers from the BCS.  No one (I've read at least) making any direct comp with the brother.

Better recruit on paper at least than the 2015 class, which was signed as the program was in full ascendancy and starters about to graduate.  

Personally, I'm thrilled we landed a recruit of this caliber.  

bobo10/29/2016 9:55:00 PM

Dude: "No one making direct comparisons to the brother"?

Dude writes above:  "Absolutely pumped about this signing.  He remains me a lot of his older bro, one of the great warriors and winners of the last decade in the sport"

Seems like a good pick up but, like all recruits, we shall see. ESPN has him as a 3 star but no write up of him.  NERR has him as the 30th best recruit in New England.  There are not 30 high level D1 recruits out of New England. 

He does have 1 BCS offer: Boston College.  0-18 in ACC BC which has been a truly horid progam the last couple of years.  The articles and interview say there were other D1 interest but I don't see any other actual offers. 10:05:55 PM

Dude is thrilled with the Dude nothing more or less.

The Dude10/30/2016 12:05:20 AM

Bobo, fair points all around.

ESPN, no write up but ranked 57th nationally at his position, 3rd in state. solid.  Quite a bit higher ranked than guys like Nick G and Jordan R, pretty impressive given the events of the last few months IMHO

GW6910/30/2016 10:51:43 AM

After watching some tape and listening to the kid,I believe

he will be a solid performer for GW.Not saying great or fabulous,

but a tough and reliable asset.

The MV10/30/2016 3:35:27 PM

Am very excited because as The Dude points out, Justin is quite a bit higher ranked than guys like Jordan Roland and Nick Griffin.  Verbal commits has Justin with a 2.5 star composite rating and Jordan with only 2 stars.  Then again, the same service had Paul Jorgensen as a 3 star composite player coming out of high school so if Justin could turn out to be  almost as good as PJ, I am sure we would all be very pleased.

Steve10/30/2016 3:56:00 PM

Care to compare this recruit with ML's 2015 recruits? We landed a pretty well regarded recruit in the most unideal of circumstances. There's your headline.


The MV10/31/2016 3:05:07 PM

Steve, I do not disagree that landing any recruit during the early signing period under our current set of circumstances is in fact the headline.  It is a tremendous accomplishment though we are not privy to whether Justin will be signing a LOI in November or whether GW will agree to rescind a LOI in the event that another coaching change is made next year.  Regardless, it is very encouraging news.  As for comparing him to 2015 recruits, that's kind of my point.  It is way too early to write off Roland or Goss (my issue with Goss was that he and Cimino appeared to be very similar players thereby questioning whether there was a need to have both on the roster...obviously not an issue today), and it's certainly early to project what Justin's GW career might be like.  My other post, which prompted your response, was of course directed at one of our regulars who seems to still put a great deal of stock in these high school rating systems, despite the proven fact that these ratings are not necessarily an indicator of the caliber of college player one may become.


The Dude10/31/2016 3:39:22 PM

MV, well, we three agree (in part) as to the headline. But not just any recruit, a well regarded one.

I would take a collection of national rankings as some value add.  Its not like we just signed warm body, the guy is actually a top 55 nationally ranked Guard.  That's not a gurantee of success, its a sign we can be competive in recruiting, even in the least ideal of circumstances.

Also, its a key sign to other recruits, its ok to sign with GW right now



squid10/31/2016 4:00:47 PM

This is rad. Nice job Mojo and the crew!

Greenpoint NY10/31/2016 4:12:56 PM

Verbal Commits has him as 48 for SG. He has another year to develop as a player and like one of the articles said "he may eventually become a 4+ star player" 5:22:34 PM

sure sounds like a good recruit, awesome news! 5:52:50 PM

Hah, Bo Know would have been the first to annoint this recruit a fantastic signing if ML landed him, radio silence after tellin' us for weeks no one will sign with Mojo - Great job Mojo keep it up!!

Bo Knows10/31/2016 6:15:21 PM

Ha Poster can't read. Try reading up the thread doofus. Like this ...

"I'm glad Justin signed but we will see if he sticks if Mojo isn't the coach. Every AAU coach I spoke to last night about it had the same reaction - WTF? But it's good for GW so I won't complain."

Truth is unlike you internet recruiting warriors I haven't seen this kid play unlike some of the others. But the reports I have received from people who have are that he will be solid and has upside. My concern is whether he sticks if Mojo doesn't get the job not about whether we should or shouldn't have signed him. 7:08:55 PM

Bo Knows (705 posts) - 10/21/2016 9:11:13 AM

what kid is going to commit to a school now only to know there is a huge possibility that he might have to scramble in April to find another spot after most scholarships are spoken for? 7:13:10 PM

Bo Knows, remember those days when you told everyone SSSH don't post things you will scare away recruits! WHY would you post on the Justin Mazulla recruiting thread "What kid is going to commit to a school now only to know there is a huge possibility that he might have to scramble in April"

Why Bo Knows if you believed that would you write that on his recruiting thread?  Can't think of a worse thing to write on someone's recruiting thread if you believed what you claimed to believe about recruits being influenced by this message board. 

Bo Knows10/31/2016 8:05:52 PM

I am for the kids first in recruiting finding the right right/best fit. Our goal here should not be to screw Justin by convincing him to sign in a situation that might not be to his liking in April. If Mojo was named permanent coach I would have been all for it. What if Justin signs here and the next coach doesn't see him as a fit for his style of play? Now it's April and his options are limited. Sure GW can grant him a release but then what? Only a poster very unfamiliar with this process wouldn't understand that risk. If I was advising him, I would say to give a verbal now and watch and see how things develop this Winter. If by January/February and things are going well for GW you can start to lock in. If not, you can re-open your recruiting with several months to go. I don't see how any reasonable person who is interested in the kid could reasonably say otherwise. Now, if the kid decides to reject that advice or is willing to take that risk, that's certainly his right. None of that is disloyal to GW. In fact, Justin would understand that I care more about his future than just to get him to sign here to his later detriment. I would think that would be well-received. In fact, similar advice at other schools has been well-received before by families and players. 

On a separate note, my comments have always been about not denigrating the recruit or the program here. I have never said a bad word about Mojo, Mazzula or the basketball program itself (coaches and players). I have only stated the fact that Mojo is interim as of now. That is wholly different than people posting things in the past like ML can't recruit, denigrating a recruits ability by the other schools recruiting him, or posting extraneous negative posts about the program or its coaches. 8:34:51 PM

wow, that's a very different tune than what you used to sing, your post dissuades a recruit, way more than the posts you used to object to when ML was the Coach. "what kid is going to commit to a school now....."   great way to help GW - I will answer your Question, a SMART KID like Justin Mazzulla.  

Justin if you do read this site, pay no attention to that guy and welcome to GW!!

Bo Knows10/31/2016 8:43:26 PM

Poster you are in way over your head. Stop embarrassing yourself. 8:52:03 PM

Bo I am not using my regular name for fear of getting caught up in this back and forth. I wouldn't concern myself too much with one guy who goes under the name poster. You have a track record here. Maybe not 100% but pretty good. 8:57:06 PM

The poster at 8:52 was Bo Knows!!!

Bo Knows10/31/2016 9:07:53 PM

Poster at 8:57 was Dude!!!! 9:45:51 PM

"every aau coach i spoke to last night.............."   gets me every time.  Bo Knows is so important in the basketball world that he speaks to many aau coaches every night. 10:06:14 PM

Bo knows = 100% fiction writer 10:20:06 PM

bo KNOWs is just a guy obsessed with this website, he made up knowing Lonergan, AAu Coaches, and nationally famous head coaches, total BS, all to mislead you and pose as someone who KNOWS more than you all do - sadly reading his drivel, one is now aware it was 95% misinformation

Baltimore City10/31/2016 11:07:17 PM

Posters read my post on the other thread ... get lost now!

John10/31/2016 11:55:05 PM

Bo Knows, you did write things on this guy's recruiting thread that would suggest he not come to GW.  Coming from you of all people that is pretty wild. If you believe the board has an impact on recruiting, you should withdraw your comments.  

Now, lets return to Mazzulla, this is his thread.  

Bo Knows11/1/2016 9:30:29 AM

John, please show me where I said Mazzulla should not come to GW. I said I would advise him not to sign with GW until the coaching situation was clear which clearly left open the April signing period. Two entirely different things altogether.

The MV11/1/2016 9:46:01 AM

Bo, I'm generally sorry to see the vast level of criticism you've been receiving since the coaching change was made.  There are a number of folks here, many named Poster, who fail to understand what an educated opinion is.  When such an opinion does not turn out to be the case, this doesn't make you a liar for having expressed that opinion in the first place.  Anyone who now refers to you as a liar is just ignorant. 

That said, I do believe your latest position on this thread is a bit of a stretch.  It's hard to argue against wanting what's best for student-athletes but I do need to question whether that's truly more important to you than providing support for the GW program.  Mazzulla has to understand what this program's circumstances are and if he decides to sign this month, that's his decision and he needn't be protected from this.  At the same time, it is imperative that MoJo and his staff be encouraged to do their jobs to the best of their abilities with as little interference as possible.  Coming on here and suggesting that Justin only verbal now (which may end up being the case anyway) and possibly reopen his recruitment if he doesn't like how things are going strikes me as being counterintuituive towards providing real support for this program.  It sounds as if you're saying that this program is not entitled right now to receive good news, which is understandable given the circumstances that have brought us to where we are.  However, no matter how cheated or disgruntled any of us feel over the Lonergan firing, we should all want this program to put its best foot forward, and this announcement is good news for MoJo and staff and good news for the program.  We should recognize this while also acknowledging that Justin is making decisions with his eyes wide open.  He knows that MoJo has an interim tag yet wants to play for GW regardless.  No true GW fan should even hint at the notion that maybe he ought to rethink this.

bobo11/1/2016 10:13:39 AM

I beleive no recruit should take advice from anyone on this board...ever...for any reason.

BC11/1/2016 11:52:02 AM

MV +1, Bobo +2.  

BTW,  The Dude did not hide under the poster name to take swipes at you.  Why would think now that he has to hide cowardly under the poster name?  It's possible, I suppose, but I think not likely.    I still respect your opinion as I think most long-time board members do.  I think The Dude brings worthwhile opinions to the board.    The Dude has stopped taking pot shots at you, so why don't you follow his lead?    Then if you must, become poster yourself and then poster can shoot at himself (sorry Bea if I've made a bad assumption that's it's a he).    Basketball season is here, let's see both you and The Dude making positive contributions to the board.   Let everybody just ignore poster.

The MV11/1/2016 12:00:36 PM

BC, the answer to your question of "why" is to pathetically build consensus.  The Dude can make and restate a point, and then turn around and "pile on" by posting as Poster or as some other brand new poster name.  I happen to agree with Bo that he's doing this because he tips his hand with some of these posts by "others".  I won't mention how for he would certainly then stop doing this thing or these things.

Bo Knows11/1/2016 12:11:41 PM

MV, to be fair, I never told him not to come here. I advised him to keep his options open for his own protection. We have the somewhat unique status of entering a season with a coach with interim status. That is different from a mid-season change where kids have already signed and therefore are locked in. Had Mojo been named permanent coach you never would have seen that post from me regardless of what happened to ML.

Let's put it this way: Mojo knows I am one hundred percent in his corner. Let me ask this question. If as some of you claim I am so close to ML and therefore blinded by his firing, wouldn't it logically follow that I would want one of his former players and assistants to be the next coach? I am 100% rooting for Mojo. I understand that ML is not coming back.

Further, do you really think Mojo and staff will be happy about this if they aren't retained and a new coach comes in who is less than enamored with Mazzulla? GW would then be in an awkward position. For anyone who says that can't happen here at GW does anyone remember Trey Davis? Davis family was very upset that GW allowed Hobbs to recruit their son knowing that he was gone. The only difference here is we have a giant unknown but until that interim tag is removed, there is at least a 50% chance that Mojo might not be the coach in April. 

Protecting Mazzulla and protecting GW aren't mutually exclusive. It's not about good news or bad news for the program. Mazzulla's signing has not one impact on the court this season. Mojo cannot go say .500 or below and say but I signed Mazzulla. Not going to be enough to retain the job.

Plus, if Mazzulla folloowed my advice and really wanted to come here he still can. Once he verbals he has that scholarship. There is no requirement he sign in November. If GW wants him they can hold it until April. To be blunt, I haven't yet found one basketball person not connected with GW (i.e. a GW partisan) that thinks I would have given bad advice in this situation.

The only positive argument you can make is that perhaps this helps Mojo retain the job all things being equal if he has a successful season on the court but that remains to be seen. But that is not yet a positive for Mazzulla. It might be but not yet.

Again, no one is EVER required to take my advice - it's their life. I put it out there and bobo is probably correct that no one should be reading this board for advice anyway.

The MV11/1/2016 12:44:15 PM

Bo, the fact that it took you several hours to respond to my post while you were responding to others actually had led me to believe that you not only understood my point but actually agreed with it as well.  Apparently, no such luck.  Let's try again.

For the purposes of this discussion, we need to assume that Justin will be signing a LOI this month.  We don't know this for a fact but when reporters indicate that the player has committed to GW, this is what usually ends up happening.  Otherwise, they would report that a player is giving a verbal agreement as opposed to a commitment.

Now, I never said that you advised him not to come to GW.  I'm not sure why you mentioned this when there was nothing in my post that suggested that you had said this.  I understand your position entirely.  If you were his advisor, you would advise him to only verbal for the time being and then take a wait-and-see approach.

You mention that protecting the player and protecting GW are not mutually exclusive but in this case, they really are.  If GW is ready to sign a recruit it wants and you are advising the recruit not to sign right away, you are not acting in the program's best interest.  MoJo wants the player signed.  I agree that a subpar season with this signing doesn't save his job, but maybe others follow suit once Justin has signed.  By advising players not to sign with GW during the early signing period, you are asking MoJo and staff to work under a handicap whether that's your intent or not. 

What's fascinating to me is that you wrote the post at all.  I am guessing that you are not an actual advisor to Justin but you are a devoted fan of this program.  It's difficult to reconcile that you are 100% behind the efforts of MoJo while simultaneously suggesting that no player should sign with GW during the early signing period.  I really don't think that MoJo is asking Justin to hold off signing early until his own coaching situation becomes more crystallized; why then should you?


The Dude11/1/2016 1:06:57 PM

Thanks BC, that's precisely correct. Well said sir.

GW6911/1/2016 1:25:18 PM

Carefully crafted,well written post.Thanks MV for thoughtful response.

Clear,non-blaming answer to Bo knows. 1:37:26 PM

Bo told ghost stories about players reading this site and deciding not to sign with GW.  Now, post Mike L,  he is telling players not to sign with GW on their own recruiting thread, have you no shame Bo??

Bo Knows11/1/2016 1:44:40 PM

MV, if Mojo wants Muzzulla which we must assume is the case and Mazzulla wants GW which we must assume is the case, why would Mazzulla signing in April be such bad advice for either the program or Mazzulla? Why does he have to sign now? Once he verbals we could agree to honor the scholarship. The only difference is the flexibility it gives Mazzulla to make a different choice if things go south for Mojo and another coach is brought in who thinks he doesn't fit the program he wants to build. While Justin appears to be a good fit for GW now, we are not talking about a 4 or 5 star recruit here who wants GW no matter what and no new coach in his right mind would want to go in a different direction later. So it is reasonable to consider that if Mojo is not the coach, the possibility exists that Justin may eventually find himself in a spot not to his liking.  So he then becomes a free agent in April. Unless he blows up this season, he will have far fewer opportunities then. It is not really arguable.

Also, unless someone is going to correct me, we have 3 scholarships available. I have not heard of any other commitments. This is not a case where GW has a logjam so it needs to weed out commitments.

So I ask again, why is it so important for GW to have the LOI signed now (November) under these circumstances? If the answer is just to say we have a recruit so we feel good - to me that's no answer. If the answer is to show Mojo can recruit, that's only relevant to GW if Mojo becomes the permanent coach - an outcome that none of us knows at this point. And for the reasons I have mentioned (most will give the advice I give), it's not really fair to evaluate Mojo as a recruiter under these circumstances in any event. 

No one has been able to answer that question yet other than to articulate that it is somehow damaging the program to suggest that he wait. As you know, I beg to differ. If Justin were to commit in April, he and we would know it's the right move. This has nothing to do with Justin per se and everything to do with the process. A process that is out of his control given that it will most likely be determined solely by on the court performance this season.

Just remember a large part of the reason we have a 40% national transfer rate is because a lot of mistakes are made in the recruiting process. Sometimes those are mistakes made in evaluation by the staff and sometimes those are mistakes made by the kid in assessing fit. Not saying either side made a mistake here but if Mojo is not the coach, a different set of considerations come into play that could lead to one side or the other viewing this decision as a mistake later on.  


The MV11/1/2016 2:23:04 PM

Bo, everything you are saying makes sense from the player's perspective.  And, if Justin does go down the route you suggest, I am sure that GW would leave the scholarship open for him.  But the one question that is unanswerable is why waiting until April benefits GW.  What if MoJo is retained but Justin decides to pull a Nigel Johnson and sign in the spring with a bigger program?  That leaves him being a good fit for GW who wouldn't be playing for GW. 

Here's a different way of approaching this.  It is clear what you would advise him to do.  But what would you like him to do?  Do you hope that he signs in November or do you hope that he takes a wait-and-see approach?

Bo Knows11/1/2016 3:33:42 PM

From a purely GW fan perspective, I hope he signs now. I thought I made that clear before when I said I wasn't going to complain about it.

But under the circumstances, I just can't be that selfish. We are talking about a young man's future here as well as the future direction of the program. I just don't see the rush. If he pulled a Nigel (not suggesting that he would), well then that's a kid you don't want here anyway no matter who is the coach. By the way, maybe it's fortuitous we didn't get Nigel - he didn't exactly light it up his first 2 years at Kansas State.

GW 0311/1/2016 3:37:57 PM

Welcome to our newest player! Bo, take this to some other thread. 4:19:51 PM

Bo--sometimes it's best to fold "em. 4:25:40 PM

and Sometimes its best to go away entirely, Bo.  Go to the G'town site, invent a fake persona as you did here, pretend to be a close buddy of JT3, and lie for a few years on that website.  It would be a win win for all involved.

Bo Knows11/1/2016 4:43:50 PM

"Poster" giving posting advice. Welcome to the bizzaro world of some folks that lurk here. But hey thanks for the advice. I'll stay right here though.

P.S. If anyone thinks the Dude isn't involved in this well I can sell the Brooklyn Bridge to you. 5:39:24 PM

I do not read or comment on Bo Knows posts, since they all same thing, ML was the greatest, amazing, anyone who disagrees is an idiot.

For this one convo I will make an exception, Bo and everyone else, fold the cards. Move on.


thinker11/1/2016 6:40:49 PM

Bo, Just to be clear GW didn't screw Trey Davis and his family as much as ML did. ML was the one who was empowered to release him or not after he was hired. If ML had immediately released Davis, as his family requested, then there really wouldn't have been much harm to the Davis family. He would have been committed for about 2-3 weeks and then right back on the market.

ML is the one that pressured him to come to summer school that made him have to transfer instead of just reopening his recruitment. Were you OK with ML's decision on Trey Davis? ML moreso than GW is who did this to Davis.

BC11/1/2016 7:10:27 PM

How much is it Bo?  I got a dollar.

Bo Knows11/1/2016 9:18:20 PM

Thinker, I'm not sure I agree entirely with your characterization of what occurred with Trey Davis. But that doesn't really matter as I think you just made the point for me. These are exactly the types of things that can happen when there is a change in staff and you are committed. 6:49:02 AM

Bo you are amazing. You won't own anything. Kudos for your

continual denial of everything!!! I applaud your tenacity.In addition

I find your lack of integrity distasteful.


Danjsport11/2/2016 9:03:29 AM

Oh.  This thread is about a recruit who signed with gw???  Welcome!!!!!!!!

Bo Knows11/2/2016 9:50:40 AM

"Poster" talking about "integrity" this am lololololololol.

The MV11/2/2016 9:56:10 AM

Bo, getting back to the conversation we were having, I can't help but think that you want this both ways.  As a fan, you naturally would want Justin to sign this month.  You claim that you are 100% in support of MoJo who of course would love nothing more than to sign Justin this month.  All of this makes sense to me until you also make the point that if you were advising Justin, you would recommend that he defer his signing until the spring pending the status of the program.  I don't see how you can write this here, a forum where you have said on many occasions that recruits and their families read, and also claim to be fully behind MoJo's efforts.  Even if waiting is the more logical option from the player's perspective, stating this position here strikes me as going against MoJo and staff's efforts.  You say that there is no real harm to GW in waiting but that's not necessarily true.  If MoJo is retained but Justin has a great senior year and a spot is open at WVU and Huggins offers and Justin acknowledges that WVU was a dream since his brother played there and decides to foego his verbal and sign with WVU, would you still be saying that this means that Justin wasn't the kind of person who GW would have wanted?

My point is that if Justin is ready to sign this month and understands the risks and circumstances associated with this, I'm not sure why a GW fan would come to a site where player and family may very well be reading and suggest that he should not do this. 10:15:15 AM

I'm the last one who would like to defend Bo Knows because I usually think he's an absolute clown, but I do understand where he's coming from on this. I really don't understand why someone would commit with so much uncertainty, but it's between Justin and his family and he must have his reasons. 

The MV11/2/2016 10:20:00 AM

I am not debating whether Justin should or should not sign early.  I am questioning why a fan of this program would come on here and state that he would advise him not to when it looks like Justin's intent is to sign early.


Thomas11/2/2016 11:10:09 AM

“I started to get a feel for GW and the campus and the city were just right for me,” Mazzulla said. “The campus is wonderful. They have everything there, even one of the best hospitals around.”

Mazzulla, who says he’d like to study exercise science, said he’s looking forward to the challenge of playing in a competitive league like the Atlantic 10  LINK

I wanted to repost what gwfan wrote on 10/27 at 12:20AM because it may clear up some questions people have. If you look at Mazzulla's quotes, it looks like he's committed to SCHOOL, not the Hot Air("You're The Man", "I'm Going To Build The Offense Around You", "We Have The Most Beautiful Coeds In The World On Our Campus", "I've Never Seen A Player With Your Skills", "You're Going To Be One Of The Greatest To Ever Play At This School, etc.),  from the coaching staff and others associated with the school recruiting him.

The quotes in the 2nd paragraph about what Justin Mazzulla intends to major in shows that he's fully committed to GW no matter who the coach is. I follow recruiting pretty closely and I'm not sure that I've ever heard a basketball or football recruit discuss what he intends to major in during his committment/signing and the reputation of his school's hospital!!! I'm expecting him to sign later this month. The link to those quotes from J.Mazzulla are posted right below this.



Bigfan11/2/2016 11:33:24 AM

Justin should sign in two weeks on Nov. 15 or whenever the first day of eligibility to sign is.

He will be getting $300,000 worth of free education at a world class university, in the heart of the world's capital, five blocks from the White House.

Washington is a beautiful city. Foggy Bottom where GW is located offers the best of a big city with a great, very safe and clean neighborhood.

Though he will be a star on the basketball team, which is the biggest sport and activity on campus, basketball is just one facet of life. And Justin enjoys the campus. He can be his own man here and make his name for himself while getting a terrific education.

That's why we are all on this board, years after graduation.

Justin should have his pen ready.

Because with one signature, he will be guaranteeing the best four years of his life.

Signing day can't come soon enough for him.


Bo Knows11/2/2016 11:34:02 AM

MV, first of all I said this before we even knew Justin would commit. I wasn't the only one reading up the thread. My comment wasn't specific to Justin really but it would be same advice I would give to any recruit.

Let's look at this another way. As a fan of GW, do you want a future coach not named Mojo to have his hands tied with this recruit if he were to determine he doesn't fit? Remember, Justin can force GW to honor his LOI. He still can get out of it too if he wants to go to West Virginia for example if he doesn't like the next coach should Mojo be selected. So it can cut both ways.

So my point is and was all of this is dependent on Mojo becoming the head coach. Nothing Justin does or doesn't do in the next 5 months is going to impact that decision.

Thomas, Justin clearly said all the right things regarding GW. I wonder if he will still say that if another coach comes in and says I am bringing two guards in and you won't play here. I would bet heavily he wouldn't.

Point is he sounds like the right kid for GW but a lot could change in the next 5 months none of which is within his control.

Hopefully, we can put this discussion to bed. I'm glad that Justin signed - I'd rather have him signed now than not looking solely at it form GW's perspective. I think he will be good for GW. I hope Mojo gets the job. I just wouldn't have advised him to sign now. That's all.

The MV11/2/2016 12:40:50 PM

Well Bo, I'm glad that you're glad that he's going to be signing. (And let's hope this is the case as we are still officially a week away.)

It is just very ironic to me that a person who has taken great pains to point out how everyone should watch what they post here because recruits and their families and friends read this board would make the point of advising a recruit here who presumably wants to sign with GW not to right away.  I understand the rationale behind your position and why you might privately hold this position; I just don't understand posting it here and running the risk of creating uncertainty in a player's mind.  This doesn't strike me of 100% supporting MoJo's efforts at all.  And, I'm happy to leave it at that. 12:59:50 PM

MV I'm astounded that you actually think a recruit would come to this board and have a change of heart over a big life decision by reading posts by any one of us.  You do know that this board has a reputation among the GW players/athletic community as being a bunch of idiots, right???

Bo Knows11/2/2016 1:21:16 PM

MV, I hope you can parse the difference between advising folks not to post negative things about the program (e.g. the coach sucks) or the recruit himself (e.g. we shouldn't be recruiting him - he's not good enough) and advising a potential recruit not to sign until April given the uncertainty of who will be coaching this team (which by the way I did not have anything to do with). One is negative towards the recruit himself suggesting he shouldn't come here either directly or indirectly while the other is telling the recruit ok verbally commit if you like GW but we just want to give you the space to determine if  this is the right fit if circumstances change. I don't think the two are logically inconsistent. 99 out of 100 times it is not necessary to give this advice at this time of the year. We are in unchartered territory with an interim coach beginning the season (i.e. in other words prior to November signing period). There would be no opportunity to give this advice in a normal set of circumstances where a coaching change was made mid-season or at the end of the season. 

Also, do you really think there is no chance that should Justin or his parents be reading this that they will think, "hey these guys really care about what is best for Justin not just what is best for GW"? You don't think that is a good look for GW but rather is a negative? As a parent, I would be appreciative of that even if in the end it was decided to go ahead and sign. 

I guess we will just have to agree to disagree here.

Poster 11/2/2016 1:22:03 PM

excellent points @ The MV.  the answer to your questions regarding Bo Knows? he is a total hypocrite.  also, poster from 6:49am, I concur 1000%

Bo Knows11/2/2016 1:27:21 PM

By the way MV, one other point I neglected to make. I don't think I introduced any uncertainty into Justin or his parents' minds. Surely without me they must know the situation - that Mojo is currently interim head coach. Surely without me, they know the possibility exists that Mojo might not be coach in April. Surely, if GW wanted to resolve this uncertainty to bolster recruiting they could name Mojo the head coach tomorrow. And I would bet a lot of money they already received similar advice.


Poster 11/2/2016 1:44:03 PM

Hey the mv, you have distilled Bo to his essence.  total dishonesty. he never believed his own fake tales about recruits being chased away.  He made it all up and never beleived it, Nor should anyone.  If he beleived his tales he would now write the thigns he wrote on this thread?!!!!

You could not write a post that is MORE of a deterrant than the posts Bo has written here.After years of dire warnings if the slightest discussion of a recruit or ML broke out anywhere on this website. So ask yourself, why the sudden change? I think its rather obvious no?

adclub11/2/2016 1:47:12 PM

How I feel about pretty much every thread these days - looking at Poster Bo Knows et al

GW 0311/2/2016 2:02:34 PM

Just to be clear of the Bo rules of engagement.  Discussion of a recruit's abilities, not ok, for fear he won't sign after reading that.  Bo Telling a recruit he should not sign with GW, that is fine and dandy, in fact wise.


Bo Knows11/2/2016 2:07:14 PM

Funny how folks read what they want instead of the actual words typed. GW 03, find where I said Justin should not sign with GW ever. Go ahead I'll wait. 

Bo Knows11/2/2016 2:24:10 PM

Funny that Poster under another name (Dude for those of you keeping score) regularly ran down recruits, told us we were losing a top recruit to URI, bashed existing players such as Jorgensen and now dishonestly posts under "poster", and he is worried about me being a deterrant to recruits. LMFAO x100.

GW 0311/2/2016 2:29:34 PM

I did not say ever, that was your addition. You said he should not sign now, which seems like an outrageous suggestion for someone who claims the board has such an impact on recruits decisions.

Trying to Help 11/2/2016 2:41:34 PM

How one man can so ruin this site is just amazing.  Bo Knows, as many have suggested, take a good long break from posting here.  It seems unhealthy for you, and it is very painful for the rest of us.  Do you read what people write about your posts? Take a minute to do so, and then take very nice long break from posting here, for everyone's sake. 

GW signs a player and you have sucked all of the oxygen away to yourself like you do on every thread. Painful. Take a break, a long one.

Bo Knows11/2/2016 3:11:57 PM

Trying to Help aka Dude - keep trying to come up with new names. I asked my IT guys to look at all these posts with a little algorithmn they have. They same pretty much the same author because same phrases are used. repeatedly. Suprised not surprised. 3:18:06 PM

I believe you Bo. I had wondered why the Dude who used to post dozens of times a day now posts very infrequently and that coincidentally corresponded with all these new poster names suddenly appearing all just to attack you. 

Bo Knows11/2/2016 3:18:11 PM

GW 03 aka Dude don't be disingenuous. You said "Bo Telling a recruit he should not sign with GW, that is fine and dandy". Again I said he should not sign now but in April. 

The MV11/2/2016 3:18:48 PM

Bo, I agree that I don't believe you have introduced anything here that Justin or his family didn't already realize.  But again, why say it at all?  Maybe the interpretation upon reading that results in Justin and/or the family reconsidering whether to sign early.  You know what's a better look than putting Justin above the program?  Attracting good players and winning lots of games.  Let's not make this out to seem like we're pulling one over Justin's eyes.  He is the one making this decision, eyes wide open.

I know you're concerned about the well-being of players, which is admirable, but let me ask you this...what's Nimbo Hammons doing today?  Or Omar Williams?  Or Doug Vander Wal?  Or Brian Butler?  Do you remain every bit in touch with or as concerned about GW basketball players once they leave school?  I'm not criticizing you except to point out that our affection and attention paid to these athletes is largely tied to their Colonial careers, with few exceptions.  That doesn't make you, I or anyone else bad fans or bad people.  As the Seinfeld joke goes, in sports, we root for laundry. 

I do have an interesting question which I hope you can answer honestly...let's say that we have this same situation, a player ready to sign early, only Mike Lonergan is still the head coach and the investigation of him is ongoing.  Do you think you're still advising Justin to hold off on signing early?  Truthfully?

Poster 11/2/2016 3:33:52 PM

Bo Knows, you must be unwell. Endlessly posting here seems to make that condition worse.  BOOOOOOOO is right

Bo Knows11/2/2016 3:35:38 PM

Different situation entirely MV. ML has a multi-year contract that until the results of an investigation prove otherwise, he retains. He is the incumbent. Mojo is an interim before the season even begins. Huge difference. One has an expectation at this point that he is the coach for the duration of his contract, the other has no expectation beyond March. It's why I said this is a very rare situation given its juxtaposition with the November signing period. How many other D1 programs have an "interim" head coach at this point? The answer I believe is zero. Neither you or I can place a probability on the likelihood that Mojo retains the job at this point. It could be anywhere from 0-100 in actuality. 

The funny thing about this really is that if my intent was to hurt GW in any way as far as recruiting, I wouldn't come here to do it. I'd have multiple better ways to do it.

That said, actually I do stay in touch with probably more than 25 former Colonials mostly from the Jarvis and Hobbs era but a few more recent. I don't want to make it out like we're best friends or anything (of course Poster/Dude will suggest that I did) but I've been called upon before for job recommendations and run into these guys at different places.

Greenpoint NY11/2/2016 3:41:13 PM

I have to believe that Justin sat down with his friends and family to go over ALL scenarios before he signed the LOI. Like HE STATED before, he is FULLY AWARE of the situation and would still like to go to GW. This shows me that he feels that the positives outweigh the negatives. So please stop worrying about the what if and lets focus on the season! All this back and forth is killing us!! 3:48:17 PM

You win Bo.Im going to kill myself. 3:55:19 PM

More than 25 former Colonials/job recommendations requests.  LMAO. Besties with Mike L, besties with every GW Coach.  ROFL. amazing for a guy consumed all day blabbering away on this site. 3:56:21 PM

this site i guess is now officially just

The Dude11/2/2016 4:12:28 PM

Thomas, spot on about Mazzulla. agreed.

danjsport11/2/2016 5:09:13 PM

Bo.  STOP!  Not every post needs a response.  Seriously.  This thread was great news.  A recruit coming to GW.  A recruit not only coming to GW, but coming under difficult circumstances that many predicted would make it difficult to recruit.  And it's been done!  And instead of celebrating that we have pissing matches that you can't stay away from.  I don't give a fuck if you're being "attacked" by one poster or twelve.  I don't give a fuck if what you posted was "right" or "different than the thing you tell others not to do."  I just don't care.  What I care about is the guy that got recruited and has commited.  

So, you said hwat you said.  YOu defended it--repeatedly.  YOU DO NOT NEED THE LAST WORD.  IT IS A MOTHER FUCKING MESSAGE BOARD WHERE VIRTUALLY NOBODY (IF ANYBODY) POSTS THEIR REAL NAME.  Who the fuck cares.  Just stop. 5:14:57 PM

Keeps in touch with over 25 former colonials? lol ---- Close friends with Lonergan? lol----------  on the phone the other night with many AAU coaches lol------- Dear God please stop it Bo Knows, you're acting like a buffoon.

bobo11/2/2016 5:50:36 PM

Danj: Shouldn't you urge all parties (including whoever the fuck "poster" is) to stop?

The MV11/2/2016 6:23:02 PM

Bo, my unsolicited advice on the subject...we pretty much know who is legit around here and who isn't.  The regulars on this board are fairly apparent.  Either some brand new posters or far more likely, the imagination of one or a handful of troublemakers who has or have decided to introduce us to folks like Bea, John, GYPH, and of course, seemingly hundreds of versions of the infamous Poster, have shown up to do nothing but push buttons and in all likelihood, satisfy the jollies of a certain poster.  The advice is to keep on posting, engaging and debating with those whose opinions you respect even if you don't agree with them on most anything.  Every time you fire back at "Poster" or anyone you deem to be located within the imagination of a certain poster, that poster is likely giggling while jerking off to the fact that they have successfully agitated you.  I'll do my best to take this advice too, as should everyone here who has had it with the ridiculousness that this board has become, all likely due to one if not a small handful of pathetic posters.  Telling them to go away won't cut it.  Maybe, hopefully, ignoring them will be a step in the right direction. 6:30:54 PM

I think in a roundabout way Danj is addressing Bo because Bo is a longtime poster and at least there is that. The other guy(s) have not established anything here other than hiding behind Poster name and gratuitously attacking Bo at every chance. If you are wondering why I am also posting under Poster it's because I refuse to be sucked into this mess. But I agree with Danj, Bo it is not necessary to respond to idiots just because they invoke your name. Have some faith that the rest of us see clearly what is going on here. Nobody doubts your loyalty to GW except for a few "posters". For the sake of the board let it go. i

Bo Knows11/2/2016 6:37:42 PM

MV on that last post we can agree. And Danj is correct. I should know better than to engage in this personal battle here. I will stop. 6:59:17 PM

i posted about 1/10 of the posts directed at bo, the other 90% are other people, i know, because i didnt write them, important for you to understand BO

learn from your past sins, read what people have posted on the thread, if you have some imaginary bizarre thing for ML, well you can move on now that he has.  this way you can spend more time keeping in touch with the "over 25 former Colonials" you write recommendations for and all of those other imaginary friends in your head 7:16:53 PM

Poster @ 6:59 ... one guy now apparently  gets this (STFU) and one doesn't. I'll leave it to you to figure out if you are that guy. 7:25:04 PM

wait, more than 1 person here uses "Poster?"....Poster, good luck with that, like telling a heroin addict not using heroin is a wise idea, in all candor, i hope you take a lot more out of this chain Bo than you seem to have


Danjsport11/2/2016 8:07:05 PM

Bobo--the reason I address bo is because 1) he has a poster name; 2) he at least has value to this board beyond personal trolling if he chooses to stop engaging and start talking about gw.  The posters have done nothing but rile up bo.  They won't stop.   O might.

The Other MG11/3/2016 11:33:20 PM

I almost always feel empowered by Bigfan, and have to believe that he, Thomas, and Greenpoint NY are right - in an exceptional situation, a smart, exceptional kid decided he wanted to attend GW, and play for our interim coach.  If he was a lousy recruit, that would be a different issue, but he is a really good ballplayer.  We should all be happy about this.  Congratulations, Justin, you are a great recruit, and have already proved yourself an exceptional young man.

Bo Knows, you have been right about a number of things (I celebrated with you on the Marfo vs. Tertsea recruitment win).  It just seems to me that you still have a bit of soreness about the ML situation (ok, a lot of soreness), and maybe, just maybe, that has caused you to (mildly) root against the program's short term success.  Just a feeling on my part.  The MV, you have been extremely patient in trying to build the rational, logical case to show Bo's hypocrisy on this issue and recruiting threads, but you really don't have to go to great lengths.

Please, let's try to enjoy every small success that the coach and program makes.  I believe that we are already on the way "back," and let's hope that Justin is Mojo's Kopriva, only even better.

Poster 11/4/2016 12:27:19 AM

The other mg, well put as to all of your assessments

bobo11/4/2016 12:36:25 AM

I've said it before and I'll say it again: no recruit should take any advice from anyone on this board...ever...for any reason.  That's as equally true of bigfan (who always pontificates on the unique vertues of GW and why a player should come here) as of Bo, or MV, me or THinker or the Other MG or whoever the fuck "poster" really is. 

We just don't ever really know individual recruits situation and we don't represent their best interests.  We have our own best interests in mind, mainly that of the programs we support. 

But that being said, if a poster like Bo really feels it's recruit is not doing himself any favors by signing with a program that has an interim HC that may shortly be doing a complete make over of the coaching staff, should he keep it to himself? This board is the place to have those types of conversations. THIS BOARD IS NOT FOR PLAYERS, COACHES OR RECRUITS.  It is for the FANS of the program. 

I think it's great that a pretty good recuit like Justin signed for GW but also see the arguement that he might want to be reluctant to sign anything official until he knows who the 2017 coaching staff will be.  Maybe he doesn't really care and just wants to play for GW regardless of who's the coach.  I don't know.  So that's why a recruit should NEVER take advice from anyone on this board...ever.  But I think it's and interesting debate regardless.

thinker11/4/2016 1:19:22 AM


Everything you say is correct.

As to the concern about Bo's comments, it relates far more to his own inconsistency - some would say hypocracy -- than to whether there is some validity to his argument.

For years, Bo has repeatedly and relentlessly argued against making comments about recruits (or other things) that might discourage a recruit from coming to GW. He has repeatedly and relentlessly said that recruits, their families and those close to them come here and read comments and have been influenced negatively towards GW by those comments. I think his position on this has been absolutely correct.

Bo always cloaks himself in the garb of a true GW basketball fan and he was here everyday defending ML and NEVER saying anything that might hurt ML's chances of landing a recruit that he wanted.

So when Bo comes here and makes comments to the effect of it's a bad decision for a particular recruit to sign with GW -- A recruit who MoJo clearly wanted and a recruit that clearly would be a great get at this moment for GW -- then people logically question his motives.

This discussion isn't about Bo's analysis -- It's about his motives and about his intellectual honesty and consistency.

John Sebastian11/4/2016 1:35:54 AM

Well, Thinker done nailed it yet again, amazing incredible hypocricy, zero intellectual honesty.  You got that right, Super post Thinker.

GW6911/4/2016 7:10:15 AM

Thank you Thinker. Well done!!

Long Suffering Fan11/4/2016 7:31:00 AM

It shows you what our world has become when The M.V. is the voice of reason around here.

Bo Knows11/4/2016 8:57:31 AM

Not going to relitigate or apologize for what I said on this thread or my intentions.

But just so we can be clear, the staff knows where my heart is so it doesn't matter what anyone here thinks. I will continue to support Mojo like every coach since Kuester. Again I was here long before I ever knew ML. My "soreness" relates solely to senior administration outside the athletic department who told me one thing and did another. We will leave it at that.

My support for GW has never been  nor will it be conditioned on who the coach is. I have seen and supported 7 now. However, my support for GW generally can be affected by the larger institution, its leadership and how people are dealt with.

I have tried to make this as clear as possible. If you get it you get it if you don't there is nothing more I can say or do here.

The MV11/4/2016 10:01:08 AM

Come on LSF, I'm a very reasonable long as I'm not provoked. :)

Bobo, we unfortunately do not get to legislate who gets access to this board.  Even if the intent is for fans, the fact is that players, recruits and their families have every bit as much access.

As Thinker succintly put it, it is the hypocracy on Bo's part that is the issue here.  And as Bo alluded, this is being caused not by MoJo (what did he do besides accept the head coaching job once offered?) but rather by the GW administration.  What he is not understanding is that we are not talking about mutually exclusive items here.  His unhappiness with the administration has spilled over into taking this point of view on Justin that I am unconvinced would have been the case under different circumstances.

Here is an example...let's say the Lonergan issue never happened at all, but Mike left GW in September on great terms to become the head coach at a power conference school (whose head coach suddenly retires).  GW hires MoJo as the interim head coach because there is not enough time to do a comprehensive search.  Everything is perfectly fine with the GW administration.  And, Justin announces he would like to play for GW.  Is Bo coming on here and suggesting that Justin wait because GW has an interim head coach under this set of circumstances? 

I can not help but think that Bo's unhappiness with the school, not the coaches but the school, is clouding his judgement on this one.

thinker11/4/2016 10:07:20 AM

Don't Cry for Me Argentina

It won't be easy, you'll think it strange
When I try to explain how I feel
That I still need your love after all that I've done

You won't believe me
All you will see is a girl you once knew
Although she's dressed up to the nines
At sixes and sevens with you

I had to let it happen, I had to change
Couldn't stay all my life down at heel
Looking out of the window, staying out of the sun

So I chose freedom
Running around, trying everything new
But nothing impressed me at all
I never expected it to

Don't cry for me Argentina
The truth is I never left you
All through my wild days
My mad existence
I kept my promise
Don't keep your distance

And as for fortune, and as for fame
I never invited them in
Though it seemed to the world they were all I desired

thinker11/4/2016 10:22:45 AM

For clarity sake - read the lyrics with Bo as Madonna as Evita and GW as Argentina.


Tuna Can11/4/2016 11:11:02 AM

Funny, I thought that this thread was about a new recruit.

Caliban11/5/2016 12:26:17 AM

Bo Knows; did you have an imaginary friendship with the other six coaches too? or just ML?


Former Colonial11/5/2016 8:03:25 AM

I don't know Thinker Bo MV Dude or obviously any of the suddenly new poster names here. What I do know is that everyone should just STFU.

I wouldn't have written what Bo posted here but it's hardly worth polluting this thread over. And let's just consider some of the past statements made here by the high and mighty.

Thinker, it was you who once called an AD a "fucking liar" and while deciding that Lonergan had used inappropriate language and engaged in abusive acts, it was you who made homophobic statements about another poster (Dude). And we don't even have to mention the racism directed at Rasheed Sulaimon. Of course Dude and his panoply of screen names have run down players such as Paul Jorgensen, derided potential recruits abilities as were apparently recruiting them and been caught in lie after lie here by none other than the MV. Finally, there is MV wasn't he the guy who talked about GW players shaving points and had epic battles with Bo over MV's unsubstantiated allegation that a "former AD paid off his buddy"

So let me get this straight. Bo advises a recruit to wait until April and you think that is  going to undermine the program more than any of the above statements have over the years? 

What is clear here is that the 4+ of you just like to argue and fight. If it is not Bo it will be one of the others. You've chased away many long time posters.

All of you just STFU if you have something bad to say about the other. None of you has clean hands. That is all.

Herve registration please now!

The MV11/9/2016 4:36:28 PM

Justin is scheduled to sign his NLI today. 

GW Fan11/9/2016 7:08:50 PM

It appears that he did....


thinker11/9/2016 7:45:00 PM

Congratulations to Justin, MoJo and GW!

Mike K11/9/2016 9:15:46 PM


The Dude11/9/2016 10:45:28 PM

Fantastic! welcome to GW!!

Bigfan11/10/2016 1:29:27 PM

Wonderful news.

Justin will unite us all.

Welcome to GW, Justin!

You've made a great decision not only for basketball, but for the rest of your life.

Greenpoint Brooklyn11/10/2016 1:49:15 PM

Finally! No negative posts :-)  Welcome to the family!


Bo Knows11/10/2016 1:55:09 PM

I was initially reluctant to post again in this thread (for fear that it would reopen the can of worms). However, I would then be remiss if I did not say congratulations to Justin and welcome to GW. 2:45:55 PM

You were reluctant!!! Nonsense.Welcome Justin.

The MV11/10/2016 3:09:28 PM

It's a huge deal.  Justin reunites with Kevin in the A10 while receiving a great education.  High school and AAU coaches, players and parents of players receive the message that GW is not a pariah in the college basketball world despite coming off highly unusual and potentially damaging circumstances.  Welcome to Foggy Bottom Justin, and thanks!

The Dude11/10/2016 3:53:49 PM

Agreed, as I wrote above, its a key sign to other recruits, its ok to sign with GW right now

BM11/10/2016 5:40:54 PM

Video including brief interview

Long Suffering Fan11/10/2016 6:55:59 PM

"The coach was a great guy".   Got to like to hear that.

Maine Colonial11/10/2016 8:08:22 PM

GWSports posted a story with quotes from Justin and MoJo. LINK

“When I went on my visit there was a lot of positivity,” said Mazzulla. “The [student-athletes] opened my mind to the atmosphere and how good we can be in the future because of the large group of freshmen that are there now, who will be sophomores when I arrive. They have great chemistry, so I looked at it from the standpoint of the future, and how it’s going to be when I get there.”

GW Fan11/11/2016 3:04:27 PM

I really liked reading this....first team all state and sounds like a great citizen to boot.  Welcome Justin!!

In being named Rhode Island’s Gatorade Player of the Year, Mazzulla was also recognized for his off the court accomplishments. He has maintained a 3.50 GPA in the classroom while also volunteering for fundraising campaigns to benefit homeless shelters and food banks, in addition to donating his time as a youth basketball coach and referee.
 3:06:47 PM

other recruits, when considering GW, remember:


What would Justin do? 


BC11/11/2016 6:30:48 PM

Glad that's cleared up, was afaid it was "what would Jesus do?  I prefer the secular version.

bm12/20/2016 9:30:31 AM

Scored 32 points in win.


bm12/20/2016 9:33:09 AM

Highlights from game noted in previous post.


“He’s like having another coach on the court,” Gomes said of Mazzulla. “He motivates these guys every day. He leads by example, he leads by voice. He’s a four-year starter for me. It’s like having me out on the court. The effort that he brings to every drill of every practice. He’s playing it like it’s his last. That has easily been seen by everybody on this team because they’ve fallen into line. They don’t want to let him down, either.”



the dude12/20/2016 4:26:14 PM

Signed during what could not have been a worse moment to recuit.  Makes me optimistic about Mojo's future recruiting abilities.


bobo12/20/2016 6:42:30 PM

Spinning balls 


bobo12/20/2016 7:00:37 PM

I would say it's a good sign for MoJo also but do we know who was Mazzula's main recruiter at GW? Mazzula signs less than a month after MoJo is named interim coach so somebody  at GW had to be recruiting home before that announcement.  

Mazzula says he'd like MoJo to stay as HC but adds that he wants to stay at GW regardless because of the school and the level of platforms in the A10 so it doesn't seem like keeping MoJo is a deal breaker for this recruit.


the dude12/20/2016 8:57:55 PM

Perhaps, but that's also a smart thing for a smart guy to say.


Might have been Mojo. Good questions, ones that never typically get answered, but if you can land a   recruit of this caliber in that context, pretty good sign maybe you can recruit period.


bm1/1/2017 6:57:20 PM

Another big game


tuna can1/2/2017 12:14:04 PM

HA HA HA!!!!! Had to do a double take. That's my home gym in Hawaii, BM. That's me and Barry O, too. 

It's actually the home of the best pre-season high school volleyball tourney in the country. 

here is the link to see the entire game against Punahou. (No. 33 in Green). Punahou posts full game or highlights of most sporting events. Big fund raiser for the school ... probably has a bigger endowment than Georgetown, just like GW (joke, but not that far off).

tuna can1/2/2017 1:08:59 PM

Here's a link to the next game 12/28 against St. Louis, another school in Hawaii. Look carefully to see if you can find the heaviest player on St. Louis.

tuna can1/2/2017 3:05:07 PM

Game 3 against a team from Redwood City

bigfan1/2/2017 4:56:29 PM

Justin wins third game by somehow dribbling from the corner and going through three-count-em 3- defenders to score on a layup with time close to expiring. Commentators term it a Division I move.

He contributes to defensive pressure that forces a turnover.

And then ices two free throws to secure the four point win.

Nice work, Justin.

fmc1/2/2017 6:53:34 PM

Is he playing at a very low level? The other kids look like a small town JV team.

tuna can1/2/2017 9:42:41 PM

FMC, Punahou has split their team into two and playing some JV players, bu it is a big school. What you will often find is that Island teams will have bigs that are 6'3 or so, but weigh 230 or 240. One kid from the first game is a fullback/Linebacker on the football team and has to be 225 ....Lakalaka.  His brother is the fullback on the University of Hawaii football team.

The starting center for the 3rd game opponent was 6'6 and looked to be 230. Samoan.... freshman center. 

You ar right, FMC, Punahou has more size on their volleyball team.

Justin's team looks like it's loaded with 6'2 to 6'4 players. They are young.  


What I do like is that he is VERY ACTIVE on defense and is constantly making steals, blocks and deflections. I put him between Kromah and Garino. He is a true point guard and may come in at 6'4. He is a quick shifty slasher and a very nice passer. He only took a few outside shots in the three games posted so far from the tourney in Hawaii, but looked decent.

On the ball, he has a mega-first=step. 

For the fun of it, you have to watch the second game with the bit

tuna can1/2/2017 9:55:51 PM

Sorry, didn't finish post above. There was a guy for an Island team who was about 6'2 or 3 and had to be near 275 or 280. He fouled Justin on a Justin's drive to the basket and literally knocked him 5 to 6 feet backwards. Not subtle. Later in the 2nd half, another player from Justin's team is driving down the lane; gets fouled; and, as he stumbled, this same guy just cleans the kid out with a body block and picks up a T. Amazing.

the dude1/2/2017 11:08:06 PM

Thanks for posting Tuna.

Anyone catch the spin move at 6:00 first quarter, game 3 vs Sequioa?

Very active hands and high motor on D, agreed.  Shot looks like it might need a lot of work based on his reluctance to fire from range. Seems like a very selfless, past first player.  Excellent passer, very good at spotting the open man.

Fluid mover, high octane defender.  Reminds me a good amount of Pato as well, albeit about 3 inches shorter.   Hair is a dope throwback, Reggie Theus style!



haha1/10/2017 12:37:52 PM

Lost the game in the final. Justin had several 3s. 

concerned alum1/10/2017 3:07:55 PM

He is a 2.3 star recruit out of 5:

bm1/10/2017 4:39:53 PM

McDonald's All-American game nominee for Rhode Island.

bobo1/10/2017 5:47:00 PM

3 from RI

5 from NY


gw 031/10/2017 11:57:14 PM

McDonald's All-American nominee? Pretty darn good!

fmc1/11/2017 12:17:49 AM

3 from RI but like 35 from Cali. Are you pointing this out Bobo to diminish the accomplishment? Because its a pretty great accomplishment.

When is the last time GW had a McDonald's All American nominee? Joe Mac I believe?

maine colonial1/11/2017 5:23:37 AM

This is great news. His brother did great things at West Virginia and hopefully Justin will exceed his accomplishments at GW. 

bm2/1/2017 10:14:43 AM

Mazzula was at the game last night

Not much competition, but recently ranked #1 in RI by NERR

Averaging 20.5 a game, but only 4 3-pointers made in 12 games.

la colonial2/1/2017 11:55:23 AM

BM, Mazzula is actually averaging more than 20.5 points per game, but for some reason the Providence Journal link you included does not count a game on December 8, nor the four games Hendricken played in Hawaii.  In Hawaii, Mazzula average 27 points per game over four games, three of them victories. I believe he also scored 32 points in the December 8 game.


He also made several threes in Hawaii.  It is hard to gage the competition level, but he appears to be very athletic with a high basketball IQ.  He also is good at the free throw line. The one thing I noticed that he needs to work on is in using his left hand.

bm2/1/2017 5:32:35 PM

 Good call LA.  Seems to be showing only league games for his team.

bm3/5/2017 8:39:11 PM

Mazzula scores 18 in Division 1 championship game win.  Now number one seed in the states.


tuna can3/6/2017 6:52:48 AM

The games in Hawaii are online. I think that I posted the links, but just go to PunaVision and search for his team. They had all the games up online at youtube.

Punahou (Barry O's team and mine) included their JV team which the team from Rhode Island destroyed, but then they lost in the finals to the Punahou Varsity.

THe thing to remember about Mazzulla is that he will be a dreaded freshman next year. Look for him to enter the rotation by Dec. in key situations. He is on the ball pretty much all the time in HS. His game is most roughly like PJ's with lots of trips to the rim. 

Basically, he is what Sina isn't. 


maine colonial3/6/2017 9:23:13 AM

I'm guessing Justin has been coached up by his brother Joe and hopefully Joe will make sure he's ready for his freshman year.

bm3/12/2017 1:41:13 PM

Advances to the state semis.  BTW, he's teammates with Ty Weeks Jr, son of the former URI star and current assistant.

maine colonial3/19/2017 9:18:05 PM

Justin won his third championship in four years today at URI's Ryan Center. Justin only had 6 points but he added 6 assists, 11 rebounds, 2 blocks and 1 steal. He had 15 points and 15 rebounds in the semi. 

rkelley3/19/2017 10:10:22 PM

I was watching some tape on Mazzulla. I do like him, he has some speed and athleticism. Some quick-twitch. His shot mechanics are not great, very low, shoots from the chest but these can be overhauled. Doesn't appear to have big hands. 

Maceo looks intriguing. I know he wasn't a sought-after recruit but he has leaping ability and speed. Looks like he could turn into a Kethan Savage possibly. We'll see.

Next year I think the lineup will be:

1. Bolden 50% / Sina 50%

2. Roland 75% / Sina 25%

3. Watanabe 75% / Mazzulla 10-25% / Jack 10-25%

4. Steeves 75% / Toro 25% / Marfo <10%

5. Toro 50% / Smith 50% / Marfo <10%

the dude3/19/2017 10:29:59 PM

I like that stat line, we need Guards with more boards, steals, guys who draw fouls, etc.  We have too many redundant undersized shooters who don't pile up enough other stats.

Eager to see these guys at this level.  Hard RK to forecast the PT chart until we do, and we know what transfers we might have both out and IN.  A really good IN would change things up.

Shot mechanics are also very tough to change, but JR proved this season, feasible, even this late in a playing career. (his is still strange, but much higher and much smoother) 


rkelley3/20/2017 1:14:07 AM

Yeah, no real idea on PT just speculating.

Mazzulla looks like a nice get. Underrated, somewhere along the lines of Roland or perhaps Savage. I might've been wrong about his shot. I saw some other video where it looked fine. He has some length too. Comes from a good program, he's won a bunch, he's well spoken, and he looks like a runner with some ups. Sign him up.

As far as transfers, does anyone know what the deal is with Austin Nichols? Is he eligible to play next year, could he come to GW? Seems like that could work out well for both sides, and he's super talented.

Man, would've been awesome to get Jamorko Pickett from our backyard. Ole Miss? Could've been in shooting distance, like him way better Garza. 




maine colonial3/20/2017 7:30:33 AM

He certainly has Kethan-like hops: LINK

thinker3/20/2017 8:01:13 PM

There ars certainly a number of things i might speculate about now, but not playing time for next year. I'd want to see, at a minimum, who's on the team at the end of the summer.


bm3/20/2017 8:04:53 PM

bm4/9/2017 7:10:03 PM

All-State First Team

boom4/10/2017 12:51:34 PM

Awesome he looks legit. 

dmvpiranha10/17/2017 5:07:31 PM

Get to know video:


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