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the dude6/12/2018 3:12:23 PM

Any word about the upcoming Kenner season? Chance to see Sodom? The incoming Freshmen, etc.


long suffering fan6/12/2018 6:05:55 PM

C'mon, Dude.  You have been around long enough to know that June 12th is waaaaay to early to be asking that question.  If I recall, over the past couple of years, the Athletic Department usually releases something about who from GW is playing.  I cannot imagine a reason why any Colonial, including those redshirting for the upcoming season) would not play in the Kenner other than either injury or that they are playing elsewhere.


dmvpiranha6/12/2018 7:40:14 PM

It seems that the amount of Kenner info that is received has improved with every passing season. They usually post updates on twitter, although I would assume rosters would probably be announced in a couple of weeks.

Wonder how Gorham's visit went. Somewhat strange that he is waiting almost a full month in between visits somewhat late into the transfer season. He visited Foggy Bottom on the 4th, but isn't visiting Houston until the 28th or something if I remember correctly. Not sure if there are any updates on Cohee but I'd imagine he too is making a decision soon. Another interesting name newly added to the transfer list is Geno Crandall from North Dakota (the Fighting Hawks are moving from the Big Sky to the Summit League beginning this season, which makes a lot of sense geographically). Crandall has already started hearing from Gonzaga, Xavier, Colorado St., and New Mexico St. He averaged a team-high 16.6 ppg last year to go with 4.3 rpg, 3.6 apg, and 2.1 steals per game (but turning it over 3.3 times on average), while shooting 50% from the field, 42% from 3 (120 attempts), and 73% from the line. Some very nice numbers and fills up the stat sheet but will be coveted.

The other thing that I would imagine gets released somewhat soon is our OOC schedule. Rhode Island's has already been released. Does anyone know which teams we are facing as part of a home and home/return game or something? So far, the early part of the season has been decided as part of the Basketball Hall of Fame Tip-Off Tournament in Uncasville, CT:

11/6 vs. Stony Brook (home game in DC) Season opener.

11/8 vs. Siena (home game in DC) Coach Carm's return to Foggy Bottom.

11/17 vs. Michigan (Mohegan Sun Arena in CT) Runners-up last year after falling to Villanova in the championship game.

11/18 vs. South Carolina/Providence (Mohegan Sun Arena in CT) Could be facing Jair's new team, although of course he would be sitting out the year. 

One other game I remember Rothstein tweeting out:

TBA vs. Virginia (away game in Charlottesville) Date not yet decided as far as I know.

That leaves probably 7/8 more games in the OOC schedule.  


the dude6/12/2018 7:42:53 PM

DMV.  I dig it, nice to see hoops talk here.


the mv6/13/2018 10:52:57 AM

I would anticipate a return game at Princeton.  Two-game series witbh Penn State, Miami, Florida State, Harvard and Temple were completed last season.


dmvpiranha6/13/2018 12:35:57 PM

Good call MV. In conference pairings were announced today. Might help us this year to be playing Fordham twice instead of Davidson in terms of winning more games, but it would have been a good test/practice to have played the Wildcats twice instead, especially for a young team with no seniors currently.

Full Article: Atlantic 10 Release

George Washington

Home: Dayton, Massachusetts, St. Bonaventure, Saint Louis, Duquesne, Fordham, George Mason, Richmond, VCU

Away: Davidson, La Salle, Rhode Island, Saint Joseph’s, Duquesne, Fordham, George Mason, Richmond, VCU


sadstateofaffairs6/13/2018 1:58:15 PM

We are now playing a weak conference schedule. The A10 makes sure its weaker teams play eachother twice so as not to hurt the RPI of the top teams. This speaks volumes.


the mv6/13/2018 2:12:55 PM

That's not really true SadStateofAffairs.  Your statement would lead one to believe that the bottom 6 schools in the conference play each other twice which is by no means the case.  What you find with this scheduling is that all teams will play twice against two of the better teams in the conference (in our case, that could easily mean VCU and George Mason who will be a projected Top 4-6 type of team) and two of the medium-lesser teams.  The fifth team is what separates a stronger vs weaker A10 conference schedule.  We have traded playing Davidson twice for Fordham twice so this is clearly a weaker schedule than the recent past.  In short, no A10 school has a really easy or really difficult conference schedule due to the balance that the conference looks to achieve.  So, it is weaker, but not weak.

dmvpiranha6/13/2018 2:29:56 PM

Schedule update...kind of meh. Vermont is a pretty decent mid-major team but at the end of the day they play in the America East. Not sure it helps us too much to win at their place next season. Somewhat of a trap game.

George Washington and Vermont will begin a home-and-home series next season starting in D.C., per a source. Return game in Burlington in 19-20.


gw alum abroad6/13/2018 2:35:01 PM

With the UVM game scheduled, cue the assenine bickering over a certain former coach for both schools in 3... 2... 1...


sandra6/13/2018 2:36:14 PM

I had always assumed that we play Mason, VCU and Richmond twice due to geographic proximity rather than some scheduling scheme.

      Had to post as Sandra for Brian.  It’s really me, LSFo

the mv6/13/2018 3:04:18 PM

Geographic proximity also plays a factor.  When you have to choose 5 of 13 schools to play twice, you can factor in proximity for some of the schools you play while also keeping in mind competitive balance.  This is why the best schools don't only play the best schools twice, and why all of the schools closest in proximity don't only play one another twice.  The conference looks to achieve the best of both worlds. 


the dude6/13/2018 6:52:36 PM

Hasn't Vermont had a really good RPI for years? and the NCAA tourney uses that Tier 1 Tier 2 etc based on RPI.  A road win at Vermont could be helpful.  Good add for GW. 

thomas6/13/2018 8:09:30 PM

Vermont has been a very strong team since YOU KNOW WHO left for another job in 2011, as The Dude pointed out. They made the NCAA tournament in 2016-2017, and went 15-1 in conference this past season before losing to UMBC in the conference tournament championship game. If you are going to start a series of games against a school from a lower-rated conference, you might as well schedule an elite team from that lower-rated conference, which is what GW has done here. Both games should be a good test for GW. 

About the GW's conference schedule, I took a quick glance at the schedule over the past several years and Richmond, George Mason and VCU are the 3 teams that GW has been locked in to play twice every year as Sandra pointed out. The other 2 teams that GW plays twice seems to be rotated between Fordham, Davidson and Duquesne. Maybe it's based on competitive balance as The MV wrote. Is George Mason also locked in to pay VCU and Richmond twice every year??

The Kenner League's twitter page is constantly giving updates(they even posted about Yuta's shooting drill at the NBA Global Camp earlier this month. They also posted that the Kenner League will start on Saturday July 7th.   




dmvpiranha6/13/2018 9:02:56 PM

Nothing against Vermont. They are a very strong mid-major team without a doubt (Becker is a heck of a coach and if he wanted to could have moved up long ago), and assuming we finally have a full roster to work with in 19-20, would be a good win for us but it's no doubt a tall task to go up there and get it so that's why I view it as somewhat of a trap game (and the fact that they play in the America East will always play somewhat of a role - it's just not a very strong league). They have had a strong RPI recently and as long as they continue to schedule a strong OOC and win, that will help us because we aren't going to get a lot of help from their in conference slate outside of Albany and maybe UMBC if they can keep the magic going. I thought New Hampshire was going to be pretty solid in their league last year even before they played us tough but they ended up being pretty dreadful.

I think more than anything it would be nice to at least get one or two home and homes with teams from higher up conferences (and not cop-out return home games at Capital One Arena). Miami and UVA were great gets in the recent past. AAC I think would be ideal, or even strong mid-majors from the MVC, MWC, or C-USA. In other words, leagues that have multiple strong teams and have at least a chance of being multi-bid. I realize that it's tough to schedule good teams but that's what we need at the end of the day to have the resume the selection committee wants. Not hating the Vermont home-and-home per say, but just hope we don't schedule 3 MEAC teams when we become competitive again and land some good home and homes against higher competition as well.


hugh6/13/2018 10:32:58 PM

Lest we forget, MoJo being a Vermont alum probably played a part in getting this scheduled. 


the dude6/13/2018 10:47:47 PM

Bonnies won at Vermont if memory serves, was a crucial Tier 1 win for their NCAA resume, and one of I think I recall only 4-5 total for the A10 last year.  Working from pure  memory so pardon in advance if that's incorrect.


free quebec6/14/2018 12:57:26 AM

What genius scheduled opening day in DC on Election Day - on the night of an election many are billing as the most consequential midterm of our lifetime.  

I know a lot of people done care but I guarantee that reduce the already meager expected attendance and will pretty much guarantee no one besides the most die hard fans even notice a game was played.

I am pretty certain this is a first in GW history - and really, really dumb to play opening day on Election Day in Washington, DC.  


gw alum abroad6/14/2018 7:33:59 AM

FQ is right. GW should NEVER be scheduled at home on Election Night or Innauguration Day. Unless this a contractual obligation this Mohegan Sun thing has imposed on the school, someone in the AD should have red flagged it. Oh well, at least there is no banner raising ceremony that this scheduling will ruin. 


the dude6/14/2018 8:29:58 PM

Should have clarified one of only 4 or 5 Tier 1 wins in the OOC for the A10...combined was that win At Vermont.

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