the dude
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gw mbb7/13/2017 2:13:30 PM

Doubt Yuta will be playing 

the other mg7/13/2017 5:29:53 PM

Rooting hard for them all, of course, but especially hoping Potter, Nolan, and DJ break through this weekend.  


bigfan7/13/2017 6:35:16 PM

Certainly okay with keeping Yuta in bubble wrap until the season starts. Maybe even a bit afterward.

the dude7/14/2017 1:30:40 AM

Hopefully Bo Z will be playing as well.  

gw7/14/2017 2:23:35 PM

Anyone going to the game tonight?

the dude7/14/2017 3:28:19 PM

So what to look for in Week 2? Will Yuta and Bo Z be playing? Can Javy sustain the level he showed week 1?

Has Toro added range shooting to his game? The guys who have not shot well to date in their careers, do they show improvement.  Which Colonial looks like our Point Guard, short term and long term.



dmvpiranha7/15/2017 8:53:45 AM

Javier with the nice deflection on defense!


the dude7/15/2017 2:01:30 PM

Javi looks pretty quick.

the dude7/15/2017 5:13:55 PM

Anyone attend today? Observations?

thomas7/15/2017 7:34:32 PM

I didn't go today, but down below is a link to the Kenner League's instagram which is updated often during games, I've included another link to Maceo Jack hitting a 3 for Higher Level today.    Maceo Jack 3-pointer    


pembo7/15/2017 8:12:13 PM

 I saw the second game (Ballaholics vs. Curt Smith Stars) and all but the last few minutes of the third (Clydes vs. On Point).

The first game was a mixed affair for the two GW players, Javier Langarica and D.J. Williams.  Williams hit a three-pointer and had a few nice moves, but there were also turnovers and a few ugly shots.  His impact on the game was not substantial.

Javi started out very strong, but didn't contribute much in the last three-quarters of the game.  The coach didn't play him much in the second half and when he was in, he didn't see the ball much.  He was being guarded in the second half by A.J. Wilson a red-shirt freshman shot-blocking machine for George Mason, so it made sense to run the offense in a different direction.  

Javi confirmed my impression that he's an active player with a nose for loose balls and rebounds.  However, he also confirmed my impression that he has trouble defending without fouling.

In the second game, Jair Bolden was impressive.  He hit several three pointers and some long twos.  His playmaking was solid.  In fact, he did an excellent job of setting up Jesse Littlle, a three-point shooting big man for AU.  Three pointers Bolden and Little hit late in the first half turned the game in Clyde's favor.  Bolden also hit a clutch two-pointer from outside just before I left that gave his team a doublt-digit lead.

Bolden's defense seemed solid, as did his overall floor game.  He was definitely having fun.  Few players are easier to read in terms of body language.

Toro did not have a strong game.  He hit a three-pointer at the start and was a force inside for the first few minutes.  Then the Clydes big men showed up (Bolden had to jump center on the opening tap).  After that, Toro was a non-factor on offense.

His defenes didn't impress, either.  He collected a decent number of rebounds, but I felt he was outfought for rebounds he should have collected. (Easy for me to say).  

Terry Nolan is on the Clydes team, but didn't play today.  I observed last week that he seemed to have an injury in the thigh or groin area.  This may, or may not, explain his absence today.




the dude7/15/2017 9:03:28 PM

Thanks Pembo, appreciate the insights.  Any word about BoZ and Yuta?


gw mbb7/16/2017 5:36:41 PM

yuta probably won't play at all 

the dude7/16/2017 7:04:25 PM

Anyone catch the games today?

thomas7/16/2017 11:44:17 PM

I went to today's games, and I'll start with the final game which was Darren McClinton All-Stars vs Higher Level because that game had the most GW players and some interesting developments. The first one was Armel Potter played for Darren McClinton All-Stars, he came off the bench and he didn't get a lot of minutes, but when he was in, he was very fast, could get to the basket with ease and made some great passes. He was playing behind Maryland sophomore Anthony Cowan for most of the game. I watched Justin Williams a bit more closely in this game due to how well he played last weekend when he had a 17pt/11rebs game, I'd describe as a power guard(not sure if he's big enough to play small forward) because he's a good rebounder and seems to bulldoze his way to get buckets.

The most interesting aspect of this game was that Higher Level only had 5 players so Maceo Jack and Justin Mazulla played the entire game(along with Livingston and Grayer from George Mason) so Higher Level was essentially an A-10 team today!! They lost the game because they ran out of gas in the 2nd half. I'd say Mazulla and Jack did okay. Both of them need to get stronger and more confident when handling the ball and going to the basket. Mazulla looks to be slightly taller than Jack and is more of a point guard, while Jack is better playing off the ball. I'd like to see the stats for this game to see how all 4 players did.

I arrived at halftime for Clyde's-Premier Athletes, and Clyde's was down by over 20 points. Jair Bolden played well in the 2nd half, despite the presence of 2 incoming Georgetown guards. The Clyde's coach actually played all 3 of them together at times in the 2nd half. Toro hit 3's, rebounded well and passed well in his game, but did have some difficulty guarding the big men(Danny Sumner and Jon Arledge) for Hoop Magic. I believe he did block a shot or dunk attempt by Georgetown incoming 7-foot freshman in the game though. 


the dude7/17/2017 12:33:06 AM

Thomas, great feedback, much appreciated.

Mazzula appears taller than Jack? That would be a big deviation from their listed heights if so.  Encouraging report on Armel who looks like a blazer on film too.  Any thoughts on Javi L?



dmvpiranha7/17/2017 6:58:31 AM

Final Scores - Kenner Week 2


On Point 69   Curt Smith All Stars 77

Arnaldo Toro (On Point): 18 pts  15 rbs  8-10 FG  2-2 FT  39 min


Ballaholics University 77   Darren McClinton All Stars 96

DJ Williams (Ballaholics): 10 pts  3 rbs  5-7 FG  0-1 3-pt  21 min

Matt Cimino (Ballaholics): 7 pts  6 rbs  3-3 FG  1-2 FT  2 stl  27 min

Javier Langarica (Ballaholics): 6 pts  2 rbs  1-4 FG  1-2 3-pt  3-4 FT  22 min

Justin Williams (Darren McClinton): 3 pts  10 rbs  3 ast  1-2 FG  1-2 FT  3 TO  25 min



Tombs 71   Sam Ballers 79

Maurice Creek (Sam Ballers): 12 pts  4 rbs  4-11 FG  2-7 3-pt  2-2 FT  30 min


Curt Smith All Stars 96   Ballaholics University 81

DJ Williams (Ballaholics): 9 pts  4 rbs  4-9 FG  1-1 3-pt  2 TO  17 min

Javier Langarica (Ballaholics): 4 pts  6 rbs  1-4 FG  0-2 3-pt  2-2 FT  3 PF  21 min


On Point 85   Clyde's 108

Arnaldo Toro (On Point): 9 pts  11 rbs  4-7 FG  1-2 3-pt  39 min

Jair Bolden (Clyde's): 9 pts  6 rbs  4-6 FG  1-2 3-pt  2 TO  2 stl  28 min


Premier Athletics 75   Hoop Magic All Stars 56


Higher Level 96   AWash Associates 109

Maceo Jack (Higher Level): 13 pts  1 rbs  5-11 FG  1-6 3-pt  2-2 FT  2 TO  26 min

Justin Mazzulla (Higher Level): 10 pts  2 ast  5-6 FG  2 TO  2 stl  28 min

(the only two players on higher level to not play 40 minutes or more in the game)



Clyde's 61   Premier Athletics 84

Jair Bolden (Clyde's): 7 pts  2 rbs  3 ast  2-5 FG  1-4 3-pt  2-2 FT  4 TO  36 min


AWash Associates 91   Tombs 85


Sam Ballers 74   Curt Smith All Stars 95

Maurice Creek (Sam Ballers): 12 pts  10 rbs  2 ast  5-17 FG  1-10 3-pt  1-1 FT  4 stl  30 min


Hoop Magic All Stars 94   On Point 82

Arnaldo Toro (On Point): 22 pts  8 rbs  8-13 FG  2-4 3-pt  4-4 FT  3 PF  44 min


Darren McClinton All Stars 84   Higher Level 74

Justin Williams (Darren McClinton): 8 pts  4 rbs  2 ast  4-7 FG  0-1 3-pt  3 stl  26 min

Armel Potter (Darren McClinton): 4 pts  2 rbs  2 ast  2-3 FG  2 stl  20 min

Maceo Jack (Higher Level): 9 pts  5 rbs  3-11 FG  1-2 3-pt  2-2 FT  3 PF  6 TO  44 min

Justin Mazzulla (Higher Level): 10 pts  12 rbs  5-8 FG  3 PF  4 TO  2 stl  44 min



bobo7/17/2017 9:28:36 AM

Toro continues to grab rebounds at a high level.  

Several GMU players looking good in the Kenner.  I keep thinking that this is the year GMU jumps up in the A10 and could be in the top 5 this year.


monument7/17/2017 12:29:45 PM

Impressive numbers from Toro


bigfan7/17/2017 12:32:10 PM

Good posts on Kenner.

Javier's shooting stroke looked sweet in the video (although it's a highlight reel), so hope he regains his touch when he is more acclimated. Or can bang even a little bit down low. At least grab some rebounds.

Justin's stat line looked good, especially given the loose style of Kenner league play.

Maceo definitely has some athleticism, is a tweener with long arms. While percentage outside shooting doesn't seem to be his specialty, at least in Kenner, during one game, he had a very nice,quick catch and release three pointer that rippled the chords.

Like to see if there is some way we can use Justin's athleticisim and toughness in general-- and rebounding, at least as demonstrated in Kenner.

Not worried about Jair and Arnoldo. Know they can play Division 1 ball, though Arnoldo faces a true challenge as a rare, solidly built big man on our team. No Tyler this year. Nor really concerned about Armel, who has shown he can play Division 1 ball.

Hope Mo Creek is enjoying whatever he wants to do. A good young man with a great story of athletic comeback after injury.


greenpoint ny7/17/2017 1:05:15 PM

where is BO Ziegler? Not at Kenner and not on the roster. I'm confused.


the dude7/17/2017 1:29:10 PM

Very strong showings from Toro and Mazzulla.  Any other standouts? Guys who impressed more than the stat line would suggest?


gw fan7/17/2017 1:52:07 PM

Great to see the guys out there having fun. Toro always looks like hes having a great time 

bo knows7/17/2017 4:23:45 PM

Much like DJ Williams, Bo can't be formally announced until he is admitted to GW. All transcipts and other information need to be submitted. Announcing you are transferring and actually transferring are two different things. I am not suggesting that won't happen, I am saying that until it does GW cannot officially comment or add to roster. Bo probably also missed the opportunity to join a Kenner team.


the dude7/17/2017 4:39:42 PM

Unlike DJ, Bo Z does not appear to be playing (or even on campus? best I can tell.)

Submitting transcripts is something that can happen in a day or 2, doesn't require weeks, I don't see why the admission process would either.  That's a 1 day decision.  Also, he's a grad transfer which should expedite, not slow, the process.


bo knows7/17/2017 4:51:28 PM

Like most things with the Dude, if you don't get it, you don't get it. smh.


bigfan7/17/2017 5:06:15 PM

And in addition to Bo, any other graduate transfer who would be positive on and off the court is welcome to come to GW.

Since we still have an open slot after Bo joins us.

If someone was a contributor on a team, but not valued like he should be--or recruited over and wants to make a move:

 Wouldn't at least a year in sunny Washington on a team that needs experienced players, with a great graduate degree/certificate as desired and and being in the center of national and international action sound really, really good?

Add in a team that has recently shown again and again to make heroes out of underutilized transfers.

The perfect combination.

bobo7/17/2017 5:42:05 PM

The Kenner League registration seems to be fairly open and since sometimes only 5 guys show up to start a game, I'm sure Bo Zeigler can get on a Kenner team if he was in town and wanted to play.  More likely, he hasn't started up at GW yet.


ziik the peasant7/17/2017 5:49:55 PM

You're likely correct, Bobo.

But, nothing is final until Bo says it's final. (See above.)


gwb7/17/2017 7:10:48 PM

Relax! Bo Ziegs is clearly on campus considering he is in the video that GW MBB and Mojo posted today of them working out. See him about 30 seconds in


gwb7/17/2017 8:53:26 PM


thomas7/18/2017 10:57:58 AM

If GW is still in the first summer school session, its possible that Bo Zeigler will arrive on campus and be officially announced when the second summer session starts. And as Bobo stated, anyone can join a Kenner League team at anytime, so if Bo wants to join his teammates in Kenner League games, he'll be allowed to.

Bobo, George Mason's newcomers are very talented, but they are just freshman and I'm not sure if Mason has enough guys returning(Livingston and Grayer are the only starters/big minutes players) returning to the team to make a push into the top 5 of the conference. 2018-2019 is probably the year George Mason will be real good when this group has a year to play together.

bo knows7/18/2017 1:35:52 PM

While technically Bo could join a Kenner team at any time, I believe teams are limited to no more than 2 players from same school. That eliminates the teams who already have rostered 2 GW players. Also I would imagine there is some NCAA compliance paperwork that needs to be filed and the available teams would have to have space/want Bo - so not entirely clear what options Bo has to join at this point but hopefully some exist.


the mv7/18/2017 2:12:54 PM

Bo, only 5 of the 11 Kenner teams have current GW players on their rosters, and from the looks of the box scores, squeezing 1 or 5 extra players onto any roster should not be an issue.  I seem to recall a rule that a player must be registered to play in Kenner prior to the start of the Kenner season (or shortly thereafter) even if the player won't be playing until later in the season.  So, if Bo hadn't registered in time, even if he hadn't planned on playing until the second summer semester, then that's the only stipulation I could see that would prevent him from playing (assuming that he wants to).  Now that said, when an NBA player shows up, I'm guessing he hasn't pre-registered yet still manages to play.


gw fan7/18/2017 2:32:45 PM

playing for the kenner league is probably not high on his priority list.. 


the dude7/18/2017 2:49:50 PM

Thomas/others, how do you see the other A10 teams shaking out next season?

the mv7/18/2017 3:17:58 PM

Dude, the consensus #1 is URI and it's easy to understand why.  However, while I think they'll be very good, it will be interesting to see them perform in the role of the hunted and not the hunter.  Plus, Martin and Iverson are gone and that represents a big part of their "toughness" identity (particularly Martin).  There's a lot of love for St. Joe's which I'm not sure I get.  It seems to be there because all of their injured guys return.  Similar storyline to URI last year except URI was more talented than SJU, IMO.  The four teams that intrigue me are:

1) VCU.  Yeah, I didn't want to write that just like you didn't want to read that.  However, a great combination of returning players (Tillman, Jenkins, Williams), a solid transfer (am forgetting his name), and two really solid freshmen (Mobley and Santos-Silva), plus a new coach in Rhoades who will certainly be motivated, is more than enough to win the A10.

2) St. Bonaventure.  If Jaylen Adams has the senior year I think he will, he will be good enough to carry this team on his back.

3) St. Louis.  If freshmen Jordan Goodwin and Hasahn French are as good as advertised, and if the 3 transfers become major contributors, they'll be fighting for the title.  The "give them a year" philosophy may not apply if Goodwin only stays one year.  Not out of the question.  SLU sounds like a sleeper but really isn't.  My sleeper is...

4) Davidson.  Kellan Grady is already hearing Steph Curry comparisons which is of course silly but forgiveable only because it's Steph's school.  he and Goodwin will be the conference's two best freshmen by a mile.  Peyton Aldridge will see more double teams but as Tyler can tell you, he can beat you a number of different ways.  Gibbs leaves, everyone things they'll be down as a result, but they won't be.




the dude7/18/2017 3:38:45 PM

Good thoughts MV, interesting analysis.

bigfan7/18/2017 3:55:07 PM

Is Davidson's Peyton Aldridge a seventh or eighth year junior?

thomas7/18/2017 4:01:54 PM

I forgot to add in my recap of Sunday's games that Nolan showed up to Georgetown with Mazulla and Jack, and watched them play with Higher Level, but he was a no-show for Clyde's game which was earlier in the day. Maybe he's injured as Pembo pointed out in his recap or he doesn't want to play for Clyde's anymore.

GW Fan, we understand that guys come to GW to play in games that count, but Bo Zeigler hearing about/seeing his teammates participating in the Kenner League could spark his interest to play himself. I recall last year Bolden(who may have been injured) came to a lot of Kenner League games to sit in the stands and watch even though he wasn't playing. This year he's playing.

BM(or anyone else who would like to answer), when I brought up high-schoolers playing in the Kenner League in another Kenner thread, you mentioned Darron Barnes. I then looked up/watched him closely and saw that he attended Wise High School locally and will attend a prep school in the fall. He's already showing himself to be a physically imposing player going up against college and pro guys in these Kenner League games. I can only imagine how much a guy like that dominated high school competition last year. Was/Is GW recruiting him. I don't recall seeing his name in the Recruits section. 

The Dude, Rhode Island and George Mason(they could have 4 starters playing in the Kenner League) have key players participating in the Kenner League so you can get a bit of a preview of 3 A-10 teams when you include GW. The MV broke things down better than I could. Rhode Island seems to be the consensus favorite based on all the way-to-early previews that have been written by those who cover college basketball, but Iverson and Martin graduating seem like huge losses to me. They do have a lot of talented players coming back, and the 2 guys they have playing in the Kenner League(Dowtin and Stan Robinson) will have larger roles in the offense. Also, VCU is VCU!! It's as simple as that for me, I'm expecting them to finish 1st or 2nd every year no matter who is playing for them or who the coach is!!



the dude7/18/2017 4:34:29 PM

Thomas, agreed. Rhode Island the juggernat we could all see coming, despite one person here's constant claims to the contrary.

The rest of the league seems difficult to discern this year more than recent years.  VCU as a few of you have noted is maybe the big mystery, expected by some to be way down, but feels like a lets believe that when we see it thing.

Any Dark Horses?  GW?  We won 10 games in the A10 last year, I think this roster in some ways is better and the A10 may well be down.

rocket7/18/2017 4:53:36 PM

Second summer session started right after the 4th. 

ziik the peasant7/18/2017 4:57:14 PM

Would not the 5th come after the 4th?

dmvpiranha7/18/2017 11:28:38 PM

There is no team that is outright dominant in the A10 this year (like last year). The league is expected to have another down year, which is somewhat disappointing because I see it on the same tier as the AAC most years (that's another conversation that's always up for debate; the American is expected to be better than last year probably because of the addition of Wichita State) but most experts don't see it that way. Recruiting and the top of the league might be slightly better, but I don't think by that much. Anyways, I see the standings as:

1) Rhode Island: They lose Martin and Iverson sure which is a blow to their frontcourt, but Langevine flashed a lot of potential and they also have Tertsea (once a GW target) and Akele is serviceable too. Their backcourt will still be great with Garrett, Terrell, Robinson and Matthews. Robinson helped keep them competitive against Oregon in the tournament last year. That doesn't even include Dowtin, who I think is a breakout player this year. A ton of depth at guard. Something tells me Hurley leaves after this season with the number of seniors who leave if he makes the tournament. I'm sure he'll end up at a big school.

2) VCU: I was considering putting Bona here, but VCU still has quite a bit of talent even with many players leaving and always find a way to win. Williams killed us in our matchups against them last year. Tillman will probably be the leader of the team and they also have grad transfer Khris Lane, who was considering us before deciding to stay closer to home. Isaac Vann was pretty good at Maine and could be a nice role player for them this year. Jenkins could be another player to break out playing in a bigger role. Their freshman class is very good too - among the best in the league almost as usual. Rhoades is another former assistant at VCU like Wade, and did a pretty good job at Rice. 

3) St. Bonaventure: Although I considered putting them at 2, I could also see them at 4. Their backcourt may be the best in the league (or second to Rhode Island). Adams could win POY in the league and Mobley has more than proven himself transferring from a poor basketball school like CCSU. Beyond that they don't really have many impressive players but the Adams-Mobley duo will keep them towards the top of the league. Ayeni is a good role player who I think will take a step forward and I think Kaputo will serve as a good reserve guard. Not really sure about the rest of the team.

4) St. Louis: This might end up being a tad high given how poorly the team performed last year. A complete turnaround might be hard to expect, but there is so much talent here. I could even see them at 3, but Ford has always been a questionable coach to me. He did do a respectable job with the roster he inherited last year though. They played us tough. Roby is a good player, but I see him as more of a combo guard than a true point guard. Bishop can be good at times, but is a little bit of a streaky shooter. Welmer and Johnson are very solid role players, and the former went off against us last year. Their freshman are really talented as well. The transfers that come in are a bit of a question mark. Foreman (Rutgers), Anthony (Seton Hall), Bess (Michigan State), Henriquez (UCF) are the ones eligible for next year. I think Bess is probably the best of them, but all will definitely contribute. On the other hand, they could be the La Salle of this year and underwhelm. The following year they have a top 10 PF coming in. He turned down Kansas to stay home in St. Louis. No doubt Ford can really recruit.

5) St. Joseph's: I was considering putting Mason at 5 (which may surprise some), but I like the frontcourt of the Hawks slightly more. They had so many injuries last year otherwise I think they could have easily finished in the middle of the league last year. I'm still a bit upset that we lost to them on the road in a game we probably could have won. Newkirk and Kimble are very good players at the point. Clover and Robinson were solid role players last year and could be even better this year at shooting guard. I think Demery is a breakout player in his final year of eligibility. The backup SF Brown is very good as well. In the frontcourt, Oliva can play some minutes off the bench as can Lodge. They also have two freshman in Funk and Longpre (yet another former GW target) that could add depth.

6) George Mason: Another team that has a lot of depth in the backcourt. Livingston of course will build on top of the successes he's had in previous seasons, and Grayer can ball as well. The sophomores Boyd/Kier/Newman were fairly good against us last year. I haven't a lot about their freshman outside of Mar who was highly recruited. Both him and Wilson have been playing well at Kenner from the stat lines. They beat us out for Reuter, but he won't be able to play until next year. Not sold on their frontcourt at all. Temara was pretty bad against us last year. 

7) Dayton: Might be a bit low on them this year. Might be the unluckiest team in the league when it comes to injuries. They lost a ton from last year and have a new coach (who I think has some previous ties to the school but am not fully sure). D. Davis is a good defender. Losing Scoochie is a big loss for them at point guard. Cunningham and Miller will be solid role players, but I don't know if they are more than that. I like Xeyrius Williams a lot and think he's a future star in the league. They also brought in a ton of freshmen this year. The most notable is Kostas Antetokounmpo, who is the brother of the Greek freak but I think he got injured recently which could set them back even more. If Miller was still the coach I'd probably move them up a spot or two.

8) Davidson: Could see them finishing as high as maybe 5. McKillop always finds a way. Aldridge will lead the team, and as mentioned by others, they have a highly recruited player in Kellan Grady. The rest of the team are supporting players for the most part. Their backup from Iceland showed some potential last year, and I think Pritchett will be better this year. Magarity and Michelsen will also see some time in the frontcourt. Ekwu (who we once recruited) has shown to be a decent defender, but hasn't been able to develop an offensive game. 

9) La Salle: Another team I could see higher, but they were mediocre given their talent last year so I'm putting them lower. Jordan Price is finally gone. Their senior class (Shuler, Stukes, Johnson, Henry, and Washington) will be very good this year though and make them potentially a middle of the pack team with Johnson leading the way. Phiri didn't play a lot last year but I thought he was good coming out of high school (another one we formerly recruited). Powell will also play a big role for them. The most notable player of the freshman class is Moultrie who they beat us and a lot of other teams out to get. Not sure how much time he'll get though playing behind Shuler/Stukes/Powell.

10) Richmond: I thought I would have put them higher up on the list but their frontcourt isn't really that good. Fore will continue to torment us. Johnson/Sherod/Buckingham gives depth at shooting guard with a proven track record. Hopefully Golden is fully recovered and able to play. Not sure about their incoming class of freshmen but Mooney has proven he can recruit. The school must see that because he's among the most paid coaches in the conference.

11) Us: I don't know how much higher I think I could put us entering the season. We lost so many players in the offseason so it's somewhat hard to know what will happen. Of course, Yuta is going to have to lead on both ends of the ball. I still see Zeigler as a sixth man though he may end up starting some games for us during the season. Mojo showed more of a willingness to experiment with different lineups than ML did previously. Can Patrick consistently get 8-10 points a game? That would help us out a lot. It's hard to put a lot of stock on Kenner games but I think Jair will be getting the bulk of the minutes at point. He's a little more seasoned than Mazzulla, who seems to be an accurate shooter but a little turnover prone which is somewhat expected for a freshman. Happy to see Justin Williams having good Kenner performances so far. Could give us a physical presence with his measurables. He had the highest vertical I think when measured earlier in the year so he has the potential for sure. Toro seems to be balling. If he can cut down on the fouls, definitely a breakout player. Jack seems to be a slasher who can finish inside. Hopefully Terry can use the rest of the offseason to recover in time for the regular season. Liking what I'm seeing from Javier in the early going. There will probably be more pressure on Mojo to win next year with DJ and Armel coming in, but he'll also still be relatively early in his coaching tenure. 

12) UMass: One thing is for sure - Matt McCall always works hard on the recruiting trail. According to Verbal Commits, UMass has offered 58 players to fill 2 spots (which will probably be more with transfers after the year but still). Holloway will be a pest down low, and Pipkins will also help with the scoring. They did lose Jarreau but get Jaylen Brantley from Maryland through transfer. Anderson and Hines are role players. Their freshmen class does seem to be decent but like us they seem to be in a transitioning year with a new coach and all. 4 players red-shirting this year.

13) Duquesne: Best coaching hire in the offseason. I think Dambrot will get Duquesne back to being at least a respectable to decent team in the next few years. Lewis has a ton of potential. He flashed talent last year but I think he will thrive with better coaching. Rene Castro like Lewis decided not to transfer and will be a solid supporting player. Tarin Smith might have a good year as well. Not having Isiaha Mike hurts though. Don't know anything about their incoming class so maybe they'll pull a surprise win or two during the season (hopefully not at the expense of the A10).

14) Fordham: They lost three of their double digit scorers from last season. It's basically Chartouny and a bunch of other guys. Tavares and Slanina may chip in some points here and there as part of the supporting class but that's about it. Fordham has been the one team in the conference that's never really had any success. I feel kinda bad for them. They feel like more of a MAAC team than A10. Wouldn't mind switching them out for Middle Tennessee, Old Dominion, or any other team that's had reasonable success over the past several years.


the dude7/19/2017 12:37:16 AM

DMV, wow, in depth accounting of the full league top to bottom, you've out done yourself.

Its been awhile since the A10 had a runaway team atop the league, I suspect URI will do so next season, breaking that streak. I think they had a shot to do so last season but got ravaged by injuries for the 2nd straight season, and yet still managed to go to the NCAA tourney and win an NCAA tourney game.

I see our roster as roughly equal to last year, but I also think it was a miracle we won TEN A10 games and basically equalled the A10 win total of the 2 prior seasons (10 and 11 wins)  That being said, I'd be as surprised if we finish as low as 11th.


gw697/19/2017 11:04:38 AM

Back in the day at least in the Philly area a chain of fast serve "automats"

called Horn and Hardardts had a slogan---"Less work for Mother".

DMV--your posts always make less work for the rest of us.Thank you!!


dmvpiranha7/19/2017 11:56:09 AM

Appreciate it Dude and GW69! I agree that Rhode Island is a tier above everybody else. If their frontcourt can be respectable they'll definitely get a bid.

As for us, I think we definitely have the most question marks out of any team in the league. Hard to grade new players to the team without seeing them play in a GW uniform. Our frontcourt (thin as it is) definitely has the chance to be better than some teams I put ahead of us like Mason and Richmond, but those teams also have a few more proven players in the backcourt than we do. I could maybe see us as high as 8th but anything more than that is generous with the young roster we have. It's a bit of a rebuilding year for us. Some people even have us 13th behind UMass and Duquesne this year. I do like the talent on the roster for the future and see us as at least a middle of the pack team for the following year when DJ and Armel are eligible. 


ziik the peasant7/19/2017 12:17:51 PM

Get the teeth brushed, too, DMV?

Nice concise piece. 12:40:59 AM

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rusodkemso8/25/2017 5:53:35 PM

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