What A GW Big Man Recruit And His Family Should Know
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bigfan11/12/2017 5:12:10 PM

Last night, GW's 6'9 Tyler Cavanaugh made a sweet 3-point shot for his first NBA points. Those points came at the Capital One arena, just blocks from the Smith Center where he spent his GW career.

A year ago, Tyler Cavanaugh was playing at the Smith Center for the Colonials. Now, he has an NBA contract with guaranteed money. Tyler came to GW with some good skills, but hardly NBA material. We developed them a lot more, gave him strength and he left as an NBA player. With an economics degree from a good school--and just a few credits shy of a masters degree, which he will get soon.

Tyler's NBA contract and his appearance in the league is not unique for GW. In fact, GW is unique among schools of its size because last year, Patricio Garino also played in the NBA with guaranteed money. That's two NBA players in two years with earned GW degrees.

Already, scouts are circling around GW's Yuta Watanabe. There's a good chance he will be the third GW player in three years in the NBA. With his degree.

Some of our other players are earning hundreds of thousands a year overseas and enjoying a sweet life in Europe.

Without being for anyone specific or making any offers or promises, here is just a very unofficial look from a fan and GW graduate point of view at the advantages being a Colonial offers for any student who has the privilege of going to GW:

You read about scandals with universities having fake classes, not allowing players to take challenging classes, treating players like commodities, only good for a sport. Not human beings. Well, if you are only here for basketball, and don't want to go to school, you are not a good fit for GW.

If you want to be treated like a young adult and take whatever courses you want, easy or hard, as long as they work toward a real degree, you can do it at GW. We have a player who is pursuing an engineering degree. A former recent starter is in medical school and will be a doctor.  Another is an accountant, making a big salary.

And we have players who have pursued phys. ed degrees. It's up to you. Just meet your team obligations. We have all sorts of academic support for players if needed to make the transition to college--and sometimes even the smartest students need help managing their schedule. But you're going to be an adult at GW. 

For our players, we don't hold you back from pursuing your dreams because you play a sport. Most of our players contribute something to the community beyond basketball. They learn things  beyond basketball. They go on nice trips for tournaments here and overseas and enjoy and learn about other areas, history and culture.

Other schools go on trips, too, but other schools the trip may be more for work than the whole experience. Ask a GW player who's gone on one.

Don't get it wrong. We take basketball very seriously. It's our main sport. Our players are campus heroes. There have huge pictures on them on the side of our arena. This weekend, students packed the Smith Center to watch a game that wasn't even a big one.

We don't have a football team, like many other schools that seek to recruit basketball players. For us, basketball is the big thing on campus.

As a player, you would sign posters, pose for pictures and give autographs for kids. Just last week, a pretty girl and fellow student asked one of our new players to sign a poster. It was not meant to puff him up on a recruiting trip. He was already on the team.    That was a striking image of what it means to be a basketball player at GW. At GW, we respect, are proud of and support all of our student-athletes and you would be expected to do so, too.

But basketball players are our stars.

With that comes responsibility. We don't want knuckleheads. And we haven't had any for a long time. If you're not a team player or not supportive of your teammates and don't want to be a good member of the GW student community, from a fan perspective, we don't want you. We only want good young men who want to get better.

What does GW have to offer besides the already wonderful options of a real degree that will open doors and a clear path to the NBA and professional basketball?

Well, for one thing, we're in the most important and exciting city in the world. You can intern in Congress. You can live on a campus 3 blocks from the White House and there will be a new president during your term at GW.

There are all sorts of places to eat, restaurants with all sorts of interesting food, as well as plenty of American food, pizza and burgers, specialty dining places, just on campus. Because its in the city. Real places, not just student ones. And more exciting places a few blocks away.

For your family's relief, so you don't get hassled from a parent, GW is in a quite safe area. But has all city living has to offer.

You can easily take a train or bus to Philly or New York or Boston or Richmond. Three airports allow you to fly home anywhere.

So, we've established that you can choose to play on a team that recently had half the A-10's all academic team. And still won the national NIT championship, playing in Madison Square Garden, the most famous arena in basketball.  GW's Tyler Cavanaugh was the MVP, just one stop on his Colonial tour that took him to the NBA.

Playing time? You have to earn it, but if you're good enough, it's not going to be hard to crack the rotation. Here's a head start: we really, really need big men. We're short at least one good big man.

Look at the players on the roster and see how much playing time opportunity there is for a good big man, even as a freshmen.

What about the coach? That's up to you. If you want some old guy, who seems to have played back when they shot the ball with two hands--and doesn't understand young men because he hasn't been one for a long time, then currently GW is not for you.

Because we have a dynamic young coach. He could be an older brother at age 31. But he's always planned for success, with a notebook of plays and thoughts. Because if you play for GW, you can also be a coach and earn hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars a year when you're done playing. Ask Mike Brey of Notre Dame,who played for GW.

Make no mistake. We expect you to work hard to make yourself a better player and person. But it's also a chill atmosphere. We play music at the start of practice. In fact, our head coach is young enough that he listens to the same kind of music that you do. He's a coach that motivates positively, building you up, not tearing you down.

But he's also serious and watches out for you, like a fatherly big brother who gives you direction and makes you better. Ask our coach's little brother, Kris Joseph, who played in the NBA. That experience is  a good informal resource to have, like our former NBA players who live locally and can make you better when they drop in at practice.

Maurice Joseph has been noticed as one of the new coaches in America with the most potential. What young man wouldn't want to grow with Coach Joseph, and the chance to become a big player as GW has its best days ahead?

A recruit with real offers from other places has a choice. You can be lost  or buried on the bench at another school where you just one of many big-time high school/AAU players. Or you can play a lot if you're as good as you believe and take GW to the NCAAs.

All of this while earning a good degree (with a free education and student-athlete benefits), having a great Washington experience, traveling all over, making lifelong friends and preparing yourself for lifelong success. That's what many of us have done by going to GW.

The choices you make now will impact your whole life. It's your choice.

But for anyone attending GW, basketball, lifestyle and education in Washington offers you literally a world of choice and opportunity.

For anyone ready to make the greatest decision of your life so far, best to grab that opportunity now before someone else does. And this tremendous chance to set yourself for an exceptional four years and a great  life disappears.



ziik the senile old man11/12/2017 5:23:56 PM

You sure are convincing, BF!

Great job.

Are you a public relations professional? (If so, there are folks in Alabama who will pay big bucks.)

No matter. Fine job.

Can it, please, and recycle it as needed as recruiting cycles come and go. Edit a bit for shooting guards, points and defensive gems. Then re-post as necessary.

Maybe you can post another version for the remaining recruit, too. I think he's a shooter.

Anyway, you have spent your time well. Nice work.


ps: GW needs all the Baltimore players we can get.


cutis11/12/2017 6:28:49 PM

Love Big Fans enthusiasm. One correction. At The George Washington University a student can not major in Physical Education as this major is not offered.


ziik the senile old man11/12/2017 7:52:13 PM

I had thought there were waivers for every contingency in this world.

And, a solid big man? Well there's a contingency more worthy of a waiver than most.

bigfan11/12/2017 9:34:15 PM

Thanks for comments.

On Phys Ed, pretty sure they call it Human Kinesiology or something, but the idea is there.

There's  got to be something if you want to be a phys ed teacher, which is a fine profession. Also, some departments may let you create your own major, or concentration, certainly.

Go the NBA, be an engineer, be a teacher, work with kids, work with numbers, work in an office, work in sports management.

You can be proud of your program, your teammates, your degree and your school.

At GW, you can be whatever you want to be in a basektball-oriented world-class setting.


fan11/12/2017 9:52:03 PM

excercise science

nj colonial11/13/2017 9:10:17 PM

Count me as a big fan of BIGFAN.


bobo11/13/2017 10:47:54 PM

Tyler Cavanaugh with 16 points on 6-7 shooting (4-4 on 3s) with 6 rebounds and 2 assists in 19 minutes in a Hawks 106-105 loss to New Orleans.  



gw6911/14/2017 7:03:32 AM

BigFan--Absolutely sensational!!


the mv11/14/2017 9:35:05 AM

Bigfan, cut and pasteworthy for all future big man recruits.  Well done.


bigfan11/14/2017 4:07:27 PM

Thanks much.

Just 24 hours or so left to sign in the early period and have a stress-free senior year.

So want to point out that any young man considering GW that Tyler Cavanaugh who just left GW six months ago, just dropped 16 points against New Orleans in the NBA last night. Played against the NBA's best and former Colonial Tyler also came away with 6 rebounds and two steals.

Tyler enjoyed GW so much he came back between NBA summer league and the Hawks training camp.

Now for both hypothetical recruits and their family, Tyler Cavanaugh left GW with a good college degree and a masters degree almost finished. Oh, and also he got guaranteed NBA money, just like his former teammate Patricio Garino last year.

And Yuta Watanabe may well be GW's third NBA player in the three years, with an earned college degree. We need to replace these guys with good character young men who will have plenty of playing time available.

As the letter of intent signing period ends on Wednesday, something to consider.

Last two years, we have had a player in the NBA. Both with guaranteed money and good degrees that will set them up for life--even beyond their very lucrative basketball careers.

Because we see them as more than basketball players and unlike a lot of good programs, we them as people, not just ballers. School is about being treated with dignity and being able to act like an adult under a dynamic young coach, not just a number in a uniform.

Basketball and beyond, GW can change your life in so many good ways as you become an adult and your own man. 

Not an opportunity to be missed, but a great GW offer to be grabbed immediately.


dave11/14/2017 6:13:21 PM

He carried the team last year, that's for sure.  He was single-handedly responsible for about 5 wins... I think we need one of the sophomores to step it up and surprise the league with consistently strong performances. Otherwise, this season could be worse than anticipated.


bigfan11/15/2017 5:00:14 AM

Last day of the early signing period.

Last chance ,if you are a big man with an offer from GW who will work hard, to be another Tyler Cavanaugh.

To have a great time on the court and in school. We need a big man. You can be that hero by signing and making your first adult decision the best decision of your life.


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