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the dude11/14/2017 8:50:49 PM

Predictably not able to hang with a team this long and athletic, but we did battle valiantly back in the 2nd half.  Jair struggled early, not a vintage Yuta game.  Juice scored.  Too quiet a night from Steeves. Saw a little more of Justin and Maceo. Another tough shooting night from Toro.

This game was though, TNJr, Star is Born.

Thoughts?  Observations?


the dude11/14/2017 8:57:02 PM

Also, nice to see Juice with I believe his first GW bucket?  Got to see a little Javy at the end as well.


jorma11/14/2017 9:09:19 PM

Nolan is cheetah. 


colonial7711/14/2017 9:13:38 PM

Too early to make a switch at point guard? 


sherman jake11/14/2017 9:24:26 PM

R Kelley is literally the dumbest poster on the board. Has the hoops IQ of a Saudi woman. 


xac11/14/2017 9:24:31 PM

FSU is tall and talented. Hopefully not too many teams we play down the line have multiple 7 footers. What I observed:

Having Yuta bring the ball up helped a lot, but he failed to finish on a number of drives and didn't have a great game.

TNJr did have a great game, and seemed unfazed by the moment, whereas some of our more "experienced" players wilted in the first half. Yes, I think he's going to be a star.

As far as the others - Jair is a legit scorer, but he controls the ball far too much for us to be successful. Too many possesions where he dribbled out the clock, and we didn't have any chance of setting up a good play. Steeves seemed non-existent at times. Toro hustles and we need it; he takes good shots, but he's not a consistent shooter yet.

As far as the subs go, I think they played OK. BoZ does not have good hands. Mazulla seems to have more of a point guard mentality than Jair. I was happy to see Juice Williams rebound (4) and score; he also had a couple of steals. If we're going to get better, we'll need longer stretches of consistent play from the bench.

Defensively, our zone could not box them out and when we actually made them miss shots, they got offensive rebounds and numerous putbacks. They were all long and athletic guys.

Silver lining: I was pleased that we didn't give up, and actually played even in the 2nd half, even though FSU never called off their press the whole game. Hopefully not too many teams down the line tower over us like this team did.


lets go11/14/2017 9:36:46 PM

Only saw the first half but here are my thoughts:

1) Jair is a ballhog. Harsh but there's no other way to put it. He ignored wide open teammates and dribbled out the clock for his own shot

2) Yuta's shot selection sucked. He had to force it because he wasn't getting it in the spots where he's comfortable. Jair needs to find a better way to find him.

3) Nolan Jr. A great find. Could be the third leading scorer on the team this year. Most of it was garbage time so it still remains to be seen if he can keep this up. 

4) Bo Zig Where were all those dunks? 

5) Mojo Not a fan of the way he runs this team. I want to see more plays called for the team (specifically Yuta) and some actual coaching. How does Jair get away with dribbling out the clock on multiple plays? 

Terrible game. On to the next one! 


the dude11/14/2017 9:36:57 PM

XAC, strong observations, well said.

The challenge with the 1-3-1, is that it leaves you very vulnerable on the glass along the baseline, gave up too many tonight.

TNJr is an elite athlete, he's fast, quick, fearless.  Man, what a revelation.  Teams are going to have to play off him, and force him to shoot from range, because his first step and finishing around the rim is potent.  The same skill set translates on D, quick feet, long arms, dissruptive player.

The little I've seen of Justin Mazz, I liked.  Looks like a good passer. Is he athletic enough?   Will we see more Maceo in the games ahead? Javy? Javy can run the court for a big man, not too bad.  For sure he's a work in progress, he's Roy Moore's ideal dating age.


sherman jake11/14/2017 9:40:46 PM

R Kelley must be drunk. 


thinker11/14/2017 9:41:17 PM

Terry Nolan, JR --- If he could play like that against the size and athleticism of FSU . . .  HOLY SHIT!!

That's my only game commentary.


bo knows11/14/2017 10:02:28 PM

There is no revelation. I told you this 6 months ago when he signed with us. You doubted it. We can find the thread. Now you are a fan. Good to hear.


dmvpiranha11/14/2017 10:07:12 PM

Florida State is just a bad matchup for us. They have much bigger and more athletic players. I did like our fight in the second half after a very sloppy first half. The game would have likely been a lot closer (like a 10 point deficit at halftime than 18) had we not turned the ball over so many times. I think we were credited for around nine in the first 20 minutes, but it definitely felt a lot more than that and Florida State got a ton of points off turnovers and just couldn't be stopped once in transition. Many of the players (notably Patrick) were looking to see where to pass the ball on offense and weren't paying attention to the numerous times Florida State swiped the ball from their hands. We did a much better job with the ball in the second half, which is why we played a lot better but still finished with 19. That must be cleaned up. Mojo also still needs to learn when to call timeouts. It's fine to save some for the end of the game if it gets close, but when the opposition is on a long run you can't wait until the media timeout. I do like that he lets the team play through some mistakes though.

Koumadje might not have scored the most points on the team, but he was by far the most impressive player on their team. He seemed to have great position in the post almost every time he got the ball on offense, and we just simply could not stop him. He also had five blocks on the other end as well (four in the first half alone). No one was able to alter his shot, and I was disappointed that we had no blocks this game. Terance Mann was so good at finishing at the rim, and MJ Walker will be a great player for them in the years to come. He is very tough and already physically ready to play college basketball. Phil Cofer also looks healthier than he did last year against us and was hitting everything.

We didn't guard very well along the perimeter in the first half (we were watching the Seminoles take open threes, luckily they are just average from behind the arc otherwise they could have put up even more on us), but did better closing in on them in the second. We did generate steals here and there during the game but it wasn't enough to throw them off their game. Terry got his usual couple. The rebounding margin wasn't that much in their favor by the box score, but they got a ton of second chance points as well. They are a bigger team of course, but outside of Arnaldo in the early parts of the second half, we didn't seem to really want to go after the rebound.

On offense, Florida State made us very uncomfortable and we were unable to get any rhythm going. I like that we're playing a lot more uptempo, but I don't see clear offensive set plays that we are running on that end. Jair finished with the most assists on the team (3), but it's clear that he is more of a combo shooting guard than distributor. Toro is sneakily good at passing and finding the open man so we should try to play through him at times. Even though we don't have a clear point guard, our ball movement should not be as bad as it is. Florida State at times was putting on a clinic passing the ball on offense. The free throw line was definitely a positive. We shot well from the charity stripe, and the Seminoles were held off the line entirely in the first half. They just shot four the entire game. We didn't shoot well from the perimeter again. Yuta has never been an efficient three point shooter. Jair might be our most consistent threat. Arnaldo should probably not take five unless he can shoot with a greater efficiency from there. I still think Maceo might be the next best shooter even though his one attempt rimmed out. Three point shooting might be one of the few weaknesses in Terry's game, at least early on.

Player breakdown:

Patrick - unfortunately took a step back from the Howard game. He only had one shot attempt on offense which was very early in the game. Was uncharacteristically out of control with the ball. Probably not a good decision to play him a ton against more athletic teams (he wasn't able to hang with some of the players he was guarding today) but we don't have a ton of options or depth right now.  

Arnaldo - took way too many threes today, but he did his usual good job rebounding and as I mentioned earlier, should be the centerpiece for some of our offensive sets. Good from the free throw line. I'm still hoping he improves his efficiency near the rim. He'll get the chance to have many tip-in second chance points with his offensive rebounding and that could help us down the line.

Jair - he is a bit more confident this year when shooting the ball. He usually needs a few shots early on before he can get going. He did well as a shooting guard but not really as a passer. A couple of careless turnovers.

Yuta - a bit too aggressive today. I don't think he's faced many teams with such stiff defense. He was called for a couple of push-offs today and I think all three of his fouls were offensive, partly out of frustration. I think he was forcing it a bit trying to look for his shot. While I don't think he should totally go away from his three point shot, he's better off taking the ball to the rim like he did in the Howard game or shooting from just outside the paint. He has a good elbow jumper. Not as effective on defense as he usually is, but I'm glad he didn't have to play 40 minutes today. 

Terry - it's only two games in and I already love his game. He was the only one taking the ball to the rim tonight which was a breath of fresh air compared to everyone else on the team. He plays without fear which is something this team also needs more of. Had a couple of beautiful reverse layups close to the basket. There was another play where he fooled a Florida State player into thinking he was going to his right, then drove to his left and hit a teardrop shot which he had to adjust for. Three point shooting is one thing he needs to improve, but that will happen over time. Had a few too many turnovers again today (at least one in the backcourt trying to break the press) but they are freshman mistakes that he'll fix with more game time. He may not be the most effective defender, but he gives it his all every play. Honestly wish we had a few more of him on the team. A future star on the team.

Bo - didn't realize he played 22 minutes as he was very quiet today. A regression was expected from the Howard game, but we only gave him one chance to play above the rim today. His other shot attempts from close-in were a little passive and Florida State was able to swat them away or alter them. We needed more from him in other categories even though he didn't score. Rebounding continues to be a mystery (0 today) and he was a non-factor today on the defensive end which we need from him. I thought going into the season that he would be a force down low and erase drives to the lane with his blocking ability, but so far that hasn't come to fruition. Still early in the season. He did make one of his free throws today. A step in the right direction.

Justin M. - managed to play 10 minutes and put up no stats at all (literally zeroes across the board including 0 fouls and turnovers). That's a feat in itself. Would have liked to see him set up his teammates more and maybe look for his shot every now and then but at least he isn't forcing up shots I guess.

Maceo - didn't close out on one of the shooters along the perimeter which gave them three free points, but I did like he took the ball to the rim in the first half, and his shot from distance looked good even though it rimmed out. Must improve on defense, but I'd be interested to see him get more court time moving forward. He also had one assist today. Might give this team another dimension, and more depth will only help should Mojo play him.

Justin W. - had four rebounds and two steals in just three minutes and seemed to be good at leading the fast break even if it was in garbage time. I would like to see Mojo give him some minutes here and there because he has potential (that won't be realized if he continues to ride the bench). Defense wasn't bad either.

Javier - too raw and not physically ready at all to play down low, which would be of more use to us. Seems like he could be a good shooter and stretch the floor but he's not ready to get time on the court right now.

Adam - looked like his older brother breaking the press late in the game. Nice to see him make an appearance, even though he's unlikely to be a key piece in the rotation.

We have a few days before we face Hampton at home Saturday afternoon as part of the Las Vegas Invitational. They are usually one of the better teams in the MEAC so we cannot sleep on them.


rich maier11/14/2017 10:15:54 PM

Bo, no doubt you were the first to tout Nolan's abilities. Good call. He's off to a good start and hope for his contined progress. 


the dude11/14/2017 11:04:56 PM

DMV, a HR, per your norm.

Biggest concern in the first 2 games, defensive rebounding.  I think it will be a challenge all year.  Toro, Steeves, and BoZ. were all absentee on the defensive glass (Toro remains a very good, instinctive Offensive rebounder)  BoZ as undersized as he is, has to find a way to impact more on the glass. That's 2 games, won against a tiny team and one against a huge team.  Asking a lot of a 6'6 guy but we need it.

BoZ had a great dunkfest Friday. Some were spectacular, but none compared to the hanging, contested, MJ style dunk late in the 1st half of this game from TNJr.   The 2Guard athlete we've been waiting years for is here.


rkelley11/14/2017 11:35:58 PM

Sherman Jake

Hoops IQ? I'll stand behind mine any day, as well as my background in analytics. I'd like to see you counter what I said rather than just attack me by the way. Make an argument for him. Tell me about Jordan Roland's performance.


If you want to go the ad hominem route--you saw him dunk and you're all in on him after 2 shitshow games despite 4 turnovers tonight, 0-2 from 3, a disaster defensively and absolutely no evidence he's the star you claim he is aside from scoring 12 points--at least some on easy transition buckets, and a flashy put-back-alley-oop.

This team sucks, he played decently, time will tell but you're WAY ahead of yourself. 

You sucked at The Hatchet by the way. That was toilet paper in my and my buddies' dorm rooms.


rj11/14/2017 11:41:19 PM

You were mentioning RKelley on a seperate board from the one he was posting on. But yeah you're brilliant. Long live Jake Sherman, wannabe-king of a dead profession, writing trivial nonsense nobody reads. You'll be replaced by an AI a software engineer writes within the year.

bigfan11/15/2017 12:17:47 AM

Don t think it is actually Jake Shernan, and in any case, let's play nice.


sherman jake11/15/2017 12:35:41 AM

R Kelley making a bid for most obnoxiously annoying poster in message board history in a single day. 


bobo11/15/2017 1:04:31 AM

Terry looked good tonight: super quick with some serious ups and can finish in traffic.  He is 1-8 on 3s this year.  Opposing defenses will see that pretty quickly and start taking away his drives to force him to shoot from distance.  We'll see if he can make the adjustment when that happens.  


the dude11/15/2017 1:24:59 AM

Bobo, I said the same on another thread. Super quick, long arms, and he will have to adjust when teams play off of him.  Some of this is coming in the open court or via ball movement, and that's not really defensible.

Hit his first 3, and seems confident shooting but hasn't hit since.  Not forcing, just taking open 3's that come to him and the shot looks ok. Toro is also taking and missing open 3's, and his shot looks ok too.  Some have said Toro shouldn't shoot, I think we've gotta hit some of those open 3's.  Toro in Frontcourt with Steeves and BoZ has gotta shoot some 3s.

TNJr did this against Florida St's athleticism and length, imagine what he can do against normal level, non freakishly athletic competition.  FSU length and quickness really is dissruptive, Steeves couldn't get off any shots, Toro had another 2-9 type of night, and BoZ wasn't able to throw down like he did Friday.  The 1 athlete who was able to finish, at the rim was TNJr and he did it over and over again.  Defense? That's his strength.  Quick, very long arms, moves his feet, steals and deflections.

We got absolultely blown out of the gym vs FSU in DC last year, I was encouraged to see this team battle, much better fight this year.  Cut the lead in half on 2 separate runs in the 2nd half.  Good spirited effort, for a team that's a work in progress with a limited roster.



facts11/15/2017 1:45:53 AM

Last year we were down 16 at the half and lost by 19.  This year, we were down 18 at the half and lost by 20.  

Florida State is worse this year than last year  

Marfo also had 18 points last year vs Florida State.  



papadopoulos11/15/2017 2:44:23 AM

Forced too many shots. Tough team to play but not enough teamwork and ball movement. Learning game for young team. Must Start with better play from Bolden. 


colonial7711/15/2017 5:21:01 AM

Two takeaways. Florida State is very good and so is the kid Nolan. 


hugh11/15/2017 8:21:05 AM

Granted very small sample size in garbage time, but I thought Williams looked like he could be useful. Strong and athletic, didn't seem out of place at all on the court. Curious what he could do with more playing time, especially with the very short bench.


herve11/15/2017 8:23:07 AM

Anyone else remember the thread entitled "Sam Anyan: a star is born"?


ziik the bomb thrower11/15/2017 9:32:58 AM

I only saw the radio game, and 1/2 of that.

What took Yuta out of the game? His style or poor game, or the point guard?

I agree with Dave (posted last night)  Yuta needs to be featured. That will free up Nolan and Reeves, and maybe Toto will get the led out. 

(I typed Toto, and corrected it. But Toto fits for Toro, until he starts playing)


gay11/15/2017 9:49:26 AM

I will gladly take someone in my ass

bloud11/15/2017 9:50:10 AM

BoZ, 42 minutes.  1 rebound.  How is that possible?


the mv11/15/2017 10:19:09 AM

A mismatch through and through.  6 team assists against 19 team turnovers will never cut it against most anyone.  When teams play high pressure defense against us, we're going to turn the ball over.  However, there will never be an acceptable excuse for 6 team assists.  Not sharing the ball enough.  No moving without the ball (except Terry who must be wondering why others aren't moving without the ball).  Very little pick setting.  No semblance of a half court offense.

Kudos to Terry.  In addition to all of the other well-earned accolades, I'll add that he went from taking all 6 shots from the field from three in game 1 to only 2 threes attempted out of 12 overall shots attempted in Game 2.  Smart playing when your outside shot isn't falling.

This game was lost in the first half just like last year's game.  The only difference I could see was that last year, Marfo was a one-man band in trying to keep GW in the game whereas this year, several Colonials came to play in the second half.  At no point did I ever feel like GW could win.

All but two of Jair's field goal attempts were from three and one of those two was a very long two point shot.  Jair has a strong ability to penetrate (I recall one nice drive and dish which he absolutely needs to do more of) as well as a very good midrange jump shot.  If he's going to be a high volume shooter (and I believe we have our verdict on this), he must get to the hole more where he will get fouled more and be able to take advantage of his strong free throw shooting.  Some talk during Chat as to whether he is simply a selfish player.  Possibly, but what I'd really like to see is Jair be coached to play a more traditional point guard role and see if he gets more teammates involved.  If nothing changes, he's either not being coached properly or he's defying the coaching advice he's been receiving.

This team has 6 more OOC games against Top 100 teams according to KenPom.  Right now, there just isn't a reason to believe that this team will be capable of winning any of these games without seeing some major improvement.


gw alum abroad11/15/2017 11:01:15 AM

This is not the game that will exemplify GW's season anymore than last year's game vs FSU exemplified Marfo's GW tenure. A predictable result against a better team. Bring on Rider and Hampton (forget which order GW plays them in).


jorma11/15/2017 1:01:15 PM

Going to need more than 4 for 18 from field from Arnaldo. 


nygw11/15/2017 1:59:55 PM

You can't teach 7ft 4

the dude11/15/2017 2:03:25 PM

Anyone else like, very impressed with their 7'4 guy?  Does that dude have an NBA future? helluva hook shot.

la fan11/15/2017 2:52:45 PM

There were some goods and bads last night.  First, it felt like a pick-up game.  Neither team seemed particularly well coached.  Both had a few decent offensive sets, but nothing consistent.  Mojo doesn't realize that as a coach he is awarded timeouts and he is free to call them.  It seems like he would just rather have his guys run up and down the court and hope for something good to happen.

But GW got down pretty big early and managed to show some fight for 3 or 4 stretches in the game.  They didn't give up and tried to hang with FSU the best they could.  They deserve credit for that.  GW just seems like a young, small team that is going to have a lot of trouble competing in the post.  Our Freshman shouldn't be seeing this many minutes on the court, but the cupboard was pretty bare.  Mojo has his work cut out for him to try to rebuild this program over the next couple of years.



ziik the bomb thrower11/15/2017 3:11:04 PM

Saw the game only on the radio, but still have an opinion respecting timeouts.

Mojo knows his players, and we don't. He might have:

1) Been wanting to see how they handle adversity on their own, and/or

2) Thinking he rides them in practice, let them play the game


The point is, different coaches have different philosophies about calling for a time out.

Phil Jackson and Pat Riley did it only so they'd get a share of the spotlight, and a camera on their wardrobes. There are college coaches who do the same.

Time outs are like vacation days. You don't always take every one of them just because you have them. Especially when you have nowhere else to go.


bigfan11/15/2017 3:25:48 PM

Interesting perspective and a good point that you don't call timeout just to call timeout. It can affect the rhythm of a lead or comeback.

However, in this case, even the announcers who were not exactly John Woodens, knew and pointedly said that Mojo needs to call timeout to stop the run. Don't know why he doesn't call timeout. Makes Jarvis look timeout happy.

As mentioned in chat, hoped that this would be part of Mojo's sophomore learning curve. Calling timeout, especially with a young team is important at times. It's pretty much a given to call timeout to stop a big run.

So one's question, also posed in chat, is: Does the great, all-knowing teacher, life coach and incredibly dedicated lifetime mentor of those who transfer out of his programs, Tom Izzo, ever call timeout?





the dude11/15/2017 3:33:51 PM

The cupboard was bare, and Mojo has major work cutout for him to rebuild.  If as a fan, one accepts the obvious truth of this statement, one can enjoy the rebuilding process.  The alternative understanding, is a recipe for the opposite experience.




ziik the bomb thrower11/15/2017 3:37:56 PM

Respecting the announcers, BF, there are reasons they are sitting in those seats. (I think you and I can outcoach them. And I cannot coach.)

BF, Mojo is just Mojo. A kid trying to do the job he fell into. He did not fire ML or shove his boss out the door. When are we going to cut him a little slack, and let him make his own mistakes? Or, would you rather he alienate his bosses for the sake of some throw-away lines about how much he learned at Vermont, from New England's own Napolean of the basketball court?



the mv11/15/2017 4:00:16 PM

My God, MoJo is a grown man.  He's not a kid, and he didn't just fall into this job.  He willingly applied for it, and is being well-compensated to do it.  When it comes to this message board, he is on the same hot seat that every other GW head coach has been on going back to Mike Jarvis, I'd imagine.  If you want to go back further, I'm fairly certain that everyone didn't lay off of John Kuester during a 1-27 season.  The Hatchet also ran some critical articles on the late Gerry Gimelstob.  He was pretty young when he got to GW also. 

As for the cupboard, it was left this year in much worse shape than it otherwise would have been.  Smith, Roland, Marfo and Sina would each have been helpful to this team, and had a coaching change never been made, it stands to reason that most if not all would still be here.  Plus, this year's freshmen class would likely be more productive (Anthony Longpre is already averaging 20.5 minutes in the Hawks first two games, and without being able to state this as a fact, there would have been an excellent chance that he would be a Colonial today had ML not been fired).


gw6911/15/2017 4:26:09 PM

Mojo is open to to criticism like any other coach.Having said that the 

continuing narrative "that if only ML hadn't been let go "is absurd.

Anthony Longpre didn't come here " because " ML got canned  may be

correct---So ML's behavior then was the prime reason Longpre isn't here.

Right? Marfo is at Quinnipiac and Roland at St Peters. Roland's game the 

other night doesn't change that fact.Take shots at Mojo when you want--

but please stop revisionist history --Sina not that good,Marfo a dissapointment 

thats the truth.



ct colonial11/15/2017 4:35:51 PM

Some thoughts:

-A little too early to say Terry Nolan is a star, but he definitely passes the eye test.  It wasn't so much about his stats on the night; it was the way in which he put up those numbers.  Attacking the rim aggresively like that against a team as big and athletic as FSU is pretty impressive and will definitely translate to other games/A10 competition.  He's got a lot of the same tenacity and aggresiveness that Kethan Savage had as an underclassmen.  Big question mark is his jump shot.  It doesn't look broken, but it didn't look great either (it looks much better than Savage's though)

-Toro can be frustrating with his shot-selection, but his energy and rebounding are crucial to GW winning some games this season.  Would like to see him utilize some more of his post game.

-Yuta is the same player he was a few seasons ago.  Still a very good player, but he hasn't developed into a go-to player on offense.  

-Bolden is trying to do a little too much right now.  Too many tough pull-up shots, and he isn't passing like the way he did at the end of last season.  It's only 2 games in though.  

-Steeves was physically and athletically overmatched this game, so he didn't do much (would assume that's partially due to all the injuries he's suffered over the years)

-Mazzulla hasn't done anything noteworthy, but he hasn't looked bad either.  Have a feeling that we'll see more as he gets more comfortable.  Jack and Javier didn't look great for their first game, but it's too early to tell.  

The team has a ton to work on, but this game didn't turn out as badly as I thought it would.  GW looked really bad against Howard, but in retrospect I'd say that was partially due to the team playing down to Howard's level of play.  GW is going to struggle a good amount this season, but hopefully the underclassmen develop.


the dude11/15/2017 4:39:10 PM

Doc, I believe JR is at Northeastern.  Nick is at St Peters.  Miguel is not playing college hoops after a year at a low Juco. Darian at Delaware. PJ chose to leave ML  for Butler.

The ML Frontcourt recruits are at the following schools:

1. Cal St Northridge


2. American Univerisity


3. Central Florida


4. Delaware


5. Quinnipiac



bigfan11/15/2017 5:02:50 PM

Some more facts:

Central Florida recruit (up or at least even, considered up by most people) would have been helpful last night and this year).  The Quinnipiac recruit scored 19 points and got 8 rebounds against this team last year, and was badly developed last year, as was the Central Florida recruit and others.

The AU recruit had Ohio State and other big time offers.

And, oh gosh, forgot one recent frontcourt recruit is playing for the Atlanta Hawks in the NBA.

Another doing well and making a lot of money in Europe.

Terrible recruiting indeed as we look toward the possibility of our third NBA player in three years.


ziik the bomb thrower11/15/2017 5:09:26 PM

Does Mrs. BF know about your obsession with a mature man who was fired from his job for abusive language, after repeated warnings to stop using abusive language or be fired, BF?

If so, what does she think about abusing students? 

She sounds like she's very smart, from your remarks last night.

I just find it annoying the way you pine away for ML.

Now, you are free to tell me I am annoying, too. Even if it is just for existing.


gw6911/15/2017 5:37:39 PM

Thanks Dude--can't keep these juggernauts straight!


tennessee colonial11/15/2017 5:46:20 PM

I just wish some of rhe other players were as agressive as TNJR was last night. But, with this talent deficit at least we could run more plays for our talented players ala a Princeton flow. I just hate passing the ball around and taking a last second shot from the "Point Guard".  How many assists? For the team. Gotta improve on that.


bigfan11/15/2017 5:50:36 PM

If half the A-10 All-Academic team is allegedly abusing students, then abuse away. (Heard worse in Little League, much less higher levels).

But was asking about timeouts, which unlike this debate, is quite a pertinent question.

Mojo is a good guy and will be an excellent coach somewhere, hopefully at GW, noting that Ziik's characterization of "A kid trying to do the job he fell into."

He was not ready for this job, shouldn't have been expected to be, and will for the moment, skip the incredibly curious process by which we have him as head coach. Support him and team always, as with every coach, but that doesn't mean blind allegiance.

Just trying to help him by pointing out the timeout thing that hoped he'd outgrown this year. Though don't recall if we had the board then, had the same criticism of Jarvis on a lesser scale. Had plenty of criticism of Lonergan. Feel free to look back.

Otherwise, what are we going to talk about? Would be pretty boring here.

The former coach's alleged recruiting failures? Think we've got the point by now, even if there is disagreement.


dick maier11/15/2017 6:09:28 PM

When will the function that allows me to block idiot's like "The Dude" be here? Once we get that function, I will immediately donate $1000 to the site. I never met someone who talks out of both sides of his ass so much - The cupboard was bare for Mojo? Give me a friggin break. That cupboard he inherited is the only reason we won 20 games last year.

Ziik, please start going to the nursing home day room to watch re-runs of Bonanza. You know nothing about the game of college basketball within the last 50 years. 



the dude11/15/2017 6:41:36 PM

TC, agreed.  FSU is very dissruptive, they are going to give a lot of teams trouble on D.

Doc, agreed.

ziik the senile old man11/15/2017 7:56:46 PM

Dick, please use the zipper.

You are the reason it is there. (It should be easy enough, even for you.)


long suffering fan11/15/2017 8:09:24 PM

can’t take much from a game in which we were blown out in the first few moments and was essentially 35 minutes of garbage time.   As I️ said repeatedly in the chat room...as poorly as we executed on offense, we scored 67points in the road... respectable total, but the defense was horrible.   FSU near 60 percent most of the night.  We were physically soft, rotated slowly and left far too many open 3s.  


rich maier11/15/2017 9:37:18 PM

Ziik the Senile Old Man, nice post. More ofen than not it comes down to the Zipper.


jorma11/16/2017 12:34:44 AM

Nolan is best four year GW recruit since Garino. 


long suffering fan11/16/2017 10:11:02 AM

Gope you are right, Jorma, but the sample size of 2 games is a bit too small for me to reach that conclusion

rkelley11/16/2017 12:11:30 PM

This team is terrible. Our defense is probably the worst in the A10 and offensively we don't have any shooters and we don't have any size. The childish gushing about Nolan and GW's Squash and Water Polo teams is telling if the state of this program. I watched UCONN, a much better program, a much wealthier program, without this ridiculous inner turmoil implode from far less severe circumstances. This team won't make the tournament for at least the next 3 years.


rkelley11/16/2017 12:17:47 PM

And honestly, as long as Nero is there, it's getting hard for me to raise high. It's. Bunch of absurdity that this pretentious, bloviating, seemingly-narcissistic program arsonist gets the props that he gets for the absolute shambles GW athletics are in. The PR stunts about Squash and club sports shouldn't take away from the reality that we have zero things going for us in any of sports that matter--you know the ones that generate billions of dollars for everyone else. 


sherman jake11/16/2017 1:03:00 PM

Kelley,  Listen to the board. Your posts are beyond dumb. They are miserable and clueless. Seek out some valium.  


jake sherman12/18/2017 5:59:47 PM

Hey guys -- This is actually Jake Sherman. A buddy of mine told me someone was posting under my name. That was not me. This is me. Feel free to email me to confirm. My email is jake@politico.com


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