Bolden a PG?
1/12/2018 12:39:30 PM

realistically1/12/2018 12:39:30 PM

So far this season, Bolden has played 17 games or around 602 minutes on the court.  Looking at the statistics below, he has as much assists as turnovers at 46 a piece respectively.  Given this record, is Bolden really the PG that this team needs?  However, to be fair, most other players on this team including the PGs/Gs almost have the same assist/turnover ratio.  This ratio, as a resut, maybe misleading and not appropriate to consider Bolden's role.  Despite of this, he does not seem to take high percentage shots.  He has, for instance, taken 215 FGAs thus far and only made 73; his FG percentage is roughly 34 percent.  Nolan, in comparison has around 41 percent (47 FGM to 116 FGA).  The rest of the team's FG percentages are as follow: Yuta (42%), Steeves (52%), Toro (35%), Zeigler (69%), and last, but not least, Mazzulla (52%).  Clearly, aside from Toro, the other major players on this team have higher FG percentages than Bolden.  Given this data, why is Bolden continuing to have the green light to shoot the ball whenever he wants to as he leads the team in the number of shots taken so far this season.  

Altogether, are the number of minutes that Bolden has logged so far this season justifiable given his assist/turnover ratio and FG percentage.  Furthermore, his defensive skills set is also questionable.  Essentially, however, it is up to Mojo as the HC to make a decision as to whether or not he wants to see this pattern from Bolden last throughout the season.  Doing so, nevertheless, would be unfair to other players as it is clear thus far that Bolden's contribution is undermining the other players' strengths, potential, or contribution.  The team might be at a disadvantage if Bolden is allowed to continue dribbling/holding on to the ball and end up taking most of the shots at a low percentage chance of making.


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