9/13/2017 11:53:47 AM      Replies: 13

gw05099/9/2017 8:59:29 PM

Where would we be without wishful thinking?

gw05099/9/2017 9:02:17 PM

Head coaches from UConn, Wake Forest & Yale + Harvard & GW asts were in tonight for top-75 2019 wing Jaiden Delaire







brod9/10/2017 2:57:16 AM

boarding schools are terrible at basketball, terrible...I hope someone knows what theyre doing


the dude9/10/2017 3:02:23 AM

UConn and Wake seem to. Top 75 recruit, what are we thinking!?!

gw05099/10/2017 5:38:50 PM

You go to Choate or something, BROD?  UMASS also in the mix on Jaiden. Hopefully he wants to go away for college. 


bo knows9/11/2017 10:27:39 AM

I believe Jaden is coached at Loomis Chaffee by none other than GW's own Rock Battistoni.


herve9/12/2017 12:28:37 PM

I love obscure crap like this! Thanks!


ziik the tentmaker9/12/2017 12:35:38 PM

Now, there is a fine, fine name. 

My recollection, he looked a bit like my old pal, Monko Mammone. Less simian, more manly. Great name.


bm9/12/2017 1:11:28 PM

Russell Battistoni

Russel (Rock) Battistoni enters his first season as head coach of the boys varsity basketball team at Loomis. Coach Battistoni is an Associate Director of Admissions at Loomis and spent the past four years as the assistant coach at Cheshire Academy during which time he helped to coach and mentor many student athletes who went on to collegiate careers in Division I, II and III basketball. During his tenure at Cheshire, Battistoni and his team qualified for the Class B NEPSAC Tournament and in 2014 were NEPSAC Class B Champions.

Rock has had a variety of basketball experiences both on and off the court including stops with Washington Wizards, Springfield Armor, Westfield State College, Hopkins School and Cushing Academy. He played basketball professionally in Europe and was a member of the 2005 Atlantic-10 Championship George Washington Colonial team. Coach Battistoni lives in Hamden, Conn., with his wife Cara, son Milo (2) and dog Fletcher.


mike k9/12/2017 8:11:19 PM

very cool to see

the mv9/13/2017 9:53:10 AM

Rock had a stop with the Washington Wizards?  Did he go to one of their games?  Partial season ticket holder?  Ran into Andray Blatche outside of the Verizon Center?  I can't imagine what this statement means.

On another note, who knew his given name was Russell?  Be honest.

gw179/13/2017 11:23:06 AM

On LinkedIn

Basketball Operations Intern

Washington Wizards

May 2010 – January 2011 (9 months)


gw179/13/2017 11:26:08 AM

On LinkedIn

Basketball Operations Intern

Washington Wizards

May 2010 – January 2011 (9 months)


the mv9/13/2017 11:53:47 AM

Well, that answers that.  Thank you GW17.

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