Mojo' Game Plan 2018 Season
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realistically9/13/2017 3:52:17 PM

This season is going to be realistically filled with less expectations, which of course through no control of the coach given the team's roster.  However, going forward starting next year, the coach is going to be accountable for how the recruits perform and make the team and themselves better.  I have to give the coach a plus for bringing in new recruits and transfers.  Despite of this, the main concern with the additional team members is the fact that none of them is no taller than Langaria.  The team needs a rebounder, a shot blocker, and a player who can defend the paint.  Perhaps, Mojo' game plan is to play positionless basketball or borrow Dayton' game plan.  Both plans could be one and the same, but the question remains if this game plan can be successful at the college level.

greenpoint ny9/13/2017 3:56:52 PM

I agree. We need a shot blocker, it makes a huge diffrence in how the defense would play. Toro is supposed to be a good rebounder from the scouting reports..

the mv9/13/2017 4:38:27 PM

Where can I get one of those jobs where there is zero accountability during my first TWO YEARS on the job?

I'm sorry but what a ridiculous assertion that was.  Through no control of the coach?  That erroneous point speaks to both failing to retain players who could have been key contributors this upcoming season (Roland, Smith, yes Sina, and potentially Marfo) as well as bringing in his own new talent who will need some pretty quick on-the-job training.  Nobody is suggesting that MoJo should be expected to lead this team to the NCAA's or even the NIT this season.  But if you're not willing to offer any judgements based on the talent, progress and future potential of this team based on this upcoming season's play, then your head is firmly buried in the sand.

I am in agreement that we will be undersized, can use a shot blocker, and that expectations should be below what we've seen in recent years.



flush9/13/2017 5:08:22 PM

MV Are you this much of an asshole in real life? Or just online. 


long suffering fan9/13/2017 5:19:30 PM

And therein lies the problem with this board over the past couple of years.  Agree or disagree, MVs post that the coach should bare some of the blame for the transferring of key players, and instead of an intelligent argument saying why he is wrong, we get the post above


the mv9/13/2017 6:03:06 PM

Precisely LSF.

Well, at least my critic was a long-time, well-known, well-regarded poster named Flush who I have the utmost respect for, and not some silly troll.


thinker9/13/2017 6:57:28 PM

There were many failings all around for the shitstorm of the last couple of years - I have no desire to relitigate all of that again.

BUT, I think that MoJo started in a real tough situation and it has taken and will take some more time to flush all that shit out of the system. I think the transfers after this past system can be attributed to a number of different factors - mostly beyond the control of MoJo. I think the situation the players were put in was very difficult and a lot of different things led some of them to transfer. I think that saying everything that happened after MoJo assumed the HC position falls on his head alone is silly.

This past summer was the first practical opportunity for anyone to transfer after ML was fired. If he had been fired at the end of his last season, not after the fall semester had started perhaps a player or two would have decommitted and perhaps a returning player or two who left might have stayed. Who knows? But as I say "If things had been different then things would be different." Pointless to try and deconstruct further what would have happened if x had happened instead of y.

the other mg9/13/2017 6:59:26 PM

Losing Smith really hurt. Not sure whether he was discouraged about the way he was being used or developed, and I think MoJo could have done a better job of that.  Maybe there were other reasons, beyond what MoJo could have controlled.

maine colonial9/13/2017 7:07:02 PM

i predict MoJo's record will be a lot better than 23-38 after his first TWO YEARS at GW. He's sitting at 20-15. And after his third year he'll be well above .500. 


long suffering fan9/13/2017 8:02:04 PM

Tou may be correct, Maine Colonial, but (1) don't you think that Mojo inherited a stronger team than ML, and (2) with most of us trying to move on from the ML debate, is it really necessary to take. Cheap shot at ML, especially when we all know that you are either a GW employee or at least very close to the program?


bobo9/13/2017 8:03:59 PM

Best way to ensure a winning record: Create a soft OOC schedule and load up on wins.

A better gauge of success or failure will be MoJo's teams advanced ratings:  Pomerory, BPI, RPI, etc.  


bobo9/13/2017 8:33:42 PM

So for first 3 years at GW, ML's KenPom ratings went from 172 to 112 to 49.

Mojo's team last year was at #132.  Hopefully he can get them around #100 for his 2nd year and near the top 50 by his third year.


lt9/13/2017 10:11:14 PM

His record last year was largely a bi-product of having a possible NBA player on the roster who carried the team.  Here's hoping that we have a respectable season albeit with a lame out of conference schedule and numerous untested players.


bobo9/13/2017 11:07:17 PM

Karl Hobbs first 3 years at GW had Pomeroy rankings of 198 to 110 to 49.  

Clear pattern hear for Mojo to live up to at GWU.


tuna can9/14/2017 5:50:12 AM

Things that I know.... I have no idea what's going to happen this season. I sit here, early in the morning, with great doubt about success. I do feel that what this thread points out is that people can be pretty grumpy and rude as they post. Their words can drip with unneeded hostility that wears really thin on the majority of those who come here for the same reason as everyone else, just an interest in GW basketball.

To what point I would add that there is an odd factor that D1 basketball often is a game where you have a dozen or so student athletes playing for a guy getting any where from a half million to multi-million bucks to coach them. They are characters. They use their charisma and learned techniques to influence the outcomes of the games, the season, the recruiting and the fan base.

In an odd way, I have watched the same circus several times at GW. I have a wierd feeling that this may be a good experiment with MoJo. Break the cycle of a hired gun with a fresh start . At the same time, I really am not convinced that I see a germ of success, here. Who knows? There are certainly some nice kids with talent coming on board. The question is about whether there is a TEAM here.

In closing, I would point out that there are teams like Nova that can force their opponents to match up with their guard dominated line-up and there are also teams that take a small lineup and get crushed every game like clockwork. As I said, "who knows?" Reading posts dripping with strong words just isn't necessary in a world of the unknown. All I want to know is if it is true that GW has hired Sarah Huckabee Sanders to do color on the games this season?



ziik the senile old man9/14/2017 8:37:47 AM

Al Mcguire was a character coach, Tuna.

The rest are imposters.

Where is Al, now?

danjsport9/14/2017 10:44:40 AM

I think there is no doubt that mojo's first year was more difficult than many first year coaches.  First, he came in as an interim. Second, he came in at a time when he could not effectively recruit for that current year.  Third, his players didn't have any option to stay or leave when he was hired.


This makes this his first "true year" on the job.  He doesn't get a free pass, and should certainly be assessed for how it goes.  But his growth progress should be measured taking into account th difficulties associated with his first year.  My expectations are middle of the pack in the A-10.


realistically9/14/2017 1:49:06 PM

In response to MV' concerns, as much as I want to be negative, that thought process is not going to help with the fact that Mojo is the head coach just as Trump is the president for the next four years.  Politics aside, the blame is not entirely due to Mojo for the number of players who departed.  It is true that Mojo could have done all he could to convince them to stay, but from those players' perspective, they thought that Mojo was inadequate to help them succeed.  This having said, I am sure the administration was aware of the ramifications if Mojo was hired permanently and, yet, Mojo was hired/signed for the next 5 years.  Those in charge without naming names should be blamed rather than Mojo.  Second, the players who departed made their own decisions and, thus, based on this perspective, Mojo had much less control.  Now, I am not defending Mojo, but let us just be realistic here.  

The two years without accountability started last year and this upcoming season, does anybody really think out there that Mojo is going to be fired during or after the season is done if the team performs really horrible as expected.  Perhaps the only scenario in which Mojo could be fired is if the players start to transfer again.  However, Mojo' firing is not going to be based on his performance on the court during the season.  He is setup to rebuild this team as he see fits.  As much as I wanted a much more experienced head coach just as I wanted a much more experienced president, as fans, we have to endure through it all since we really do not have much of a choice now.


the mv9/14/2017 2:05:02 PM

I haven't blamed MoJo for players transferring out.  In fact, I haven't blamed MoJo for anything.

What I have done is take exception with your assertion that MoJo will continue to have no accountability throughout this upcoming season. 


realistically9/14/2017 2:40:19 PM

I am sure he will have accountability, but will it warrant his release next season?  This is what concerns me since the expectations for him and the team have been set at a low level next season.  In fact, the team has been framed as in the rebuilding stage.  It will take a few seasons, some would argue, before the payoff takes place.  In the meantime, how should we as a fan or the administration make Mojo accountable?

My concern for the team going forward is the lack of size and strenght inside, which should be addressed in the next recruits the team target and sign eventually.  


thinker9/14/2017 7:17:26 PM

I believe that MoJo will be and should be accountable this year and every year. I think that GW's expectations for wins from MoJo will be relatively low this year though.


realistically9/14/2017 7:59:54 PM

That is precisely the point I was alluding to in that this year there are less expectations for Mojo to turn around this team and start winning.  As such, there is less expectations for him to be released as well.  Hence, as much as he wants to take responsibily and accountability for the team' performance this and every year, ultimately he will retain his position pending his performance the following season.  I hope he does well, but it will be challenging if he does not pick up a player that protects the rim, gets rebounds, and stretches the floor.

yinka dont stinka9/14/2017 8:14:21 PM

I think Mojo gets a bye for this year no matter how it goes.  How was he supposed to recruit players last year when he couldn't even tell them for sure he would be the coach next season?

mentzinger9/14/2017 8:18:00 PM

List of new GW coaches in the last 30 years who didn't inherit a "mess"



bobo9/14/2017 8:43:07 PM

Jarvis' teams in SRS  (Simple Ratings System) in the 1st 3 years:

71 to 125 to 44

What type of expectations should GW reasonably hols Mojo accountable for by his year 3?


tennessee colonial9/14/2017 8:49:40 PM

Correct Mentz. If only Penders wasn't in awe of Knight in the NCAA tourney.

gw alum abroad9/14/2017 8:51:12 PM

Jarvis did inherit the base of a team that would get and NIT and NCAA bid, and a new wood floor to replace the hardened rubber that left Max Blank a cripple.

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