Time to get real and admit what we are
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neil1/11/2017 9:27:38 PM

GW is a second rate team missing a first class coach.  

It is time to tell PN and the coaching staff bye bye.  Let's start from a new coach. Administration and president and start again.

This pos will not fly and let's look to the future for a turn around.  


If if you think this team is great ...: take away TC and GW makes George Mason look good.

 Raise high and give a shit.  New coach and PN out.


Raise half high as we suck



long suffering fan1/11/2017 9:32:21 PM

Got to agree on Neil with this one.   One point of difference.   Hate to bash Tyler...he was incredbile, last year, and still a solid rebounder, but the fact is he is shooting 38% this season (before VCU), making bad decisions, has more turnovers than assists and playing bad defense.   Think the coach doesn't make a difference?

rkelley1/11/2017 9:36:51 PM

Here we go, another whiny let's come to terms with who we really are post. GW is a talented young team that got fucked by the refs on the road tonight, and played a superior team that hit all their shots while our best played played the fewest minutes he has healthy in a year.

GW could easily be a top-100 team, they need to find the sweet spot for mixing and matching players and finding the best roles for each guy. JR was ice cold again tonight, no reason Hart to play 12 minutes. If Sina can't get it done at point, give it to the other guards and push him over to 2 and the bench. Get the players fired up. When they're getting smacked around like tonight, and the refs are unfairly piling it on, blow your stack at the ref, get a technical and tell your guys to go down fighting. Hard fouls and hustle. Don't pack it in with 10 minutes left.

rkelley1/11/2017 9:44:14 PM


And blaming Tyler is absolutely ridiculous.

Last year, he was in a role he's comfortable in, he was a post player and took one or two three's when he felt comfortable. Last year, he was already pushing it with a 25% POSS%/25% SHOT%, now he's nearly at 30%/30% while playing even more minutes per game. He's being run ragged doing EVERYTHING you could possible ask from a player. Involved in every play, forcing shot after shot. His PPG and rebounding are almost the same, his turnovers are up for the aforementioned reasons but so are his assists. His eFG% is down, but he's being asked to force shots he didn't have to last year.

Tyler is not the problem. This team is asking him to do far more than other star bigs are asked to do. 

He's handling the ball WAY more, he's taking WAY more outside shots and shots in general, he's asked to create his OWN space (for a big, that's rare) because our guards aren't quick enough to circulate the ball.


rkelley1/11/2017 9:47:46 PM

The team needs a point guard. Sina appears to be a 2-guard being forced to play the point. He lacks the speed, ball control and vision to find holes in the defense, create space for others and defend at the point. On the other hand, his shooting could seemingly be taken better advantage of with more catch-and-shoot looks for the wing and corner rather than taking almost everything off of the dribble. Unlike Mitola, he doesn't have the quickness to weave through the defense, and unlike Joe he's not the smart-and-collected QB.

Do we have a point guard on this team? Not really.


alumnus1/12/2017 10:55:22 AM

Tyler definitely hasn't been playing as well.  Why could that be?  1.  The other team doesn't have to defend guys named Larsen, Garino, and McDonald, and later in the season, Mitola.  2.  He's a senior.  He feels responsible to make up for the obvious loss of overall talent.  Also, he's trying to show pro teams how good he is.  He forces shots like crazy.  I'm not saying he's selfish, he's just under pressure, and in fact, he may be TOO duty-bound for his own good.  Would Lonergan, the coach who complained multiple times that he couldn't motivate senior leaders, be the right guy to straighten him out?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  

The team's biggest problem is in the backcourt.  Lonergan either banked everything on Darnell being the starting point guard from pretty much the get-go, completely misevaluated Sina's ability to run the point, or both.  So much time and energy goes into getting the ball upcourt and getting into the offense so Sina can basically run the clock down to where it's a crisis, it leaves us in a hole and has to be demoralizing.  Also, as weak as the perimeter defense was last season, I don't believe that even if Darnell was at GW and playing 25 minutes per game, he could've solved the problem all by himself.  I don't want to blame this all on Sina.  He may have come here thinking he was going to play like Joe did last season, sometimes the PG, sometimes not. 

I think we have to give Bolden the ball more and take our licks as he grows into the role.  At least that way we'll know better what he's got. Plus, maybe Sina will at least recover some of his shooting ability if he doesn't have to run the point most of the game.  

neil jr1/12/2017 11:10:28 AM

I hate to say this but Neil is 100% correct.  And Rkelly you are crazy if you think the refs are the only reason why we lost last night.  Let's be real, we have no real solid guards on this team and everyone know in college ball you win with good guards.  Yes the frontcourt is young and is improving and yes TC has the ball much more.  However, with out solid guards and some quick guards who can actually hold their own against other good guards GW will never be a competitive team.  Last year, thiswas their major issue and i believe this last year is why they didnt make the tournament.  Joe was great but lets face it against good fast guards he was smoked.  Until GW gets a guard who is able to break a defender down and create, they will never be top 50 regardless of who the coach is!


check the box score1/12/2017 11:23:50 AM


VCU: 24

GW: 18


VCU: 16

GW: 26


The calls on Cavanaugh sucked but it wasn't the refs that beat you last night.

herve1/12/2017 11:43:26 AM

This season:

GW is better than below . 500 squads

GW is better than .500 squads

GW is the exact same as teams a bit above .500, meaning they'll split these games.

GW is MUCH worse than teams way above .500, meaning they'll lose ALL of these games, usually by large margins.


orel miraculous1/12/2017 11:55:10 AM

Pop Quiz, Neil! Want to take a guess at what the below numbers represent!?!?!?


W 72-69

L 72-48

L 92-75

L 84-57


Those would be the results of first class coach Mike Lonergan's games at VCU during his tenure as GW's head coach. 1-3, with an average margin of defeat of 23 points in the three losses, and the sole win coming in the midst of one of the single most disappointing regular seasons in GW history. Given that we lost three 4-year starters from that team (one of whom went to the NBA), do you want to explain why you think last night would've been much different had he been the coach?

The idea that we fired Red Freakin' Auerbach is laughable.


shofaz11/12/2017 11:55:14 AM

and what has Nero done wrong exactly? 

Improved performance in probbaly every sport since 2011, and we want to sack him because he didn't protect a coach that mentally abused players and was becoming a national embarassment story? 


if you only knew1/12/2017 12:04:15 PM

PN is a pointless to GW!  Dont act like he is some great G-D who is fixing GW sports.  Lets be real he was removed from the biggest $$$ maker the school has.  That says something.  If the AD at a school like Texas was removed from Men's football they would be fired not removed.  PN is useless to GW sports if the mens basketball team is not making $$$ and winning, what is the point of having him as the AD?  I hate to put this out there but it is the truth!

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