Stupid Question Time--Game TV???
 1/11/2017 6:09:10 PM      Replies: 4

ziik1/11/2017 12:09:09 PM

I see it is on ESPN cable, which I do not access.  Any other free TV?

xac1/11/2017 1:31:47 PM

You can get it in a roundabout way if you really want to watch it. Get online and try Sling TV for 7 days (free). Then just stream ESPN2 from there. These streaming services are great because the really are easy to cancel.

ziik1/11/2017 2:29:50 PM


I have done that in the past. But, in honor of the new regime, I am trying out a no more cheating concept.

mentzinger1/11/2017 5:48:49 PM

Here is the game:

And here is a decent online computer shop to replace your machine after the pop-up viruses:



ziik1/11/2017 6:09:10 PM

been there. Bad call, Ment

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