Dan Hurley to UConn
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gw20143/22/2018 8:16:36 AM

According to Jeff Goodman. Apparantly URI offered him $2M/year for 7 years, which seems pretty steep by A-10 standards, no?





notta hater3/22/2018 8:31:36 AM

wow, state schools toss that money around. Not being a snob, but I can see the Ivies, Duke, Stanford etc tossing that type of coin around when they are sitting on multiple billion dollar war chests - but the state schools to pay that money and then tell struggling kids that they have to borrow a ton of money and the faculty that there’s no more money for raises etc. ugh


gw05093/22/2018 8:39:01 AM

Notta -- Not sure if you remember but here's Calhoun answering a question about that very topic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xokthY5zuPU

thomas3/22/2018 8:49:37 AM

I'm not that surprised that Hurley took this job because he's an East coast guy(born and raised in New Jersey, played his college ball at Seton Hall, coached H.S.ball in NJ and turned Rhode Island into an elite team in the A10), he should be able to sign elite players from the D.C.area, NY/NJ area, Massachusetts, and Connecticut to UConn almost immediately. Looking at twitter, Hurley is pushing for his associate head coach David Cox to get the head coaching job at Rhode Island. Cox is a local guy who played at St.John's and is considered an elite recruiter, especially in the D.C.area.

This is another blow to the A10 as another elite coach has been lured away by a BCS school. Are Rhode Island's signees(they've signed a local 4-star forward who choose Rhode Island over BCS schools) and their key returning players like Jeff Dowtin, Fats Russell and Cyril Langevine going to remain with Rhode Island? Will they follow Hurley to Uconn? Or will they just transfer/sign with another school not named UConn? 


gw alum abroad3/22/2018 9:10:08 AM

What Notta said. When will taxpayers realize that good sports teams won't ensure their kids get a good education? 


bobo3/22/2018 9:39:35 AM

509, Did Calhoun say in the video: "Not a dime bag"(?). Didn't know he was a pothead.

Notta: taxpayers rarely pay for these big coaches salaries at state schools.  Boosters pay for these big coaches salaries.  


gw alum abroad3/22/2018 9:57:18 AM

Yes, but boosters could instead be paying for other education-oriented items currently draining the general fund. Imagine if instead of fumdraising for a future ex-coach's eight-digit contract those resources instead went to science lab equipment or student health services or rape prevention orientation for new students or...

Universities have more pressing needs than winning games. It is nice to win games, but not the raison de etre for the University. Also, many schools are dipping in to their general funds to cover athletic department losses (see Cal, UMass). 


gw05093/22/2018 10:03:26 AM

That would be great GWAA, but some of the boosters only want to fund the athletics departments.  If we're talking about big-time boosters, they have plenty of money to fund the coach's salary AND student health services, yet only do one. 


Even if we're talking about GW, I have friends who only donate to the men's basketball program, "not one dime" to the general fund.

bobo3/22/2018 10:04:38 AM

But that's not it works, Abroad.  The booster giving to pay for the coaches salaries don't want to give for sicience equipment or rape prevention orientation.  Schools certainly try to raise money for all kinds of things but you can't force people to give to what you think they should give towards.

If UCONN can generate $12m per year from their men's basketball program when they are really sucessful, how much should you pay the coach to get them there.  If they pay a "reasonable" salary to the coach and the team goes 15-15 and eventually only generates $6m, is that a good trade off for the university?


since 993/22/2018 10:05:13 AM

Called it. Thank god this classless fuck stick is out of our conference. 


gw alum abroad3/22/2018 10:39:10 AM

Agree that the real world is not the optimal world. We all know that the solution is not booster funding but getting the money out athletics (yeah, and this month's CBS hoops orgy is proof that ain't gonna happen). Still, the day GW raises tuition or cuts staff salaries just so it can pay a sports coach is the day it ceases to be a "University". (Insert snarky remark about tuition raises and staff pay cuts here ______________).


chrisw3/22/2018 10:41:44 AM

Babe Ruth was once asked if he realized that he was paid more than the President of the US, and he responded, I should be paid more. I had a better season. 

I'm in the camp of what we pay our sports figures is crazy...but what the owners make is crazy too. Labron makes a ton of money, but his face on ads makes him more than playing in the NBA. I think this is a society issue, not a money issue.


mark few3/22/2018 10:47:11 AM

Creating a winning program results in fond memories for current students and bragging rights for alumni.  Those two groups are the bread and butter of fundraising, so creating a winning culture plants the seed for current and future donations.  How is that working out for GW currently?  Do you think donations would be up if GW made a sweet 16 under Tommy Lloyd in the next 3 years?


gw05093/22/2018 10:53:48 AM

Does anyone know what our fundraising numbers were post KH mid 2000s run? ML post NCAA tournament run?  Did those coaches actually increase donations to GW athletics specifically and the school generally?  Granted, both successful runs were cut short with WaPo hit pieces so that could be why we didn't capitalize on our teams the way other schools do.


the mv3/22/2018 11:19:38 AM

I don't know, one might have thought that Mark Few may have other things on his mind, like preparing for tonight's game with the Seminoles, than spending time on GWhoops.com shamelessly promoting his top assistant. 


the dude3/22/2018 3:14:40 PM

Bad day for the A10, but inevitable.  This is why the league can never sustain 5 or 6 good programs, and since Xavier and Temple left no one can really sustain success, perhaps VCU. The constant Coaching Parade anytime a Coach reaches great success.



brian paul3/22/2018 5:16:48 PM

Not necessarily, Dude.   A guy might find a nice niche, and stay: St. Joe's, Davidson, maybe Dayton or UMass would be pleasant places to settle in.  And, Lonergan always said GW was his forever job. So, stability is possible.


the dude3/22/2018 5:27:41 PM

I wonder if McKillip had been in the A10 20 years ago, if he would have stayed this long.  Martelli did, Chaney did.

Martelli for whatever reason hasn't been able to sustain success, up down up down.  Chaney did.  Xavier would never keep their good Coaches but would always win anyway.  

Shaka, Archie and Hurley, as soon as the turnarounds came, the BCS came calling. Not just BCS but really good BCS jobs, 2 of the biggest.  Happens to every good young A10 Coach.  



brian paul3/22/2018 5:38:44 PM

McKillop has the court named after him, Dude.  Now, there's an asset, and a magnet to keep a coach.


thomas3/22/2018 6:32:48 PM

The Dude,  I agree, those 3 coaches(Shaka Smart, Archie Miller and now Hurley), along with the defections of Temple and Xavier has really damaged the A10. Imagine if some of Rhode Island's key players transfer and their 2018 recruits decommit, Rhode Island could go from a conference contender to Fordham next season!! The good thing is the elite A-10 coaches aren't just settling for the first BCS school that comes calling, but no matter how much a VCU, a Rhode Island or a Dayton can offer to keep their coach, it's no match for what an elite BCS schools!! I think having Travis Ford and Anthony Grant in the A10 gives the league a because both of them will bring in BCS caliber players. 


brian paul3/22/2018 7:01:51 PM

Hurley has already been deemed a Saint and a Savior, a Buddha and Siddhartha:



That's ok.  I enjoy the writer.


ruserious3/22/2018 7:09:18 PM

I hope ML has towel duty today/tonight at the gym. Otherwise I picture him in the fetal position lamenting the differences between his coaching legacy and that of his  arch-nemesis


sw3/22/2018 9:17:50 PM

This may be a simplistic answer but I think the money gulf between the power conferences and the A-10 is much greater than it was 30 years ago and the job security isn't the same. Guys like Martelli and Cheney basically had guaranteed jobs.


Look at Cheney, he threatened to kill John Calipari ON TAPE!!!  and he kept his job. He would have been instanlty fired in 2018. Someone who was on a similar path was ML, and look what happened to him. The A-10 has always been a league for great coaches, most just don't stay. Did anyone really think Dan Hurley was going to stick around much longer? I thought he was going to stick around one more year and do better than UConn but I was wrong.


the dude3/22/2018 9:28:59 PM

Guys like Brian Gregory, Anthony Grant and maybe even Shaka often find out that leaving for the BCS is not always the right course. Yes you will make a lot more $$ short term, but how about the next 30 years?

Ask Dan Monson if leaving Gonzaga for the Big 10 was the right move.  But they almost all do leave. I don't think this is anything new, Coaches have been leaving mid majors for the Power 5 as soon as the offers pour in since for decades.  For every one name who stayed you can count 10 who left.




brian paul3/23/2018 11:14:06 AM

Danny Boy






the mv3/23/2018 11:47:57 AM

Some guys stay where they are because they love where they are.  Martelli grew up in Philly.  McKillop is from Brooklyn but fell in love with the Charlotte area.  Quality of life and stability matters to some more than others.

For others, it's about money and/or professional challenges.  Anthony Grant made $1.9 million a season at Alabama with the Tide contractually on the hook for another $4 million once they parted ways (they did not pay all of this as AG took an NBA job at OKC before coming to Dayton).  So now, Grant is at his alma mater, having made a boatload of money, and can comfortably work for half the amount he received while at Bama.  Brian Gregory earned $943,000 during his last year at Dayton.  His pay increased by only around 10% when he went to Georgia Tech.  Clearly, the ACC represented an enormous challenge for him.  When things at GT failed to work out for him, he landed a 6 year, $6.5 million deal at USF.  His pay has been fairly consistent since his last few years at Dayton.

The formula is not do a good job at a midmahjor, get hired for bigger bucks at a major conference, and then float into oblivion if that does not work out.  Gregory and Grant both have perfectly fine situations today despite not having gotten the job done at GT and Bama.  And Shaka is still at Texas, earning far more than he ever could at VCU.  Should Texas eventually make a change, am pretty sure Shaka will find good work elsewhere.

bm3/23/2018 12:11:29 PM

Maybe he loved UConn as a kid, but I'm sure he would've been offered by a top school in a real basketball conference if he'd held on (while making +$2m) for a year or two.


the dude3/23/2018 4:05:14 PM

A little surprised he'd leave for UConn.  Does have deep ties in the Northeast.  Question is, what exactly is UConn? The school with 4 recent NCAA titles? Or just some run of the mill American Conference school?



brian paul3/23/2018 4:35:53 PM

The Hartford Courant (which has ties to the newspapers in most of Ct's larger cities) claims Connecticut is a "Big Time Basketball State," with rich recruiting veins of local high school basketball.

(Believe if, or Not.)

Well, there was Calvin Murphy.

Tom Penders and Jack Kvanzc, too. 

Otherwise, I can recall Chet the Jet Zawacki and Bugsy Santini. 



brian paul3/24/2018 10:06:04 AM

Not just a Saint. In a tiny territory in the Northeast, known as The Yukon, he's The Number One Husky. He's a God:




brian paul3/24/2018 11:03:05 AM

Damn.  I just noticed, I am posting behind my own post, on Danny Boy. Oh well.

The reason you gents don't hear much about Chet the Jet Zawacki these days, is because he was a lard ass. Built a bit like the current Prez, he was the slowest man I ever saw on a basketball court.  The slowest white man. He caught your attention, mostly because he was the go-to guy for giving the opponent a hard foul.

Once in a blue moon, though, Chet had to play some quality minutes. They always were shaky. Chet was a dribbler who could not pass. A jump shooter who could not jump. Rebounding was more of an exertion than he was built for, so, he never made the effort. 

We all knew, for the opponent, Chet was a total non-factor. Often, he drew no defender.

Still, Chet was sort of an exhibitionist. He was the guy on our team who believed he was playing for God's Squad. He prayed the Sign of the Cross, for every foul shot. And, he took his God damnded time saying his prayers. The refs had to bug the Hell out of Chet, to get him to finish his prayer, and put up his shot. 



brian paul3/24/2018 11:25:56 AM


Chet's shot has been in the air, all this time. Well, God didn't often answer Chet's prayers. Too bad, because the guy had good form. And, he was about the nicest guy you could meet. He disliked having to be the team enforcer. After his every foul, he'd say he was sorry, reach out, and shake his opponent's hand. Heck, some of his buddies were convinced he said a prayer of contrition, too.

Bugsy Santini was the oldest of the Santini boys, and our team's 'big,' back in the days when a 6'4" player could be a dominant big.

Bugsy (Julius) Santini had a great body for the game. He was lanky, and he made the most of his lank. He wore a pompadour, one of the best of his day, and, he had bug-eyes, which the girls said were "Dreamy."  So, the girls called him Dreamy, we called him Bugsy.

Bugs was a fine rebounder, and he had mastered the hook shot. Heck, there were times it seemed Bugsy gave up an open drive to the hoop in favor of dawling a bit, getting himself in position to try his beautiful hook.

Bugsy averaged a double-double, two years running. He was first-team All-State (Small Schools), his junior year. I think our team was 17-1. 

The reason you haven't heard much about Bugsy, aside from the fact that he peaked about 50 years back, is that all his smarts, like all his charm, was in his hair. 

Bugs got a crew cut the summer before his senior year. He dropped from 6'4" to 6'2" and nobody was intimidated by him his last season. He still pulled a double-double, but, all his numbers were down a bit, and he was only Honorable Mention A--State (Small Schools).

And, once he lost the hair and his title of 'Dreamy' the girls and the teachers lost interest in the poor guy. His grades slipped, and he flunked out, 3rd quarter, senior year. He needed summer school, to get some kind of diploma. 

There wasn't much use for a lanky 6'2" center in college, even back then. Plus, with his grades, nobody figured he was 'college material.' Heck, he was barely 'high school material.' 

That was in Connecticut, the Home of the Huskies, the Kentucky of the Northeast, The Basketball State.

Well, I am writing because I am nervous. Nervous about what Bobby Hurley is going to do with UConn. Nervous about GW's transfers. Nervous about how long we've got to read about Mr. Nero driving for Uber and Mr. Lonergan folding towels for the Bowie Gym.

I am nervous that this board never is gonna move on.

Nervous it's gonna 




brian paul3/24/2018 11:26:12 AM

be all over.


gw693/24/2018 11:40:16 AM

Brian--you write beautifully.I really enjoyed your last couple of posts.



brian paul3/24/2018 12:06:18 PM

Thanks, Doc. I gather you are a geezer, too. I'm guessing, you heard of Bugsy? Or saw Chet?

(Seriously, I need to clean my glasses. Even when I read what I write, I miss my mistakes.) 

I am inspired by the recent death of Big Stan, who also played on those teams. Stan was actually the tallest guy in the school, and a fine baller. But, he was timid. Did not enjoy hurting the little boys. So, he mostly played the bench, instead of center, where he belonged.

Stan is a guy we all should know, but, I will leave his name out of it, as his mother just croaked, too, and there is a small chance his family reads this board (small joke). 

Stan became an engineer, with several patents in metallurgy and related fields. He earned the big bucks early on, by perfecting the art/technology of painting beverage cans. Stan was the guy who put Santa on Coke cans, and earned enough as a youngster, just from that one campaign,  to retire way back then.


gw693/24/2018 12:36:32 PM

Kind of a geezer-in-training.I don't know the cast of characters,but enjoy

reading about their lives.Runyonesque.


dudette3/24/2018 1:51:42 PM

Please shut up Ziikie.


brian paul3/24/2018 7:46:28 PM

What motivates you, 'Dudette'? 

You glom on to some other guy's name, and you try to jam his ass. Then, you try to make up some jackass name for me, to try to jam my ass. 

I'm just wondering. Is your life that empty? 

Feel free to give an imaginative response, and embellish it, as much as your fantasy allows. My guess, we all will be avid readers. 


gw future3/24/2018 10:47:57 PM

Fear not Dudette, Ziikie boy apparently suffers from multiple personalities here.


former colonial3/24/2018 11:06:23 PM

MV Future is having a freak out. He gets revealed and goes nuts.  MV future has been doing this stuff on the board 15 years we all know he has.  


brian paul3/25/2018 11:44:59 AM

Bugsy had a couple connections to Yukon and, by way of Yukon, to GW, Doc. Remote connections, tenuous ones, but, they exist in my mind anyway.

I figured Bugsy was going to struggle a bit his senior year, even before I saw the crewcut.

My little brother had gone off to summer basketball camp in the Yukon, where the counsellors were Toby Kimball, Wes Baliasouknia, and the great Tommy Penders, among other Huskies.

The first two guys made it in the NBA. The third guy is a coaching legend, of course. And, a legend in our family for certain. Tommy taught my brother Davy how to handle the ball, and more importantly, how to drive to the hoop, and how to use his fat ass to back his defender off of him. Davy's ass became a marvel of movement, with just a modicum of training. And, when Davy came back from summer camp, he wanted to keep moving his ass, to keep it in gear.

So, the kid wandered down to the local Boys' Club, and challenged anybody who had game to a shootout. Davy would take his opponent down to the hoop, and, if he couldn't drive on the guy, he turn his back to him, and butt him out of the way, to take his own little baby hook shot. 

Davy butted Mike 'Buddha' Bedini, who outweighed him by half a ton. He butted Chipper Bliss, who had no ass at all. And he left Al Wallace on his knees, begging for somebody to help him up, after he somehow butted Al's balls. 

Then, Bugs strolled in, and demanded his time on the court. 

Bugsy still had his hair, and all that lank, and he had a sneer on his face that he learned from Elvis himself. He had a couple inches on Davy, even though most of it was hair, of course. He was a bit light in the rear end, but, he had heard how Davy had butted Buddha, and he figured he was ready for the Big-Assed Kid. 

Not a chance.

Bugsy missed his first shot, and Davy knew he had him. He used his ass to back into the basket, and used his baby hook to keep Bugsy at bay. Bugs blocked Davy's every attempt at a lay-up, so the Kid was forced to rely on his rear to stay in the game. It was nip and butt, for 15 minutes or more, and, both guys were sweating up a storm.

Game point, Bugsy figured he'd lay off Davy's ass, so the Kid couldn't back in and buckle his knees, then get up for that hook shot.

But, as soon as Davy realized how Bugsy was playing him loose, he strolled out to the right of the foul line, faked left, turned right, and put up a sky hook that was as sweet as any of Bugsy's own. Air Delivery he called it.

Davy told me all about it, but, I had my doubts, even after Buddha asked me where the Kid had learned his new moves.

Back at school, the first week, Davy forgot his lunch bag one day, and I had to meet him at his locker, just so he wouldn't go hungry and starve his big butt down to a normal size.

Well, who strolls  by but Bugsy, one arm around The Goddess's shoulder, his fingers in her golden hair. He sees Davy, lifts his index finger off the girl's head, points it at Davy, and gives the Kid a sneer. 

I knew. 

It's a slow day, Doc.



1984colonial3/26/2018 2:18:39 AM

Dan Hurley to UConn, Mike Lonergan to Utowel.  


brian paul3/26/2018 9:58:47 AM

Any Huskies on the loose and running South?




thomas4/15/2018 1:34:58 PM

Chase Adams(who is the younger brother of St.Bonaventure guard Jaylen Adams) decommitted from Rhode Island a few days ago, and will now sign with UConn, so he followed Hurley to UConn. Will any more Rhode Island players or high school senior signees/commits follow Hurley to UConn?? 



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