Davidson 72 GW 45
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tennessee colonial1/10/2018 8:57:59 PM

Mike Hall for coach



bobo1/10/2018 9:04:11 PM

Bolden 2-12 shooting with 4 TOs

GW Bench 3-14

Davidson shot 53% overall despite only going 4-16 on 3s and 1-10 in the first half.  

Too many TOs, not enough rebounds and nobody could shoot for GW. 


2twotoed1/10/2018 9:07:33 PM

As we watch this season go down the drain I’m curious what action will be done to correct this mess. The new president is pro sports I’m told which helps. The hiring of the new AD needs to happen quickly. Once this is done will the basketball program be evaluated? In a very short period of time this has gone from Post season worthy to embarrassing.


the mv1/10/2018 9:20:41 PM

Can I criticize MoJo yet?  Or, would this still come across as vindictive sour grapes due to the former coach being replaced?  Let me know when actual criticism of MoJo might be warranted.  Thanks.


ron jothstein1/10/2018 9:23:08 PM

My game obeservations: this was about the worst return on $6.95 that I can remember. It's bad enough that GW played so poorly, but to top that off, occasionally while GW was on offense the Davidson feed would show the Wildcats offensive highlights instead of showing the game.  

I'm finding it hard to understand why Mojo isn't using his timeouts until the games are out of reach, if at all.  It would be one thing to save your timeouts if you're playing solid D, getting good looks on offense that just aren't falling, and end up going down by double digits in the first half of games, but that obviously isn't happening.  If your team isn't executing your game plan (i.e. scoring 6 points through the firt 12+ minutes of the game) you need to call a time out to make some adjustments, calm your team down, let them get their legs back, etc.  

Also, when players' offensive struggles translate to lackluster effort on defense it's time to sit them down and coach them up on the sideline.  


gw691/10/2018 9:23:09 PM

Im continually amazed at the expectations here.This is a not very talented

team with an inexperienced coach.Do you wait for Coach to gain more 

experience and get better talent or get a new coach and get better talent?

its pretty clear better talent is coming next year.Im of the opinion we need

to give Mojo two more years.After that if things don't improve--sayanara.

Having said that if the team really sucks next year they may pull the plug 



gw691/10/2018 9:28:46 PM

By the way--even if Mojo is the worst coach in the world that doesn't 

mean we shouldn't have let ML go.Im open to any critique of this coach.

Just don't conflate it with the ML nonsense.Two different issues.


chet1/10/2018 9:30:00 PM

Mail Van's racing to the gutter as usual. Any challengers?



the mv1/10/2018 9:34:09 PM

My expectations are to not lose by 17 to a team who while on the rise, is still likely a bottom half conference team, then fall behind by 25 points in the first half on our home court to even the best team in our conference, and then lose by 25 to a .500 team.  Sorry if my expectations are a bit too unreasonable for some here.


dccolonial1/10/2018 9:37:03 PM

This is CapitalColonial (I accidentally blocked people and want to see what they said)


Your expectations are fine. This has just been a terrible stretch of basketball and some of it can definitely be attributed to Mojo. The staff really needs to go through the past few games film and figure out an adjustment otherwise teams are gonna keep beating the crap out of us.


chet1/10/2018 9:38:08 PM

My expectations of Mail Van's  narcissm, sadism, and paranoid delusions, are met daily. 

Thanks, very kindly, Doc. I'll donate $4.00 to Ben Standig in your name.


rpg1/10/2018 9:38:14 PM

When Jair was out, we looked clearly better...


rkelley1/10/2018 10:01:01 PM

Yeah the team looks like it has lost its focus completely. Hawking up bad shots, lazy passes. I think they're getting tired. Bolden had another really terrible game, he's young, he has his good points, but he has been really bad.

Reloading and the Nero-ML thing clearly provide an excuse for the recruiting problems in the short term, but man was it fruitless this year while we lost 2 crucial players to transferring.

The coaching in-game hasn't been bad, in fact I'm surprised this team has won 8 games already. Can't mix it up too much given that 5-7 of your players--particularly Langarica, Mitola, Sasser, Granger--either aren't ready or are D3-level players only. My main complaint is the lack of timeouts. There were times tonight when the players clearly needed to regroup, and MoJo just let them get pummelled by Davidson. Davidson looked bad in the first half and we really did everything we could to help them get their rhythm in the second half.

The team has a harsh road because they lack 3 crucial things: shooting ability, point guard-skills, depth. Not news to anyone, but important to note when trying to improve for the future. The team's shooting is so poor that they have 2 of the bottom 12 shooters in the A10--Bolden and Toro--starting. Bolden takes the most shots on the team and is used more than any other player when on court. The team's eFG% was 300th in the nation before tonight's masterpiece, and they're 326th in 3P%. Their lack of guard skills has led to a terrible 19.5% turnover rate as a team, and despite 2 pointers making up 57% of they're points they don't draw fouls with 28.3 FTA/FGA which is well below the 33% D1 average. 

There's no need to really fret as there's not much that can be done as far as tis season is concerned, we just need to recruit our way out of it. The bigger worry is that the recruiting seems to have taken a big dip and that needs to be corrected. Nolan was a hit, but Mazzulla and Jack have shown zilch while Langarica and Mitola appear to be D3 talents. Bolden was one of Carm's, and he still shows promise, but shooting struggles to this degree for 2 years are a little bit worrisome.  No point discussing the other guys.

Zeigler really should get more minutes. He has been very productive, 7 points, 3/3, 3 BLK, 2 REB, 1 TO in 18 minutes again tonight. He has the second best ORTG on the team, the best BPM, the 4th-best WS/40, he's 90th in the nation in block% and he's super fun to watch. I know he's a senior on a team that will need to start looking ahead to next year but it's still early in conference play, the team needs some fresh legs and he has played excellently. I realize his profile limits his flexibility, making matters worse Steeve's inability to control the ball makes him a tough sell as a wing but I think it's worth a shot to some open spots or making space for him. I think we can work him 3,4,5. At the very least, he's fun to watch.

Nolan is a great young player--offensively he's a scorer, a passer, a dribbler, a runner and he plays smart basketball player. He's the only real point-guard we have. The only problems are his size, lack of experience running an offense and he is very easy to beat defensively. In the first half Grady lit him up, and when he was matched up against Aldridge in the second half he was backed down or shot over. Still, the good outweighs the bad, it's just rough because we need a big to pick him up defensively and neither Steeves nor Toro are great in this regard. Making matters worse, both Bolden and Mazzulla have been below-average defensively this season.

Mazzulla really doesn't look like a future starter on a competitive A10 team at this point. A lot can change as we saw with Jordan Roland for instance, but Mazzulla has looked really unprepared in a big opportunity. His defense has been horrible, 110+ DRTG, and his offense is below-average with a 96 ORTG and his turnover rate is a horrific 30%. 22 minutes tonight and he really did nothing against a beatable defense. Not fast or fluid, nothing special shooting. Looks tentative at the point, doesn't take control and sketchy dribbler.

Juice Williams certainly doesn't look like a forward/wing as a short and squat guy with small feet, but he is a surprisingly productive rebounder. He had a couple more tonight in a handful of minutes and he's at 15+ TRB per 100 possessions and his other stats are surprisngly solid in a small sample. A stretch sure, but we're desperate and I wouldn't mind seeing more of him.



since 991/10/2018 10:13:51 PM

Didnt catch the game but might try and watch it later (or i might not and spare my blood pressure). I noticed at BZ started this game and hit all three of his shots. I do believe he should start over Toro from here on out. Other than that it looked like a real stinker.


On a side note: 

Do not expect the bottom four or five guys on a GW team to play or get productive minutes. This isnt Kentucky where their 11th man could start most anywhere else. This is a mid-major conference and a team hit hard by the recruiting flu at that. Mitola is a walk-on and not a scholarship player same with Granger. Not sure about the other guys low on the rotation. Who knows? Maybe MoJo is letting them suffer. There could be some turmoil that needs working out. Jair looked really frustrated and pissed off at the URI game. Didnt seem like he wanted to be coached. This season is basically a wash at this point so the only real utility would be to get Yuta to the pros and gain experience for our younger guys. We are obviously competitive in certain situations but have hit a brick wall this and last week. A10 is a mess regardless so no big deal. 

rkelley1/10/2018 10:14:28 PM

When you consider how good the team could've been had they not lost Jorgensen, Roland and Smith to transferring, it really is a stark contrast. This is perhaps a 20-win team and would've been the best team in the A10 most likely. 

1. Paul Jorgensen - 12.1 PPG, 127 ORTG (67th in nation), 2.2 AST, 7.6 TO Rate (22nd in nation), 1.2 STL, 41.2% 3P%, 86% FT%, 

2. Jordan Roland - 2016 team leader in both ORTG (120.7), 2nd in BPM, 3rd WS/40, 42% 3P%, 60% TS%

3. Yuta Watanabe

4. Patrick Steeves

5. Arnaldo Toro


G - Terry Nolan

F/C - Collin Smith - As a freshman was 2016 team leader in DR% (21.7) and BLK% (5%), 2nd in OR% (8.6)

G - Jair Bolden


rkelley1/10/2018 10:21:38 PM

Well not most likely, but this team seemingly would've contended with Rhode Island given their paper stats. Not to pick at a bad subject, I realize everyone has transfer, it's just interesting when those transferring were either poised to assume large roles and/or showed incredible talent when given an opportunity. Jorgensen is on pace to be on the edge of the nation's top 10 point guards.


rkelley1/10/2018 10:33:07 PM

Davidson's mediocrity is puzzling to me.

Peyton Aldridge is an annual competitor for player of the year, Kellen Grady is a budding superstar, JAG an above-average point guard... Bob McKillop is a great coach, so check that box too. I know they lack depth, but as Magarity showed tonight they have a viable supporting cast. Pritchett and Reigal are serviceable as well. Just don't get how they're not better. 

free quebec1/10/2018 10:55:07 PM

They aren’t better because they don’t play good defense.  We just weren’t able to make them pay for that the way some teams do. 

dmvpiranha1/10/2018 11:07:29 PM

The team looks lost and frustrated. I think we can all agree that this isn't one of the more talented teams we have had in recent memory, but the coaching has been awful. At this point, I'm not going to mince words - I came into the game hoping we keep it within 15 (I think that's reasonable for a team that's rebuilding with the game being on the road and all) but we haven't even been able to do that. Mojo is neglecting the offensive side of the ball, and we aren't playing stellar defense to ignore that. To be honest, even in games we won this year the coaching hasn't really passed the eye test (we got hot from 3 during the Temple and St. Joe's game, and in games against Harvard they missed a ton of open shots; another three were single digit wins against MEAC teams, and we looked shaky against a subpar New Hampshire team at home - I think our best performance was against Princeton). We now rank 202nd on KenPom with our offensive efficiency rating at 230 and defensive efficiency rating also ranking just under national average at 178 (and yet somehow have a luck rating that ranks 23rd - maybe that means we should really have fewer wins than we have currently). It seems more apparent that Tyler was a big reason why the team was so successful last year and led to Mojo getting the extension. I understand the situation we were put in at the time, but the A10 is clearly not the kind of league where you can take a chance on hiring a head coach with no prior experience. It's tough for Mojo as well because I'm sure he would have liked to have been eased in as a head coach at a lower level. Definitely a tough situation - I hate to put the blame on any one person but clearly it's not working out so far. I will continue to back my support for Mojo as long as he remains coach even though it's been a rough ride of late.

On a more positive note, I will say that we were better defensively along the perimeter tonight - Davidson being cold from 3 wasn't all from them just missing shots at least from what I saw. That's where the positives end on that end though. Davidson is far from one of the more athletic teams, and their guards were getting to the rim time after time (we were fortunate that they missed a few bunnies as well otherwise it would have been a 30+ point loss). They were running backdoor cuts and just did a good job passing the ball on offense. We tried double teaming Aldridge which worked during the first half, but I knew his passing ability was good enough that he would eventually burn us in the second half which he did. Davidson was held to just 13 assists today (5 under their average) which is a positive, but they did a good job not turning the ball over with just six turnovers today. Rebounding was also a huge disappointment. We had a slight edge in that category going into the game, but they outrebounded us by 10 overall and had 11 offensive rebounds which gave them plenty of second chance opportunities. 

As bad as were defensively though, we looked at least okay at times there. Offensively, we just looked really inept. No other way to say it. Coming into the game, we ranked 337th in points scored per game at 64.4 (since we scored almost 20 below our already low average tonight, I'm sure that rank is going to plummet even more). That's not going to get the job done, and again, talent (or lack thereof) isn't an excuse - coaching and setting up plays go a long way to fixing such issues. We made Davidson look like UVA out there when we were on offense. They rank 150th in defensive efficiency and we scored only 45 points. That says a lot about where we are right now. We also took 22 threes today (six more than Davidson - a team that loves to shoot it from behind the arc). However, when they realized the 3 wasn't falling they made an attempt to go inside. We didn't. Right now, we rank 322nd in three point field goal percentage at 31% and we decided to take 22. Unacceptable to shoot that many and that's all on Mojo. We refuse to take the ball to the hoop and I cannot for the life of me understand why. It's laughable really - our opponents blow by us and take it to the rim and we don't have the presence of mind to do the same. For the millionth time, this is not a jump shooting team and 17 games into the season, I've seen no changes there from Mojo. That point cannot be defended (much like us being unable to guard penetration haha). I guess if there was a positive, we had 12 assists tonight which is maybe a step in the right direction? I'm really trying to find something good to say about our offense but it's real hard at the moment. Even our free throw shooting sucked. 12 minutes into the game and we had only scored 8 points (a Terry three, a Jair three on a bad offensive possession, and the few times we went inside with Yuta getting the ball right next to the hoop and converting). It's past the point of saying the team is coming out looking flat - at some point the coaching has to be blamed for the poor starts. It's not like Mojo took timeouts either - he took one just before the final media timeout of the game by which time the game was past the point of being decided. The slow pace of play has backfired as our halfcourt sets our non-existent and we have been totally unable to stop the team from scoring on the other end. We need a drastic change in our play - a simple lineup change by swapping Arnaldo for Bo isn't enough. This team is playing with no heart at the moment. Rant over.

(Also shout out the Davidson A10 announcer. Definitely one of the better ones in the league who actually knew the names of the players and wasn't that much of a homer. Didn't care much for them showing their highlights during the game though - save that for the timeouts.)

Player breakdown:

Patrick - a virtual non-presence today. I thought this would be one of the better matchups for him, but Davidson clearly game-planned for him as they know the one play we run on the offensive end is his post-ups. His nonchalant behind the back pass in traffic really pissed me off early in the game (forgot who it was intended for - maybe Yuta). It was lazy and there was no way it was going to work with three Davidson players in the area. One of the few times he's shown a lapse in judgement. Did do a decent job on the glass in his time on the court but otherwise one of those games he'd like to forget.

Bo - did think he gave us some positive energy on both sides of the ball. He has a nice quick first step to take it to the hoop which is advantageous against a team like Davidson. He also did a decent job underneath on defense and finished with three blocks (where he did a good job closing out on shots). We may have been playing terribly of late, but Bo can't be blamed for that. He knows his strengths and weaknesses and plays accordingly. Another good effort for the most part tonight (would have liked some more rebounds).

Yuta - we did do a slightly better job of getting the ball but it wasn't enough. He is just so versatile on both ends and it really sucks to watch him being wasted on this lackluster team. Did a better job on defense where he finished with a couple of blocks (and shutdown Aldridge for a good portion of the game) and made some nice passes (which comes with giving him the ball more on offense and letting him make more decisions). He did pull down some rebounds as well. I will say he is prone to traveling and turning the ball over on offense at times and forcing up shots but at least in the case of the latter we do so little in terms of running plays that I can't really fault him for that.

Jair - the stream caught the audio of some guy in the stands yelling something along the lines of "hey Jair, how about you start running the offense for a change" and I can't say I necessarily disagree with him. I feel bad for picking on just one player on the team, but Jair is not helping his case with performances like this. Turned the ball over four times on some careless passes, didn't do much beyond passing the ball along the perimeter, and didn't do much the very few times he even attempted to approach the rim. He was also a bit of a ball hog tonight hoisting up shot after shot and missing them which made it that much worse. It seems like Mojo has given him the green light to let it fly whenever he wants. The one jumper he made from inside the arc was such a terrible shot and was very off-balanced. The three he made early in the game ruined the offensive flow from the top of the arc (though to be fair in general that possession wasn't going anywhere). The shots he missed were all awful selections as well (though that goes without saying). The lack of the halfcourt sets definitely makes him look like the one at fault at all times which is a bit unfair, but he definitely played very poorly tonight. On defense, he was getting blown by time after time and he lazily committed fouls, at least one that led to an and one (it was towards the end of the game which pretty much summed up his night). Mojo yanked him a few times and gave him a lecture, but it didn't seem very effective given his play when he came back in. He looks very unhappy at the moment and the most frustrated.

Terry - one of the better performances on the team tonight but that's only because he really knocked down his threes more than anyone else on the team. Still questioning why Terry is taking almost consistently five threes a game when he should be getting to the hoop more. There were a couple of attempts where he actually was open and the threes were good looks, otherwise they all came at the end of the shot clock when we needed something to happen. His play on offense sums up all that is wrong with Mojo's offensive scheme. On defense, I thought he tried to go for too many steals and was called for several handcheck fouls. A bit lazy on that end than he usually is. I think one of the fouls came after he missed a shot on the other end. He's not the only one who fouled out of frustration though.

Arnaldo - I hope he was okay with his demotion because we will definitely need him in the future in the frontcourt. Did his usual job rebounding the ball in limited time but still takes way too many jumpers. A good start to running some semblance of an offense is establishing him in the post down low where he has the strength to outmuscle others. He would have to start converting more closer to the rim, but maybe that will come with more practice down low. 

Justin - although I would like him to be more of a distributor, it's just refreshing to see someone instinctively take it to the rim often - one of those times he got fouled and converted on the shot. Still needs to work on his free throws, but he did a pretty nice job on defense taking charges and applying some nice ball pressure. Glad he is at least starting to get 20 minutes on a nightly basis now.       

Maceo - made some nice passes today and wasn't exposed on defense in limited time, but was unable to knock down any of his shots which we sorely need for offense. Would like to see him take it to the rim more (just like everybody on the team) which I know he can do with his slashing ability. 

Adam - had two assists, but otherwise not much else noteworthy. Not sure why Mojo put him in as the designated shooter for the closing seconds of the first half when is yet to make a shot this season (0-8 overall after tonight). He could really give us some nice minutes passing the ball moving forward though. Defensively, it looked like he was getting crossed up literally every possession. I haven't seen somebody fall on the floor so many times in just five minutes.

Juice - has a bit of a funky stroke (that three was way off). I'm actually somewhat surprised by that given his shooting performances at Kenner (I don't usually take a lot from there, but still). He did really get up on a missed dunk but I liked the effort and thought he brought some nice energy defensively. Really battled for those two offensive rebounds as well.

Javier - looks pretty good from the free throw line. Maybe better than anyone else tonight.

Luke - would have liked the team to give him a chance to get a shot off back home in his native state of North Carolina. That definitely would have been a feel good moment.

We head to Richmond on Saturday in a battle of two teams really struggling at the moment. The Spiders have only won one game so far in conference, but have at least been in all four of the games (and they beat Davidson at home by 11). Although I would like to see a win against maybe the worst team in the conference, staying competitive is all I want to see at this point. Mojo really needs to step it up though and get the team back mentally. The past three games have been absolutely brutal. I still support Mojo and want him to do well but won't let him off the hook just because he's a young coach. He's got the full time role now and has to be held accountable.   


gdub1/10/2018 11:23:50 PM

Well maybe Mojo shouldn't have accepted the position when he clearly knew he wasn't ready.  One of the other assistants may have been more ready and able.  I'm sure they can't step on the toes of Mojo and coach over him.  Frustrating for us to watch.  frustrating for players i would imagine as well.  To your point DMV, clearly Tyler was the one who got them to the 20 game winning season last year and got mojo an extension.  Did you think mojo was really some coaching prodigy last year?


gw731/10/2018 11:31:17 PM

So we beat Temple and St. Joe’s and too many posters raised their expectations. Let’s be serious — based on talent this team has always been headed for bottom four of A-10. The surprise should not be the way the team played the last three games. The surprise was beating Temple and St. Joe’s. We just don’t have the enough talent to say whether MoJo is a good or bad coach. No surprise he has lots to learn. That was choice of GW leadership made when they selected MoJo as coach. We picked a young coach who will take a few years to develop. Not sure GW leadership cared about pain of fans watching MoJo learn to be a head coach. 

And don’t tell me this is a rebuilding season where freshman and sophomores are carrying team and that we lose because of lack of experience. MoJo better have some great recruits coming in because after losing Yuta, Stevees and Ziegler we could be just as bad next season. 


dmvpiranha1/11/2018 12:04:56 AM

@gdub - I don't think any of us can fault Mojo for accepting the job. Anyone in his place would do so whether ready or not if given the opportunity. I don't think he was a prodigy last year but it is definitely more apparent to me that the personnel last year was a better fit for his offensive system. He couldn't have gone further away from what he said he was going to do coming into the season - playing more uptempo and getting out in transition with more athletes on the team. We are actually playing much slower this year than in 2016-2017. I wouldn't have been in favor of having any of the assistants become the head coach if I had the choice (nothing against any of them, just being honest). If we couldn't land Forbes from East Tennessee St., Dooley from FGCU, or another mid-major coach with a reasonable amount of success, I think it would be better to get an assistant from a power conference school who has a good idea of what it takes to win and is probably gearing up to take a head coaching gig in the near future. Baker Dunleavy (formerly an assistant at Villanova) for example at Quinnipiac has done a respectable job in his first year so far for a program that has never been relevant. There is absolutely no talent on that roster this year and they are currently 3-2 in the MAAC. This squad isn't compeletely devoid of talent - the team that has taken the court the last three games just looks poorly coached or that the coach has lost the team. I'm not expecting wins or anything, but the lack of competitiveness of late (and the way the team starts games) is definitely concerning rebuilding year or not. Especially offensively, no effort has been made.   


alum11/11/2018 12:53:53 AM

We can wait forever for MoJo to get “experience” and then it wouldn’t necessarily matter. Experience and acumen are two different things. How about the red flashing light of not being able to pull his head out of his ass on calling a timeout?  It’s been a year and a half now. How much more time does he get to figure out that complex strategy?  There is nothing that MoJo has done so far to justify the “rising star” moniker that the Nero-acolytes in atlletics department prematurely bestowed on him. Zero. Zip. I hope we get a new AD who is allowed to just rip the band aid off once and for all. Not to mention we either hired a guy who either covered up and enabled Lonergan’s abuse or was the Sgt Schultz of the coaching staff and saw nothing. 


lets go1/11/2018 1:16:17 AM

You're fresh out of college and the place you're interning at offers you the manager role for 500k. Do you take it? No one blames Mojo for taking the job. We just need him to actually do his job and coach the team. Run offensive sets, design plays to get your best player involved on offense. Make defensive adjustments and decide the rotation.

The players have "lost the will to compete" according to Mojo and the team's struggling on offense and defense. These are things that a good coach could fix


free quebec1/11/2018 7:56:11 AM

Two points above I want to comment on:

1) it wasn’t just Tyler last year.  For all the crap Jaren Sina took, he could dribble the ball and make threes, and even dish it occasionally.  Also Jordan Roland was a good offensive guard. (Both Sina and Roland has trouble keeping their man in front of them on D, but that may be a coaching issue).   Also Colin smith was a solid big on last year’s team.   I never thought the coaching was special last year but the talent was solid.  Now the talent is less (but there are still a few assets a more experienced coach would utilize better), but coaching is the same.  


2) On Temple and St Joe wins - people overrate them.   Temple has now lost 5 straight (0-4 in the AAC).  That team did win some surprising early season games, but they aren’t even going to be an NIT team this year and may not even be a top 100 team by year end.  

Likewise, St Joe is not special.  They are ranked around 135 and have been seriously affected by injuries. 

The silver lining is that the A10 continues to be terrible this year, so even if we can’t improve from the roughly 200th ranked team we have fallen to, there should still be plenty of chances to win about half our remaining A10 games because we are playing a lot of bad teams - like Richmond, who has even less talent than us.  


nj colonial1/11/2018 10:26:30 AM

I am getting pretty concerned.  Time to see some action from Rice Hall and Smith Center, where is this program headed?


the mv1/11/2018 11:05:43 AM

We all have every right to feel concerned. 

Not enough talent?  OK, I get losing two conference games on the road and one at home to the conference's best team. 

What I can't get is the way we're losing these games.  It's what my thread entitled Unprepared attempted to illustrate.

We may not be good but we're not exactly playing a Murderers Row when evaluating A10 competition.

No semblance of an offense.  Very limited movement without the ball.  Very little pick setting other than the predictable high screen.

Players don't like playing the flex?  Too bad.  Make these players play the flex.  Make them move on offense.  Watch how guys get freed up to take open shots.

The dump to Steeves so he can kick it out or methodically take his man one-on-one is not going to work against A10 competition.

Good memory FQ on the MoJo comment on Yuta-Batman.  Implied in "we need more scoring from him" is "we need to get him the ball more often."

Remember when this team's defensive identity was the 1-3-1?  Remember when our team aggressively forced turnovers while playing the 1-3-1?  Today, we don't play it much which is really OK because there's no point in playing it unless you can really disrupt the opponent's offensive rhythm.

Fact that many don't realize:  it is difficult to make wholesale changes in the middle of a season.  Players learn offensive sets and defensive principles in the pre-season.  To undo this and give them entirely new things to learn is hard.


what sets on both sides of the ball did this team really learn?  Was the offense always intended to be nothing but Toro sets a high pick, Steeves posts up low, and if nothing materializes from either of these options, pass the ball around or overdribble until the shot clock winds down and then go one-on-one (often resulting in a bad shot)?  Is the defense little more than Yuta shuts down the opponent's best player and we hope that the rest of the team can't beat us?  How come our guards, largely Jair and lately Terry, have such a difficult time playing defense with their feet?  Wasn't this worked on in September and October?  What did they work on?

Bo starts for Toro is the big idea?  Fine, but what about everything else?  What about THE WAY we are playing?  And, not just the past three games.  All of those other games where we were blown out early, or fell behind teams that we should be clearly better than only to come back and eventually win....all of that is concerning too.

Statements like "we don't have enough talent" or "it's all about next season anyway" are lost on me.  As a fan, I'm not asking that GW wins games that it isn't supposed to.  I am asking that we look competitive, even in losses.


2twotoed1/11/2018 11:36:23 AM

I agree with much of what MV is saying. It's one thing to lose it's another to get blown out with little if any tactical changes from the coaching staff. If your going to lose go down swinging. If your style of play is press and run in the future try some today. The 1-3-1 today is a joke. You can drive a truck thru the middle and get rebounds from the baseline. If Yuta is the man lets put him in places where he can score not dribble in circles. Even bad team can play tough D. We don't.


dave1/11/2018 11:50:09 AM

And to MV's point, there aren't any 4 or 5 star recruits walking in the door either.


gw691/11/2018 12:50:04 PM

No question they certainly are playing like crap.Definitely would like

the team to play more competitively.Even a team with little talent 

with an inexperienced coach waiting for improved talent next year

needs to show up.


rich maier1/11/2018 1:26:25 PM

Speaking of talented teams what about Pato, Kevin, Joe, Ty and Watanabe. Two made the NBA. That's talent and we did not even make the NCAAs. We did win the NIT, AKA the losers bracket. Takes a great coach like lonergan to fail to make the NCAAs with such a talented squad. ML's record at GW was 46-45, .506 winning percentage. He's so great? BS.


the mv1/11/2018 2:54:32 PM

Rich, it's as if you really want to get attacked.  Are you this sadistic away from the board?

1.  We did make the NCAA's under Lonergan (with 3 of the 5 you mentioned).  Just not the team that had the 5 you mentioned.

2. Winning the NIT is a tremendous accomplishment for a program like GW's, and seemingly everyone here but you knows this.

3.  Not saying you said this (which I know you're big on denying when people put words in your mouth), but I hope it should not be inferred from the timing of your post that you're suggesting what we're going through right now (which is what this thread was discussing) is anywhere remotely similar to either of ML's NIT teams.  I would suggest you seek help if this is the case.


bo knows1/11/2018 3:13:14 PM

I was trying to stay out of this thread today because I just knew what was going to happen. However, Rich you are entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts. ML was 97-70 at GW and 44-39 in A-10. He won more games in a three-year span than any coach in GW history! He won 74 games his last 3 years. Let that sink in as we are worried about whether we can win 15 this year.




mentzinger1/11/2018 3:25:26 PM

And ML's 28 wins are the most for any GW head coach ever.


mentzinger1/11/2018 3:25:55 PM

... his 28-win season that culminated in the NIT crown, that is


gw691/11/2018 3:41:07 PM

Too bad he blew it and left us such a mess!


rich maier1/11/2018 3:52:18 PM

Bo, i did not check your # but i did make a big mistake. You did not address my comment about the Pato, Kevin, Joe, Ty and Yuta team? Virtually everyone here had the team going to the NCAA, and quite a few thought we'd make the Sweet 16. Surely you will agree that the team wasn't coached well. 

MV, you may not know this the NIT was a big tournament years ago when the NCAA invited only about 25 teams. Now there are 68 teams so to compare the NIT now with the NIT 50 years ago. So I know what the NIT was and is.

Mentzinger, hope you get better soon. How many wins did ML have in his first year, how many did Mojo have his first year? Again get better. 




bo knows1/11/2018 3:52:37 PM

As for the rest of this discussion, I believe like everything the truth lies in between. We have huge deficits in terms of talent and experience. But we knew that (or should have). Did not expect us to be anything but a .500 team more or less this year. To date, that's what we are.

Do agree that we do need some coaching adjustments too. More specifically, we have to play to our strenfgths which is not shooting a lot of threes. On Defense, we have significant liabilities so we have to hide those in a couple of ways. We need to switch defenses frequently and we mix in regularly some sort of zone token full court pressure to eat shot clock thereby making teams more uncomfortable in half court offense.

On offense, we need to use less top ball screen action and get more wing ball screen action with pick and pop options as well as roll options. We need off the ball screens too! We need more movement so a better continuation base offense that emphasizes cutting and screening might work. 

Problem with all of this as MV says it's getting late to make major adjustments. Tough to spend all preseason planning one thing and then fundamentally change what you do in mid-January.


mentzinger1/11/2018 3:55:55 PM

Thanks for your lovely wishes, Rich!

You mean how many wins did MoJo get in his first year with ML's players?

I try to avoid stupid comparisons and troll feeding, but if you're gung ho to compare ML to MoJo, I'm down for that.

Did ML lose at home to Rider or to Davidson and Duquesne by 20-point margins?



mentzinger1/11/2018 3:58:16 PM

Agree with MV, too. NIT was a big accomplishment for GW. Winning a national title the same year as beating a Top 10 team and after winning Diamond Head? Can't wait for MoJo to accomplish that. No... I mean I literally can't wait. 


the mv1/11/2018 4:26:46 PM

Rich, here's a serious question...why do you keep doing this?  I don't mean to single you out as there definitely are others.  Yours is just the most recent example.

This team has looked dismal over its past three games.  It had some decent wins earlier but also struggled quite a bit in some games they won against lesser foes.  There simply isn't an objective measure out there, from purely a basketball results standpoint, where anyone could look at our situation right now and deem it favorable to any of Lonergan's last 3 years.  Nobody is asking that MoJo get fired today or tomorrow because of this.

So people come on here and give some real thought to what the problems are and what can be done about them.  It's actually an interesting basketball discussion.  But it was then you who somehow had to make this about Lonergan.  The whole conversation shifts to ML vs MoJo and Lonergan wasn't so great and other nonsensical bullshit that so many have complained about for so long.

Why don't you, and me, and everyone else put the brakes on ML vs MoJo comparisons?  The focus right now should be solely on MoJo and the team.  Injecting Lonergan into a discussion on how our team currently looks makes no sense. 

Want to talk about Lonergan?  That's a bigger picture pertaining to whether we should be or need to be where we are right now.  But not about this year's team under MoJo.


danjsport1/11/2018 5:09:16 PM

Agreed, MV.

As to the basketball discussion, this year, to me, is about developing any of the players who will be here next year- no disrespect to Steeves or Yuta.  But GW needs to know who it will be able to rely on, in any capacity, next year.  Is TNJ a guy who can be relied on to start and contribute on a good basketball team.  Or is he just a guy?  Is Toro a solid 7th/8th guy off the bench?  Can Bolden play SG?  Can Mazulla play point?

Next year has a class with LIttles, Brown, and Mezzie.  For Mojo and GW to have any near-term success, that class needs to be successful.  And that class needs to mesh with the current players that appear to be able to contribute.  Right now, that looks like Bolden, TNJ, and Toro, with some backup time from Mazulla.  Maybe a 7'3 mystery recruit center could help too.  But to me, after a loss like last n ight's, the focus needs to be on what the future looks like.

dick maier1/11/2018 5:18:43 PM

Rich my friend, take a deep breath and let it out slowly. Nero has been fired so you can now go too. Lonergan has been enjoying his early retirement for a year and a half now yet you can't seem to let it go. Guest, Cimino, Bynes and Kromah are all long gone also, so why are you still here?

To the others, get used to this for another couple years. Mojo is in way over his head. Not only did the previous admin back Nero over ML but they let him and him alone select Mojo as the coach with a 5 year contract.

We are screwed. Only time will tell if LeBlanc can do an early termination on Mojo and hire a real coach. I don't think GW has the money for that. I wish Nero was better at his job because if he was, he would have stacked the "Buff and Blue" Fund and we could have used that source of money.

Take a seat and be prepared to read these crazy posts for years to come.

Where has Thinker been during this 3 game losing streak? Maybe he will reappear after the Richmond game if we can beat the cellar dweller of the league.

4 5:20:59 PM

How did he upload this?

Can I watch the replay if I become a A10 Premium member or was he just recording the streaming?

Yuta Clip in GW streaming

the mv1/11/2018 5:23:02 PM

Danj, I do agree with you in theory but in reality, MoJo is likely consumed with winning games for his own job security.  So if he feels that playing Steeves, Yuta and Bo a lot, guys who will definitely not be here after this year, is the best way to help him win games, then I believe he will play them a lot.  I agree though that our longer-term interests would involve things like giving Justin M. more minutes and letting Jair play more off of the ball.


jp1/11/2018 7:03:48 PM

The Mojo experiment needs to end.  He needs to go be a high level assistant elsewhere and get another HC shot later (look at Hobbs doing well at CT and Rutgers....he'll be due again soon).  This can't continue after this season.


rich maier1/11/2018 7:16:39 PM

shows how easy it is to whip up the ml crowd. MV why do you do what you do? Very few people are buying what you're selling. See ya.


jp1/11/2018 8:30:58 PM

Dick Maier brings up an interesting point - what fund should donations go in that could be drawn from to find a new coach?


fan1/11/2018 8:56:31 PM

You're quick on the draw there, JP. 

bigfan1/11/2018 9:24:38 PM

Mojo is smart, polished in public and has great potential with suitable experience.

But clearly he is learning on the job and it seems not even that at times.

 The players have "lost the will to compete" according to Mojo...Did Mojo really say this? That would be quite a disturbing indictment, so hope not. 

The larger question is why do we have a 31 year-old (or 32 now) coach trying to learn on the job for a desirable coaching position.

Duquesne has Keith Dambrot, who would have taken the GW job. He was available at the end of last season.

The no-bid decision was very odd and seemingly fits into the whole dystopian affair that began with the dismissal of the former coach, actually even well before.


gw05091/11/2018 9:47:45 PM

Not to go on too much of a tangent but I think reports at the time said Dambrot would not left except for Duquesne (His dad was a famous basketball alum there).  Not to say we couldn't have gotten someone with a similar resume to Dambrot. 


I agree that Nero screwed up not at least doing a search just in case.  I understand why he tried to keep players from transferring by giving Mojo the job right away, but it seemed like those that transfered were going to do so regardless.  Let's hope the new AD comes in with fresh eyes and makes the decisions he or she think are best for the future of the program.


dominic1/12/2018 8:37:29 AM

You mean left Akron, right? Cause this is his first year at Duquesne, right?

And Coach Mojo was hired right before the season started, right? Had 8 new players?  What sort of search can an AD do right before a season starts? 


gw05091/12/2018 8:52:51 AM

Yes, left Akron for Duquesne. 


And Mojo was named the permanent coach on March 27, 2017.   It was hardly "before a season starts" considering it was before the last season was even over.  


dominic1/12/2018 9:05:36 AM

You talked about giving Mojo the job ' right away '    I took that to mean after Coach Lonergan got canned, September, 2016.

So, you're saying after Mojo wins 20 with another guy's team, it doesn't count? He's got to be dumped for another guy, right after that?  Damn. 

You want to hammer guys, try to use precise language yourself. 

You guys want to complain about unfairness in firing one coach, how about not being unfair in firing the next coach?




danjsport1/12/2018 9:29:48 AM

MV- I hear you.  But I think Mojo's W-L record this year will have very little to do with whether an AD keeps him next year.  Maybe that's because I don't expect the team to have a very high number of wins, regardless of who plays (not that I don't respect the players' effort, because I do).  I think Mojo will need to sell a new AD on his future program--the three (or more) recruits for next year, how they will intertwine with the players he has, and what those players look like.  Then a plan for a recruiting for the next year.  His W-L this year, on its own, would likely lead to a new AD to choose a different direction--or at least that would be a strong possibliity (I'm not advocating this).  I therefore think his best chance at keeping his job would be to play toward the future.  Should be interesting either way.


gw05091/12/2018 9:38:38 AM

If you go back on this board, I have been a Mojo supporter since the previous coach's firing, primarily because I am a GW supporter through thick and thin. All throughout last season where people were crapping on the program and Mojo, I defended him.  I do think it counts he won 20 games and I, like most, were not expecting another 20 win season considering we lost a legit NBA player to graduation.  I don't think Mojo should be fired after this year considering he hasn't had a chance to coach his recruits yet. I actually think he should at least get the year after next as well, meaning coaching the freshman he had as the interim all the way through to graduation. 

This is what I said at the time of Mojo's hiring as the fulltime coach; I don't think I was unfair at all:

"Good Luck MoJo!

This may end up being the last hire basketball hire PN makes as AD.  With a new President coming in, if this hire goes sour, it may end up being the case that the whole operation goes through a rebuild, not just hiring MoJo's replacement.

While I think it was shortsighted to not at least interview others out there, the points Bo raises are valid and most likely came into play.

Let's all hope MoJo takes the offseason to work on scheme, scouting, and recruiting a solid transfer. Let's hope PN can get us a good OOC schedule to put us in a position to make the NCAAs/NITs.  Let's also hope the freshman stick together and work hard to come back stronger in the fall.

North Korean-style support is not needed, but neither is blind pessimism."

the mv1/12/2018 9:50:57 AM

Danj, I also don't think that the won-loss record in and of itself will be a determining factor.  However, what could seal MoJo's fate in a negative way would be if the team continues down the path set over the past three games.  In other words, if it fails to look competitive throughout most of the balance of the season.  If they go to St. Bonaventure and lose by 10 while keeping the game within 12-14 points (in other words, they don't get blown out by 25 and ultimately lose by 10), nobody would think twice about it.  But, if they fall behind by 15 in the first half and lose by 25, that suggests they were never in it.  Too many "they were never in its" would not bode well as it would suggest that MoJo "lost the team."


dominic1/12/2018 10:04:38 AM

That's a better post, GW0509. Nice. In part because there seems to be some kind of bloodlust in this arena. One guy says a certain player is 'killing the team'  and 16 guys 




dominic1/12/2018 10:05:06 AM

join in

the real dude1/12/2018 5:51:07 PM

2 problems with your post GW0509:

1. You state that Nero hired Mojo to prevent players from leaving after ML was fired. Most of us laugh at that theory. Many of the allegations regarding the Lonergan/Nero conflict we have been hearing now make much more sense in light of his firing last month. It's now apparent what his motivation was for hiring an unqualified (albeit very nice guy) coach to lead our A-10 team without so much as a search (I don't blame Mojo, I don't even really blame Nero. The blame falls squarely on our so called leader at the time - Knapp).

2. I may be wrong and don't have time to research it, but weren't you one of the few posters who jumped on the WP story buying it hook, line and sinker while fully backing Nero's side, only to see the new Pres get rid of him as soon as he had time to grasp all the facts?


gw05091/12/2018 6:23:42 PM

1.  I mean, you are correct that that is only my theory.  I don't have sources or anything on either side so that is why I think PN hired Mojo right away.  If you're theory is proven correct then so be it, but I haven't seen the evidence 100% as to why the decision was made.


2.  I don't think I would characterize my reaction as buying it hook, line and sinker.  I think I posted in the past that going off of Occam's razor, it made more sense to me that the article was mostly true and that ML probably got himself fired.  Now with the PN "resignation" (cough firing cough), it changes the dynamic a little bit.  But, no, I still don't believe the "alternate theory" about PN's relationship yet, just because it has not been written about ANYWHERE other than this board and that theory would garner equal to if not more coverage than ML's firing if it were 100% true.


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