GW Athletics 2017-2018 Recap
maine colonial
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maine colonial6/10/2018 8:31:16 AM

Baseball (32-26) 

-A10 Final Four

-4 consecutive postseasons 

-3 players drafted


Basketball, Men’s (15-18)

-One win in A10 Tournament 


Basketball, Women’s (19-10)

-A10 Championship 

-Automatic bid to NCAA Tournament 


Cross Country, Men’s

-Finished 3rd out of 14 teams at A10 Championship 


Cross Country, Women’s 

-Finished 6th out of 14 teams at A10 Championship 



-8th out of 11 at A10 Championship

-Junior Logan Lowe was A10 Golfer of the Year



-Final ranking of 25th in the country

-Made NCAA Regional

-One NCAA Nationals qualifier


Lacrosse (9-8, 2-7 A10)

-Lost in A10s


Rowing, Men’s

-Final ranking of 18th in the country 

-Made IRA Nationals


Rowing, Women’s

-Finished 3rd at A10 Championship for best ever finish


Sailing, Program: Ranked 8th in the country

Sailing, Women’s: Finished 12th at Nationals

Sailing, Coed: Finished 8th at Nationals

Sailing, Team Race: Finished 8th at Nationals 


Soccer, Men’s (9-7-2)

-Lost in A10 Tournament Quarterfinals


Soccer Women’s (10-5-4)

-Lost in A10 Quarterfinals 


Softball (33-21)

-Lost in A10 Tournament 

-Broke team record of 28 wins set last year 


Squash, Men’s (16-6)

-Final ranking of 9th in the country for best ever finish

-Beat Yale to win Hoehn Cup for first time


Squash, Women’s (11-10)

-Final ranking of 14th in the country


Swimming, Men’s 

-Won A10 Championship 


Swimming, Women’s 

-Finished 3rd at A10 Championship


Tennis, Men’s (7-16, 4-2 A10)

-Lost in A10 Quarterfinals 


Tennis, Women’s (14-8, 6-1 A10)

-Lost in A10 Semifinals

-Best finish since 2012


Track, Men’s 

-Finished 7th at A10 Outdoors for best ever finish

-Swept 1500 and won 5,000

-Finished last Indoors


Track, Women’s 

-Finished last at A10s both Indoors and Outdoors


Volleyball (11-21, 6-8 A10)

-Lost in A10 Semifinals


Water Polo, Men’s (17-12, 7-3)

-Final ranking of 17th in the country 

-Won Conference Championship for first time

-First NCAA Tournament appearance


Water Polo, Women’s (14-16)

-Most conference wins in 13 years




maine colonial6/10/2018 12:00:07 PM

Men’s Basketball (15-18, 7-11 A10)

-One win in A10 Tournament

-Finished 10th out of 14 teams in A10


the dude6/10/2018 2:03:56 PM

Pretty strong year for the programs collectively.  Thanks for posting MC


gw alum abroad6/10/2018 2:17:10 PM

If I read that correctly, three NCAA banners and a marquee program that posted a sub-.500 season. Some smoothe to go with the chunky....

gw future6/10/2018 2:59:01 PM

You all forgot the best accomplishment of all ... no more PN


brianpaul6/10/2018 3:42:52 PM

PN got rid of a petty, pathetic man who abused little boys. 


keith greene6/10/2018 7:07:54 PM

Patrick Nero built a well rounded solid athletic program at GW in his time here.  Whether you like him or not, give credit where credit is due.  Thanks Patrick for the legacy you left.


gw future6/10/2018 8:24:57 PM

Lonergan abused little boys? Brian how low will you go?


the sons of liberty6/11/2018 1:31:46 AM

My favorite on that list is Women's Basketball winning the A10.  --Somewhat stunning seeing how we were a #5 seed.  (If "stunning" is too strong a word, then "very impressive.")

Men's Squash breaking into the the top 10 was really nice.

And GW Sailing continues to get better and better.

...And yeah.  I follow all the sports!!! 




maine colonial6/11/2018 5:28:04 AM

Only Yale bested GW in all three of the 2018  Inter-collegiate Sailing Association national championship competitions.




the mv6/11/2018 9:50:26 AM

Is everybody who visits this site, aside from GW Future and myself, really OK with the fact that BrianPaul just likened Mike Lonergan to a child molester?  The phrase he used was "abused little boys."  No matter how far he may backpedal on this one, there is no getting around the fact that the impression he meant to leave was that whatever Mike Lonergan was guilty of doing was on par with say what Jerry Sandusky did.  The 18-22 year olds in this example are young men.  They don't resemble little boys at all.  And, whatever abuse Lonergan may or may not have been guilty of, BrianPaul wants you to believe that it was as detrimental as sexual abuse. 

In this day and age, when the phrase "abuses little boys" is used, practically everyone's mind will turn to sexual abuse.  BrianPaul had to know this, but decided to use that phrase anyway.  What an immoral and irresponsible fuck.  His post was nothing short of horrifying.

What would be nice is that when BrianPaul posts something so completely inappropriate, so insanely damaging and misleading, that more than just the same two or three posters called him out on it.  How anyone can read his comment and just ignore it is beyond me.


thinker6/11/2018 12:16:39 PM

Obviously, I haven't been a huge ML defender - but Brian, your recent claim is just wrong on many levels. I understand you have greivances, but that claim is going way too far over the line.

MV, I doubt anyone on this board needs you to point out the inappropriateness of Brian's comment. Pretty much everyone can see it for what it is. Most likely he's trying to troll you. What he posted is very wrong but you give it greater currency by responding to it.

I encourage you again, just let this go. 


brianpaul6/11/2018 12:58:40 PM

The boys Mike Lonergan abused were tall, but they only resembled men. He had power over them, and  they were boys, even though their ages ranged from 17 to 23. If one of them were yours, and he were abused, he’d be your abused little boy.

You’ve told one preposterous lie after another, to obscure your Big Lie: that ML was not fired for abuse. And now you leap, from Lonergan to Sandusky, from abuse to sex. It’s a preposterous leap, a preposterous lie. But, just another.

You lie to support the status quo, time and again.  If you were at Penn State, you’d have been lying to cover Sandusky’s ass.

You’re the guy, ‘The MV’ who tells horrific lies.

Sandusky raped little boys. Lonergan abused little boys. You’re the ass conflator. You’re the guy who put ‘Mike Lonergan’ into the same sentence as ‘child molester.’

MV, you poison people’s minds, rather than posit facts and pose cogent arguments. It’s what you do.

I’ll leave it to the man you claimed is not a psychiatrist, GW69, to consider whether there is a sexual element to all abuse, to Mike Lonergan’s abuse; and whether there is a sexual element to your own sadistic, deranged disparagement of board members, and to the memory of the women they love.  

Thinker: you’re wrong. You’re not even thinking clearly.  ML abused his boys, compounded his abuse by lying about it. That’s why he was fired, precisely. For abusive behavior. He was an abuser.

Now, please go rape your patients anally with a colonoscope, MV. And, consider the sexual connotations of your own ass-fucking Try to hold down on your hysterics.

Just remember, ‘The MV,’ you’re the guy who brought up rape. Just like the first time. I am sorely tempted to tell all about you.



brianpaul6/11/2018 1:29:09 PM

P.S. Nice post, MC. You too, Keith.

the mv6/11/2018 2:29:14 PM

The backpedaling was of course predicted.  There isn't an 18-22 year old male anywhere who thinks of himself as a little boy.  

You said specifically wrote that Mike Lonergan abused little boys.  Or, is that yet another one of my lies?

Go take a poll asking people what they think of when they hear about an adult male "abusing little boys."  Your findings will suggest that this leap as you call it is not nearly as preposterous as you suggest.

I haven't told a lie at all; instead, you went out of your way to make a very damaging, shameful, sensationalistic remark.   You can try and pin this on me all day if you would like but this came entirely from you without any prompting from me whatsoever.  You could have said "verbally abused his players" but you went with "abused little boys."  And, you double down by not seeing anything wrong with what you wrote.  Do you ever admit to being wrong about anything?


brianpaul6/11/2018 2:56:14 PM

MV, you can quibble all you want about how little is little. Factually, the boys were ages 17 through 23.  Mike Lonergan abused them all, even the minors.

Mike Lonergan abused little boys.

Mine is 6'5", 285. When he was first year eligible, he was 17, 6'5" 185lbs. If anybody abused him, I'd jam the guy for abusing my little boy, even though my little boy was bigger than me.

Mike Lonergan abused little boys.

Nice to see you finally admit, Mike Lonergan was an abuser, fired for abuse.

Thinker's not the arbiter of my thoughts, MV. You're a chronic, habitual, compulsive liar. About Jack Kvancz, Tom Penders, GW posters, GW players, my shirts, my wife, me. 

MV, you're 12 years too late to quibble about word usage. 

Mike Lonergan abused little boys. 

That's what was inappropriate:

Mike Lonergan's abuse. His offense was one of abuse. You denied he even committed the offense. Now, you want to deny the vulnerability of the injured parties?

I was wrong about Mike Lonergan. I thought he could recruit players, retain players, coach players, and build a program of winning basketball at GWU.

I was wrong about that. I'm wrong, 6 or 7 times a day. SO, there ya go. 

Not wrong about the abuser. Not wrong about you. 

How about you admit you were wrong, claiming that I lied about Mike Lonergan being fired for abuse?







danjsport6/11/2018 3:19:18 PM

BrianPaul- stupid use of the phrase.  It wasn't really called for, particularly in this thread.


MV- he didn't attack you- he made a stupid statement that I think could easily just be ignored as idiotic.  So, just ignore it as idiotic.  Everybody on this board knows the lay of the land with PN and ML.  They know the accusations that PN had some sort of relationship with Kevin Larsen (I only use his name because somebody else already did--I'm not reporting it, just repeating it).  They know the accusations that ML emotionally abused players, said homophobic things, and caused players to transfer.  Everybody that  visits this site (all 10 of us) know that ML has not been acused of child molestation.  

Trust that sometimes things get ignored because they aren't worth the energy to deal with and are much more easy to ignore.


brianpaul6/11/2018 3:40:45 PM

DanJSport-stupidity has become the norm here. (See GW Future's inane comment(s)). 

You're a lawyer? You know libel. You know repeating a libel is libelous. (See, Kevin Larsen)

I was not baiting 'The MV'  Hell, I have more compelling ways to do that. I was responding to the idiot GW Future. (Of course, given 'The MV's proclivity for using aliases, they may be one and the same. Like Blue Seats, Seneca, DOUCHE, Willy, and the rest)

ML abused players. Including, most certainly, players who were minors. It may seem like reducio ad absurdum, but, saying his abuse is not an offense against 17 year old and up little boys is but a hop skip and a jump from abuse against a 6'1" 270lb. 14 year old male, or a 36-24-34  13 year old female. 

MV still claims ML was not an abuser. That, currently is The Biggest Lie that remains ourstanding on this board.

GW Future's post about PN was as inapt, at least as mine.

'The MV' has a history of lies, deceit and disparagement that I let slide, 'for the good of the board,'  for more than 12 years.  But, he's taken it a step too far. He'd better STFU, and stay shut up. 



the mv6/11/2018 3:41:39 PM

For a guy who is fond of calling me a liar, there is an awful lot of your statements which need to be cleaned up.

1) Mike Lonergan abused all of his players?  If this is true, then why didn't all of his players meet with the Post to discuss this?  If this is true, then why did several of his players quickly come to his defense on social media and in the Post?  If this is true, then why did Alex Mitola find it just fine that his brother Adam come play for him?  If this is true, then why would Joe Mcdonald choose to work on his staff?  Here's another thought...he clearly did not abuse all of his players.

2) I have never admitted that ML abused his players.  I admit that the school fired him for this, which is of course a fact (that the school fired him for this).  In fact, I have repreatedly pointed out that I don't know for a fact whether ML did or did not verbally abuse his players.  I have repeatedly said that I would like more information so that I would be better able to draw a conclusion for myself.  

3) Never ever lied about JK, TP, GW posters, GW players, you, your late wife or your shirts.  Had some very unflattering remarks about JK, and realize those were strong opinions and not lies, don't you?  Your definition of a lie seems to be anything I write that you don't agree with.  You do realize that this in and of itself is not a lie, right?

4) Finally, you want me to admit I was wrong about the incident where I acknowleged after the fact that you may or may not have been telling the truth (I really have no way of knowing except to take your word for it, and I don't trust you at all) and nevertheless, I have apologized several times already?  No, you received your multiple apologies.  That's going to have to be good enough.



brianpaul6/11/2018 5:17:57 PM

'The MV' -  For more than 12 years, you have told one lie after another, about the subjects I enumerated, and more. Until you murdered him, your 'best friend' and alter ego, Longing for Oscar, told a series of overlapping lies, about a similar range of subjects. The two of you concurred, 100%, 100% of the time, in each other's lies. You were co-conspirators, in lying about men and boys, in lying about shirts and fixed games. 

You still claim ML was not an abuser. That, currently is The Biggest Lie that remains ourstanding on this board.

When I sold shirts, Joe Mckweon's wife, the wives of several coaches, wrote to me to order shirts. So did at least 14 posters on this board. "Despicable, abhorrent, deceitful, libelous, insane," were some of the words they used in referencing you and Longing for Oscar. At least 10 people wrote and said you and LFO had intmidated them from posting on GWHOOPS, because of your insidious invective. 

You even lied about TP. It's hard to do that, but you did. 

You called me a liar to protect The Big Lie you continue to tell. 

I hardly need an apology, respect, or trust from a man of your ilk.





the dude6/11/2018 5:20:16 PM

Dan, when you are done with your legal career, CNN and "Both sides are to blame, both sides do it" would love to have you.  


the mv6/11/2018 6:39:41 PM

And through all of this ridiculous back and forth which I am frankly sick of, you remain clueless over your depraved comment about ML.  You really just have no idea that you crossed a line.  Badly.

Not to worry about not receiving any of my respect.  You are about the last person I can think of who deserves any.

Apologies to the board.  I'm just not about to let anyone make an outrageous, unfathomable comment at ML's expense and pretend that I never read it.


sandy6/11/2018 7:01:59 PM

zikkiBoy- We both know who abused these boys and lying about our successful former coach disgusts me from the grave. Stop protecting your friend.  It is over. He is long gone and although I haven’t loved you in years this is disgusting behavior even by your standards. Coach Mo and Chris both played for ML and they told me the Sandusky of Foggy Bottom was abusing students and then fell in love with our favorite player. The whistle was blown and that is why everything blew up to protect Sandusky from PTown. I heard this from Dr Bob and Coach Tallent.  Please stop mentioning my name. I left you long ago and hope you burn in hell. You are not BP but little ZikkiBoy who is a coward unless posting anonymously on message boards. Be careful or I will reveal your true identity. 


long suffering fan6/11/2018 9:17:32 PM

What is the matter with you people.   Just stop it or if you can’t just go away.  We don’t want you here. Don’t you get it.  How thick are you.  We want to discuss GW basketball.  Just go away. 


brianpaul6/12/2018 12:21:35 AM

LSF-- herve's 3 Faces suggests you have posted as 'Sandra'


Are you part of the solution, or part of the problem?


gw alum abroad6/12/2018 10:43:49 AM

Lest this thread be about the on-field performances of GW's student-athletes...


long suffering fan6/12/2018 6:03:04 PM

Brian Paul...I just want this board to be about GW basketball.  Over the years, it has been a genuinely pleasurable interlude during the course of frequently stressful days.  I would like to get that back.  I realize that boundries are way different these days than when I was younger.  Although hardly modest in nature, so much of what is being posted is hateful, vulgar, mean choose the terms, and I don't want to have to read this.    Posters like Rich Maier, Keith Green and others have had the courage of their convictions to allow them to post under their true names.  I wonder if we were all required to do so whether the discourse on this board would be substantially toned down.  And I can honestly say that I have never posted as Sandra.  My only posts have been either directly as Long Suffering Fan or a version of Long Suffering Fan with a typo.   


gw696/13/2018 8:46:06 AM

Did 18 people "like" the Sandy post? Ouch!! Have you no shame?---Answer:apparently not.


gw696/13/2018 10:11:34 AM

Some people carry more shame than they should--other folks need to feel more shame--this board is populated by the latter

in large measure.Whats the deal?


the mv6/13/2018 10:23:38 AM

I'll add that whoever thought it might be funny to post as Sandy really ought to look long and hard in the mirror.  This isn't remotely close to being funny.  To echo 69's sentiment, this individual ought to feel ashamed of him or herself.  I do hope that Herve will remove this post as well as any others like it.

LSF, I am very much in your camp that this site needs to get back to GW basketball and all of the personal nonsense should become a thing of the past.  In fact, on several occasions, I have written posts with this very objective in mind.  In my mind, it's really up to one person, maybe a small handful of people, to make this happen.  To those who would like to put me in this group, I will say there are two sets of circumstances where I find myself joining the fray for better or for worse.  The first is when I am being personally attacked.  BP has made a habit of doing this and frankly, I don't see much changing until he either leaves this site for good or decides that his point that he thinks I am a fucking liar has already been made and that he needn't continue to attack me at every turn.  The truth is he is so wrong about why he is attacking me but I recognize that I will never convince him otherwise.  The second circumstance is when something is said, like BP saying that ML abused little boys, that is so outlandish and so hurtful that I just can't read it and not react to it.  A few people have also expressed their dismay over this comment but quite honestly, I am disappointed that more posters haven't spoken out against this.  While some may feel that BP has no idea what he is saying anymore and as such, did not bother to react to it, my opinion is that it still is not an acceptable excuse.  If you were bothered or offended by BP's remark that ML abused little boys, you should let him know that.  Maybe if he hears from enough posters, he will tone down his act.  Maybe.

Again, it's really up to BP, and perhaps 1-2 others, if we're going to bring this back to being a site about GW basketball.  Unless Herve shuts it down first.


former colonial6/14/2018 1:07:20 PM

MV, grow up and get a life.  Simple solution.  You are the problem, not the victim. 


brianpaul6/14/2018 3:53:32 PM

LSF  thanks for getting back. I always have felt you to be a man I could trust.

A simple, "Nope, not me" would have been enough from you. But thanks. 

This other fellow and his best friend used to send me communications back when I was struggling through multiple heart surgeries and related procedures, back when I was too weak to crawl up my own stairs to my bed. That was bad enough. But these last 6 months he has shown himself to be a degenerate.

elj brought up my wife's death out of genuine friendship and kindness. Others joined in out of courtesy and decency. That ought to have ended the matter. But since then, she has been mentioned in support of this board's Big Lie. There is no forgiveness in my heart for any of the ghouls who resorted to this nonsense, and there never will be.

'The MV' I will be pleased to articulate a list of your lies, any time at all. Our last coach was an abuser. It's on you that you equate that allegation with one of rape. It's always been on you. 




the mv6/14/2018 4:36:40 PM

Don't pin your stupidity on me BP.  You are the one who said that Mike Lonergan abused little boys.  Ask 100 educated people what they think of when hearing that an adult male abused little boys and let's see how many don't think of sexual abuse.  I get it, you were trying to be funny, or clever, or something to this effect.  You weren't.  It bombed miserably.

Since you seem to have some time to come on here and ruin this board on a daily basis, why not do the following:  Pull out the posts where I lied about your shirt business?  Or your taxes?  Or your health?  Or in fact, anything to do with you?  Show me the posts that I personally wrote, not any other poster who you incorrectly think that I am.  You're very fond of pointing out what a liar I why not prove it to the whole board?  If I was wrong about something, I am happy to admit it.  Accused of being a liar?  I truly don't ever have to worry about that since it is simply untrue.   

Former Colonial, if we ever want this board to get back to being about GW basketball, posts like yours really don't help.  But congratulations on those 22 likes.  Am hoping that your index finger didn't pick up a blister along the way. 


gw future6/14/2018 5:08:59 PM

Brian Paul continues his cries for help here. GW69 if you are not a fake doc then help the poor man become well again. You will be doing a giant service for the board and might even change my opinion of you.


brianpaul6/14/2018 5:23:23 PM

'The MV'  See the post cited below. Now, I've been out of town and away from my computer since Tuesday afternoon. And, I really do not care who likes you or who likes me. I don't care either whether your disparaging, lying posts are 'signed' by you, by your alter ego, or by your ghoulish toadies: You & Longing for Oscar, Mailvan, Willy, THE DOUCHE, Dudette, GW Future, GW 08 Alum, ziikieboy, ziikiegirl, faux Sandra, faux BrianPaul, faux BP, et al.


brianpaul6/11/2018 2:56:14 PM


gw future6/14/2018 5:56:20 PM

If anyone believes Brian has not been monitoring this board 24/7 good luck to you. What’s clear is Brian is in trouble and he needs help. Please someone help him!


the mv6/14/2018 5:58:05 PM

Well, first of all, I don't see a post cited below.  Just your name, date and time.  so, you might want to try that one again.

As for your not caring whether my posts are signed by me or other names you think are me, this is where you are missing the boat.  With the exception of Mailvan and The Douche, names I have freely admitted to being, the other names you have listed ARE NOT ME.  I just don't know how many times I can tell you that.  How many times I'd be willing to swear on anyone or anything that what I am saying is the absolute, unequivocal truth.  You keep doubling down on this and you keep on getting it wrong.  Seriously man, on a stack of bibles, you are absolutely wrong about this.

So I hope you can understand why I'm not about to apologize for things that I have not done.  


brianpaul6/16/2018 12:13:30 AM

‘Sandy,’ it’s remarkable, sad, and sadistic that you would abuse the identity of a dead woman  to threaten me with anything. But, it’s especially inane for you to suggest you might publish my identity, and thus seek to extort me over the matter. That’s an empty, pathetic threat by an empty, pathetic person.

‘The MV,’ I’m a bit surprised that you cannot follow my cite to the post I referenced. No matter. I need no apology from you in this forum. You used my grief as cover for your lies about Mike Lonergan’s abuse of GW players; and about how and why he was fired. It’s a matter of fact as to why Lonergan was fired, just as your actions have been matters of fact, too, these past many months and for years before that.  I have no idea why you think there is some object on which you can swear to negate or remedy the import of your remarks.

'The MV,' you have sworn already, on the dead body of my wife. There are no more lies that you can tell to cover your sin.





gw future6/16/2018 9:08:05 AM

Existential question for this Board ... if Brian Paul repeats a lie 350 times here does it become the truth on 351st occasion? Just asking for a fellow "ghoul" lol.


formercolonial6/16/2018 11:26:55 AM

Is ZikkieBoy Dave Earl? Sereno? Patrick? Let us know Miss Sandy.


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