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Height: 6-4
Weight: 180
Position: shooting guard
State: NC
Committment: medium

bm7/17/2017 11:45:50 AM

Where would we be without wishful thinking?


bm7/17/2017 11:47:57 AM


Isaiah Wilkins CP3 landed an offer from Hampton this weekend. George Washington reached out.

Verbal Commits




free quebec7/17/2017 3:53:34 PM

Isaiih Wilkins >> Dominique Thomas


gw alum abroad7/17/2017 6:51:07 PM

FQ-- that is his less talented brother! Much like Biff Ramsey to Kit Ramsey in "Bowfinger"...


thomas7/18/2017 12:14:34 PM

When I first saw this thread, I thought it was the Isaiah Wilkins who is actually Dominque's stepson and transferred from Virginia a few months ago. Maybe this Isaiah Wilkins is Gerald's son or grandson!! Gerald had a talented son who played high school ball here locally and should be around 37 or 38 now, that's why I mentioned grandson.


the dude7/18/2017 7:30:51 PM

Grandson!? good lord that can't be, Gerald can not have a son who is 37 or 38 right? Isn't Gerald about 50?!


thomas7/18/2017 8:53:42 PM

Yeah, Gerald Wilkins had his son Damien at a real young age. Damien Wilkins graduated high school around 1998 or 1999(I know he went to a local basketball-factory school like Montrose), so he should be in his late 30's now and could have a high-school age son at this point. After some quick googling, it doesn't look like this Isaiah Wilkins is Damien's son or related to Dominque or Gerald in any way.

When looking at recruits, you seem to constantly come across the sons of NBA and/or very good college players who played fairly recently and you say to yourself, "That Guy Has A Kid In High School/College Already!!" Some of us here did that when GW played South Florida this past season and saw that Mike Bibby's son was a freshman on the team. 


the dude7/18/2017 9:04:31 PM

Thomas I am shocked, but in I guess in denial as well.  When I began to root for the Knicks Gerald Wilkins was the "young guy."  That he'd have a son late 30s, well I guess that ages me.

Shawnta's first born as a College bound, HS recruit, that was another eye opener from about 7 years ago ago now. As I enrolled at GW with that Shawnta/Yegor class. Terrell must be about 24 now.  Well that should make any of at GW in the late 90s feel a little old.


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