GW Florida ST TV schedule
the dude
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the dude11/14/2017 3:21:56 PM

NSW+H in the DC Market, is this game televised in the NJ/NY metro area?


pogo11/14/2017 3:27:40 PM

I tried to post this earlier as a separate thread but it didn't work.

Might be available online or on TV depending on your location/provider.  Try these:



the dude11/14/2017 4:09:20 PM

Thanks Pogo.  YES Network, but only delay? Am I seeing that right?


brod11/14/2017 4:10:24 PM

ESPN live has been pretty abismal this year. Almost all the good games are blacked out because regional networks are broadcasting them. May need to get creative on some online streams this season.

nygw11/14/2017 4:11:05 PM

That is right Dude

formerly senioritis11/14/2017 4:12:59 PM

Yes it is YES on tape delay (no pun intended).  It is also available on WatchESPN (here) but is subject to blackout.  It is unclear whether the blackout applies in markets with the tape delayed broadcasts (NY/Vegas) so I guess we'll have to just wait until 7pm to see. 

still here11/14/2017 4:35:17 PM

If you have NO other options you could always stream from here. But this site is riddled with pop-ups, I would say definitely only use this from a mac or you could get a virus. They have the game listed and I checked it out. It looks like a couple of the links work:

gw alum 20101411/14/2017 4:48:02 PM

pogo11/14/2017 4:53:59 PM

You can try any of the affiliates in the 2nd link in my previous post.  Only the ACC (the top of the list) is a live link.  You would have to Google the other affiliates on the list and go to their individual web sites.  Depending on your location and provider you may have access to the game.  Good  luck.

jae11/14/2017 5:17:41 PM

Channel 578 in howard county Md


the dude11/14/2017 5:56:57 PM

Thx Gents.  I've got in on 856 HD in DC.  Hoping to find out if a technologically challenged relative in NJ can see it.

Looks like delayed on YES indeed, does anyone know if the watchESPN will not be black out for a tape delay game?

bigfan11/14/2017 6:22:24 PM

Cox has it on NBC Sports Washington (formerly CSN) overflow secondary channel.

1119 in some areas. 119 if you don't have HD.

May be best to cover your eyes, though hope springs eternal.


fredd11/14/2017 6:40:49 PM

DIRECTV has in on nesn (628) live

gdub enthusiasm11/14/2017 6:50:28 PM

In addition to DC and Florida, other local markets to pick up the GW-Florida State game are Ohio, New England, Pittsburgh, Wisconsin, Colorado, Southern California and the Pacific Northwest. On tape delay in NYC. Must be a slow sports day. 

thomas11/14/2017 6:56:17 PM

WatchESPN/ACC Network should work for those of you outside of the D.C.area. The GW game is blacked out for me on WatchESPN since I'm in the area, but Iona-Syracuse and Bryant-NC State games(also on the Watch ESPN/ACC Network) are showing. 

kdb san diego11/14/2017 6:59:06 PM

Of little use to most of you, but COX Sports has it here in San Diego on Channe 56 and live..... must be a lot Seminole fans in America's Finest City (or used to be.)

gw alum abroad11/14/2017 7:13:09 PM

Not on tv in this part of the globe (can I blame Obama or fake news or Trump or the Illuminatti?), but listed on plenty of pirate streaming sites!

bc11/14/2017 8:47:32 PM

every thing is trumpie's fault.

mentzinger11/15/2017 8:22:29 AM

Happy to report I could not find the game anywhere last night.

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