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the dude11/10/2017 9:47:00 PM

Dunk fest from Bo Zeigler, unlike we've ever seen at GW.  Wow. Are you not Entertained??


Great game from Yuta, block party. Some opening night jitters, slow start.


Thoughts? reactions?


the dude11/10/2017 9:48:02 PM

Dunk record for a Colonial?

Block record?

pkgw11/10/2017 9:52:48 PM

I thought our Perimeter D would be improved with better speed but we just looked lazy letting them blow right past.  Jair has to want to play D.


ziik the bomb thrower11/10/2017 9:56:13 PM

Jair needs some competition. He handles the ball well, shoots the steady FT, but, defense and ball movement, especially, are so-so.

lets go11/10/2017 9:59:28 PM

Here's a surprising stat:

From the 17:10 mark to the 1:04 mark, Yuta didn't attempt a single shot. With Bolden dribblingfor most of the shotclock, Yuta barely touched the ball on offense. Mind boggling that Mojo let this happen. I mean, you'd think he'd try to run plays for Yuta or something to get him more involved.


Other than that, it was a pretty good game. It wasn't supposed to be this close but it's the first game of the season. They have time to work on the kinks. 

Noteworthy points:

* Bo's going to the second leading scorer. I expect 10-12 points all on dunks.

* Yuta was passive but had 7 blocks. I'd say he's the front runner for A10 Defensive player of the year.

* Steeves' game looks much more refined. His jumpshot looks improved. 



gw 1611/10/2017 9:59:52 PM

A bunch of questionable calls from the refs helping both Howard and GW but overall an exciting game.  Shaping up to be an exciting team to watch and wow, Bo.


lets go11/10/2017 10:01:14 PM

From the 17:10 mark to the 1:04 mark *of the second half*

herve11/10/2017 10:13:53 PM

If only Ziegler could rebound, play defense, pass or dribble he'd be a complete player. Sorry, but dunkfest did little to cover up his weaknesses against a team which didn't have a player over 5'1.

Toro is all-motor and zero points.

If Bolden ever plays less than 39 mins a game, this team is toast...and Bolden barely runs an offense.

Like the assists and the team moved well away from the ball, but the interior passing and ball possession down-low is just plain bad.

The bench is very, very far from being average A10 quality and shot as all get-out.

Now, if Howard wasn't throwing it into the clouds and having 3-point prayers answered then I might feel differently, but they are a very, very bad opponent and we had to keep them at arm's length (when we weren't actually trailing that is).

Expected little and received just that.


the dude11/10/2017 10:25:25 PM

1.  Bo Z, 8 for 9 with I believe 8 dunks (maybe all 8 in the 2nd half?) Wow, BoZ.  Going to need more from him on the glass, but wow what a DUNK FEST!

2.  Yuta, Gem of a game.  That's the best of Yuta. Asking too much for him to just takeover on offense, not his game, he takes what comes to him and impact immense defender.  Gotta let Yuta be Yuta, would be a mistake to ask him to force things up. Great game Yuta.

3.  Very solid from Steeves, agreed his moves look improved.  Granted, against a very short frontcourt. Still, very nice.

4.  7 man rotation.  Expect to see that all year, outside of blowouts.  For like the 5th season in a row, we have a 6-7 man rotation and a big drop off thereafter.   Toro and TNJr struggled shooting the ball but both did other things well.

5.  That game was fun.  A lot of fun.  It was also ugly.  I suspect that's what the season will be like, really fun, often ugly, but fun.  Saw glimpes of both the athletic, fun team, and the, yikes this team will be awful at times team.



gw7311/10/2017 10:27:50 PM

Herve +1

We could have some optimism if we were in the MEAC. if we were we might have a chance to be a middle of the conference team. I would love to be wrong, but we are in for a long, long season. 

Dude -- Calm down. You were watching Howard, picked 8th in MEAC. Sure there is time to work out the kinks, but so do all the other teams we will play. 


gwg11/10/2017 10:28:04 PM

Id second the comment on opening night jitters- there were a lot of missed passes and mental errors, particularly in the first half, Is expect that to get sorted out shortly. The refereeing wasn't one sided, but it was very uneven with both phantom calls (the refs also seemed to have a new definition of traveling) and some blatantly missed ones (I expect tucking and running on the gridiron, not the hardcourt)- we had two players foul out, though I'm not sure we should make much of that given the refereeing. 

I didn't think our perimeter D was that bad, Howard was making some crazy shots from outside, agree it could have been better though.

Our free throw shooting wasn't particularly good, which kept us from really breaking away in the second half. Our shooting in general was spotty in the first ten minutes, but collectively improved as the game went on. Jair likes to shoot rather than pass, which is fine when he makes his shots (second half) but not so much when he doesn't (first half).

Good collective effort overall and hopefully the adversity and pressure Howard put on in the last ten minutes will be good experience for them.


gw050911/10/2017 10:28:24 PM

The inbounds plays to Ziegler were awesome. Howard was shooting like 50% from 3 for a good part of the game. Like mentioned our interior passing was pretty lousy. Toro needs to work on his FTs. With his motor he should get calls but that’s all for naught if he can’t convert. Fun atmosphere with the student section full. On to FSU. 


Oh and saw Mezie was at the game!


brod11/10/2017 10:30:06 PM

First off, never suspected chicken legs could shoot the 3 so well. We should have switched to Man-On after...the Fifth?! 3 pointer. 


Glad Toro is so confident in his jump shot because I'm certainly not.


I want to know Bo's calf regiment so I can jump half as high as that. He hurt his hand on the dunk cause he got so much air.


Steeves is sneaky efficient.


Jair, not really sure. Definitely forcing some shots.


Overall thoughts - going to keep a six pack in arms reach this season. Vodka in the freezer



class of 1311/10/2017 10:31:20 PM

Only game one so I won't go too in depth with my impressions just a few bullet points:

- I thought we were at our best when we either ran the offense through Steeves in the high post or ran a set play. Wasn't thrilled with how Jair ran the show, though, as others have pointed out.

- Didn't think we defended poorly, just a case tonight where a high volume three point shooting team hit a good percentage. I would be more concerned if they were all wide open spot ups that resulted from us getting beat in dribble penetration, but a good share of their threes came off the dribble, so it is what it is. 

- I don't have confidence in this team's ability to rebound against bigger/better teams

- I think it's a really bad sign we only went 7 deep on opening night, especially considering we held a comfortable lead through much of the 2nd half. To not get 4 minutes out of Jack, Williams or Langarica scares me for sure.

I enjoyed being back in the Smith Center, though, the students did a good job turning out and I'm ready to see how they compete at FSU.


gw050911/10/2017 10:36:10 PM

And yes, we should’ve won by more but at least we’re not Wake...or Fordham...or Richmond... or The Bonnies!!!


the dude11/10/2017 10:55:25 PM

0509...or Indiana!


gw050911/10/2017 11:08:20 PM

I’m sure they’re already calling for Archie to be fired lol


dmvpiranha11/10/2017 11:37:24 PM

First off, I've got to give Howard credit. They showed up confident even as heavy underdogs and gave us a good fight. They know what their strengths are offensively: drive the lane and get to the free throw line, or hoist up shots from the perimeter. I'll take the latter all day to make them work for their shots. There were some very difficult shots from downtown that they made even when we closed out on them so that was a job well done by them. Charles Williams is a great player so it's expected that he was going to get his points, but coming in the key was preventing a second player from going off. I mentioned in the preview that RJ Cole was going to be the freshman to watch out for, and as yet another guard that can get to the basket at will gave us a number of problems. He was a great get for them. Foster made a couple of really deep shots as well.

We were very tentative during the first ten minutes of the game. There were many unforced errors and I think we were on pace for like 32 turnovers from the first part of the game. The ball looked to be a bit slippery. We did a good job after that with just seven for the rest of the game. Jair had a careless pass early on, but for the most part did a good job breaking the press late in the game (miles better than our opener last year against Eastern Shore). Yuta did bail him out from getting another one late though. Terry made some freshman mistakes which is to be expected, but four is tad high for a non-primary ball handler (though one was for a double dribble that I thought was BS). Bo's came in the form of offensive fouls on illegal screens and whatnot. There was one play where he was eager to dunk it but didn't collect the ball properly when going up. Some things to clean up.

The refs were a bit whistle-happy this game which hurt the overall flow from one end to another. There were a couple of times that Patrick was unfortunately just not positioned in time but he was also called for some stupid hand check fouls which were marginal at best. The same goes for Terry and Justin. I liked the aggressiveness that Mazzulla showed on a couple of loose balls that were ultimately called fouls that could have been jump balls (I think one was in the end). Terry showed some nice fight for 50-50 balls underneath as well. I expect Bo to probably foul out in many games this season so we need to use his time on the court effectively.

I thought we played fairly well defensively even if Howard isn't exactly an offensive juggernaut. They made some tough shots from outside (although perimeter defense could of course always be improved). Yuta with seven blocks is impressive regardless of the opponent. He did take away several drives by the Howard players but the lanes were open for them to eventually be productive driving the lane and getting points from the possession through free throws. I wouldn't be surprised if Terry finishes the season as the team leader in steals. He seems to already be a natural at making the player he's guarding feel uncomfortable with his havoc-like style.  

Liked what I saw from the assists totals today vs. the Fairmont State game. Terry did a very nice job setting up other players, including that pass underneath to Bo for the dunk which was a thing of beauty. Patrick's passing ability from the post is very underrated. He is a master of the old school game of waiting for a player to make the cut to the basket and making the perfect bounce pass to find them.

Yuta seemed to be more active on the glass than he was last year. He did a good job with 11 boards today. Arnaldo did his thing as usual and Patrick similarly made a nice effort underneath. Howard's weakness is their frontcourt so maybe I shouldn't take too much away from the performances rebounding today. The rebounding margin wasn't that much in our favor anyways. Bo's rebounding numbers are a bit of a mystery to me. He didn't have many against Fairmont State that I assumed was because of foul trouble, but he had just one again today which is quite strange given how active he is down low. Maybe just unlucky with the way the ball came off the rim. 

Free throw shooting wasn't as bad as the stats show. Terry missed his lone attempt which might just be an outlier. The charity stripe was identified as one of Bo's weaknesses coming in so hopefully they just have him shoot a ton every day in practice to maybe solve that issue a bit. All the other players combined for 17-22. It was good to see Arnaldo get to the line 11 times tonight. Jair's shooting down the stretch showed a lot of poise as well which is notable.

Three point shooting still remains an issue. Jair got hot late shooting the ball, but outside of him the team made just 2 of 10 (Yuta only had two attempts). I think Maceo could have helped out some as the shooter on the team but he didn't play. Terry had some open looks in the game but wasn't able to knock them down.

Quick player breakdown:

Patrick - just a flat out high IQ basketball player. We're definitely going to miss him once the season is over. He doesn't make a ton of mistakes and has done a great job in the post since the end of last season when he came back healthy. Very level-headed and made his usual few hook shots close to the hoop. I mentioned his great passing earlier. I don't know if he's going to end up taking many threes this season but that could be an added weapon to his arsenal. 

Arnaldo - made a concerted effort to attack underneath tonight. There was one possession where he literally followed the ball after he shot it several times until the ball went through the hoop. Just an elite rebounder. I don't know many players better than him who can anticipate where the ball will land after it's shot. A couple of jump shots were completely off the mark but maybe that was just the effects of shaking off the rust being the first game of the season.

Jair - not a very good game by him. He did have his best moments down the stretch breaking the press, knocking down free throws, and making some big jump shots but he finished with more turnovers than assists which is not what you want to see. Mojo said during the postgame that he was pressing a bit, and I think that's a slight understatement. A bit too much hero ball today. Too many contested shots hoisted up instead of finding the open man. We played with less pace when he was in and our offense kind of lost fluidity. Also dribbled a bit too much.  

Yuta - did his usual lockdown job defensively. I liked that he didn't settle for threes as much as he did last year (especially after he airballed his first shot), and his efficiency has already increased some to begin the season. I thought he could have been even more assertive offensively driving the ball to the rim and drawing fouls but the same could be said for the entire team. Probably asking too much of him. Already saw characteristics of being a leader as well. When Terry was complaining to the ref about a foul he was called for Yuta yanked him and got him to move on to the next play.  

Terry - I just see so much potential and I'm excited to see how he grows over the course of the season. For his first game, he seemed less nervous than some of the other newcomers to the team and he confidently knocked down his first attempt as a college player. I'm sure he would have liked another crack to knock down some of those other open three-pointer looks but he'll improve with time. Definitely gave it his all when he was out on the court. I liked his defensive intensity as mentioned earlier and he had a block and five rebounds to boot. He may make silly fouls and turnovers early on, but again I'm sure he'll get better with more court experience. He just has natural instincts that you can't teach.

Bo - could become a mini DeAndre Jordan for our team. His athleticism is off the charts. We should continue to draw up plays near the rim for him whether a layup, dunk, or hook shot to give him opportunities to score. I don't know if he'll put up this much on a game-to-game basis from just dunks as teams will begin to take that away, but he is a piece that could really elevate this year's team. He showed he could be a defensive force as well with two blocks and a steal. Need to find a way for him to not get into foul trouble so easily and convert on more free throw attempts as I'm sure he will be fouled a lot down low. Our offense looked so much better when he was on the court.

Justin - showed some nice poise in his first game. He only looked for his shot once, but he put some nice spin on his shot when he drove to the rim to get the ball to fall in the hoop. Didn't seem too rattled as a freshman point guard which was good to see. Would have liked to see slightly more, but a nice showing for the first game.

Again, would have liked to see Maceo even if it was for just a few minutes to improve our three point shooting. Not sure if him not playing today means he's not ready defensively or not.

Overall, the result is slightly disappointing (I was expecting about a 15 point win) considering Howard is probably even younger of a team than we are coming from a worse conference. The question of depth seems to already be answered. Pretty troubling that we had to cut the rotation in the very first game of the season when that's the game you play as many players as you can to see what you have early on. I was envisioning an eight man rotation down the road but at least for the start of the season seems to be seven. Yuta is going to get worn out playing 40 minutes every game, and from what Mojo said during the postgame interview, it seems like it will be close to the norm for the remainder of the season. The team lacked offensive flow and smooth ball movement (especially when Jair was the point) although I think we were at our best when one of our players in the post got the ball and then passed it back out for an open shot when the defense collapsed. Would also like to see a lot fewer jump shots being taken and for us to take it to the rim more. It stretches the defense more, allowing for better three point looks, a chance to finish at the rim, or even a trip to the free throw line. Especially given how many shooters we lost this year, we should not be settling for so many jump shots.

Quick turnaround for the next game as we have to play Florida State on the road Tuesday. The Seminoles lost a lot from last year's team, so while they won't be as good they still bring in and have a lot of talent as a bubble team. It will be nice practice and chance for development for the young players on the team. Also, this recap was probably too long and I'll try to cut it down a little bit for the next one.


gw6911/10/2017 11:50:32 PM

 Agree with 13 --unhappy that we only went 7 deep.I think it's going to be a long season.Love my Colonials but we are simply not that good.I know it's only the first game but after Fairmont I was hoping for something more.


long suffering fan11/10/2017 11:50:37 PM

Much to like and not like...both individually and teamwise.   My biggest concerns, in no particular order, were (1) that we struggled to put away lesser competition (but it was a first game, and this is fairly common);  (2) that we only went 7 deep, and Yuta had to play 40;  (3) that we were lit up by a speedy, undersized guard, and a freshman at that, with too many times we were caught with the wrong person guarding him;  (4) we missed 9 free throws, with at least 2 being front ends.  As for the individuals, I agree with the positive and negative assessments of Ziegler.  One hell of an entertainig display with the dunks, but on the other hand, what happends when a team has a 6'10: defender who puts a body on him?Jair kept both teams in the game.  But for an impressive scoring outburst in the second half, he was repeatedly beat on defense and had only 2 assists for the game, despite being in for 37 minutes and playing the point.  Steeves looks better than last season, has soft hands, can score inside, has great court vision, can pass out of the post very well (5 assists to only 1 turnover), but cannot defend.   Toro with his size should have dominated a team like Howard, and he did so for a good part of the first half, before banishing.  Why the team thinks the kickout to Toro for a long shot is a good play is beyond me; however.  Not sure yet what either Nolan or Mazzula can do yet, but it is clear that neither is an impact player from the git go.  As for Yuta...he was a complete player tonight as he scored and defended.  Man he defended.   We are going to have to ride Mojo until the others get themselves together. But we really need to get deeper and defend much better than we did tonight.


long suffering fan11/10/2017 11:52:48 PM

erata...Toro vanished, he was not banished.  And we have to ride Yuta, not Mojo.  Shish.


gw future11/10/2017 11:56:45 PM

A 9-point win over one of the worst teams in the country. Yet Dummy Dude is high fiving everyone and displaying the type of exhuberance that is so justly earned after a 9-point win over a terrible team. Welcome to the twilight zone otherwise known as GW Hoops.


the dude11/11/2017 12:03:07 AM

DMV, no such thing, great stuff, per your norm!

Kentucky trailed Utah Valley, at home, 34-25 at the half.  Repeat. Kentucky, at home to Utah Valley. One more, Northwestern, ranked in the top 20, at home, escapes Loyala (MD) by 2. 

The BoZ dunkfest was incredibly entertaining.  You might watch another 40 years of GW games before you see a wing player have that many dunks in one half, some contested, some spectacular, one from the Free Throw line.  Amazing!!


buff and blue bandit11/11/2017 1:12:02 AM

To be clear, we are a work in progress, and there were several things that looked promising tonight (Toro's and Terry's belief in their 3 pt shots, Toro's greater flexibility, Steeves greater flexibility leading to a smoother shot, and Yuta's desire to rebound - there were probably a few others but these were the one's that come quickly to mind).

However, my view of tonight's game was far from rosey. Despite our very high assist rate, our PG was only responsible for 2 of them. And while he may be the best dribbler on our team, at least 2 of his 4 turnovers happened when he lost the handle on his dribble. Furthermore, I didn't think I could find a GW PG with poorer court vision than Jaren Sina, but Jair may come close. Mind you, I love this kids confidence (and I loved Sina for much the same reason). I love that when he is on, he can spark a rally and raise the energy level of the arena, however, he needs to match this high energy, high confidence with a much higher basketball IQ and right now I don't see it. To be honest, I think he'd make a far better 2 than a 1, but right now we don't have any real 1s on the team. Mazzula and Nolan are both combo guards who are more 2s than 1s. The Dude, please don't chew my head off for this, but Jair reminds me very much of Pauly J but with less basketball smarts. I loved Pauly in his 2nd season with the team when you could tell he thought about what he was doing more rather than just jacking it up. It may take time, but I think Jair could eventually get there if he works on it and has a coach that can push him in that direction (side note, PJ put up 14 on 5 of 8 with 4 asts, 4 rebs, 3 steals, and 0 TOs for Butler tonight).

Another pet peeve of mine is low percentage shots which have been a problem for us over the past few seasons. Tom Izzo preaches this (supposedly he is a big stat head) and if there is one thing that I thought would have rubbed off on MoJo playing in his system would have been this. That is not to say MoJo doesn't preach this and the players just aren't following through. Too many of our shots tonight came in the 4 foot to 9 foot range (mid-range jumper or runner). Yuta, Jair, and Toro missed multiple from this range. What I'd love to see going forward is a team more willing to pass when they get to this point on the floor rather than huck it up.

Then comes Bo. Man oh man oh man did I love some of his high flying dunks. With that said, most were on breakaways or inbound passes where he had a clear lane. Two of his from at or around the hoop would probably never happen with stronger, longer, and taller competition (none of which Howard offered). If he get 6 points a night from going forward I'll be pleasantly surprised. But to say he will be our second leading scorer (especially if he can only play at most 20 minutes a night - FOUL MAGNET) I think is over confident. I hope he proves me wrong (also hope he is reading this so he has  some bulletin board material - ha ha).  

We'll see what the season brings, but tonight's game left me with more questions than answers, something that shocked me considering the competition. I really thought we'd get to see our entire bench again tonight not just 7 players against the 5th worst ranked Division 1 team in the nation.

On to Florida A&M!!!



buff and blue bandit11/11/2017 1:20:04 AM

Make that Florida State University (FSU)!

the dude11/11/2017 1:22:43 AM

I should add, Indiana didn't just lose, at home, to Indiana St.  They got blown out 90-69.

Started last year by beating UMES by 4 and Siena by 2.  Won 20 games.  10 A10 games.  We looked really bad after 2 games, and the year before that, with a loaded starting 5 we struggled against 300RPI Lafayette opening night.

This game doesn't change my outlook much at all, I think we had a pretty good sense this team was going to have some major struggles, we didn't need to see tonight for that.  It did though confirm what I suspected, the team is going to play basically 6 or 7 guys in the rotation.  It will be interesting to see if Mazzulla actually cracks the rotation and if Maceo cracks it all.  In 2015/16 we ran all season with a 6 to 7 man rotation. 




the dude11/11/2017 2:33:23 AM

B&BB.  I can see the comp, best asset for both, pull up high release Jumper.  Biggest Struggle, decision making.  Major difference is that Jair has elite handle and PJ has a very high dribble. Also, defense. I did see PJ had an excellent 1st game tonight.

Some good things tonight:

1. Fast break points, team looked to push and got some easy buckets. 

2. We're seeing glimpses of the future this year. More athletic, longer quicker players.  Brick city shooting at times.  But long, quick athletic players do things that don't appear in the box score, but are impactful nonetheless.

3.  Lot of packed in zone this year, we have a frontcourt that doesn't shoot the 3 well.  (and maybe a backcourt too)  The passing around the zone got good looks, most didn't fall.  If Howard is playing a packed in zone, expect that from most of our opponents this year.

4. TNJr. That dude is going to be a good Colonial, he's quick, an excellent defender, he's got a lot of reach, his shot mechanics look ok (maybe not great?) he's got a lot of confidence and poise.  Yuta may no longer need to match up vs smaller quick scorers, TNJr might be able to do that.  The athlete we've needed for some time at the 2Guard spot.

5. Ziik noted, what a Point Forward Steeves is.  Really impressive passing work from STeeves tonight. Great vision.

bigfan11/11/2017 2:59:25 AM

Maybe it's a good luck charm, but  we were literally one  bounce of the ball (into Yuta's hands) from losing this game. Howard had the momentum and the energy and the shooting.

Must be some small quick good-shooting guard Facebook group that tells them all they can exploit GW.

Better than losing, though. Some really excellent analysis in above posts. So several points:

1) Bo Z was much more of a factor on offense that one would have thought. We'll see against better competition. And Bo was much less of a factor on defense than thought or would even make sense given his athleticism.

2) Jair was the best of times and the worst of times. But he's not a good point guard in this game.

Missed Terry open maybe five or six times, even waving his hands like he was signaling a rescue plane and Jair didn't even look. Patrick ran the offense a lot better from mid-key. Now, Jair got luckly and made some of his improbable shots or maybe he's a better shooter this year, at least when hot.

But he has to look for his teammates. He made Kethan Savage seem like a team player when Kethan had the ball at the end of the game. Unless Jair can average 29 a game, we need more than a point guard who doesn't pass and who needs to up his defense. Jair seems capable, just think a bit more and pull back on the heroics.

3)Noticed Yuta's scoring drought. Don't think chasing little guards around the court helps. But also we are not involving him the way we should. Yuta has an inside and an outside (though streaky) and a medium game. We need to use it all this year. And buy him some blows for a rest. This is a problem when we can't do it against Howard.

Don't know the reason for Arnoldo's disappearance. Looked up at some point in the second half and realized Arnoldo hadn't been on the court for some time.

While he could employ better shot selection, doubt it was that and Arnoldo's too potentially valuable (i.e. tall and can rebound) to bench for long droughts.

Weird, often choppy game not helped by odd officiating. Refs were calling stuff like carry/palming, whatever they called it, that is rarely called this century. But their curious calls and ticky-tack if not phantom fouls were mainly in our favor.

4) Though our athleticism has improved, today it resided mainly in one player. Outside of Bo, who is in his own athleticism (practically used or not) universe, seemed like Howard was more athletic than we were. They didn't have showy blocks, but certainly blew by us often enough.

5) This has been commented on, but the hope of a deeper bench did not materialize Friday night. No way to use Justin's athleticism, Maceo or Javier's reputed shooting, Adam's apparent shooting, etc. At least today,  outside of Terry who definitely seems a player but learning, freshman recruits don't seem ready to contribute or we can't find them playing time even against a 300-plus ranked team. Hopefully, it's an adjustment thing. Essentially, we went maybe six deep, with a little Mazulla (who has promise) thrown in.

Outside of the Bo dunk parade,which was highly amusing,but can only win games at specific moments, came away pretty bowled under by our performance tonight.

Ánd wasn't wildly optimistic before.

But let's see about Florida State. Which will be a lot closer to telling us how we stack up against real competition.

As my late seatmate noted, GW can always play up or down to the level of competition. Hoping it's up next week.


colonial7711/11/2017 5:12:44 AM

13 well summed up. Echo those sentiments. 

colonial7711/11/2017 5:15:36 AM

Late seammate? Did someone pass away?

gw alum abroad11/11/2017 5:32:27 AM

A win is a win is a win, and thanks to Richmond the regular season could be meaningless with the A10 relegated to one-bid status. That said, on TV it seemed the pep band and cheerleaders were better prepared for the game than the team. Steeves can help carry the load but the team is going to be so heavily dependent on Yuta they will seem as one-dimensional as when Stevie Smith was at LaSalle. BoZ was fun to watch (reminded me of what we thought we should have gotten in Marfo) but did foul out in limited mins, and against an undersized team with little film to scout/review. Bolden is a placeholder PG, and seems right for the role. Toro will play far more mins than he should, and it will show. And the "no movement everyone stand around while the PG dribbles for 20 secs then hurry a play" offense that drove us crazy with ML needs to be bannished AND vanished (there are other/better ways to slow down the pace). 

On the plus side, at least the men did not play as big a stinker as the women.


robsmithoasas11/11/2017 6:58:19 AM

GW Alum Abroad:

The GW women played a road game against far stronger competition.

Despite the many new faces added to FSU, the fact that they are considered a bubble team so early on doesn't bode well for GW's men. But a road game against an ACC opponent will provide good learning experience.

cutis11/11/2017 8:02:33 AM

Impressed by the crowd ,the excitement , the honoring of our troops and having the Mayor speak to the fans. Early on ,at the Colonials Club one of the assistant coaches outlined the plan to concentrate and contain  Charles Williams. Clearly, GW was not able to do this. Being able to stop any one player is generally not thought to be a daunting task. Disappointing ,that GW could not do this. MoJo speaks of Yuta as the defensive player of the year in the A-10. His sights are set too low. I believe Yuta might be the best player in the A-10 and may turn out to be the MVP of the league.

mentzinger11/11/2017 8:05:40 AM

Agree with the sentiment we should be playing more than 7 guys as a rebuilding team at home against a #348 team. 


porter7111/11/2017 8:11:11 AM

Watching this game gave me flashbacks to watching some of the bad Hobbs teams.  Some good athleticism with decent playmakers not running any sort of real offense  and being out of position on D.  Ziegler reminds me of freshman year Pops, who gave us lots of awesome dunks, but struggled with other parts of his game and was a foul machine.


ziik the senile old man11/11/2017 8:26:01 AM

This is why I enjoy this board, more often than not:

1) The post game analysis always, every game, is better than the Washington Post.

2) Herve comes out to play.

3) DMVPiranha, LSF, BigFan, The Bandit, all have nice, sound comments about the players. (And DMV rightly points out: he told us so. Yep, he knows college bball, and we are lucky to have him here.)

4) Dude recalls that I did point out what others may have said-Steeves is a valuable point forward. The guy does a little of everything, and really steadies the youngsters, keeps the game from going South. A little slow to get into the flow. But, damn, what a player. He will be doing it into his 50's if he wants it. My guess, you donlt want to play pool with Steeves. He knows the angles.

5) Yuta-Japan's best gift to America, including Honda, Mazda, Toyota, and the rest. He's the best. What an athlete. He never stops, yet at game's end, his hair is neat and in place. And his stats are off the charts. Too bad his teammates forget him at times.

6) Jair- do you know Yuta is on your team? Can you get him the ball when he is free? Can you pass the ball more generally, and add a couple more minutes a game to the GW offense? Because he have a nice handle on it, you can dribble, you can nail the FT's. Maybe you can shoot. Can you drive? Can you do more? (You look like you can.)

7) Mazzula (sp)- Can you push Jair a bit? You've got energy. And, nice height.

8) Toto-Have you improved? 

9) Nolan-Nice start. You got your feet wet, and did well. This guy looks like a Baltimor guard that GW is going to value very highly.

10) Bo-Nice hops. What is behind the curtain?


dmvpiranha11/11/2017 8:31:29 AM

Also forgot to mention that in the postgame interview Mojo mentioned Arnaldo didn't play for much of the second half because Howard played a 5 guard set which isn't in his wheelhouse on defense as he's more adept at guarding post players underneath. 

I think worst case scenario the A-10 is a two bid league, but I still see three getting in. If I were to do a power rankings I'd probably move Davidson way up. Their performance against Armel's former team Charleston Southern was very impressive, even though the Buccaneers are still towards the bottom of the Big South. Grady made seven three pointers in his first game! St. Bonaventure was without Adams so that was part of the reason they lost, but I thought coming into the season that Niagara was going to be a dark horse candidate in a weaker-than-usual MAAC anyways. Dayton won on a last-second shot against a pretty good Ball State team. Cunningham will be a player to look out for as Antetokounmpo saw just six minutes in his first game. Richmond was missing Fore but I think we could potentially beat them this year. Gilyard played well in his debut. UMass didn't look so good against UMass Lowell though Holloway wasn't at 100%. Fordham choked in the last seconds against a mediocre Miami (OH) team. Chartouny is still the standout, but maybe Tavares will be a good complement to him for the rest of the season. George Mason made some free throws down the stretch to beat a probably last place Lafayette team from the patriot. Their bench was a non-factor shooting 0-8 from the field, but their starting lineup of Mar, Livingston, Grayer, Boyd, and Kier did a good job. Still some concerns up front. Seattle isn't a bad team so St. Louis did a good job yesterday. Bess and Hines were good but Goodwin went 0-12 from the field. They also won without the suspended Henriquez and Bishop. VCU made 15 threes against Grambling and were able to play their entire bench. Rhode Island is far and away the best team, thumping a very good UNC Asheville team that may still win the Big South. They'll need Andre Berry to continue playing at the level he did yesterday. 


dmvpiranha11/11/2017 8:36:32 AM

Appreciate the kind words as always Dude and Ziik :)

xac11/11/2017 8:40:21 AM

Despite some flaws that were revealed, this was an enjoyable game to watch and there were some bright spots. I'm amazed how every year, after the first game, so many have such strong opinions about how good or bad this team (or individual players) is going to be. It doesn't matter if we're playing Howard or Chaminade, the games can be competitive-- all these teams have scholarship players that they recruited. You may not think much of Howard, but their guards are better than ours-- at least at this point in their careers. Margin of victory is pretty much meaningless, as anyone whose played a lot of basketball can tell you. I'm really looking forward to the rest of the season.


ziik the senile old man11/11/2017 8:49:34 AM

No problem, DMV. Keep at it, please.

XAC- solid observation. I liked Howard's guards. And i think Howard has a coach, finally. They will become competitive if they can keep the players from being poached.

ziik the bomb thrower11/11/2017 9:13:26 AM


When do we know if he can game coach? 

I think he will recruit just fine. 


gwb11/11/2017 11:09:15 AM

Jair is a scorer not a point guard. Mojo clearly knows this which is why he is bringing in Armel and Shandon for next season. Expect Jair to slide off the ball permanently. Unfortunately we are just going to have to ride out this season because he is our best and most experienced ball handler. But it is very evident he is not a 1. But I think he can be a very good 2 guard in the A-10 who will be able to get you 15-20 a night once we get a PG who can make some plays for others he will be fine. I am anticipating some ups and downs with him running the show this season but I am not going to take anything away from him because I think he is a talented scorer and can only get better. 


tennessee colonial11/11/2017 12:53:59 PM

Well, a friend of mine said he got tickets for me for  the first rounds of the NCAA here in Nashville.  I paused for a second, then said OK. I don't think GW will be playing in the first round of the NCAA's this year.

As for the game, once again, a player from my home county (Union, NJ) really lit us up (Howard). Livingston on GMU's roster is another tough guard. County is a basketball hot bed with top recruits every year. One of the guys from my HS (A 5 star recruit) just signed  with South Carolina. I just wish we could recruit some of these guys.

And thanks DM for such a good analysis, again.


yinka dar11/11/2017 1:08:17 PM

Only thing I'm worried about is our bench. We played 7 guys the whole, time and Yuta barely went out. When we start getting into foul trouble that's when teams will get back into it. I'm surprised Maceo didn't go in, and even Sasser who would've helped our boys. Just looked exhausted in the last 5 minutes


the dude11/11/2017 2:47:11 PM

Great to see the President in the student section!


merrick11/11/2017 3:22:03 PM

A very, very long season ahead if Mojo is only comfortable with a seven-man rotation.  Expect a lot more foul trouble against faster teams and stronger inside  Tuesday night will tell us a lot more about our strengths, weaknesses, and how opponents intend to confront/exploit them. 

I just wanted to add how great the entire crowd and student section were last night.  I can't remember an opening night against such a marginal opponent with so many students in attendance--especially given the team's low expectations.  Not exactly sure what the school did to gin up the excitement (free beer?), but it worked.  And even with a weak opponent, it was largely an entertaining game, so hopefully they'll come back.  


ziik the bomb thrower11/11/2017 3:33:41 PM

How many of the attendees were Howard students?

2twotoed11/11/2017 5:30:57 PM

There was a large pregame block party. Most of the crowd seemed pro GW. We desperately need a point guard who can distribute the ball. Howard had a 6’1 kid on Yuta for long stretches and we never got close to giving him the ball. 


xac11/11/2017 6:33:08 PM

Just a note on blocked shots. Yuta had seven yesterday, which is a monster defensive stat. Since blocked shots started being tracked, Yinka Dare is the GW all time leader with 140 in his two years. The record for a season is 84, also by Dare. To me, without a doubt, Clyde Burwell was the greatest shot blocker we ever had. I remember some games where he was in double figures. In his two years as the starting center, he unofficially had 217 blocks. He also has the single game record for rebounds at 33. He was really thin, but extremely long. He would have been a better scorer had they not outlawed the dunk. Great Guy.


merrick11/11/2017 6:36:44 PM

I'd be shocked if there were 125 Howard fans in attendance


d earl11/11/2017 7:38:21 PM

Emperor-it is becoming too obvious that the program was destroyed to protect you. I can't keep fooling people for much longer with my 50 poster names. We had to play Yuta for 40 minutes to secure a win against one of the worst teams in the country. WTF! They had the ball down 4 with a minute left. We destroyed these teams by 30+ in the past. I can continue to overhype the recruiting but the few knowledgeable fans won't fall for that even with Wyman's fiction. Spacey's situation doesn't help. I am scared for you!    




the dude11/11/2017 7:39:30 PM

Thanks, is 7 blocks in a game near a GW record? I can't imagine the record being much more than that?

Dunks in game, well not sure its tracked but damn I think BoZ had 8 dunks.  Fun stuff, a block party and a dunkfest

gw6911/11/2017 7:51:19 PM

D Earl--I'm really glad I didn't give you my address.



gw future11/11/2017 8:20:44 PM

Dummy Dude should know Bo Z had 6 dunks. 6 v 8 only off by 25%. That’s an improvement for you. However, if you make a 25% error on 10,000 copies, Kinkos will be annoyed that you printed 2,500 extra copies. Still work to do.


nj colonial11/11/2017 9:22:11 PM

Slow, shaky start and too many missed shots and opportunities to convert on turnovers, fouls. Colonials are not ready for prime time. But it was great to be back in Smith Center and a nice crowd including the Mayor, featured veterans and GW alum Jake Sherman. Good turnout by students and awesome to see President LeBlanc and Mrs. LeBlanc sitting front and center in the Colonial Army!


lets go11/12/2017 12:23:42 AM

GW vs Howard Highlights

Yuta Watanabe highlights

As so others have said, Jair had 2 assists in 37 minutes of pt. Would like to see him try get others involved as the point guard. 


lets go11/12/2017 12:23:52 AM

*some otheres

gw7211/12/2017 4:40:04 AM

Yuta and then an empty cupboard. Nolan will be good. Need five more like him. Toro and Bolden look like slightlly better versions of the weak role players they were last year.  Thank you Lonergan great job man. Left us one player with one year left. 


gw future11/12/2017 1:48:28 PM

Well we found Dummy Dude’s dopey cousin - GW72. I think the “72” might stand for IQ not class year. Thanks you GW72 great job man for reminding us that morons have full rights to post here.


the dude11/12/2017 3:09:12 PM

Speaking of stat stuffers.  TNJr:  5 boards, 6 dimes, 2 steals and a block.  Showed great vision.


alumnus11/12/2017 4:41:32 PM

Geez, people need to chill out.  One game against a crummy opponent doesn't merit all this analysis or vitriol.  Won a game.  Move on.


the mv11/13/2017 11:11:42 AM

Late to the party with post-game thoughts, I realize.  Sometimes, other stuff beckons.

I'll try not to be overly repetitive.

1) Let's not lose sight of the fact that MoJo is here to win games.  Playing only 7 players was concerning to many but what that spoke to isn't necessarily a lack of depth (particularly in the backcourt where I am guessing Maceo gets in more games than he doesn't) but more to either how well Howard played (particularly the 10 made 3's) or how poorly GW played.  It stands to reason that if MoJo plays his 8th and 9th best player this game, the talent level goes down and given the fact that this was a 4 point game with a minute left (did that ever feel like UMES practically a year ago to the day), I'm glad MoJo did what he felt he had to do to win rather than make sure that many bodies got into the game.

2) I had said before the game that Jair is a basketball player but he doesn't strike me as a point guard who gets his teammates involved.  Nothing about Friday night's game changed my mind.  There was a stretch during the first half when Jair took very long three pointers on consecutive possessions; I had to ask whether Joe had ever done that in 4 years at GW.  That said, GWB gets it and his post will hopefully help me reshape my thinking.  Last year, Sina played the point though he was a 2 at SH.  Jair would come in and the team would play a bit faster and it all had the look that Jair was the "better" point guard with Jaren playing out of position.  GWB correctly points out though that Jair may bethe closest player on the team to looking like a point guard (who will play much of each game unless Missoula emerges), the fact is that he's not a point guard.  It's simply not his mentality.  So in  asport that is becoming more and more positionless, it will be critical to adjust conventional thinking since we will be going at it this season without a traditional point guard.

3) Glad to read the accolades on Terry Nolan despite 1-6 shooting.  Speaks well to the basketball IQ of this site to see so many appreciate what Terry did well while his shot wasn't falling.  The major criticism I have is that Terry took all 6 of his attempts from 3.  Terry himself refers to his game as that of a scorer and scorers find other ways to score when the outside shot isn't falling.  Yes, I know it's just one game and he will get there.

4) The Bo dunking exhibition was spectacular and you had to love his energy.  But, where was everything else other than a few nice defensive plays?  It's going to be hard to duplicate that performance against most teams who aren't severely undersized like Howard was.  Will Bo be able to score down low on putbacks against taller front lines?

5) Loved the was we attached the Howard zone in the first half with Patrick essentially serving as our quarterback.  He doesn't panic and most of the time makes a nice pass or hits a little floater.  Toro was the beneficiary of many of Pat's interior passes and he made the most of it by getting fouled a lot.  However, when Howard came out of the zone, was GW even running a half court offense?  I'm not saying we need to see the flex but some pick setting, motion without the ball, cuts to the basket...something would be nice.

6) Last point involves our perimeter defense.  Many seem to feel that we were in good defensive position on many of their 3's and they simply went down.  I have to disagree with this for a few reasons.  First, I am of the old school belief that when you are closing out on a shooter, you lift two arms high in the air to try to affect the shot.  First, you might obstruct the vision of the shooter by doing that.  And even if you don't, the shooter still feels like they have to shoot over you making for a more difficult shot attempt.  I don't want to keep picking on the same guy but throwing your hand towards the shooters midsection is not at all the same thing.  And since that guy was visibly upset each time the man he was covering knocked dowen his shots (which was often), maybe he can be coached to stick his arms high into the air.  Also, it definitely seemed like Howard was increasing their range, taking and making longer shots as the game went on.  When that happens, you have to abandon your normal defensive position which finds your feet along the arc and come further out to defend the shooter.  There is a school of thought that says that if the opponent is going to try 23-24 foot shots, then power to him if he can make those.  But, when they actually do start making these shots, as was the case on Friday, you have to get further out on the shooter.

7) I real last point.  Loved Yuta's aggressiveness on both ends.  He looked like a 22 year old playing against a group of 15 year olds. 


the dude11/13/2017 2:33:23 PM

"Aerial theatrics"

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