the dude
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the dude5/17/2017 4:14:19 PM

LSF, thought I'd address your comments on a new thread instead of the recruit's thread.

I've been saying for some time we have 1 high level A10 starter, and 1 ok starter (Steeves)  So welcome to the party (you might want to consider how we got to this point) For next year the rest of the roster at the moment depends largely on what you think of Bolden, Toro, and Collin Smith, because relying on Freshman day 1 is always dicey.

GW is not going to be able to land high impact immediately eiligible transfers.  The time to get a high impact guy for this season was last spring/summer not today.  A sit one, play 2 like Zeke and Tyler. We're not going to land guys in May who are immediately eligible and going to make a giant impact a few months down the road. What did we land last April May June July? The time to get really good HS recruits for 2017 was also last spring/summer, obvously after July that was going to be difficult for either ML or the next Coach.

So Mojo takes over as the Interim Coach in Sept, after the last Coach is fired, with an interim tag, no recruiting class signed.  That he landed anyone I found amazing in those circumstances, but he was recruiting behind the 8 ball with an interim tag and weeks after a scandal where the Coach was fired for alleged player abuse.  So when you asked in a prior thread for my thoughts, I think one needs to consider the context in which the recruits were signed.  You can call that an excuse but its just reality.  In that context I was pleased.  

So what do we have for next year? I think a lot depends on what you think of the rising Sophs. Next year's team will be mostly about Yuta, Steeves, Bolden, Toro and Smith. (ideally we add someone like Mitola in the weeks ahead)

Two years from now, post Yuta/Steeves we're going to be much more reliant on Mojo's recruiting. Armel and whatever recruits he can bring in, including what will then be 3 or more Sophs, and a Freshmen class recruited without the interim label or a still fresh in the air scandal to add to what will hopefully be a solid 3 in toro/smith/jair.


gw 165/17/2017 4:30:46 PM

If I recall correctly, didn't Mo Creek announce his transfer to GW in June?


the mv5/17/2017 4:40:05 PM

You lost me immediately after "I've been saying for some time".


nygw5/17/2017 4:40:13 PM

Believe correct. We get one immediatly eligible impact transfer and we're competitive this year. Still time for that to happen.


long suffering fan5/17/2017 4:59:08 PM

I mostly agree with you Dude, even though I was trying to make my point (lack of optimism for upcoming season) without assessing blame on how we got to this point.  Where I disagree is  on our ability to land an immediately eligible impact transfer, as most could not even declare  until after the interim tag was already gone. I agree with NYGW in that our ability to land such a player will make a world of difference,  especially if the 3 Sophs can make that 2nd year leap.  


free quebec5/17/2017 5:06:09 PM

We have the playing time to offer a quality immediately eligible transfer.

We have a decent conference and competition to offer a quality mmediately eligible transfer.

We have a track record of success with immediately eligible transfers to point to, to try to help us land a quality immediately eligible transfer.

And we definitely have the scoring and ball handling need to offer an immedilately eligible transfer who wants to be a star instead of a BCS role player.


What we don't have is a coach who high level transfers (even of the Steeves/Mitola level) want to roll the dice on for their last year of college as they try to get noticed.

It's a shame because the strong front court (Yuta, Smith, Toro, Steeves) combined with a wide-open backcourt situation make this an almost PERFECT situation to land a good grad transfer scorer for this season.  






bigfan5/17/2017 5:22:42 PM

Excellent points, FQ.

Don't know why we haven't yet got a couple of rental or graduate transfers. But still hoping and hoping the situation you pointed out won't deter someone.

There are numerous good reasons for someone to sign with GW their final year.

We have a lot to offer a transfer who wants to have a real impact--and we have proven it time and time again. Graduate transfers have done great at GW and gone right on to pro ball.

And traditional transfers have found their success at GW as well.


the dude5/17/2017 5:26:10 PM

LSF, that's sort of the point.  Your posts and my posts don't actually differ much on the subject of our roster.  

I do though have optimism....but for the long term, I have realism for the short term, both this past season and this upcoming season.  Two good A10 starters, and 1 good A10 starter is not going to get it done. We went to the NIT with 5 good A10 starters in back to back seasons. Two or 1 is more like a CBI or worse level team. Would adding one immediately eligible transfer fundamentally change that? Doubtful. Truth is the season will be more about what rise Bolden, Toro and Smith can make, and perhaps what we can get from the Freshman.

As for Mojo, recent evidence including the Kansas bound and ND departing transfers would suggest otherwise, somewhat surprisingly, to the above claim.  

My overall point is that our roster needs much more than an immediately eligible transfer. But also wanted to address some overdue answers to questions you and others had raised. 


the mv5/17/2017 6:23:27 PM

Wait, what?  The Kansas bound and ND departing transfers (off to Vandy) have opted not to roll the dice at GW.  So what exactly has MoJo proven that would suggest otherwise to FQ's claim?  That he knows how to identify good players and ask that they play for GW?  SMHYA (yet again).


the dude5/17/2017 6:36:25 PM

Has GW ever signed TWO immediately eligibles in one off-season? Correct me if I'm wrong but if memory serves we also pocketed roster spots each of the last two offseasons, having left one entirely unused.

In 2015 when we had 3 spots and what looked like a sure-fire NCAA team, with a gaping hole at Two Guard we came away with just Mitola for that season.  Every year we seem to act like its a routine and easy matter and every year we seem to come away disspointed with the haul.

At any rate, I was more interested in addressing the roster as a whole instead of hyper-focusing on immediately eligible transfers. I think a guy like Mitola would be great, but we need a lot more and we need to address long term roster building too. You sign a 1 year guy, 1 year later you are back to the drawing board. 

thinker5/17/2017 8:06:22 PM


We know with 100% certainty that ML was successful in recruiting high level transfers - because he did. Three had to sit out a year -

Armwood, Cavanaugh and Sina and three were immediately elligible -

Creek, Mitola and Steeves.

How did ML get those guys? He or someone on his staff had a prior relationship with them - Armwood and Creek were connected to Sutton and/or Strickland; Cavanaugh and Sina were recruited in HS by ML and Mitola was a HS teammate of Sina.

What about Steeves? Where was there a connection with him? Wait, where is he from again? Montreal you say? Where is MoJo from? Where is the Joseph family from where there are deemed the first family of Canadian basketball? Oh right - Montreal. 

I can't know for sure but I'd bet that MoJo has already secured his first graduate transfer - a year ago.

And he's already secured his first regular transfer Armel Potter - though admittedly he is not a high profile transfer.

AND obviously transfer season is not over. Don't get me wrong, this could easily be a down year -- there has been tremendous upheaval in the program for the last couple of years and that has taken a toll. But I will take the Bo approach on recruiting - It's early still. Let's see what the roster looks like in September before passing complete judgment on MoJo and his recruiting for next season.


ziiks third cousin twice removed5/17/2017 8:29:23 PM

There is a long list of guys still available, and, I would bet, a longer list of guys still working the phones and the I'net to make connections. 

GW needs a real defender, a stopper of sorts, because Yuta is going to be working his ass off and that is not Steeves' game. And, the team needs someone who can st up his own shot.

Well, depth, too. 

The team is really half a team at the moment.


dmvpiranha5/17/2017 9:25:08 PM

Happy we are getting the international pipeline going again. However, at this point it would be really good to get an immediately available transfer or two. It definitely helps to have players with college basketball experience under their belt, and also the class scholarships are unevenly divided at this point. We will have four sophomores (not including Adam) and four freshmen, but no juniors (Armel doesn't count as he can't play this year) and two seniors. This is the youngest our roster has been in some time.


bobo5/18/2017 1:35:21 AM

We don't know about MoJo and his ability to land high level HS or college transfer recruits yet. But come on Thinker. If MoJo had an in with Steves and that was the reason the Harvard transfer chose GW, we would have already heard about it by now. The GW AD media machine would have rolled that one out about a hundred times by now. 


bo knows5/18/2017 10:03:39 AM

Mike Lonergan recruited Patrick Steeves when he was at Hotchkiss. Next.


gw295/18/2017 11:41:26 AM

This roster is very weak! You have Bolden at the point who is a guard but doesn't have a position. Yes, pretty athletic but very shaky with the ball. Not a consistent shooter and makes poor decisions at the point. The one game he played a full time role at the point with out Sina was against u of chicago illinois and look how that went. At the 2 is what player again? We have no one!Big proble! who will shoot from the perimeter? At the 3 Yuta is fine but teams will make it very difficult for him to get a easy look and not sure if Yuta will be strong enough to handle that. But he is very talented and at that spot we are secure. At the 4 it's Steeves or Toro both very slow and can't defend that spot against better athletes. At the 5 Colin, he's a question mark with me because he does some things that you say wow in some games. But then would do some things that make you scratch your head and say what the hell is that! Team roster grade D-

Coaching, IMO very average and honestly below average. Mojo, won 20 games this past year with TY,Sina,Roland and Hart. We lose all four and gain what? With out those 4 we would have won maybe 7 games. He probably cost the team at least 5 losses this past season. Game decision making and substitutions were very poor.  Carm and Haj well that's a different conversation. Maybe, they will finally get along this year and help coach the team. This adminstration did nothing to help the basketball program and kept coaches that were in over their heads.ML, good or bad would have been a better choice as the coach. Not sure what fully went on there but we are not in good shape! Coach grade D- and I'm being verygenerous.

Overall, my prediction is that we will finish 12-22. Win the cupcakes and lose against the better teams. And the A ten is very down next year. Hopefully, I'm wrong  but not looking good. 



the mv5/18/2017 11:51:41 AM

You can not help but cringe after reading GW29's post.  It's also hard to conclude that there isn't at least some truth to it.


gw295/18/2017 12:52:34 PM

Forgot to mention incoming recruiting class. Not one of the player's recruited are mid to high d1 player's. And if one or 2 pan out to be half decent their learnng curves will be up and down next year. Most freshman's are. Yes, everyone will say we will be really young! Okay, maybe some truth but so was Duquesne last year and trust me this team has no comparision to their roster from last year and I think they won like 13 games. Bottom line, kids left because of the new coaches. Carm has burned so many bridges with HS and AAU  programs that it will be very difficult to get a top notch recruit while this staff is here. Haj. is just passing time. And yes Mojo is Canadian so what. Most of the highly rated canadians go to Syracuse,Florida States, and high major programs. If Mojo signs anyone who is at least a 3-4 star recruit while he is at GW I will eat crow! This adminstration went cheap and went with a young coach who wasn't ready to coach at this level.. Pat Nero doesn't care about the program! Ask Roland,Sina,Hart,Jorgensen,Savage,Cimino,Goss, what they thought about Carm. The guy is a back stabber! And, only uses these kids to try to get a better job! But he's real side has been exposed! Lonergan, might have done some stuff that got him fired but why is the rest of the staff here still? So, ML was real bad! OK! Let's say that's true. He hired these guys and not one went to bat for him? Either they were too scared or wanted to save their jobs. But if anyone thinks that they didn't know anything that occured they are lying! Now our roster is in dissaray and won't be fixed. It will take at least 2 more recruting classes to maybe get into the middle of the pack again. What a shame! 


colonial775/18/2017 12:56:10 PM

Great. The troll is back. 


gw fan5/18/2017 2:34:00 PM

FYI mike is known to use lots of exclamation points when typing and also refers to himself on the message board as ML 


gw29 is a liar5/18/2017 2:51:27 PM

ask MOJO if GW29 posts are true. All bs lies. 


gw29s keeps drinking the haterade5/18/2017 3:23:28 PM

I couldn't agree more with this poster. Particularly if you are recovering from mental difficulties. You must be with positive people and rise to their level. Negative people have a habit of dragging you down to their own level. Because they don't want to be left behind and not because they are giving you good advice. I only have a few friends myself, and they are Triple A rated. cheers Paul Ianni


danjsport5/18/2017 3:34:03 PM

As far as I'm concerned, we have to treat this year as essentially the first year with a new coach.  Yes, MOJO was here last year- but on an interim basis, making it difficult to recruit, etc.  He certainly had no way to shape last year's roster in his image.  So this year he gets to start.  He's brought in three freshman and, at least to date (i only say this because others have stated they believe another player is transferring out) have Yuta, Steeves, Toro, Smith, and  Bolden.  That's a young team to grow with a young coach.  Maybe it fails miserably- and I don't expect this year will be tons of fun.   But maybe--just maybe--the team slowly develops.  The fresman may be able to play, maybe some transfers come in.  And maybe the team, without ML players, plays well for Mojo. Maybe not.  But I'll watch, and have fun doing so.  If they lose, they lose.  If they win, it'll be great.


squid5/18/2017 3:49:18 PM

Here's the awesome spreadsheet of who we currently have

2cents5/18/2017 4:26:50 PM

Man, I can't help but think that if this board is any indication of the cluster fuck that is going on behind the scenes in the athletic department and specifically in the hoops program,  GWMBB is totally screwed for a while.  I feel like this stuff can't be coming from random trolls posting to get a rise. There has to be truths buried in all of these accusations made by BOTH sides.  There are too many specifics from both camps. Every time you think it's almost over, it comes back. It can't be isolated just here on a nitch site.  


gw fan5/18/2017 4:32:12 PM

Stop playing into this. The stuff about Carm is laughable to anyone who knows anything about high school and aau basketball and the relationships he has. There is no inside knowledge just a bitter ex coach who couldn't control himself at work and can't control himself on the message board 


danjsport5/18/2017 4:48:10 PM

Thanks for that sheet, Squid!


bc5/18/2017 8:40:53 PM

Link to Squid's spreadsheet


the dude5/18/2017 9:06:26 PM

The both sides thing sounds like the MSM.  Its how we ended up with Trump.  Not every situation has two equally at fault sides.  Surely have no reason to believe the claims about Carm.




thinker5/18/2017 9:35:40 PM

Thanks for your post Bo - I appreciate the correction.

gonzo5/19/2017 2:36:20 PM

I came here to have a rational discussion on roosters.


squid5/19/2017 4:25:39 PM

I think BM made the spreadsheet!

gwstaff5/19/2017 11:28:43 PM

I work at GW and can't sit silently any longer as The GW AD media machine led by Thinker continue to lie to protect their buddy Pat. The program has taken another MAJOR hit. Fans will be shocked. It will be interesting to see how they try to spin this loss. The lies and legal b.s. will be more comical than ever from Thinker.  

They pretended Marfo wasn't an ACC-Big East recruit when he left. They said Sina was a bad player and wasn't leaving because of ML getting railroaded. They said Roland wasn't good enough when he left.  These same people raved about JR when they thought he was returning. The truth is 5 guys are leaving with eligibility remaining because their coach was fired as part of a coverup. Just ask these players and their parents why they are leaving. All would have returned of their real coach was here.

Thinker can lie and say ML made homophobic statements but it isn't true and the players and coaches know it.  The whole department knows it but we are scared to speak.  We fear retaliation. Thinker says ML was counseled but that is 100% false. He was cleared in a GW Title IX investigation. Nero was the one who was counseled and actually kept away from the program and players after numerous staff members reported his unusual relationships with students. It was a political decision to fire Lonergan without cause and protect Nero. Thinker keeps denying that because he knows it is true.  That is why he always brings up the "gay card". He knows the truth and is working overtime to convince people ML was the problem.  ML was well liked by his peers and players and never said a bad word about Pat.  Many of us attended alumni receptions and heard ML praise Pat.  It might not have been sincere but he always said the right things.

Pat got Darnell rejected.  Darnell is a very good player and was a qualifier which Thinker won't admit.  Joe Dooley knows it.  Ask Shawnta why his son isn't a Colonial. He will tell you PN was responsible.  Anything to hurt ML and the program. 

The 5 departing players have made their feelings about Nero, and Maltzman's decision to hire the third assistant obvious.  Their decision to walk away from a toxic situation that they didn't sign up for is telling. The truth is starting to be known and the AD media machine can't fool people any longer.  5 guys abandoning a sinking ship(3 starters) and the Hatchet won't write a story.  That is because Pat does a great job keeping those student groups from exposing him. His time is coming though.  We have lost too many of our coworkers because of this guy and people are fed up.  Just look at the facts and you will realize Pat has always been the problem.  I value my job so i can't reveal my identity.  And I don't live in Bowie Thinker but I do know who you are and you better be very careful what you post for Pat.  These young men shouldn't be put down by you or others to push your phony agenda.  They are good kids who have been used and hurt by Pat and Maltzman.


goggles5/19/2017 11:34:42 PM

The wacko troll is back. Same fake narrative another new identity.  Wonderful. 

5 12:14:12 AM

With Colin Smith leaving, our roster for next year:

Starting 4:













Well, ok, one of those 5 bench guys will start and the others will play a lot, but this is as burtal a roster as I can remember and it's not like the recruiting class (plus Juice) is exactly matching the hype or excitement that accompanied Smith, Toro, Marfo, Darnell, and Bolden.  I mean, none of those 5 bench guys - one of whom will have to start (as of now) despite zero experience had even a single other A-10 or A-10 level offer as far I know.


On the bright side, if there are still any immediately-eligible transfers out there, all they have to do is look at this roster and realize there is a great opportunity to shine if they come to GW. 






lets go5/20/2017 1:14:49 AM

With Smith gone, I expect Yuta to average 30ppg for GW to have a winning record. If GW's not going to win, then he might as well use next season to boost his chances of making it to the NBA by impressing a few scouts. 


gw future5/20/2017 7:34:10 AM

Expect more changes. I'm not sure who is staying now. Assume nothing.

bigfan5/20/2017 12:30:44 PM

Well, the silver lining here is that if there are more hints-- and hope there aren't, the number of returning players is so small,we have a good percentage shot of figuring out who it is.Guessing game becomes easier.

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