Richmond Sucks
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bluemanchild12/28/2017 8:43:22 PM

Anyone else notice how bad Richmond sucks this season? They are tarnishing what’s left of the A10. It’s pathetic. Mooney is one of the best paid coaches in the league and what does he have to show for it? A 2-10 team that will be lucky to win two games in conference. Unfortunately they will be stomped by much as it pains me to say it. 


gw050912/28/2017 9:33:35 PM

For everyone who bemoans how far we've fallen, at least we're not Richmond.  Yikes. I guess Cline WAS the MVP of the A-10 last year?


gw alum abroad12/29/2017 6:40:49 AM

To Richmond's credit, they are helping to drag down That School Down the Street's RPI.


tuna can12/29/2017 10:51:04 AM

GWAA, That school is no longer the worst ranked 1-loss team. They have managed to become, according to KenPom, the second worst 2-loss team. However, those of us talking about how bad an A10 team may have become should probably wait a month or two before joining in on this thread. Could be a rough ride. Our outside shooting could challenge the Polar Vortex for heat.


tennessee colonial12/29/2017 11:32:42 AM

How would WE look if we lose to them? We're no great shakes ourselfs.  Better yet, let's post this thread in the Richmond locker room. Some of you people are nuts.


bluemanchild12/29/2017 1:41:32 PM

Compared to the Spiders, we are literally Duke. They are complete and utter trash. My grandma could play better and shoot the ball better...and she has dementia coupled with only one leg and one hand with three fingers from the diabetes. Not even joking...because Richmond is a complete joke and waste of an A10 spot. We would be better served kicking them out of the A10 and replacing them with any other team...even some DII schools come to mind that would be better. It pisses me off that a garbage team can wear the A10 logo. Go ahead, post this in the Richmond team locker room. It’s about time someone told them they are wasting their short and pointless careers at a dumpster fire. None of those players are going on to play professionally...even the worst Europe team would look at their resume and tear it in half with Richmond on it.


xac12/29/2017 2:40:02 PM

Compared to the Spiders, we are literally the Colonials.


bluemanchild12/29/2017 8:09:04 PM

That literally makes no sense. Richmond is the worst team in existence and we are not. Simple as that Sherlock.


bobo12/29/2017 11:44:27 PM

Richmond's Pomeroy rankings:

2017: 92

2016: 99

2015: 59

2014: 91

2013: 83

2012: 109

2011: 39

2010: 54

Richmond has been a pretty consistent performer up until this year under Chris Mooney. 


the dude12/29/2017 11:54:08 PM

But my understanding, is that now that this will make 7 staight years of missing the NCAAs, and the team being this bad, the fan base is pretty upset with Mooney.   Maybe a 10 year contract is a bad idea. 


porter7112/30/2017 12:42:34 AM

the dude12/30/2017 12:19:44 PM

I will be extremely disappointed if we don't beat Richmond by 20+ in both games this year. We beat them in every statistical category. 

the dude12/30/2017 1:58:34 PM

Not my post of course ^^ but I had a feeling that was the point of the whole thread.  Just to set up GW for a loss and pile on.  Weak sauce.


bluemanchild12/30/2017 7:43:27 PM

Previous years don’t matter. They suck bowling balls this year. Like seriously...Mooney needs to learn how to coach and get his head out of his rich white ass.


capitalcolonial12/30/2017 8:29:51 PM

lol Richmond won dude

tennessee colonial12/30/2017 11:42:54 PM

Yeah, just a set up. Duh! They beat Davidson pretty good.


bluemanchild12/31/2017 12:05:52 PM

It was a fluke. They won’t win more than 4 conference games, you can count on that. 


the mv12/31/2017 12:20:10 PM

Lucky to win two conference games to the worst team in existence to defeating Davidson to they won’t win more than 4 conference games.Gotta love that consistency.


bluemanchild1/1/2018 8:39:24 PM

Quit putting words in my mouth. I said they would be lucky to win two games, I did not predict that they would. I actually predicted they would win 4 because of luck and other factors. 

Gotta love that reading comprehension. Or lack thereof in this case. Here I thought I was posting in the GW boards...not the uneducated VDU forum.


tennessee colonial1/1/2018 8:52:17 PM

OK, Why are we talking about Richmond? How about Fordham?

the mv1/1/2018 9:36:39 PM

OK, you said they would be lucky to win two but did not predict that.  You feel they will be lucky to win two but are predicting that they win four.  Got it.

(Somehow, I am not convinced that my reading comprehension is the biggest problem here.)


bluemanchild1/6/2018 10:00:55 PM

MV, stop being a dick. You know what I meant. We are all GW fans here so no need to be nasty.


bobo1/12/2018 9:11:39 AM

BlueMan says Richmond won't win 2 A10 games this year.  They have 1 win so far (Davidson).  Richmond is 3-13 for the year.  KenPom #229. Offensively they are terrible at  #212 but even worse on defense at #241.  It's actually hard to find anything they do well. Ok, here's one: they don't turn the ball over that much and get slightly more TOs defensively than average.  But they shoot poorly, allow an incredible high 56% Effective FG%, don't rebound well, don't have a consistent interior D and lack toughness and depth.  

In fairness, they are very young starting 2 freshmen, 2 sophmores a a junior.  Buckingham and Sherod are having disapointing seasons but looked better as freshmen.  Chris Mooney is a good coach overall with Richmond being top 100 team each of the previous 5 years and 7 or the last 8.  But this year they have really fallen off.  

So I'm going to say GW by 3 in a bounce back win in Richmond.  


nj colonial1/12/2018 11:17:05 AM

This game couldn't come at a better time, Colonials by 6.

bobo1/12/2018 12:08:38 PM

NJC: I guess both teams are looking at the schedule and figure this opponent couldn't have come at a better time.


gw alum abroad1/12/2018 12:25:47 PM

No way That School Down the Street's inferior team could do better than GW at Richmond, right? Right?!? RIGHT?!!!!????

Oy vey, ColonialsBall season can't get here fast enough...

bobo1/12/2018 3:15:28 PM




bluemanchild1/12/2018 9:18:06 PM

GW by 15. Book it. If we loose tomorrow I will  get a spider tattoo on my junk. Not even joking, I gaurentee I will do it because I know we will beat these miserable excuses for men.


bobo1/13/2018 8:59:35 AM

That's just wrong, BlueMan.

has geek squad tattoo on his arm and his penis - has geek squad tattoo on his arm and his penis  GeekSquad Gus

long suffering fan1/13/2018 9:26:45 AM

Vegas has Richmond -1.5 or -2.  

bo knows1/13/2018 9:44:18 AM

Amazing that you all fall for this Richmond poster trying to put up bulletin board material. 


maypoman1/13/2018 6:28:04 PM

If Richmond stinks, where do we fall? Kudos to the braintrust that just gave Mojo five years! 


mentzinger1/13/2018 6:40:51 PM


Remind me. When can we oust Duquesne and SBU from the A10 again?


spiderman1/13/2018 6:50:00 PM

Thanks GW!

You may be the reason we don't end up in dead last of the A-10 this year.


neil1/13/2018 6:50:38 PM

Can you spell embarrassment.


bluemanchild1/13/2018 7:56:30 PM

Well poop. Guess I owe you all a tattoo of a spider on my special place. Pictures will be posted soon.


bluemanchild1/18/2018 10:12:01 AM

Here is the picture of a spider on my weiner as promised:

Spider on my Weiner


bluemanchild1/18/2018 12:13:37 PM

In other exciting news, Richmond blew out VDU last night. I laughed out loud when I saw the score. Hopefully the lambs will go back to nothingness where they belong.


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