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ot class rings
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ot class rings9/1/2017 4:44:05 PM

GWU is not really big into class rings(or at least it appeared that way) compared to other universities. Although they are available through Herff Jones, it just never seemed that big of a deal to the average students during junior and senior year. I graduated last may and never got one as none of my classmates were getting them. Several of my coworkers, relatives, and friends have rings from their respective institutions. Was wondering since many who post on this board have better school spirit and pride than the average college kid at GW, if any of you invested in one? I have been looking through the options on Herff Jones website for a class ring, but found their photo selection lacking. I am thinking of getting a Men's collegiate style ring with a blue stone with yellow gold as the band metal.

Does anyone have any photos they wouldnt mind sharing of their class rings or can maybe direct me to where pictures may be on the internet?

Thank in advance!


f street9/1/2017 11:26:54 PM

The thing in the 1980s was a class watch which set me back $250. The gold face is the G W seal. I wear it all the time.


notta hater9/2/2017 10:50:24 AM

I focussed on the parchment for some odd reason . . . Things worked out well and I look at my degree every single day with pride.


nj colonial9/3/2017 11:29:08 PM

I got one when I got my second degree from GW, Masters in Urban & Regional Planning. Like F Street, I went with a longtime popular choice of Colonials, the gold ring with the university seal. I love it.


nj colonial9/3/2017 11:40:41 PM

The style is Signet and mine was from Jostens.

charlessnusa9/13/2017 11:38:35 AM