LOL Georgetown
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gwsb149/12/2017 1:17:42 PM

And you guys complain about our schedule...

Jacksonville, MSM, UMES, Richmond, Maine, Coppin State, Howard, NC A&T, Cuse, North Texas State, Alabama A&M 

7 of those teams have RPI >320. Yikes. 


gw05099/12/2017 1:58:02 PM

Was just going to come on here and post this.


This is a horrible, horrible OOC schedule. The Hoyas should be embarrased.  And yet, the Post will somehow spin it as a positive.


poog9/12/2017 2:35:15 PM

First year head coach Patrick Ewing getting his feet wet as a college coach. Their OOC is meaningless. And he looks to be continuing Big John's preference for giving games to HBCU schools. Way too much time spent here worrying about what Georgetown is doing. Who cares?


ziik the senile old man9/12/2017 3:40:36 PM

Poog is so damned reasonable even I have to agree with him.

But, what about Horace Broadnax? Will he outcoach Patrick?

bigfan9/12/2017 4:15:14 PM

Guess who--always hanging in the rafters there--this sounds like?

The cowardly lion tradition continues!

thinker9/12/2017 5:24:43 PM

I agree with you Poog 100%

dcabloob9/12/2017 5:29:40 PM

Georgetown even avoided scheduling the better HBCUs though. Four of the five HBCUs on Georgetown's schedule had losing records in their own conferences last season with only Maryland Eastern Shore at 9-7 in the MEAC excepted. 


rich maier9/12/2017 6:20:09 PM

Gtown's schedule is about one would expect. Add in Ewing wants to get a few wins early. Poog's point is well taken I for one don't care about Gtown. Let's develop our own identity. 


tuna can9/12/2017 6:40:45 PM

Otherwise reasonable people arguing about the most enjoyable problem in scheduling. Do those wins mean anything. Do you learn from silly wins more than challenging losses. Do you protect your ass and play it safe? I look at Virginia a couple of years back and thats where I land.


thinker9/12/2017 6:52:07 PM

Every coach gets to decide how he wants to develop his team and how he wants them to learn. 


bigfan9/12/2017 11:25:06 PM

Indeed. Coaches can be cowardly or non-cowardly.Play a succession of patsies or teams that can give them at least some challenge.

The choices speak volumes.


thinker9/13/2017 12:57:20 AM

Coaches aren't cowardly or non-cowardly. They all have objectives that they are trying to achieve and they all have their own theories on how to best accomplish them. I can't really see how any of us are in a position to question Patrick Ewing's theory of how he wants to run his first year as a head coach at Georgetown. I hardly think that Georgetown's schedule speak volumes about anything significant or relevant to GW fans. I find it bizarre that fans of one team who claim that they aren't deeply jealous and resentful of a different team would spend time commenting on the other team's OOC schedule.



mentzinger9/13/2017 6:50:38 AM

Looks EXACTLY like a decade's worth of OOC at GW early this century. Maybe it's a good thing that there's at least one or two favorable GU-GW comps, for those who care about such things

ziik the bomb thrower9/13/2017 8:13:57 AM

The NYC press is laughing at Patrick (NY Post)


ziik the bomb thrower9/13/2017 8:43:37 AM

The NYC press (NY Post) is slamming Patrick for the schedule.



thomas9/13/2017 9:06:10 AM

I hope you guys looked at the responses to Georgetown's tweet about their schedule, one of the better ones is someone asking, Where's Maryland On That Schedule? and the response is a gif of a Hoya-like animal running under a couch. About Georgetown's game against North Texas State(??), some of their fans responded that they dropped the 'State' and have been North Texas since the late 80's!!

Georgetown is even more cowardly than you guys think, they were supposed to play Michigan State in the 1st round of the 8-team PK80 tournament this season, but dropped out last month!! DePaul will replace Georgetown, the rest of the field remains the same. It's one thing to schedule Cupcakes because you want easy wins, but backing out of a strong tournament is a whole nother level of cowardice. I understand that JTIII, not Patrick Ewing, is the one who scheduled Georgetown to play in that tournament, but backing out of a tournament at the last minute and replacing those games with 3 or 4 games mediocre low D-1 teams is not good. Georgetown had enough doormats on their schedule, 3 games against quality competition(even for a young, inexperienced team) would only help them, in my opinion.     


ziik the senile old man9/13/2017 9:35:59 AM

Are you the same Thomas from the game day chats? Cause damn, he's smart, too.

Nice post, Thomas.


the mv9/13/2017 9:45:40 AM

Of course we can question it Thinker.  That's what we do.  That's part of why we're here.

The words that enter my mind are insecurity and hubris which is a bit of a paradox.  Insecurity in that Gtown as an institution and Ewing personally don't want disastrous results right out of the gate.  They don't want to be regarded as a team that can't beat any of the better teams, so they simply won't play any in their OOC (apologies to Richmond).  The hubris takes the form of "we're Georgetown so all we need to do to impress the committee is have a respectable Big East season.  The OOC games are a joke and mean nothing to us."


colonial hoya9/13/2017 12:14:02 PM

Our infatuation with GU continues. Get over it. We are not in the same academic universe as GU, they are not one of our "peer" schools and GU doesn't waste a second thinking about GW.

Spend your time worrying about why we can't break the "top 50" in USNWR when we have one of the highest costs in the nation. Worry about how our sports rank in the lower half of the A-10 overall.

Get over the fact that several of you were rejected by GU or didn't waste your money applying because it was out of your reach. You are embarrasing the rest of us.


long suffering fan9/13/2017 2:05:31 PM

This is not about debating the merits of Ge**getown's schedule.  Rather, hating on Ge**getown is part of who we are. Its our identity.  Like it or hate it...this is a fact.  Holding them up to ridicule and scorn is good, clean fun.   Intra city/state animosity between schools abounds throughout the nation.  In both collegiate and professional sports.   Lighten up, folks.  Ge**town's schedule provides great ammunition for us haters.   


nj colonial9/13/2017 2:36:07 PM

Colonial Hoya (although I doubt there is such a person) - GW is on the rise, with a rich history and unlimited potential.  The hoyas' landlocked, sinful slave-owning parochial school is trapped by it past and in decline. At GU, the situation is sink low... at GW, it's  Raise High!  And by the way, this Irish/Italian Catholic American never wanted to go to overrated GU and spend time on its crowded, phony medieval campus. My first choice was The George Washington University!


new fan9/13/2017 7:47:10 PM

we should try to change OOc schedules with them, we may walk away at 500 with theres 

greenpoint ny9/13/2017 9:23:17 PM

mr Hoya you sure love your rankings. Yes, we are 56 and so far away from cracking the prestigious top 50. Here is a good article from our local paper. Educate yourself

Raise High Bitches!


maine colonial9/13/2017 9:42:18 PM

Politico had a story on the U.S. News college rankings that is very enlightening: LINK


iamserious9/13/2017 11:28:11 PM

Maine Colonial, when you are at the school fairs as the Maine Alumni Ass rep, how do you talk a kid into paying over $60,000 a year when they could get a better deal at over 50 schools that are ranked higher?

Also, as a father of a soon to be college applicant, I would not let my child (boy or girl) go to a school where a 50+ year old school administrator (AD) has romantic relationships with young, vulnerable male students and the school turns a blind eye towards that behavior. In the criminal courts world, that's called a sexual predator.

The recent news regarding the bball situation costs our school a ton of money. As soon as a lawyer gets in the ear of one of those students Nero dated, or one of the players he was having inappropriate contact with, more lawsuits will follow. Time to start a new fundraising campaign in order to pay for Nero's indiscretions.


notta hater9/14/2017 7:03:39 AM

in small defense of GU and Ewing's schedule. Those HBCU's don't make money playing each other. They make money playing schools like GU. I am ok with those games. Oddly, I am ok with Mt. St. Mary's given its connection to DC and the legacy of Jim Phelan. The rest of the schedule is crap (but I get it in his first year and maybe the cupboard is bare/empty). Keep an eye on this one for the 2018-19 season - the GU fans and the media will give him hell if he plays a schedule like this again.

ziik the senile old man9/14/2017 9:05:00 AM

I tend to concur with Notta on this one.

GU is walking the talk, as Big John did on occasion in the past.

Now, if the Terps scheduled like this, well jump their asses. But GU is showing some social consciousness. Nothing ever is wrong with that.



gw alum abroad9/14/2017 10:45:06 AM

That School Down the Street has no shame, as the schedule proves. Yes, "black colleges" are nice to schedule (hey, GW has played AT Howard and probably should schedule the Bison more often) and area schools should be on everyone's schedule. But fans will vote with their feet and this empty calorie diet Satan's Spawn has arranged for itself is the height of chickenshit arrogance. Heck, an in-season home-and-home with Appy St is more legit. Then again, if you want some alone time, attending a game at the Abe Pollin Palace might be the way to go...


squid9/22/2017 3:10:10 PM

Haha, that schedule is absurd.

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