Greg Paulus Official Announcement
maine colonial
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maine colonial6/13/2018 3:22:43 PM

Here it is: LINK


maine colonial6/13/2018 6:30:12 PM

The good news is at the top of the list of headlines on and the ESPN app. LINK


maine colonial6/14/2018 4:13:44 AM

The Washington Post even has a story: LINK


nj colonial6/14/2018 12:40:42 PM

He's got hoops pedigree... Go GW!

maine colonial6/14/2018 6:24:10 PM

Greg just tweeted: 

Excited to be a part of @GWtweets! It is a world class institution with a proud basketball tradition @GW_MBB. #RaiseHigh



thinker6/14/2018 7:50:09 PM

As always with everything, the proof will be in the pudding, but this is a very exciting hiring. When was the last time we had a pedigreed young energetic assistant with a bunch of major conference experience?


the dude6/14/2018 8:24:14 PM


gw696/14/2018 9:15:01 PM



brianpaul6/14/2018 9:28:01 PM

Not since Bob Tallent, if that is never. 

gw696/14/2018 10:06:00 PM

I could be wrong B.P.--although three years at Kentucky his only coaching experience was here as Freshman and J.V. coach 

before taking over as Head Coach.Not bad.--but not Louisville or Ohio State.Ive been known to be wrong on many occasions-

so wide open to corrections.

brianpaul6/14/2018 10:16:50 PM

Seeing my current best friend the eye doc tomorrow, 69. Even so, it seems like I totally misread the text, not just a keyword or two.  I suppose his experience at the GW of that era could be interpreted as not amounting to a bunch of major conference experiences, so thanks for the correction. 

Tangentially, I still think GW's failure to support Coach Bob with an appropiate authorization of resources cost the team 30 years of floudering around.


brianpaul6/14/2018 10:25:29 PM

Oh, and I did check on some sources for Paulus. Have seen none yet to support the negativity mentioned on the first thread about the guy.

brianpaul6/15/2018 6:12:47 AM

Oh, and I did check on some sources for Paulus. Have seen none yet to support the negativity mentioned on the first thread about the guy.


maine colonial6/15/2018 9:11:06 AM

Paulus is the opposite of unpopular. His response to the news about his new job at GW, which went out to his 18,600 followers, is at 409 Likes and rising. Even some Louisville fans are congratulating him and thanking him for all he did for the Louisville team last year: LINK


brianpaul6/15/2018 9:15:53 AM

MC- I saw an independent Cardinal site that was all in on Paulus, too. I'l leave it to the board naysayer to look it up, explain it away, say all the posters there were liars & frauds.

MC, thanks for your boosterism. We need it here.


nj colonial6/15/2018 10:18:24 AM

Bigtime move, I'm excited! 


the mv6/15/2018 11:32:39 AM

When I recall Greg's playing days, I remember a very fiery player.  That's what I'm excited about.  I don't know how our coaching staff conducts themselves at practices so I can only observe their collective demeanors during games.  MoJo can definitely get emotional at times but I was admittedly bothered that Tyler seemed to somewhat disregard him towards the end of his GW career (recall his last game, the conference tournament loss to Richmond).  I have every confidence that MoJo will earn complete and total respect over time, and I suspect that this will start to become easier now that all players coached by the former coach have departed the program.  I honestly don't see a ton of emotion coming from Hajj, Chris or Joe...again, maybe this is not the case at all when it comes to practices.

Greg enters the program as someone famous and that should allow him to command almost immediate respect.  I think his competitive personality will be very good for this staff and very good for this team.


thinker6/15/2018 12:32:34 PM

The biggest thing that one can hope for from a young, up and coming assistant is RECRUITING. No real surprise since the majority of a team's success is always going to hinge on recruiting success. Paulus did gameplaning for offense and defense - so he's likely a good tactition. I don't think, though, in the hierarchy of things one would expect that Paulus would be a forceful presence in practices because that inherently steps on MoJo's or Hajj's toes.


maine colonial6/15/2018 12:50:42 PM

Even Duke Basketball is happy about Paulus landing in Foggy Bottom tweeting:


Duke Basketball
Congrats to our guy GP!



the mv6/15/2018 3:22:16 PM

Are you going out of your way to disagree with me Thinker?  So you're saying that if GP is a fiery, in-your-face type of motivator by nature, he's going to stop being that way so as to not step on MoJo or Hajj's toes?

I am pretty confident that once GP becomes acclimated with his new surroundings, he's going to be himself.

nj colonial6/15/2018 4:00:21 PM

Looking forward to meeting Asst. Coach Paulus (maybe in the Colonials Club, I just joined) and welcoming him to THE George Washington University.


thinker6/15/2018 6:33:16 PM

No MV, I'm not going out of my way to disagree.

My lengthy experience with dealing with lots of different people in lots of different kinds of jobs/workplaces led to my comment.

First of all, just because Paulus was fiery on the court as a player doesn't mean that he would be exactly the same as a coach. Does anyone know if in either Ohio State or Louisville his head coach wanted him to yell a lot and get after players? Maybe they did and maybe he was that way - I have absolutely no idea. I'm open to the idea Paulus would be just as fiery in practice as a coach as he was on the court as a player -- but I don't know whether that is the case.

Second of all, the FUNDAMENTAL job requrement of ANY job is to try and do what your boss wants you to do, in the way that your boss wants you to do it.

I am pretty confident that Paulus will conduct himself in practice in a manner that MoJo asks of him. Maybe MoJo will want him to yell and scream and get after players -- maybe he won't want that. Maybe he'll want that on the sideline during games, maybe he won't. But none of Paulus' behavior is going to be solely based on "how Paulus likes to behave." It's predominatly going to be based on what role MoJo wants him to play and what level of intensity MoJo wants to see from Paulus.

Thirdly, I find it extremely hard to believe that MoJo or Vogel or anyone associated with GW athletics at this point is going to want Paulus to be up in players faces in a real intense way. 

Finally, many, if not most head coaches run most of the practices themselves. Sometimes a head coach will have an assistant run practice sometimes. GENERALLY when you are running a practice you don't want the assistants intruding to such a degree because it's distracting and confusing. As a broad proposition if one person is running a practice or a meeting or whatever, someone else stepping into a leadership role while the other person is leading can easily come off as disrespectful and in some fashion undermining the "boss." That's not to say that all the assistants won't be yelling "RUN RUN RUN" during a drill or that they won't get intense when they are conducting a side practice or separate drill on their own. 

Since I have never been to a true MoJo practice, I can't tell you how MoJo will want Paulus to conduct himself in practice, on the sidelines, or anywhere else. But Paulus will be his "true self" only when that coincides wtih what MoJo wants.


maine colonial6/15/2018 9:40:14 PM

Coach Paulus is all in. His Twitter header now says: “Assistant basketball coach at George Washington University”. He’s now over 500 Likes.

And on his Instagram page, he’s well over 800 Likes: LINK



maine colonial6/15/2018 10:12:17 PM

Coach Paulus also appears in a short video that was recently posted: LINK

the mv6/16/2018 4:14:53 PM

Thinker, this is a coaching staff, not actors in some theatrical play.  MoJo is not a director and he is not about to tell his coaches how they would like their own natural personalities emerge.  It is true that GP’s demeanor as a coach may differ from the way he comported himself as a player, which is why I used the word “if” in my earlier comments.  At the end of the day, MoJo had to have interviewed GP and has to know the type of personality he is hiring.  If GP’s coaching style is that of a fiery, “wear-it-on-your-sleeve” motivator, then it is incumbent upon MoJo to allow GP to be himself, to be at his most effective in order to help the team and flourish as a coach.  There are certain rules that MoJo is entitled to enforce.  For example, if he didn’t want any of his assistants to stand up while the game is being played, he should certainly ask them not to do this.  But if you are going to start asking people to be something they are not, that won’t work, in coaching or most anywhere.


thinker6/16/2018 4:46:36 PM


If one follows your logic then GW knew what ML was when they hired him, therefore they should have just let him be that way.

The way the real world which most people live in works is a boss gets to ask his employees to behave broadly however the boss wants them to behave. And he is free to change his mind anytime he wants.

Example of how I think things work:

MoJo: "I've heard you're pretty intense and get in guys faces in practices."

GP: "Yeah I've been known to do that."

MoJo: "Well we dont do that at GW any more. I like how you recruit and gameplan, but we dont yell at players that way any more."

GP: "Well I certainly dont need to do it that way. Louisville liked it, but I'll follow your lead here at GW."

To me its absurd to think that things would be otherwise. These people are sophisticated adults who presumably should be able to modify their behavior and work style according to their employers requirements.

5 1:40:16 PM



Fitting name for someone who is overthinking. Have you watched Paulus? Fiery doesn’t mean getting into his own players faces. It means he’s engergetic he’s going to pump guys up. Being fiery doesn’t have to have negative connotations. I think you are missing it. 

As MV stated Paulus is young, fiery and energetic. It’s great to have coaches who can specialize with guard skills and ones who can focus on big men. Hajj and Holm big men. 

Mojo and now Paulus a guard who played at Duke 4 years for Coach K. Team captain 2 years, a leader and then starts at QB for Syracuse. Pretty impressive athlete too. He works hard and those habits and energy is definitely something I would want around my players. 

Bosses don’t tell you how to act. They may give you goals and help manage how you obtain them. ML was allowed to be himself and clearly was. You just can’t cross the line. If you are good at your craft and this man has proved himself to be so since 18 playing at Duke, your managers let you be yourself and help coach you along the way 

No pun intended




thinker6/17/2018 2:28:42 PM

Bosses don't tell you how to act??

If how you act is a central part of your job, then yes bosses do tell you how or how not to act.

I wonder sometimes what real world experience people on this board have. If youve had regular normal jobs before then you'd know bosses tell you all kinds of things about how to act. 


brianpaul6/17/2018 3:14:56 PM


All that shit ended when casual Friday came into play.


the dude6/17/2018 4:28:58 PM

For 2 years, any news has been twisted and warped in a sad manner.  A misuse of the board.  Greg Paulus is a great addition for GW, every GW fan knows that to be the case. If Hobbs or ML or any other GW Coach had added someone like Paulus it would be universally well regarded.  There is no reason imo to engage in the silliness.  GW has recently added a 7'3 Center, 4 Star from Georgetown and the same stuff.  TNJr, Bo Zeigler no matter the news, same silly, contrived reaction.  The same old song and dance.

Happy Father's Day to the Dads.  Go GW.


gw696/17/2018 8:43:38 PM

Dude--Thanks for revisiting the most essential point on this board.Some of us have moved on--others have not.

Good to hear from you.


the dude6/17/2018 9:42:03 PM

Doc 69, my pleasure.  You as well.  Excited for Kenner and eventually GW season, its a long offseason in this sport!

I have seen Toro on 3 occassions walking my dog through Foggy Bottom/West Dupont in the past few months! He's an easy guy to spot.  Each time with his lady Mika.  Maybe Sodom and Paulus, used to see a lot Carm walking around, think he must have had an apartment near the campus but closer to me perhaps.  Otherwise, might have to wait until next month to see our team!  May all of your Father's Days be as good as Brooks Koepka's!!

brianpaul6/18/2018 4:16:18 AM

So, Dude & Doc: Do you two have a doctor-patient relationship? Can't otherwise comprehend why you'd seem so 'rational.'  You know, don't you, it's one guy's private playpen, and, he doesn't much like boys who go out of their way, like Thinker, maybe to think for themselves. Some days it's like Animal Farm here, some days, like The Twilight Zone episode 'It's a Good Life,' with our own little Billy Mumy telling us what to think, what to do.

Paulus: he can't coach, he can't recruit, he can't keep a job. He froths at the mouth. 

That's the party line. 

(Of course, is he's really a whack job, sounds like he's a couple steps slow, a job too late. ML, even though he was the head mouth frother, might have been amenable to a fellow whack job.)



the mv6/18/2018 10:36:46 AM

Let's first get all of the straw-man arguments out of the way.  I count a grand total of one poster here who is seemingly against the GP hiring.  Adopting the position that GW was able to get GP because he was out of work does not equate to my not wanting him here.  Crafting a narrative that we shouldn't pay attention to all of these silly people who are against GP being hired just doesn't apply here.  As for the other examples cited, Sodom is a far more controversial decision because he was thrown off Georgetown's team and because he wasn't particularly productive playing for Georgetown. Nevertheless, most here who are not necessarily sold on Sodom yet have expressed a wait-and-see attitude as opposed to a defiant disbelief over signing Chris.  Terry Nolan Jr being mentioned on this list must be a bad joke.  MoCoObserver and Bo both sung his praises from the start.  Everyone here seemed to express genuine gratitude over signing him.  Bo is the one name who does belong on this list.  Several here, myself included, cited his paltry numbers playing for a subpar South Florida team and questioned how this could translate at GW.  To be fair, Bo's improvement over the course of the full season was one of the more dramatic ones I have ever seen from a Colonial.

Thinker, I can only hope you did not mean to come off so condescending when questioning others real world experience.  I would venture to say that everyone here has valuable real world experience.  Everyone's experiences are different and different does not translate to better or worse.  You seem to value what you've done in this world and that's great.  But, it doesn't mean that your viewpoints or insights are any better or worse than mine or anyone else's.  They are simply different.  Back to our conversation at hand, here's a real world example.  I was hired many years ago by a true entrepreneur who was a fantastic "idea man" (think Michael Keaton in the movie Night Shift only less fanatical).  He was constantly coming up with new ideas for the company to generate revenues.  I was the person he consistently chose to bounce these ideas off of.  Given that this was a small company with limited financial and human resources, I said "no" to most suggestions.  Some were too expensive to execute.  Some were too time consuming to explore.  Some were competitive to things we were already working on.  We did look into a few things and followed-through on some of these.  But most ideas died at my boss's desk.  After a while, I asked to speak to my boss.  I was hoping that he was OK, or more importantly, understood all of my negativity.  He confirmed that part of the reason why he hired me was because he trusted my judgment.  He never told me what to do, never indicated what percentage of ideas I should shoot down.  He said I was doing exactly what I should have been doing.  

This boss was a very good boss, one who I have tried to emulate to a large degree over the years.  He may have told me what I needed to be working on, or how much time I had to complete an assignment.  But not once did he ever tell me how to act, or to attempt to change my personality in any way.  On one occasion, I told him in advance of a meeting that I likely wasn't going to say too much because I was not overly familiar with the subject matter.  He said that was fine but that I should not be afraid to ask any questions, even if I thought that the question might be a stupid one.  

I am sure there are bosses in this world who micromanage things to pieces by attempting to control every detail.  These are, by and large, very ineffective managers, and I can only hope (and have zero reason to think) that MoJo does not fall under this category. 



brianpaul6/18/2018 10:55:44 AM

Complicated colonoscopy?


thinker6/19/2018 1:08:10 AM


I'm not sure what my strawman argument was. It is not remotely of interest to me whether someone thinks hiring Paulus was a good thing or not. He was hired and as I said above, the proof will be in the pudding. I have no earthly idea how things will turn out with MoJo and the program, much less how Paulus will do. So I have never argued that people should think it was a good hire. It was very clear to me that you thought it was a good hire and I absolutely believe you honestly believe that. 

I have made two basic arguments throughout the different threads on Paulus -

1 - I thought GW would be able to attract an excellent assistant and you were doubtful that people would see GW as a good opportunity because of the instability in the program and MoJo in the hot seat.

I was right and you were wrong. You've tried to weave some elaborate explanation about how you were actually right and I was wrong because Paulus needed a job. And I've repeatedly said that there are lots of excellent coaches that need a job at any given time.

Nowhere in any of that did I try to argue with anyone that they should think he was a good hire - and you agreed with that notion so I wouldn't have argued that point with you.

2 - I've argued that Paulus will largely comport himself in a style and manner that his boss requires. I am pretty baffled that anyone would consider that a controversial statement. The example of your job isn't on point. Your boss wanted to to do what you did. Great. If your boss didn't like you shooting down his ideas all of the time and he conveyed that to you and if then you kept doing it -- Well I would say you weren't very smart about that. But you were doing what he wanted. You were a successful employee because you did what your boss wanted you to do. So really you're agreeing with my point under the guise of disagreeing with me.


the mv6/19/2018 10:20:15 AM

Thinker, you've missed plenty of points with that last post.  First, the straw-man arguments were not directed towards you.  That's why I did not address you by name until I was finished making the points that I made.  It was directed at The Dude who seems to feel that 1 person out of say 20 or so who aren't happy about the GP hiring constitutes a misuse of the board and divisively points out that if this hiring was made by KH or ML, it would have been universally applauded (as opposed to a single poster objecting to it).  He was simply attempting to instigate another argument where one was not the slightest bit warranted.

Next, you did not just summarize your position correctly.  You just said that you've been arguing that GW would be able to attract an excellent assistant but what you failed to add is that you were arguing that they would be able to do so BECAUSE GW was an attractive destination and would constitute a desirable position.  Considering the fact that GP was unemployed and wanted to stay in coaching, it is impossible for you to conclude that GP is at GW solely for the reasons you suggested.  Any reasonable person would logically conclude that being out of work means having to set your sights a bit lower than you otherwise might.  I am not suggesting that GP isn't impressed with GW but as we both agreed, there would be no way that he'd be at GW this year had Padgett been retained at Louisville.  So no, I am not saying that I was right and you were wrong.  What I have said, and will say again, is the actual outcome was one that neither one of us accounteed for in our initial discussion.  We did in fact get the type of assistant that you had described was a possibility, but for reasons that had little if anything to do with reasons you suggested would be the primary factors why we would receive such a candidate.

Finally, the point about my anecdote concerning my former boss was that he never had to tell me, or never even attempted to tell me, how I should act or conduct myself.  If you are now trying to manipulate this disagreement into "if a boss wants you to do something, you do it", then we're on the same page.  Individuals who consistently defy their bosses don't last very long and I would think that goes without saying.  However, that's not the discussion we were having.  We were talking about MoJo theoretically attempting to change GP's personality, change the way he is comfortable coaching, essentially, change who he is to meet MoJo's standards.  What I'm saying is that: a) I don't foresee MoJo ever even attempting to do this, and b) if he ever did, this wouldn't work.  To clarify, I am not talking about GP wanting to be on-court during practice and MoJo saying he needs him on the road to scout a high school player and GP refusing to go.  In that example, it is GP's job to do what MoJo wants him to do.  But if you're talking about MoJo curtailing GP's enthusiasm, as an example, then I think you're sorely off the mark.   


thinker6/19/2018 7:10:09 PM


Sorry - I misunderstood who the strawman argument was directed at.

I understand your point about Paulus needing a job. That is absolutely a big reason he took the job. But, though I didn't say it again in that part of the discussion - I would imagine that he had other schools interested in him as well since he is a very well credentialed assistant coach. I'm positive that Paulus choose GW over other schools because it's a great situation in all the other ways I discussed.

Now if GW hadn't gotten Paulus, I'm certain we would have gotten some other excellent candidate. Because there always lots of excellent coaches that need a job or a better job than they have. Yes GW got Paulus, in part because his situation, but it wasn't particularly lucky for GW because we would have gotten a good assistant regardless. That Paulus needed a job doesn't prove your argument that GW is a relatively undesireable job for an assistant which only a beggar would choose.


gw696/19/2018 9:24:18 PM

Thinker--You are working too hard.----but thanks for the effort.


the mv6/20/2018 10:04:17 AM

Come on Thinker, please don't put words in my mouth.  I never said that ONLY a beggar would choose GW.  I did use that phrase to describe GP's specific circumstance, that he was out of work, and to illustrate the point that because of this, he would likely have to accept a position which he otherwise would not.  I agree, and have said since the beginning, that there would be plenty of assistant coaches at lower level programs that would find the GW job desirable for the various reasons you have described.  The only issue that appears to be in dispute is that you seem to feel, at this moment in time, that an assistant coaching job at GW is no more or less desirable than it had ever been, while I contend that at this moment in time, the program has taken a hit and is not likely to be perceived as desirable as it had been in say 2013-16 (up until GW won the NIT).  When you combine the sudden departures of ML and PN with the downward trajectory of the team over the past two seasons, I'm not sure how or why anyone would conclude that this is the same program that it always has been. 


brianpaul6/20/2018 10:28:27 AM

He took the job because it offers more than unemployment checks.

He was offered the job because he offered to kick back 25% of his salary to the new AD.

He'll keep the job because he has a 'magic formula' for refreshing jock straps. 

None of the rest of the shit on this thread matters, except mine.


danjsport6/20/2018 11:58:12 AM

Man, MV and thinker.  I admire both of you for your persistence in a debate as to who was right and who was wrong in a debate as to whether GW was a desirable place to land, or whether GW was in a position to hire a good assistant.  It is clear that GW was able to hire somebody that appears to be a good assistant, or at least well credentialed.  Whether GP could have gotten another job a higher major is debatable (given the timing).  Whether GP chose GW over other schools is also debatable.  What is not debatable is that both of you are spending an absurd amount of time to be "right" about something.  I offer no opinion as to who is "right."  But it seems to me that Paulus is at GW, that's a good thing, and shows that regardless of the terms of your debate, GW was able to attract a good coach.  That is also a good thing.

GW was able to hire Hobbs away from Uconn.  GW was able to hire Lonergan away from Vermont.  GW's had assistants from high level programs and low level programs.  Some have been successful, some have not.  Raise high!

thinker6/20/2018 12:14:55 PM

I just dont think assistants look at jobs they way you suggest. NO ONE except a few people like you are still focused on ML or what was 3 years ago. Almost every program has ups and downs. Any assistant understands that jobs are really mostly year to year. Lets make a list of all the D1 coaches who are on the hot seat or might get fired if they have  bad season next year. Now lets make a list of all D1 coaches who might leave for a better job after next year. Next a list of coaches that might retire or die or get promoted to AD, etc. 

I would bet those lists combined would be at least 150 plus or minus a few. Obviously that a bit of a WAG, feel free to give your own guesstimate. Again 150 guys won't move jobs next year, but could forseeably do so with a string of bad or good luck. So i just dont think that the fact that MoJo needs to have a much better year or he'll get fired is that significant.

Thanks for clarifying that only Paulus was a beggar and that maybe GW could have hired a coach who wasn't a beggar. Is your position  now that GW could have hired an EXCELLENT coach who wasn't a beggar?


the dude6/20/2018 2:35:45 PM

GW is and always will be a desirable place to land.   Great location, the DMV hotbed of hoops talent, a major media market.  Prospective assistants are not hung up on what happened 3  years ago with the fired Coach.  Only a particular board poster, just as Thinker states.



brianpaul6/20/2018 3:37:08 PM

Dude, Thinker, don't kid yourselves. Mike Lonergan will be the next DBO and work himself up. He owes it, to his board defender. Byy 2033, he will be back. By 2035, gone. 


the mv6/20/2018 3:47:15 PM

Thinker and Dude, what happened with Lonergan happened two years ago, not three.  The Post article came out in July, 2016.  Plus, there is a lot more to my position than what happened with Lonergan.  How about what happened with Nero and his abrupt departure?  Or what happened with this team's performance over the past two seasons?  Or what will happen without Tyler or Yuta on the team?  And if there is any truth to the Nero rumors, how about that?  Yes, he is gone, but some of the coaches remain, and to an outsider looking at this picture, it is not inconceivable to suggest that a coach might take a pass, even today, until some more time passes (although these chances are admittedly reduced now that we have a new AD).  Am not suggesting that this would be the case for everyone, but it also is not beyond the realm of possibility.

the dude6/20/2018 4:07:35 PM

I don't believe what happened with the Coach being fired (yes more like 2 Calendar years ago)  has any bearing on Paulus coming to GW or not today.  It did have a bearing on Mojo the Interim Coach's recruiting weeks later in the Fall of 2016, as the sudden Interim Coach, the class that arrived Last season, 2017-2018. 

But not the Assistant for 2018-2019 or really anything moving forward.  Paulus chose GW, GW Chose Paulus. Win win.  Mojo's recruiting, ability to hire Assistants, etc is no longer impaired by a scandal in the summer of 2016 or the uncertainty surrounding the AD.  Time to move forward.  




brianpaul6/20/2018 4:21:49 PM

What happened with Mike Lonergan happened for several years. It was called, to be kind, 'abusing his players.' And, insubordination. 

What happened with Mike Lonergan 2 years back is that he got canned: for bad conduct over an extended time, and for disruptive conduct in Japan.

What happened these past several months, is that 'The MV' latched on to my wife's death, as cover for his claims that Mike Lonergan was simply misunderstood. That, "nothing has happened here."  That "it was all The Gay Persuader's fault." 

Truth? It's been butchered on this little fanboy site. 

Now, GP was an out of work bum. A failed assistant coach. Hired by a failing basketball program, because, he was desperate for a job.


Maybe it's just a case of diverticulitis, eh?


the mv6/20/2018 4:31:48 PM

It's interesting that my preceding response was to say that my position has far more to do with just Lonergan and I mention several other factors that might influence a prospective new coach's thinking about GW these days, and yet posters like The Dude and BrianPaul bring it right back to Lonergan.  As someone who gets accused of posting too much about Lonergan here, I'm starting to wonder who really might be the people a bit fixated on him.


brianpaul6/20/2018 5:09:30 PM

Mike Lonergan is the least significant person of the four in this sentence:


What happened these past several months, is that 'The MV' latched on to my wife's death, as cover for his claims that Mike Lonergan was simply misunderstood. That, "nothing has happened here."  That "it was all The Gay Persuader's fault." 



the mv6/20/2018 5:49:42 PM

That might me BP, but you did mention him twice prior to that sentence.  Or, did you forget that you wrote that?

And, I never called Paulus a bum.  Never thought or referred to him as a failed coach.  But just go on making up shit.  It's all you do these days and everyone on this site knows it.


bigfan6/20/2018 6:07:56 PM

Why don't we ignore other issues however provocative and disturbing (trying not to take the bait) and focus on new Coach Paulus?

Pretty obvious that GW would not be a first choice or even second choice, unless he is No. 1 assistant--and even then. But since he started, why don't we just see how he does, particularly in recruiting?

Probably no need to prolong this thread, unless we have news. It's time to make it at least about GW basketball.

brianpaul6/20/2018 6:18:32 PM

Check yourself out at 3:47, 'The MV'. That was you, right? Not Blue Seats? Not Longing for Oscar?

And, you've linked my wife to your lies about Mike Lonergan. How would you expect any man to forget something of that ilk, or anything tangentially related to it?

BigFan: Paulus has been raked over the coals here. We all could have spoken up days ago. It's a shame we did not. But, why start with a basketball coach, after demeaning and disparaging the (alleged) Gay Predator, and the dead woman?

      Stuff you should read

  • Make an argument
  • Don't call someone an evil pant-load
  • Don't threaten to sue someone for your free, voluntary participation on a semi-anonymous site


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  • gw69 - 7% (4)
  • nj colonial - 6% (3)


  • Today: 14 (25.93%)
  • Most active day: 6/20/2018 (14 / 25.93%)
  • This week: 27 (50.00%)
  • June: 53 (98.15%)