Last Scholarship
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gwmaven7/5/2017 2:13:17 PM

Bo anybody else that knows, what are plans for last scholarship?  Any chance of one more graduate, immediately eligible?  That would be awesome for a one and done.  I think if we get one more grad transfer, we could be decent. 

greenpoint ny7/5/2017 3:00:23 PM

I agree. What do you guys think we need more? Backcourt? Frontcourt? I think front, could always use a big body lol.

the dude7/5/2017 3:07:38 PM

Veteran point Guard. 


gwmaven7/5/2017 4:01:24 PM

Yead dude that would be great.  Or front court.  Basically, best player we can get. 

greenpoint ny7/5/2017 4:20:03 PM

Kaelen Malone Junior Gonzaga eligible now PG

Bryan Alberts Junior Witchita State eligble now PG

Thats all I could find for eligible now PGs on verbal commits

Mike Bibby Jr. out of South Florida not eligible but intrested to know if he is similiar to his old man..I doubt it but still intriguing!


herve7/5/2017 5:11:03 PM

I have it on good authority one of the VCU commits is looking at other options. I cannot say who or why at this time but I gaurentee that within the next few days we will all be very happy. If everything goes according to plan it will be a huge get for GW and a huge blow to the Rams. That is all I can say for now. Keep checking back!


bigfan7/5/2017 5:17:31 PM

That would be terrific in several ways.

Love to wipe the smirk off their face with someone who can help the team immediately.


gw697/5/2017 5:57:58 PM

Mobley?--Pato connection via Montverde.

Djonkam?--Arlington--decided to play at home?

Thanks for post BOBO.


greenpoint ny7/5/2017 6:18:49 PM

I know it was mentioned a couple times before, but I am impressed with the caliber athletes Mojo has recruited his first year. I don't think we need to start the whole comparison bs. Many folks doubted him and he delivered in my eyes. All I can hope for is that he builds relationships in the DMV, Chicago, and international arenas. Well done Mojo! 


dmvpiranha7/5/2017 6:39:35 PM

The best available grad transfers left I would say are Wesley Myers, Bryan Alberts, and Rashad Muhammad. The last one comes with a lot of question marks and doesn't fit a need. The final list for Bryan Alberts last time I checked was between Long Beach State, VCU, and Weber State. I'm assuming that could mean that VCU is possibly looking to force a player out if Alberts is looking to go there (a practice that I don't like in college basketball; though I'm sure it happens way more in college football). I'm sure they are probably pursuing Beverly as well after he was released from his LOI at Ohio State. 

A commit could mean any of their players including transfers right? Maybe it could be Khris Lane. I know we were on his final list before he chose VCU. An immediately available big that could help frontcourt depth. Below is what one of their players tweeted about a week ago. Could mean anything, but more often than not that's not the case.

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    Losing soldiers


    Yo it's crazy

fredd7/5/2017 7:57:02 PM

wow even the idea that we could stick a finger in the eye of the Georgetown will make coffee tomorrow taste better!


fredd7/5/2017 7:58:57 PM

* the new Georgetown 


thomas7/5/2017 8:19:48 PM

I believe Lewis Djonkam played at O'Connell for 2 or 3 years before doing a post grad year at Hargrave Military Academy. Did GW ever offer or show interest in him while he was at O'Connell?? Out of all the VCU commits that Bobo posted, Djonkam would make the most sense because GW is not far from where he grew up. Did VCU release all of their signees from the LOI's after Wade left for LSU?


bo knows7/5/2017 8:30:33 PM

I believe Djonkam signed with VCU in April after Wade left. I think once upon a time GW showed interest. 

Now here is the problem. Has he enrolled in Summer School? If he has there is likely a 2-year transfer rule for in conference and if not, VCU could otherwise restrict any release.



mike k7/5/2017 8:53:09 PM

Has anyone thought that maybe a troll or fake poster posted under herve's name?  He typically does not post in that manner, but what do I know?  Hope I'm wrong!



bobo7/5/2017 8:54:21 PM

I don't recall GW going after any of them and no GW offers on either Verbal Commits or ESPN for any of them.   GW doesnt take JCs, but any of the rest would be really good signees.  


bobo7/5/2017 9:00:02 PM

I don't know if VCU has given any of them their releases since they are already signed.   Usually they don't grant them to in conf rivals but maybe VCU gave them all an unconditional release.


Herve said this is very good news for GW and he's generally been correct in all his previous insider info.


jp7/5/2017 9:53:00 PM

I love me some Herve.  I  hoping that was really him, but the writing wasn't what I'd expect to see from Herve after all these years. I'm taking this with a grain of salt until something actually develops.


thomas7/5/2017 9:59:48 PM

Djonkam played at O'Connell with former GW target Ako Adams, so it's possible that the staff is familiar with him even though GW never offered him or had him visit GW. If Djonkam signed with VCU after Wade left as Bo Knows pointed out, he probably wouldn't back out of his LOI since the new coach is the one who recruited him.

If Djonkam isn't the player Herve is referring to, let's hope it's Sean Mobley since he's the highest rated player in their class. VCU losing its best recruit to a conference rival would really be a hard pill for them to swallow!!


bobo7/5/2017 11:38:39 PM

I think you are right, Thomas, that Sean Mobley is probaly the guy GW is targeting.  Huge signee for MoJo and GW!!!  Awesome news from herve.

Mobley is a big and strong power forward that brings skill, feel and versatility to the court. He has an excellent basketball IQ as well. Mobley has three point range and can handle the ball and pass extremely well. He is a good area rebounder and has the ability to rebound and ignite the break with a bust out dribble to apply immediate pressure to the transition defense. Mobley is a pick and pop or roll threat and simply creates match up problems on the front line.

Mobley must continue to work on his athleticism in addition to rebounding out of his area and defending in space.

Bottom Line:
Mobley's size, skill and versatility make him a high major power forward because of his ability to score inside and out, rebound and pass.



bigfan7/5/2017 11:53:00 PM

Definitely excited over that player's profile.

Hope it is indeed Herve bringing great news and that this young man signs with us.

Much better place to go to school, enjoy a big city and a great basketball immediate playing time opportunity.

monument7/6/2017 12:05:22 AM

Doesn't sound like Herve at all. Surely not Bobo either. 


greenpoint ny7/6/2017 12:13:34 AM

if indeed true it would make sense. VCU has a major log jam at PF - Tillman is the starter then there are 5 more to feed.

bobo7/6/2017 12:18:34 AM

I believe it's more of the change the coaching at VCU propting the decomitt than the log jam at PF, Greenpoint.  Maybe a combination of both.

Why would anybody say this is not herve? He runs this site and could easily delete any bogus posts under his name.  Right?


the other mg7/6/2017 12:52:16 AM

In other Herve news, Herve Filion, one of the greatest harness racing drivers who ever lived, died this past week at 77.  He drove at Brandywine in Delaware and Liberty Bell in Philadelphia when I was in grad school in Philly in the early 70s.  I was known to pay the occasional visit to Rosecroft Raceway, in Oxon Hill, MD, and at Laurel and Bowie for the thoroughbreds in my GW days.  But don't read anything into the Bowie stuff.  That was about 1970.

Anyway hope the news is really from the Herve that is still alive.  Pretty exciting stuff.  Can't wait!

gw697/6/2017 6:39:22 AM

Is that you Herve? I have a lot of down time these days--a lot of 

time to ruminate.Not completely sold its Herve.

maine colonial7/6/2017 6:44:01 AM

Well, we definitely have one scholarship left for this game of musical chairs and the music is about to stop.

bo knows7/6/2017 9:58:11 AM

I am very suspect that Herve posted this based on three reasons. First, Herve has rarely been the source of this information here. Second, any of VCU commits would need a release. Doubtful VCU would release a guy and allow him to play in same conference against them. Typically, late releases are restricted in some way - either by geography, specific school or same conference, or a combination of any of those. Can't imagine Mike Rhoades is going to let Sean Mobley or Djonkam play against him 2x/year for up to 4 years. Third, I have my ear to the ground and haven't heard anything about this. However, stranger things have happened so I don't discount it 100%. But the odds say somebody is screwing with us and it is really bad form to assume the name of the owner of this site. 


notta hater7/6/2017 10:00:40 AM

I'd still like some clarity on the intra-conference transfer rules once you have signed. Is it a two year hit or not?

gwmaven7/6/2017 10:31:27 AM

I am hearing that LeBron James thinking about committing to GW because Mojo is here and is tight with Izzo.  I think Chuck Norris is thinking about it as well.  And Donald Trump said he will resign only if Mojo becomes President. 


hugh7/6/2017 10:36:52 AM

I read Herve's post as sarcasm considering all the "i have insider info but I can't tell you exactly what it is" posts on this board.

And remember the Trey Davis situation. Had to do a post-grad year after getting his LOI release from GW and committing to another A10 school. 


gw697/6/2017 11:42:26 AM

Until further notice--I call bullshit.--I hope I'm wrong!


herve7/6/2017 11:51:05 AM

Above post "have it on good authority" is NOT me.


bobo7/6/2017 11:58:43 AM

Is that really Herve on the post above or is this a secret double cross from the fake Herve?


hatchet man7/6/2017 12:50:37 PM

Just FYI, Djonkam was originally a Duquesne signee who got released and headed to VCU. So first, yeah, probably not him. And second, could VCU really go stick a thumb in the eye in one of their own recruits seeking to play for another A-10 school when it did the same thing? We'll see ...


dea7/6/2017 12:52:43 PM

this board is so amazing sometimes and so stupid others.


gw697/6/2017 1:23:50 PM

Im done with this thread.All welcome to join me if you like.


hondo7/6/2017 1:36:53 PM

 This thread Should make you pause next time you read Bobo's ruminations, about his intellect. 


herve7/6/2017 1:37:10 PM

The original post is me, not the second. I will say that one of you was very correct in your assumptions. Mark 7/13 on your calenders folks!


gw737/6/2017 1:41:57 PM

So who is real Herve? Couldn't real Herve delete the fake Herve?


herve7/6/2017 1:45:03 PM

The third post is not me!!


gw05097/6/2017 2:08:07 PM

"Mark 7/13 on your calendars folks!"

herve7/6/2017 2:25:31 PM

This is not me: "The third post is not me!!"

This is getting very old. Whoever is pretending to be me please is very immature.


ziik the soothsayer7/6/2017 2:29:54 PM

World would not like seeing enraged Herve. Electrons would go into disarray, planets fall out of orbit.

Take greater care, Phoney One.


bigfan7/6/2017 3:11:57 PM

Even with all the everyday weirdness, new posters pushing PR, unbridled self actualization on display, and Ziik personalities that are standard in every thread, this one is especially confusing.

ziik the tentmaker7/6/2017 3:50:42 PM

ziik speaks English, BF. Unlike some cousins, uncles. Smart minds notice. You are unusually smart. Unlike you-know-who,

herve7/6/2017 5:49:40 PM

NONE of these posts are me. End of story. Assholes run amuk. Congrats!


bigfan7/6/2017 5:55:27 PM

Another dream deferred.

Thanks for clarification,Herve.

And Many Thanks for this board.

Don't let ultra-crazies (as opposed to us regular crazies) get you down.

herve7/6/2017 6:43:15 PM

Sorry I screwed up your disinformation "fake HERVE" from another "fake "HERVE".


gw19877/6/2017 7:46:48 PM

There are too many Herves...who is who?

I got excited when I first read the fake scouting report...this isn't cool. Who actually gets joy out of trolling such a small niche message board?


ziik the tentmaker7/7/2017 12:09:16 AM

The same imbecile who claims not to use phony names, but does. 

Have tail? Pin on donkey!

ziik jr7/7/2017 12:19:05 AM

My understanding, the only Herve you need to know is reachable at the email address posted on this site.

the mv7/7/2017 9:59:50 AM

I'll assume you're referring to me Ziik.  Again, you are completely wrong about this, and are coming off as a senile fool each time you make the accusation.  First, you back the wrong horse time and again and now this.  Your sense of judgment can use a thorough overhaul right about now.  I may start just calling you "Wrong", because that's all you seem to be lately.

With all of the board's divisiveness and feuding, I had asked several weeks ago that you examine your own role in causing the dysfunction that appears here.  You've obviously chosen to to ignore that advice.  I'll ask once again...stop the putdowns and attacks, and let's now add to this the false accusations.  You want a better board?  Step up.


gw future7/7/2017 10:50:06 AM

My handy dandy algorithm says Ziik=Dude. So there you go MV. Now you know why he rides to the defense of the crazy one ... he is the crazy one!


tennessee colonial7/7/2017 11:09:38 AM

Don't tell me there is Fake News here on our site.  I thought retirement was cleaning out the garage and getting uplifting news about GW basketball. Well, at least I'll have time and maybe see a GW home game for the firsdt time since the 1980's. Plenty of Tournament games, but I haven't seen DC in awhile. (Gotta be better than this Madhouse in Nashville).


gwmaven7/7/2017 11:59:38 AM

Image result for the last shipThe Last (Scholar)Ship


ziik the tentmaker7/7/2017 2:34:59 PM

No, MV. There is no reason for you to ass ume that any ziik would obliquely comment about you.

If a ziik means to say The MV is a jerk, or worse, he will say "THE MV IS A JERK, etc"

This board seems to have multiple Herves, multiples of many posters.

But us? We all post our last name. Every time, in 15 years or more.

Your fascination with your electronic self is an odd one. They have doctors that may help.



ziik the tentmaker7/7/2017 2:39:56 PM


This post should be it for today, barring any kind of drunken antics. I am heartened that GW Future can spell algorithm. But, I am guessing he needs assistance. 

Dude? No, he is not of any known kinship. Just another guy who MV enjoys tag-teaming, incessantly. 


the mv7/7/2017 3:06:16 PM

Must be my mistake then Ziik.

But out of curiosity, when you wrote "The same imbecile who claims not to use phony names, but does.", to whom were you referring to?

I guess I was confused because yesterday, I made a point here about stating how I did not use phony alias names after you insinuated that this was my usual practice.  Oh wait, that's right.  You don't obliquely comment about people according to you.  Except when you do.  Which is almost always.

So if not me, who was this imbecile you were referring to?



bobo7/10/2017 11:55:23 AM

7/13 coming up

gwmaven7/10/2017 1:26:12 PM

What happens 7/13?

gw05097/10/2017 1:31:45 PM

herve7/11/2017 12:31:28 PM is my response to your post:

"World would not like seeing enraged Herve. Electrons would go into disarray, planets fall out of orbit. Take greater care, Phoney One."

Please do not make statements like that. I would never hack someone because I understand the punishment ranges from a class B misdemeanor to a class B felony. Whoever may be stealing my name could have the smarts to track my hacking and report it to the necessary authorities. I, Herve, do not want to be charged with any hacking offenses and therefore want to take caution in such statements. Just a warning, my dear sweet Ziik.

Again, I told the truth. 7/13 is coming up. A player who is not fitting in at VCU will be transfering here. Look at the roster and pick the odd man out. You will solve your riddle my wonderful munchkins.

On 7/13 the weirdness will end, and you will have peace again. The monkies will eat their bannannas and the rhodents will eat their corn. Happiness will ensue and rainbows of glitter will announce the arrival of the Apple King. My mother once said that all good things will become better once a dog lies with a cat. Judging by the recent antics of Sir Johnson, this time is drawing nigh. My deer sweet friends, rejoice! Rejoice and be merry! Christmasgiving is upon us! No, I am not on mushrooms simply the extatic joy of life. I love you all, and you all I love. I shall go tickle my fancy with fancier things and rejoice in the loving embrace of my bottle.

herve7/11/2017 12:32:13 PM

Just in case anyone thought the last post was wasn't. I will have a full report soon guys.


ziik the soothsayer7/11/2017 12:43:51 PM

Foreseeing Pluto as first to fall, soon. 

"Hacking" takes place in Russia, where my foresight is cloudy.



ziik the phonyone7/11/2017 12:50:02 PM

Meethinks it's high time for sight registration. I love you guys but this is getting really old. I have been here too long to see it go to shit.


the dude7/11/2017 12:50:19 PM

I second this.

herve7/11/2017 12:50:35 PM

I threesome this. 1:30:34 PM

到达走廊的尽头,他们穿过一扇钢门,爬上一个狭窄的摇摇欲坠的楼梯。 狱卒的皮鞋在木制的台阶上大声啪啪地响起,而高阳赤脚的啪啪声几乎听不见。 温暖,干燥的木头比潮湿,滑溜的混凝土走廊地板感觉好多了。 他爬起来,没有目光; 他很快气喘吁吁,随着楼梯陡峭地卷起,他开始晕了。 如果不是为了在他身后的监狱,默默地用他的步枪轻推他,他就像一只垂死的狗一样沉下去,散开着要支持他的步伐。 他的受伤的脚踝像一个脉动的心脏悸动; 周围的皮肤是如此松弛他的脚踝,但消失了。 它燃烧和疼痛。 天上的老人,请不要让它感染,他默默地祷告。 那个贵族女人愿意把它晾干并释放脓液吗? 那个想法让他想起了她如何闻到的味道。


ziik7/11/2017 1:37:11 PM

There are far fewer ziiks, even phony ones, than Mailvans. It's easy to verify this, too.


the mv7/11/2017 2:17:13 PM

PLEASE.  Go ahead and verify this Ziik.  I am begging you to do so.  Please prove to the board that I post under multiple phony names beyond Mailvan (long retired), The MV and The Douche (2-3 total posts).  I really want to see your proof.  And if you can't, I'll respectfully ask that you STFU.

Herve, not to worry.  The moment anyone read "my dear sweet Ziik" and/or "my wonderful munchkins", it became pretty clear that this was not you.


bo knows7/11/2017 2:44:40 PM

The Dude seconding this might be the best humor here in a long time. Dude, what will you do with the other 50+ names? You actually could try and squat on them like domain names. If we become like Gonzaga they could be quite valuable.

By the way, Ziik, I am not sure you need "sight" registration. More like "site" registration. But if you're seeing things go to shit, I know a few good ophthalmologists.

However, I do agree we need site registration especially when it gets to the point that Herve's name is being abused.


gwmaven7/11/2017 2:45:15 PM

So is the VCU guying coming or is this fake news?  That's all I care about. 


bo knows7/11/2017 2:50:34 PM

Unless this is the most guarded GW basketball secret of all-time, I'd say fake news. But would be happy to be surprised.


gwmaven7/11/2017 2:54:53 PM

Damn Russians.  Probably targeting GW Basketball because of the CIA connections. 


danjsport7/11/2017 3:07:30 PM

Jeez.  You guys can't keep any single thread from devolving into a post about phony names.  


ziikjr7/11/2017 3:12:31 PM

Mr. Bo, 

The next time you want to try to slam someone, try understanding:

There are an awful lot of phony names on this board. The ziik you refer to is not one of us. Not even close.

Same for the fíng MV/Mailvan bullcrap. 

You gents get yourselves all worked up over what? An electronic jab from an electronic alias at your electronic alias?

ziiks.  We post only as ziik. 

Now, it seems some other wise asses are posting as ziik, too. I really do not care.

I really do not care what MV/Mailvan, or whoomever s/he claims to be today posts as either. 

He has posted under phony names before, made phony claims about GW players, coaches, administrators and fans, and, takes himself a dumb here damned near daily.

And, some Herve, maybe even a phony Herve, has posted here in the past that MV/Mailvan posts under other phony aliases himself. Not once, either, but enough so Herve or "Herve" has noted and posted accordingly

I'm glad you can spell ophthalmologist, Bo (if that really is Bo). I had lunch with mine yesterday. I read the menu, even paid the correct amount for our meal, too, cause I figured it was a test. 

Now, the only "Dude" post I see here is from nearly a week ago, "Bo" 

I have no idea why you are so fascinated with electrons shaped like Dude, but, you sure bring him up quite a bit, Bo. 

Hell, you brong up "Dude" to slam a 'ziik" who is not me, not anybody related to me, and, who posted phony shit that I never said.

So, maybe you are the gent who needs a doc. We have a psychiatrist on call here, these days, or, you can get your own eye doc.

Therer are solid reasons why recruits are steered off this site.

I wonder if all of the coaches wives who wrote to me about "Mailvan,"Ocar," and the roast beef are finally posting as ziik, MV, Bo, Dude and Herve, to get even.

How about that Joe?




the mv7/11/2017 3:25:54 PM

Nice to see that we're now going to start making shit up.  Herve came on here and posted that I post under phony alias names?  When in the world did that ever happen?  Or maybe it came from another Herve, a phony Herve? Don't recall that ever happening either.  I sincerely hope this isn't your so-called proof.  Which, by the way, I am still waiting to receive.

Danj, I hear you.  It's frustrating.  1:37 this afternoon in case you were wondering how this got brought up again.

GWFuture recently mentioned his algorithm which correlated The Dude to Ziik.  I'll admit when I first read this that I thought "no way."  Then, I started noticing that over the past week or so, Ziik has been working the word gent or gents into his posts a number of times because it creeps me out every time The Dude uses the word which he does often and I don't know of any other poster who refers to people here as gents.  Now, it's only The Dude and Ziik.  So, there is that, for what it's worth.


bo knows7/11/2017 3:53:33 PM

See there you go again Ziik. You said the only post you "see" from the Dude was a week ago. Suggest you try a different ophthalmologist since your friend the Dude posted at 12:50 today. Really, I am here to help.


rocket7/11/2017 4:19:42 PM

herve would never capitalize Herve.

Except in the reply by box where all caps is default even when I type rocket.

ziik7/11/2017 4:23:44 PM

I wondered, Bo.  Because, unlike you, I did not think Dude was dopey enough to fall for a phony ziik. 

Now, I wonder if it is a phony Dude, too. Ya never know. 

There sure as shit are more Mailvan/MV/MFs in this world than there used to be, too.

Lots of phonies. I am certain you know all about it.

How about fetching us all some real GW bball news?




gw future7/11/2017 5:22:01 PM

Spot on MV. The similarities run much deeper than a few terms or phrases. Interesting stuff.


rich maier7/11/2017 5:40:48 PM

MV, after all these months have been posting about BS only #bowiestrong crowd is buying what you're selling.

Bo, you've accused Dude of posting many, many different names. Do you have any proof? We do have proof that you totally embarrassed yourself with hundreds of posts telling us that ML was a great guy and innocent of all charges. Your accusations about Dude vs facts about your lame predictions. Just saying.



bo knows7/11/2017 6:23:17 PM

Rich, now there you go again. Perhaps you didn't check out Herve's 3 Faces of Eve. The Dude was at one time listed with approximately 50 names. Sheer coincidence? Somehow I doubt it. Absolute proof as in court proof? Probably not but pretty strong indication. 

As for my statements about ML there you go exaggerating again. I never said ML was absolutely innocent of all charges (there was no way I could know that). I said he wouldn't be fired. And in my dealings with ML expanding close to 20 years, I had no reason to think he was anything other than a good guy. 



gw future7/11/2017 6:35:37 PM

If the Dude turns out not to have posted as multiple names here it will be a much bigger upset than Trump over Clinton. C'mon Rich Maier you can't be as dumb as you post!


rich maier7/11/2017 7:20:48 PM

Bo, apologize if I misstated you incorrect sstatement. Still no one has made as big a fool of themself as you did in the 10 years I've posted here. You'd believe anything wouldn't you. GW decided it's better to pay off ML (if they did) than to have ML continue to coach GW MBB. We can at least agree on that right pal because that is a FACT Mr Anonymous. Shows how well you know the real ML.


porter717/11/2017 7:36:02 PM

The amount of vitriol in these posts is ridiculous.


adclub7/11/2017 8:58:38 PM

I found fakeherve's post actually really funny. 

ziik the bomb thrower7/11/2017 9:58:18 PM

It's Tesla's fault, Porter. Or Edison's.

They invented the dang electron.

still here7/13/2017 9:16:47 PM

I had 7/13 circled on my calendar... what was that for Bobo? i thought all would be revealed today...


gwmaven7/24/2017 1:49:32 PM

Any news on this last scholarship?  Is the william and mary kid in contention?  The one that was a Jayhawk for a week.  Or is it being pocketed for a 2018?  Seems strange you wouldn't give it to any immediately eligible grad transfer when you can have it back in a year.  What do you have to lose?  Perhaps they are waiting for NCAA clearance to see if the Ex-National Championship Jayhawk can play immediately still. 


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